Who You'd Be In 'Riverdale' Based On Astrology

We have matched the major characters in Riverdale to the Zodiac sign best corresponding to their personalities on the show...

The first season of the Archie comic based Riverdale blew us all away and ended up being on of the big hits of that television season. Fans have been frothing at the mouth to see what the upcoming season two has in store for us, and it looks dark. As we get closer to the big day that all of us have been waiting for, there are little things we can do to satisfy our craving for our Riverdale fix before we get the real thing. This includes reading and writing fan theories, analyzing the trailer for the second season (which looks AMAZING), and reading up on our favourite characters. How well do you know the characters we grew to love on the show? Have you ever wondered what you share in common with different characters, and which one you are the most similar too? Well look no further than this list for the answer to those questions.

We have matched the major characters in Riverdale to the Zodiac sign best corresponding to their personalities on the show. Seeing as the personalities on Riverdale are quite strong and all pretty diverse, this was easy to do because there is basically one of everything in this group. We also grouped together signs based on what their element is: earth, fire, air, and water. It may surprise which characters share the same element because their personalities differ so much on the surface. Let us give you a teaser, Polly and Cheryl are both water signs. Kind of shocking! So read ahead and see if you agree with the character that shares your Zodiac sign.

16 Libra: Jughead Jones

This one is easy. We saw in the first season of Riverdale that Jughead's birthday is October 2nd making him a Libra. And Jughead certainly lives up to the characteristics associated with Libra's. Libra's are known for their high intellect and desire for equality and peace. As a dark, intelligent loner in high school that cannot be concerned with the basic people who walk the halls of the school with him, Jughead embodies this perfectly preferring to write on his own and focus on more important things. Like the murder in his town. We saw how far Jughead went in the first season to see real justice served, especially because his father was implicated which is a defining factor of the scales. This is not the most positive trait, but Libra's definitely can also have a bit of a 'woe is me' thing going on, which like is so Jughead. Can we remind you of his infamous quote 'I'm weird. I'm weirdo. I don't fit in.' So dark and deep Jughead.

15 Scorpio: Veronica Lodge

When Veronica Lodge first came on the scene, did you like her? She was easily as unlikable as Cheryl was which is often the case for Scorpios when it comes to making first impressions. Don't get us wrong, Scorpios have some really unfortunate traits such as being selfish, controlling, and cruelty. And when Veronica showed up to Riverdale she was all of those things! She was a spoiled rich mean girl, and like a true Scorpio despite all those negative traits she did have an undeniable charisma which draws people to her. She is very domineering and likes to take control of things which is true for most Scorpios. Even when Veronica starts to show some character development and become a better person she still tends to take control of situations like with her friendship with Betty. We have also seen her be fiercely protective and loyal to the ones she loves most which is another strong Scorpio trait.

14 Sagittarius: Fred Andrews

Fred Andrews is one of the most generous characters on the show, just like Sagittarius is one of the top signs for generosity. He opened up his home to Jughead without a seconds though, and when his business was going down and hurting for cash, he put it on the line in order to keep his workers. This loyalty and generosity are defining traits for Sagittarius. While he is a great father, that impatient side of Sagittarius came out when it came down to Archie choosing music over football something that Fred made very clear he was not very supportive of. But he was open minded enough to entertain the idea and eventually came around to supporting Archie in his musical pursuits. Sagittarius are very open minded and one of the most important things to them is their own freedom, and by extension this means other peoples freedom to live the lives they want.

13 Capricorn: Josie McCoy

Down to earth, determined, and strong. These words can be used to describe Capricorn and / or Josie McCoy lead singer of Josie and The Pussy Cats and daughter of Riverdales mayor, Sierra McCory and Myles McCoy. While her Mother is supportive of her musical talents and passion in life, Josie is always striving to get the same kind of approval and attention from father when it comes to her musical passion and her determination in proving herself to him is obvious. Like Capricorn, she is very ambitious and wants to meet the high standards that her parents have set out for her. Capricorn is a hard worker that sets out achieve big goals, and does achieve them. Josie is fierce and dedicated and we love her for it.

12 Aquarius: Kevin Keller

Kevin Keller, one of the most beloved secondary characters. Always there to listen to his friends and provide a cool and calm voice amidst the chaos. Just like the Aquarius is an air sign, Kevin Keller is often a breath of fresh air. Aquarius is usually good at keeping a calm demeanour in tense situations and able to hear all sides out without passing judgement. This is due to their intelligence, and their intelligence is also responsible for their progressive outlooks on things. He can be very blunt and usually says what the audience is thinking, and this is because he is good at reading a situation well and succinctly describing it as Aquarius is apt to do. Kevin obviously loves drama and keeps up with whatever is going on socially, and it mostly because Aquarius always needs mental stimulation so Kevin looks to his peers for entertainment when there is nothing else going on.

11 Pisces: Polly Cooper

Polly like her sister Betty, seemed like the perfect girl. She was pretty, kind, and well liked. On the outside it seemed like she had the perfect life. Pisces is a very gentle sign, that is known for their devotion to their romantic partners whom they find it very difficult to be without. Polly at a very young age was willing to throw every she knew away to run away and start a new life with Jason, who meant everything to Polly as Betty said. She even stayed devoted to him in his death, doing everything she can to try and figure out who murdered the love of her life. Pisces is very intuitive, and Polly used her intuition to suspect the Blossoms were implicated in Jason's death and she took the chance to infiltrate their mansion and live with them hoping it would lead to some answers for her. Pisces hates being alone, which Polly will rarely have to be again after she gives birth to her twins.

10 Aries: Forsythe Pendleton Jones

Jugheads brooding and gang leading Dad FP Jones is a a force to be reckoned with. Aries strengths are traits that we saw FP employ often. They are brave, honest, and are one of the most high-energy signs. They have very alpha and dominant personalities, which FP would have needed to become the leader of the local gang in Riverdale. While most of us would immediately associate someone that is involved with a gang as a bad person, we saw that FP had his faults but was anything but a bad person. Aries because of their high energy can be very impulsive and short tempered which works to their detriment, as we saw with FP. This energy can also come out as aggression, something that FP needs to work on.

9 Taurus: Hermione Lodge

Hermione Lodge is for all intents and purposes a trophy wife and a kept woman that is used to the finer things in life. Taurus is one of the most materialistic signs in the Zodiac, as they really do enjoy not only having nice things but also being surrounded by beauty as much as possible. Taurus is very stable and patient, which Hermione showed she could not only be as a mother to Veronica when their world came crashing down but she was also there for Polly in her time of need. They are very devoted to whatever means most to them, and to Hermione Lodge that is Veronica and creating a stable environment for her while maintaining a semblance of the lifestyle they were accustomed too. We saw Hermione hustle in that first season and get her hands dirty when it came to providing for Veronica. All this makes her a very strong Taurus.

8 Gemini: Jason Blossom

Come on, you knew there was a good chance that one of the twins on the show would probably end up being a Gemini. Obviously twins are usually Geminis! Well, not really but the little we saw about Jason Blossom in the first season really did show someone that has a lot of Gemini traits. Like a Gemini often is, Jason was popular and attractive and seemingly a lot more liked than his twin sister, Cheryl. We find out in the first series that Cheryl always wanted separate birthday parties from him until he insisted they starting doing one together. She later finds out it is because no one would have come if the party was just for her. This is the protective and loyal side of Geminis. He also appeared to be a lot softer than her in general. Gemini's are very romantic and affectionate, which we saw when the relationship between Polly and Jason was revealed along with their whole plan to elope so they could be together happily in love. There is a two faced element to the twins Zodiac symbol, while we have evidence of Jason being a nice guy there was a darker and mean side to him as well. Like his history of bullying Jughead.

7 Cancer: Cheryl Blossom

Just like their symbol, the crab, Cancers are hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Cheryl made it so easy to hate her with some of her behaviour on Riverdale and how she treats other people. Throughout the first season though we get to see the her soft, and pretty damaged inner side and most of us began to replace hate for Cheryl with pity. Especially when we saw what she was dealing with in her home life with her parents. The first season really focused on Cheryl's negative traits. She is manipulative, insecure, and moody. We have even seen her be quite cruel to people at times. All strong Cancer traits. On the positive side, like a Cancer she is also emotional which actually makes her pretty sympathetic to other people when she is able to open up. They are incredibly loyal, as we have seen with Cheryl's dedication to her twin brother but maybe even more so to her parents despite them being kind of horrible people, even to her.

6 Leo: Archie Andrews

The popular, gorgeous guy that everyone loves. Especially the ladies! Archie is a Leo through and through. He is brave and extremely loyal and protective over his loved ones. He wants to do the right thing, but sometimes things just don't happen that way for a Leo. He is very talented physically and creatively. There is a reason that Leo's are one of the most confident signs in the Zodiac if not the most confident. They actually have reason to be! Archie is a star on the football team and he is a great singer / guitar player. Leave some talent for the rest of us! We've seen Archie be very stubborn, especially when it comes to his Dad and what he wants for Archie's life and this is  strong characteristic that Leo's share.

5 Virgo: Betty Cooper

Betty is the epitome of good girl next door. She does everything right and everything her parents, especially her mother want her to do. She is the perfect daughter, friend, and sister. Some of the positive Virgo attributes that Betty has is her kindness, loyalty, and hardworking. They also have an eye for detail as they are very analytical which we saw when Betty got involved in looking for Jason Blossoms murder. These traits are what make Betty such a great editor for the Riverdale school newspaper, The Blue And Gold. Virgo's can also be very critical of themselves which we have sadly seen Betty act out on her self physically. Virgo's feel like they don't deserve to speak out how they actually feel which we saw Betty do time and again with her Mother and with Archie. She's a perfectionist that perfectly fits the description of a Virgo.

4 Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius - Alpha

Does it surprise you that Archie, Fred, and FP are all fire signs? And these three definitely like to be in charge. Well, more Fred and FP. We have seen all these guys get heated and even butt heads with each other which is very normal for fire signs. Like fire, these guys need to focus their powers on good and not bad. Which is mostly true for FP, but all three of these guys can work on being less temperamental. They are all passionate men, devoted to the ones that they love most like fire signs are known to be. FP definitely is the most fiery one of the bunch and needs to focus on using the fire within himself on getting back on the right track to life but we believe he can do it. Fire signs are very strong and when they set their mind to something, they will do it. And we see that trait from all three of them during the course of the first seasons.

3 Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius - Thinkers

Now this is a bit of an unexpected bunch. The air signs of the bunch are Jughead, Jason, and Kevin. On first glance, especially between Jason and Jughead it seems like there is nothing that these guys can have in common. Kevin and Jason are more social than Jughead is, which is typical for air signs. But something that three do have in common is their penchant and desire for action, change, and ideas. Jason wanted to break free from his life and came up with a plan for escape to a new life. Jughead is always deep in thought, but in the first season we see he mostly has Jason Blossoms murder on his mind. And Kevin is always observing and analyzing the crowd. They are the intellects of the Zodiac so they are known for having their heads in the clouds which is probably most exemplified by Jughead.

2 Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces - Emotional

Is it any surprise that Veronica and Cheryl ended up together as Water signs? There are a lot of traits that these two girls have in common, especially when Veronica first shows up and is still a full blown mean girl. After all, Veronica is the only one that was able to stand up to Cheryl and take her down a notch in school and no one is better at doing that to a water sign other than another water sign. Polly is definitely the light to their dark, but there are similarities between the girls. Water signs are known for being very emotional and over sensitive, which we have seen from all three girls. Water signs are also known to be very mysterious and surprising, which all three girls definitely were but especially Cheryl and mostly Polly, who was shrouded in mystery.

1 Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn - Stable

Hermione, Betty, and Josie make up Earth signs. These three together on the surface make the most sense than any other group. They are all very practical and do what needs to get done. As earth signs, they are very solid with strong foundations in their personalities. While Hermione and Josie are definitely ahead of Betty when it comes to being secure with themselves, all three of them provide stability for other people in their lives. Whether it is Josie doing her best to meet her parents expectations for her with her steadfast work ethic, or Betty trying to be everything to everyone that needs her. But especially Polly and Jughead. Hermione has really stepped up to be the support that Veronica needs during this big upheaval in their lives. All strong and solid earth signs.

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Who You'd Be In 'Riverdale' Based On Astrology