Which Movie Vixen Are You, Based On Your Zodiac?

Movies are so much fun to watch because you get to see people act in ways you never would in real life. You can watch people drive cars like actual insane people. You can watch assassins actually kill people. You can watch people save the world. You can also watch female characters be the hottest seductresses and vixens of all time.

There are, of course, several different kinds of movie vixens. There’s the purely sultry vixen, who exudes heat, and who literally turns on every single male character that she meets. There is also the intellectual vixen, whose wits, sophistication, and cerebral way simultaneously challenge and turn on all male characters. There’s also the bohemian goddess, whose earthy, sensual nature keeps guys on their toes.

Now, you may be wondering what kind of movie vixen ARE YOU? Well, we’ve listed exactly which movie vixen you are based on your zodiac sign below. Find out if you’re more of a Naomi Lapaglia from The Wolf Of Wall Street or more of a Penny Lane from Almost Famous.

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12 Virgo: Alice From Closer

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Virgo, you tend to notice those teeny, tiny details in life. You quickly pick up on those tiny quirks that people have, which helps you easily connect to the humanity in others.

Noticing the tiny personality traits of others makes you extremely loyal and kind to people upon the first introduction. However, this can often leave you disappointed in people. You are often hopeful and look for the good in others, only to be disappointed by their shortcomings.

Because of this, you are Alice in Closer. First things first, Alice was a stripper and that is so not your scene. You hate taking center stage like that. So, we’re not focusing on her occupation, but rather the way that she seduces men. Alice is witty and can quickly pick up on the personalities of other people. She quickly analyzes gestures or dialogue.

Like you, Alice can end up disillusioned by the men in her life. Don’t let the bad apples discourage you from finding love.

11 Libra: Penny Lane From Almost Famous

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Libra, you are an extremely social sign. You hate being alone, so you often surround yourself with people. Making friends with interesting people is never difficult for you, as your bright personality attracts others to you.

You are also a lover of beautiful things. You’re the type of person who can find the beauty in an alley way or a hotel lobby. Girl, your Instagram is probably awesome, am I right?

You're like Penny Lane in Almost Famous. The appeal of Penny Lane is her bohemian, free-spirited attitude. She can find beauty in basically anything. She turns every conversation into something exciting and perfect.

This is how you make people feel around you: full of beauty. Likewise, men tend to fall for that beautiful, free-spirited attitude that you have. The way that you seemingly float through life makes men feel like maybe they will feel that good too if they were with you.

10 Scorpio: Kathryn Merteuil From Cruel Intentions

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Scorpio, there is nothing that you aren’t passionate about. And the thing you are most passionate about is passion. That’s right, you love yourself some extracurricular activities in the bedroom. You do you, girl.

You can also be very secretive, which can make for some secret bang sessions with, uh, the wrong people. That’s right, you’re not against hooking up with someone else’s boyfriend or cheating on your own boyfriend. You're ruled by your passion.

You also try to rule others by their passions. You use your sexuality in order to bend others to your will.

Because of this, you are Kathryn Merteuil from Cruel Intentions. Yes, she's the villain in this movie. But, she also got all the best lines. I mean, who didn’t want to be Kathryn in this movie?

Like you, Kathryn is secretive, highly sexual, and manipulative. I just suggest you don’t, um, try to seduce your step-brother like she did, because that made everyone feel weird.

9 Sagittarius: Danielle From The Girl Next Door

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Sagittarius, you value your freedom and you love to travel. You are the type to often go to a new place and completely indulge in the new culture, traditions, and people. Because you are so forward-moving, you hate when the past comes back to haunt you. You don’t want to be judged for your past, but rather who you are at the moment. Because of your love of freedom, you dislike being with people who are jealous and controlling.

Because of this, you are Danielle from The Girl Next Door. Of course, you probably weren’t a porn star in your past but, like Danielle, you dislike when your past comes back to haunt you. This kind of self-assurance is irresistible to men. Also, like Danielle, you don’t want to be held back by someone, which makes guys want to be with you even more.

Your style of seduction is present in your everyday behavior, because your freedom, sense of humor, and curious nature naturally make guys flock to you.

8 Capricorn: Rose DeWitt Bukater From Titanic

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Capricorn, you’re all about the self-control. You are one of the most disciplined signs out there. This amount of self-control can make you come off as high-strung, as you're not necessarily one to cut loose and have fun. Instead, you’re all about working hard, good manners, and hitting milestones in life. Yes, your end game is all about family and traditions, and you want it all: marriage, a home, a baby, retirement.

Because of this, you are Rose from Titanic. Rose is also tightly wound and very controlled. Your icy exterior draws guys to you. They can’t help but wonder what is under that cold surface. This makes you the typical hard-to-get kind of girl, which drives men crazy. It makes men want to crack that great self-control, and sometimes they do. I mean, remember when Rose posed naked for Jack Dawson? Yeah, when you act out of character, men melt.

7 Aquarius: Catherine Tramell From Basic Instinct

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Aquarius, you are one of the most intellectual sign. You're not necessarily smarter than other signs, but you simply value intellectual thoughts and discussions more than other signs. You love having a heated debate with someone. You tend to be attracted to people who have progressive and new thoughts. And you like an intellectual challenge.

You’re Catherine Tramell from Basic Instinct. Catherine may be a bit of an antagonist. Okay, she may be one of the most notorious antagonists in film history, but she’s also a vixen.

Catherine seduces men through her intelligence, as she’s a highly intelligent writer. Like her, you are drawn to men who challenge you, as it makes your mind work harder for the seduction. It's all about your brain, baby.

6 Pisces: Summer From 500 Days Of Summer

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Pisces, you have a gentle, wise soul. There is something in you that innately makes people feel comfortable in your presence. Because of this, guys tend to feel like they can open up to you. They feel a strong connection to you immediately and will fall for you very quickly. It’s the whole old soul thing that you have going on.

But you often want to escape reality. Sometimes, the world, your relationships, and life, in general, are just too dark for you to handle. You sometimes check out of a relationship completely when it gets too hard.

Because of this, you’re Summer from 500 Days of Summer. Summer’s natural confidence came from her warm, wise nature at her core. She confidently chats up anyone she comes across and somehow cuts through the chitchat and goes straight to real talk. Like Summer, you will sometimes peace out of a relationship without any notice, leaving the other person wondering where they went wrong.

5 Aries: Amy Dunne From Gone Girl

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Aries, you are competitive to say the very, very least. Because of your competitive nature, you tend to be of the most determined and hardest working signs. You’ll do anything to be number one.

When it comes to being a seductress, you are also competitive. You want to be this guy’s hottest, spiciest, best hookup ever. You want to be his best girlfriend, best wife, best everything. Because of this desire to be the best, you can sometimes be a little manipulative. It’s not necessarily that you want to trick him, but you’ll just do anything to be his number one.

Because of this, you’re Gone Girl’s Amy Dunne. Yes, Amy is an extreme case of the type of vixen that you are, but like you, Amy always strives to be the best. And she is. Nick is still begrudgingly enchanted by her even though she set him up for murder. Desi was obsessed with her for YEARS. This is the type of life that you want. You want every single guy that you have ever dated to be in love with you for the rest of their lives.

Jeez, talk about competitive.

4 Taurus: Gloria Cleary From Wedding Crashers

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Taurus, you are highly devoted when you are in a relationship. You are the most stable and loyal partner that a guy could ask for. Because of this, you can also be stubborn and uncompromising. You feel like because you give so much, you shouldn’t have to waver when it comes to your expectations. That being said, you can also be very jealous and possessive. This, though, is part of your seduction. Sometimes, you simply embrace this slightly intense part of your personality, and guys love it.

Because of this, you’re like Gloria Cleary in Wedding Crashers. Yes, Gloria Cleary may have been a Stage 5 Clinger, but you can be this way sometimes, too. But, Vince Vaughn’s character also kind of loved it.

This style of seduction can be so sexy because you actually know what you want and you put yourself out there. There are no games or beating around the bush with you. Men find that very refreshing.

3 Gemini: Holly Golightly From Breakfast At Tiffany's


Oh, Gemini, how many different personalities do you have on any given day?

As the sign of the twin, you have a very changeable and open mind. You rarely close yourself off to any given idea or person. You’re open to it all. Because of this, you are also very adaptable. You can easily feel comfortable in new situations, cities, jobs, relationships, and whatever else. Sometimes people see you as indecisive and confusing. They never know which version of you they are going to get.

Because of this, you’re Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Now, I can’t confirm that you have the same amazing sense of fashion as Audrey Hepburn did in this role. In fact, pretty much no one will ever be as fashionable as Audrey Hepburn in this iconic movie.

Hepburn’s Holly Golightly was so irresistible because of her flighty personality. She went with the flow and rarely planned for the future. She was also a different woman to all the different men in her life. This has you written all over it.

2 Cancer: Tiffany From Silver Linings Playbook

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Cancer, you are deeply emotional and sensitive. Because of your connection to your emotions, you can be intuitive about other people's emotions. It’s easy for you to begin new relationships, as you can quickly connect to someone on an emotional level.

That being said, you can also be very moody. But hey, that’s just because you wear your emotions on your sleeve. No one has ever has to guess what you're feeling.

Because of this, you’re Tiffany from Silver Linings Playbook. Tiffany was known for speaking her mind and saying how she was feeling or how other people were feeling. Yes, it was off-putting for some characters, but that’s part of her (and your) charm. You don’t like to play games. When you feel something, you say it.

Hey, life is too short to not let someone know that you love them or want them.

1 Leo: Naomi Lapaglia From The Wolf Of Wall Street

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Leo, you truly are the king of the jungle. You love being the center of attention. Like, no amount of attention is enough for you. Because of this, people often see you as brave, as you are never afraid to speak your mind. You are strong and forceful. You don’t mind speaking up, marching to your own beat, or being the odd one out.

Because you exude confidence. you are Naomi Lapaglia in The Wolf of Wall Street. Like you, Naomi is extremely confident and forward. I mean, this is the character that came out in one scene completely naked to seduce Leonardo DiCaprio’s character. And that would totally be something that you would do. You’re confident and dramatic enough to pull that off.

Just, uh, don’t end up with someone who loses all his money and goes on house arrest, because that would suck.

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