Which Leo (DiCaprio) You Should Be With Based On Your Sign

While he first made women everywhere fall in love with him for his appearance as Jack in Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio has been a heartthrob for decades. Over the years, Leo has taken on many roles and many different looks--everyone has their favorite Leo whether it was as Romeo in Romeo + Juliet or Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby, or any of the other countless roles that have helped to solidify him as one of the biggest actors in Hollywood.

You may have dreamed of hooking up with Leo (or some of the characters he's played) at some point or another but which one would you be best suited for? Since he is known for his incomparable intensity, his characters may appear to be mostly fire signs but some may surprise you. Leo himself is a Scorpio which means he usually appears calm and collected--though not when he's in character. Underneath their demur demeanor, Scorpios are generally fierce and intense though they rarely show it. He is true to his sign considering he's also seductive and creative--which is why he gets so many girlfriends.

Though he's a Scorpio, he's played many different types of characters with all different signs. So which Leonardo DiCaprio character are you supposed to be with based on your zodiac sign? Your results may surprise you!

15 Aquarius: Leo in The Revenant

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Considering that people with the Aries sign are fiery, determined, and heroic, it's no wonder that Leo's character, Hugh Glass, in The Revenant was most likely an Aries. Though all of his characters are intense, Leo really put it all on the line with this character and it earned him his first Oscar. The Aries male needs the type of partner who is ready for adventure and excitement which makes the Aquarius a perfect match. Though they are both adventurous signs, the Aquarius man or woman is much more patient and rational than the Aries and they can help their partner to make good decisions instead of making rash decisions on a whim. Aquarius men and women love excitement but they also tend to go with the flow and they don't get attached very easily. However, the Aries male sees that as a challenge--like surviving a bear attack.

14 Libra: Leo in The Great Gatsby

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Out of all of Leo's characters, the one he plays in The Great Gatsby is most like himself. Jay Gatsby is suave and seductive with a cool demeanor that hides his intensity--of course they're both Scorpios. The Libra man or woman is likely to spark a Scorpio's interest because of their charm and pleasant demeanor. However, Libras are very good at hiding their bad qualities and once they show, the Scorpio will possibly lose interest. The Libra can be manipulative, vain, melodramatic, and they can hold a grudge for a very long time. However, there is generally an instant attraction between the two signs that will lead to an exciting and passionate romance that may fizzle out after the excitement and mystery gives way to the monotony of routine daily life. But who wouldn't want to have a short-term fling with Jay Gatsby?

13 Cancer: Leo in Inception

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Inception is one rare case in which Leo plays a character with an earth sign--probably. Leo plays Dom Cobb, a very motivated character with a calm determination to do his job which probably makes him a Taurus. Cancers are perfect for the Taurus because they are generally patient, nurturing, compassionate, and rarely adventurous. The two signs are more interested in emotional closeness and understanding than anything else and they enjoy the quite intimacy of every day life together which can be hard to find with a fire sign. The only area in which the two fall short is that they can both be fiercely competitive but as long as they can put that aside, they are the perfect match. Though the Taurus is intense in their determination, they are actually very sensitive and that helps them to communicate with their sometimes overly emotional Cancer partner.

12 Taurus: Leo in J. Edgar

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Sorry, Taurus people, but you get one of the least likeable Leo characters considering that J. Edgar Hoover was not the most well-liked guy in his day. In real life, J. Edgar Hoover was a Capricorn which explains his propensity to be pessimistic, vindictive, and unforgiving--though it also explains his dedication to his job. Not all Capricorns are as off-putting as the first director of the FBI and they can actually be very loyal and honest on their good days. The Taurus man or woman is the perfect match for a Capricorn because they are one of the few types of people that the Capricorn can actually trust and feel comfortable around. The Taurus is also very hardworking and motivated and can help the Capricorn get in touch with their emotional side, as long as the Capricorn can put their guard down for a moment to let the Taurus in.

11 Scorpio: Leo in The Aviator

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Considering that Howard Hughes was a perfectionist, incredibly devoted, and notably materialistic, it's no wonder that he was a Capricorn like J. Edgar Hoover. However, Hughes was much more of a ladies man and also much better looking--of course, Leo is much better looking than Howard Hughes but that's neither here nor there. In The Aviator, Leo plays Hughes who loved having flings with famous and beautiful Hollywood women, he was much more interested in his films and flying which always had to be perfect. The Capricorn enjoys the Scorpio's intensity but also appreciates their cool demeanor which always sends sparks flying. Though it can be difficult for the Capricorn and the Scorpio to reach emotional intimacy, physical intimacy is rarely a problem. The two signs both strive for greatness and they can easily become each other's biggest supporters.

10 Gemini: Leo in Titanic

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It's hard to say exactly which sign that Jack Dawson from Titanic is but it is probably a Libra. Libras crave partnership, live for romance, and are in tune with their emotions. They are not as dedicated to success as a Capricorn or a Taurus but they are very dedicated to the ones they love. The Gemini is perfect for the Libra because they are able to meet on the same emotional plain. However, because the Libra is very blunt, it can sometimes hurt the Gemini's feelings but once they realize that the Libra doesn't mean any ill will toward them, they can be a great match. Most importantly, the Libra man looks for depth in a potential partner, both intellectual and emotional. The Libra can often be like a little puppy because they like to follow around their partner because they genuinely enjoy their company. The Gemini just needs to learn to find it endearing instead of irritating. That shouldn't be hard with Leo though.

9 Aries: Leo in Romeo + Juliet

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There is almost always an immediate physical attraction between the Aries and the Gemini and though we don't know what Romeo and Juliet's zodiac signs were, it's fair to say that they were probably one of these intense signs. Romeo was possibly a Gemini because they are generally affectionate, curious, and very indecisive--which makes sense considering he was in love with Rosalind one day then with Juliet the next. The Gemini is known to jump headfirst into something without thinking about where he is going to fall. It is very easy for the Aries and the Gemini to be intimate both emotionally and physically and their relationship will probably be short lived but very exciting. However, it is possible for them to form a long lasting relationship as long as they can communicate efficiently--this was one of Romeo and Juliet's biggest problems.

8 Pisces: Leo in Catch Me If You Can

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In Catch Me If You Can, Leo plays Frank Abagnale, Jr. who is actually a Taurus in real life but Leo definitely took some liberties with the role and we think that he is more of a Scorpio. Like Leo, the Scorpio is calm and collected with an intense desire for control. They're the kind of people who like having a home advantage and don't like to leave anything up to chance. Because the Pisces is often elusive, the Scorpio will immediately be attracted to them and if the Pisces can look past the Scorpio's intensity, they can be a great match. The Pisces is not as obsessed with being in control like a Scorpio but they do not like being controlled and this can be off-putting to the Scorpio. If the Scorpio can put aside their controlling tendencies in their relationship, they can have a long lasting and enduring relationship.

7 Aquarius: Leo in The Beach

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In The Beach, Leo plays Richard, a young man searching for adventure and a real connection with something. Few signs love adventure more than a Sagittarius and while other signs may be most interested in stability and furthering their careers, all the Sagittarius cares about is traveling, truth-seeking, and being outdoors. An Aquarius is the perfect partner for a Sagittarius because they both value freedom and they both generally try to live up to their own expectations, not the expectations of others. They are both optimistic and they share a hatred for details. It can be difficult for a Sagittarius to commit but it can be easy for them to come to an understanding where they can be together but they are also free of social conventions and restraints. The two are passionate, optimistic, and ready for anything.

6 Sagittarius: Leo in Celebrity

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In Celebrity, Leo plays Brandon Darrow, a hot-headed young celebrity who marches to the beat of his own drum. Considering he has a bad temper and a big ego, it's fair to say that he's an Aries. While it may be more beneficial for an Aries to be in a relationship with a more level-headed sign like Virgo or Taurus, they can't help themselves around the fun-loving and adventurous Sagittarius. The Sagittarius may not be the kind of person to get in a fight but they will enjoy igniting the Aries' temper for fun. Their relationship may easily become volatile but the two can form a deep attachment to each other and because they can both easily become bored, it is best if they are completely honest with each other so that they can communicate exactly what they need to stay interested and involved in the relationship, romantically, physically, and emotionally.

5 Virgo: Leo in The Basketball Diaries

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Before Titanic and Romeo + Juliet, Leo starred in The Basketball Diaries and played Jim, a hard-working high school kid who is pressured by his basketball coach and overwhelmed by his worrying mother, he crumbles under the pressure and starts doing hardcore drugs. Virgos are known for their good work ethic, motivation, and dedication but they can also be self-destructive when they become too overwhelmed. Sometimes the best match for a Virgo is a Virgo because they may be the only kind of person who can understand their Virgo partner's drive and can keep them from getting too overwhelmed. Of course, the risk is that the two could both end up becoming self-destructive but the Virgo is a natural nurturer and feel happiest when they can come to the rescue of another person and be the hero. The two can be each other's hero and keep each other out of trouble.

4 Leo: Leo in Shutter Island

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In Shutter Island, Leo plays Teddy who is sent to investigate the disappearance of a murderous woman from an insane asylum but it turns out that he may actually be the crazy one. It's hard to say exactly what his sign is but we're going to go with Gemini because of his curiosity and a Leo can be a great companion for a Gemini. The Leo and the Gemini can be a strange couple but it can definitely work. The two may start out by having a foundation of respect for one another that can then turn into mutual attraction. If the two are able to communicate effectively, they will be on their way to a fun and meaningful relationship. The Gemini can help the Leo to relax a bit and enjoy the simple things in life and the Leo's romantic gestures will be greatly appreciated by the Gemini.

3 Libra: Leo in Gangs of New York

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Leo may not actually be a Leo but he plays a Leo from time to time. In Gangs of New York, Leo plays Amsterdam, an Irish immigrant with a chip on his shoulder. It is easy for a Leo to at least act confident though, more often than not, they simply are confident and their ego is hard to hide. On their bad days, they can be all about Number One and will stop at nothing to get what they want but the Libra, on the other hand, cares a great deal about peoples' opinion of them. The Libra is very rational and can help calm the Leo and their fiery persona with effective communication and trust. The Libra is good at expressing themselves and the Leo can learn to appreciate that. While the Leo may act a certain way to get people to like them, the Virgo stays true to themselves and hopes that people like them.

2 Virgo: Leo in The Wolf of Wall Street

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In The Wolf of Wall Street, Leo plays Jordan Belfort who, in real life, is a Cancer and it's easy to see why. Cancers are persuasive, tenacious, and sometimes, manipulative. Though a Cancer may look for excitement from a more fiery sign like an Aries or Leo, they will find a good and supportive companion in a Virgo and they may be the only person they can actually trust. The Cancer will appreciate that the Virgo does not need to depend on them and how rational they can be. However, because the Cancer is much more emotional than the Virgo, it can lead to problems down the road but nothing that can't be sorted out through communication. Their compatibility is based more on rationality than immediate attraction so if they can look past that, they can have a very stable and rewarding relationship.

1 Capricorn: Leo in Revolutionary Road

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In Revolutionary Road, Leo plays Frank, a man trapped in the monotony of a thankless job and the strict conventionality of 1950s suburbia. He longs to get out of this rut which makes him much like a Pisces who often longs for an escape from reality but also fears what could await them on the other side. The best match for a Pisces is usually a Capricorn and the bond the two can form is a powerful one. The two do not like to get set in their ways and will easily become bored and irritated when they are not being challenged. The Pisces can be prone to moodiness and emotional turmoil but the Capricorn can help to bring stability to their life. Though the Capricorn can be very opinionated, if they are able to release their tight grip on their beliefs and become more open, they can be the perfect match for a Pisces.

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