Which Hairstyle Looks Best With Every Facial Structure In 25 Pics, According To Experts

You've always wondered what you'd look like with something short and simple like a pixie cut, but you've never been brave enough to chop off your locks to see if it would look good on you. It isn't the sort of style you can just go with and hope for the best - you want to know whether it will make you appear to have baby cheeks, your jaw too wide, or your neck too thick. The same goes for perming your hair. Will it be too wild? Too tight? If only there was a way to know what kind of style would look best with your facial structure, but oh! There is!

Hairstyling experts all agree on what styles would look best with specific facial structures. They take people's cheekbones, jawline, angles and head width into consideration to determine what hairstyles will compliment them personally. Unfortunately, when it comes to color, that would depend entirely on your personal tastes and numerous variables including your skin tone, the clarity of your skin and any medical conditions. So, for hair color, you're on your own. As for your facial structure and the best hairstyle to match, here's what the experts have to say:

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25 First Determine What Shape Your Face Is


How do you know what face shape you have? Philippe Barr, the creative director at Frederic Fekkai Salon in Palm Beach, told Allure that all we need to do is pull or slick our hair back to see the outlines of our faces. Certified cosmetic surgeon Norman Rowe, further explains a wider forehead that "tapers toward the chin" tends to put you in the "oval" category. If your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, you typically have a round face. When your jaw is the widest part of your face, you typically have a square face.

If your jaw is rounder, you've probably got a round face, but if you have a strong jawline, it's typically square. If your face is heart-shaped, your shape typically tapers toward the chin. If your face is a long oval without strong cheek or jaw bones, it's typically oblong shaped.

Beautyeditor explains you've got a diamond-shaped face when you have a narrow forehead and narrow chin that are about the same width, with your cheekbones being the widest part of your face.

24 Oval Faces: Long Locks And No Bangs Frames Your Face Nicely


There are a variety of styles that look great with oval faces. In Fact, there are so many great hairstyles people with oval faces can rock that it's hard to figure out what looks best! One of the greatest looks you can accomplish is when you grow out long, gorgeous locks. They can be straight, wavy, curly or anywhere in-between! Don't go for bangs and stick with layers, then part right in the middle so your hair frames your face. This is a youthful look that doesn't distract from either your face or your hair, in fact, it brings attention to both.

23 Round Faces: Pixie With Side-Swept Bangs


It can be hard to find the perfect hairstyle for a round face - after all, you don't want to look like your cheeks are more round than they are or that your neck looks too short! A great way to achieve a clean, attractive look is to rock a pixie cut with side-swept bangs. Not only is it easy to maintain, but it also shows off your great cheekbones and leaves your neck bare for all to see. It leaves no room for a bad hair day and has a playful feel. Your face is beautiful, so go with this cut to show it off!

22 Square Faces: Soft Short Waves


Square faces can sometimes be difficult to work with. Which hairstyles can those with square faces go with that won't make them look drab? When you're looking for a shorter style, consider soft, short waves. The wavy hair look will enhance the shape of your face without drawing too much attention to your jawline. Instead, people will notice your hair first, then your face. The shorter, the better. Don't make the mistake of straightening your hair, either. You want the volume to compliment your strong jawline, so turn to your new best friend: mousse. It will help keep the frizzies at bay and will also allow you to maintain natural volume.

21 Oblong Faces: Over-Sized Bangs And Long Locks Work


Oblong faces have tons of hairstyles to choose from since nearly every style looks great. If you want something simple but nice, go with over-sized bangs and long locks.T his look is appealing for several reasons, including how your hair will frame your face, making it look softer and bringing other people's attention straight to your eyes. It's almost like an optical illusion - this style will make your entire look appear softer and your face more approachable. There's something eye-catching about over-sized bangs and long, wavy hair, though this look can be just as stunning with perfectly straight and silky strands.

20 Heart-Shaped Faces: The Short Wind-Swept Look


When you have a heart-shaped face, it's hard to find the perfect hairstyle. You don't want to look too boring but your office won't let you get too exciting either, so what should you do? If you're looking for a cute short hairstyle, go for the wind-swept look! You can cut your hair as short as you want without worrying about how to style it! Simply step out of the shower, grab some leave-in conditioner, and use that blow dryer! It's a fast and easy look to create and you can still have fun with it. Wavy, straight, layers, A-lines, it all works when it's wind-swept!

19 Diamond-Shaped Faces: Try Shoulder-Length Waves And Over-Sized, Side-Swept Bangs


For all you diamond-shape girls out there, consider shoulder-length hair. Ask your stylist for over-sized, side-swept bangs to go with it and you'll look just as stunning as your face shape suggests. This haircut is perfect for your face shape because the bangs add playfulness while the length can go professional or creative - whichever is more your style. It's best not to go with layers, as it's a little too shaggy, but if you have your heart set on it, try long layers that you can scrunch up to create a voluminous look without the extra effort of using a blow dryer every morning.

18 Oval Faces: Short Curls Are Stunning


Once again, oval faces can go with nearly any hairstyle, so why not try something new this year? Short curls are a great look that allows you to pull off anything from an elegant to playful feel. The more gel you use, the more elegant you look (but it's always safe to remember that too much of a good thing isn't always best!). The great thing about shorter curls is the volume you'll get without the frizz or extra maintenance. You can wake up, wet your hair then take off or you can jump out of the shower, scrunch with some gel or mousse and you're ready to go!

17 Round Faces: Long Layered Curls With Long Bangs

Hair Style

When you're ready for a change but you want to keep your long locks, consider long layered curls with long bangs. This particular look is popular because it adds dimension to your face and balances it with volume. The curls speak for themselves while your bangs can be used to top off the look. You can straighten them, curl them or leave them natural. You can also part your bangs however you please because, with this look, anything goes. In fact, if you feel like going with straight hair every now and then, this cut allows you the versatility to do so.

16 Square Faces: Dynamic Layered Bob


If you've got a square face shape and you're ready for something more, something a little edgier, consider the dynamic layered bob. Not only are the layers overlapping each other and pushing each other around, but you can reign them in and clean them up and choose to part your hair however you wish. Straight, curly, wavy, it doesn't matter! All hair types can rock this look without unnecessary effort. It frames your face and neck nicely while telling the world, "Yes, I know I look fabulous!" Throw in a great dye job and you've got yourself the winning hairstyle in your office, classroom or neighborhood!

15 Oblong Faces: Side-Swept Bangs And Long Layers


When you combine long layers with side-swept bangs, you've got a youthful, fun, amazing look. The bangs bring focus to your gorgeous eyes and the layers create the illusion of a thicker mane. The volume of your layers works to frame your face and neck, which brings more attention to your other features. Your hair will definitely stand out in any crowd for being beautiful and your facial features will appear as if they're on display. This hairstyle is perfect in any setting and is just versatile enough to work for just about any social situation. Want to dress it up? Use barrettes, bobby pins, pull your hair up or add some volume to those bangs. Feel like lounging around? Just brush it out when you wake up!

14 Heart-Shaped Faces: Side-Swept Long Pixie

Hairstyle Guru

A side-swept long pixie cut provides sweeping layers that balance the shape of your face. This shaggy look visually narrows the width of your forehead and creates the illusion of a wider jawline. If you sweep your hair to the side, it will create an entirely different look and though you won't have much hair, you can still play with it to create a variety of styles. Don't feel like parting it to one side? Part it down the middle! Slick it back. Brush it forward, use product or don't. Whatever style looks best with your hair type, you can flaunt it with a long pixie cut.

13 Diamond-Shaped Faces: Long Hair With Tapered Bangs


Long hair with tapered bangs is a great look for diamond-shaped faces. The bangs cover your forehead, rounding out the shape of your face, and the width of your forehead will appear to be slightly wider, which also helps create a softer face shape. Your long locks frame your upper body, creating a voluminous look. Try adding curls or gentle waves to add texture and volume to your hair, and if you want you can also choose to curl only parts of your hair, such as near your forehead and under your chin, to make your chin and forehead appear less angular.

12 Oval Faces: Medium-Length Hair With Side-Swept Bangs


For oval faces, enhancing the shape of your cheeks and the area near your eyes can be achieved by going with a medium-length cut with side-swept bangs. By now you're realizing that side-swept bangs are really, really popular and that's because they can both enhance and conceal, depending on the shape of your face. For oval faces, the bangs can make your face appear shorter and bring more attention to your eyes and cheekbones. The medium-length hair also brings attention to your small chin and elegantly curving jawline. It doesn't matter what kind of hair you have either, this look is perfect for straight, wavy or curly locks.

11 Round Faces: Straight Bob


When you have a round-shaped face, your facial features are softer and more feminine. To help play up the softness, a bob can help make your face appear to take on a more oval shape. If you choose to go with the straight bob, the lack of volume sharpens the softness of your face without taking away from the fullness of your cheeks. With bangs, your face appears more structured, so if you choose to go with long bangs, make certain they match your bob; for example: With a tapered bob, go with bangs that taper on the ends. With a straight bob, go with straight bangs, etc.

10 Square Faces: Shoulder-Length Textured Hair


To soften your angular jaw, you can go with just about any textured look. Your face is perfectly proportioned, so you can't really go wrong with bangs. Try shoulder-length textured hair to soften the shape of your face while enhancing the beauty of your other facial features. The more texture you have, the softer your jaw appears, so if you're looking for something super feminine but also complimentary to your face and neck, go with gentle or tighter curls. Kudo points if you pair the look with long or side-swept bangs. Not only will your face appear softer but your overall look will appear more edgy and fun.

9 Oblong Faces: A Pixie Is Perfect


Bangs are a must for oblong faces. Not only can they hide a longer forehead, but they can also make your face appear to have more of an oval shape. It doesn't really matter what kind of bangs you go with, so make sure the bangs compliment the rest of your hairstyle. Try a pixie cut - this simple look can take you far. It adds width and you can play with whichever textures you please. Longer pixies look just as good on you as shorter pixies and you never have to worry about having a bad hair day either! All you need is a little attention and a touch of product and you're set for the day.

8 Heart-Shaped Faces: Long Layered Lob


Heart-shaped faces are easy to flatter, so if you're feeling something new, try the long layered lob. This will help move the focus to your most stunning features - your eyes and your cheekbones. The shorter layers will fall along your jawline, which will soften your look. It's nearly impossible for this hairstyle to look bad, regardless of your hair type. If you have thicker hair, you can choose to straighten it out so you'll still have that thick mane but it'll be a bit more tame. If you choose loose waves, your face is still framed and it gives you a nicer appearance, while no one can ever really go wrong with curls.

7 Diamond-Shaped Faces: Gorgeous Curls And A Side Part


Diamond-shaped faces have trouble taking attention away from their amazing cheekbones, which can give them a wider appearance than they really have. To fix this issue, try volume, volume, volume! Specifically, go for volume near the jawline and forehead, so if you've got gorgeous curls, it's time to flaunt them! The more volume the better! Go with a side part to give yourself an even thicker hairstyle, which will definitely grab some attention! When people are done admiring your beautiful hair, they'll look straight at your eyes, instead of your cheekbones. In fact, people will be so focused on your gorgeous eyes and hair that you'll have to contour to give your cheeks a little touch of the limelight.

6 Oval Faces: Short Waves And Side-Swept Bangs


If you've got an oval face and you've been thinking of playing with your hair, try short waves with side-swept bangs. Regardless of your hair type and even your dye job (though the cooler the color the more amazing this look will be!), you'll be able to give your face a more angular look. By moving your bangs over to one side, you're moving everyone's attention from your jaw and cheekbones to your forehead. The short waves bring out your chin and complete the look by framing your face perfectly. It's a fast and simple look to accomplish if you've got naturally wavy or curly hair, but if your hair is straight as a board, all you need is a little hair spray and a wide curling iron.

5 Round Faces: Smooth Curls


If you want to give yourself a more angular look, but bangs aren't for you, try smooth curls. You don't necessarily want to go with voluminous curls this time, simply because you don't have bangs to help balance your facial structure. When you forgo bangs, the more volume you have, the more smooth your face looks. To add dimensions to your appearance, try a longer haircut with restricted curls. You'll still look nice and can still part your hair down the middle or along either side, but it doesn't force your face to remain one-dimensional. This can give you a youthful appearance when paired with certain accessories, or a more mature look when simply parted and left alone.

4 Square Faces: Long Angled Bob


The long angled bob is definitely a hairstyle that isn't going anywhere anytime soon. It goes so well with so many face shapes! When you have long hair framing your square jaw without bangs, it typically gives your forehead and chin center stage. It balances your features beautifully. Interestingly, you aren't limited to a center part. With this haircut, you can part to either side while maintaining either a mature or fun look. However you prefer to part your hair, it will work. This haircut is also friendly to textured hair, though the layers can become less obvious with curls.

3 Oblong Faces: Deep Side Part And Wavy Strands


Who says you need bangs? No one! Although bangs do help balance an oblong face, you can always choose to use a deep side part for wavy hair. This will give you great volume and will serve in the place of bangs. If you've got straight hair, you can still pull this look off, though texture is like a breath of fresh air. The waves or curls, if you prefer, provide extra volume and they frame your face to help make your face look more petite than it is. It's also a great look regardless of whether you're in the office or at a concert.

2 Heart-Shaped Faces: Piecey Bangs


Piecey bangs can be hard to pull off, but if you've got a heart-shaped face, it's really simple! According to Hairstyle Guru, piecey, or fringe, bangs can be short or long. They tend to go well with oval or square faces, but they can also look great with heart-shaped faces since they take attention from a wider forehead, leaving the focus on cheeks and chins. If you want short, long or medium hair, you can still pair it with piecey bangs, and the texture doesn't matter since it'll look great either way! If you really want to get attention to your jowl and chin area, go with a voluminous style cut to your jaw.

1 Diamond-Shaped Faces: Sleek Straight Hair, Any Length


When you've got a diamond face, it's time to flaunt that flashy hair! When you choose to forgo texture, make sure your silky strands are healthy, shining and stunning. This can be achieved with long or short hair, though the longer your hair is, the more attention you'll bring to it. You don't need bangs to pull off straight hair, though at least a side part is recommended to help bring out your cheekbones a little more and take away from your smaller forehead. This creates the appearance of almost a heart or oval face, depending on how sharp your jawline is.

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