Which Body Part You Should Flaunt In 2018 Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It is almost December, friends, and I personally can't believe it! We've gotten through an extremely wild year in politics, the deaths of some of our beloved stars, Easter, July 4th, and more! With the new year comes an entire three hundred and sixty five days, fifty-two weeks, and twelve months to reinvent ourselves, grow, learn, laugh, love, and of course, flaunt what you've got! You could be a Kardashian and flaunt that sexy bottom or be slightly more delicate like a Jessica Alba or a Jennifer Garner and flaunt your rock hard abs or tanned and toned legs!

Obviously we know that everybody (and every body) is different but why not look to the stars to see which part of your body you should be accentuating? It couldn't hurt, right?Below we've outlined the body part you should have on full display next year based off of your zodiac, so read on and start shopping for the perfect pieces that will accentuate that body part for you. 2017 is in the past and you should be focusing on the fresh start that is 2018 with a new found confidence. Happy New Year!


16 Gemini: Your Smile, Pearly White Wisdom

Geminis are virtually the most charismatic and intelligent combination the zodiac has. Anyone that meets you is instantly drawn to you. Simply said, you are just interesting. You tell great stories, are a great listener, and know exactly how to bond with people you are with. You are the epitome of "enjoying the moment" no matter who is next to you or where you are. That is why for the upcoming year of excitement and fun and happiness, you should show off that smile more! Let it shine and let it glow because it pulls everyone in and that can boost your confidence unlike any other. Plus, you tend to be a little moody, so trying to shake off that bad attitude or sulky state will just make you shine brighter!

15 Cancer: Your Tummy, Rock Those Abs


Cancers are probably the most convoluted out of all the zodiac signs. They are hot and cold, happy and sad, in love and sick of you-- seemingly all in a day's time. Their emotions rule their decisions, their moods, and their days, whether for good or for bad. Sometimes a Cancer is incredibly happy and bouncy and other days they are more somber than a rain cloud. One of Cancer's reoccurring rainstorms is their insecurity. Because of this severe self-doubt, Cancers should flaunt those tummies next year! As women, our stomachs are something we either love or hate; there is no in between. To beat that insecure, sinking feeling, buy a few crop tops and low-rise jeans and, when the weather gets warm again, rock them like there is no tomorrow!

14 Leo: Your Hair, The Lion's Mane

This one is a little obvious! As a Leo, you are usually flaunting your confidence: shining those pearly whites, accentuating those bold cheekbones, or slipping on those stilettos and rocking those legs! But, I am sorry to say, this is typical. We all know you like yourself and think highly of your physical state (as well as your intelligence, your opinions, etc.), so change things up and put some more time into that mane (you are Leo the Lion, after all!). If you're feeling bold, get some highlights or change your color altogether. If that is too much for you, a fresh cut for the new year is a great way to refresh your look. This way, you'll be perfectly deserving of showing off that cocky, er I mean, confident demeanor!

13 Virgo: Your Legs, Dare To Dream


Did you know Virgo is short for virgin? That probably makes sense, due to the similarities in the spelling. This doesn't mean you are prude, but it does mean you are a sign of purity and practicality. You are incredibly cautious and judgmental of people around you, whether that person is your brother, your co-worker, or a stranger on the street. You simply have a strict moral code and, at times, tend to project it onto others. This can make you slightly boring (sorry!) and that is exactly why, for 2018, you need to flaunt something you normally wouldn't-- that's right, no more brains or opinions or hands (because you don't go a day without lotion, that isn't rational!). No, it is time to flaunt those legs, girl! You can lotion them too and maybe even go wild and tan in you bikini outside! Let it all loose next year. You'll be glad you did.

12 Libra: Your Laugh, Easy Like Sunday Morning

Okay, so I know your laugh is not technically a body part, but hear me out Libras! We know on the down side of the slope, you can be kind of harsh, slightly rude, and really sarcastic. People around you are scared to push the wrong button for fear of your inconsiderate brashness coming out and hurting their feelings. Others know you probably don't mean it. The upside is that you are incredibly easygoing on a good day and know how to warm up anyone around you with your welcoming tone and friendly ways. That is why this year your laugh should be on full display, adding to your incredible peacefulness and outgoing tendencies. You tend to need approval from others, but forget about that this year! Laugh and live and love because life is short!

11 Sagittarius: Your Bum (Because You're Never On It!)


Sagittarius! Your spunkiness is something that no one takes for granted. Your friends can tell you, and probably do, that being with you is always an adventure, whether you are traveling, going to dinner, or just hanging out on the couch! Simply, you know how to liven up any room you walk into. You'll talk to anyone and do just about everything. However, you tend to get really bored after virtually no time at all. You literally cannot sit still (unless something peeks your interest on Netflix). This is a damn good thing for your back end because you are always working it! You're always on the go and rarely sitting down, so your gluts are strong and sexy. Flaunt them all year long in a tight pair of jeans or dressy shorts and heels!

10 Scorpio: Your Eyes, The Windows To Your Passion

Watch out fellow zodiacs! Scorpios are the most passionate out of all of you. Yes, Pisces and Cancer included. If they want to do something, no one can stop them. If they believe in something, no one will tell them otherwise. If they fall in love, they fall hard and fast. If you cross them, don't bet on forgiveness anytime soon. As a Scorpio, you are highly emotional and always use your body to advance you in any and all parts of your life. That is why, for 2018, you should flaunt something else, like your deep and pure and gorgeous eyes! They are just as beautiful as your body and show more passion than anything else. Your eyes will also show that you are intensely compassionate, sympathetic, and sensitive. These are all traits that anyone in your life wants to see, so let them shine Scorpio!


9 Capricorn: Your Arms, Strong And Stable


Unfortunately for Capricorns, the areas in which they are massively lacking are in creativity and imagination. This makes them a little boring and anything but exciting because they are terrified of adventure, unless it is pre-planned (how fun...), and scared of unpredictability. On the plus side, they are strong, responsible, stable and very practical. They are used to routine and can easily budget financially. Lucky for their significant others, Capricorns are the most patient, too! So Capricorn, for 2018, that is exactly why flaunting your arms is a good way to show those around you that you will wrap them up and protect them no matter what! Lotion them up, buy some sexy and silky off the shoulder shirts, and adorn them with bracelets and bangles for a stylish and strong look!

8 Pisces: Your Face, Show That Glow

As we know, Pisces are one of the most sensitive zodiacs out of them all. They top Cancer and Scorpio on the Most Dramatic list (although Scorpio isn't too far behind) and they don't ever question the decisions they make that are based off of their emotions, whether good or bad. As Pisces, you love and you love hard, never doubting that that is the right thing to do. 2018 is for warmth-- and a lot of it. That is why you should flaunt your face, Pisces. You wear your emotions on your sleeve, your smile, and in your eyes. The happier you are the better! Focus on your strengths, the people in your life that are stable and loving. Let your happiness and warmth glow and shine to anyone around you! 2018 could be your best year yet!

7 Aquarius: Your Collarbone, Sensual And Simple


As an Aquarius, you are perpetually persuasive and willful. You never met a rule you could not break. You have never met a person that you cannot convince of, well, anything. You are determined to accomplish your dreams by any means necessary. It is incredibly inspiring, Aquarius, but it also makes you really unreliable and unpredictable. Whether that is good or bad, this year you should own that, Aquarius! 2018 is all about flaunting and owning what you've got. Show a little skin with some statement necklaces and off-the-shoulder shirts or strapless dresses. It will symbolize your willfulness and your strength. It's like saying, "I am who I am and I don't mind it." We all have flaws, but owning them is what makes us even more beautiful.

6 Taurus: Your Feet, For Being Grounded

Now, of course I know what you are thinking-- my feet? My feet?! No way! Goodness gracious... anything but those ugly things! But 2018 is a new year which means attempting new ways of thinking and setting new goals. As a Taurus, you are down-to-earth and intensely stable and responsible, a solid pillar for anyone around you, whether professionally or personally. This is exactly why showing off your feet is something you should own with confidence! Believe it or not, feet can also be a source of eroticism for some, so you can kill two birds with stone and highlight your sensual side, too! Dress them up with some cute sandals or paint them a fiery red or deep blue. And remember-- lotion, lotion, lotion!

5 Aries: Your Shoulders, Daintily Sexy


Aries are direct and self-dependent, rarely needing anyone or anything else to lean on. You tend to be adventurous and optimistic, daring at times too. Because of this, your courage can easily turn into egotism because you will stop at nothing to show those around you that you don't need them, regardless or not if you actually do. But this year you should turn over a new leaf-- and let your guard down, let someone in all the way. Accentuating your shoulders shows just enough skin where you are letting that special someone know that you are trying, that you are ready to let someone help you. It's the perfect combination because it also isn't too much skin which could show that you are easily manipulated.

4 Earth Sign: Your Strength

For our elements, I have chosen some intangible traits that we should flaunt loud and proud in 2018! My Earth signs, this upcoming year you should show off the strength that you exude to everyone around you. Capricorns, you are strong pillars of responsibility that allow those around you to want to be better. Own that this year and don't be ashamed of the strength your stability gives you. Taurus, you are strong-willed and, even though you tend to let your temper get away from you, you are also financially sensible. This is a strength of yours! Be proud. Lastly, Virgo, accept your pure and moral ways. They make you strong. You are always practical and never irrational. This is a great trait that will bring you lots of success next year!

3 Water Sign: Your Warmth


As a water sign, let's face it, you aren't the most rational person, you aren't the most practical, and you have a really hard time hearing others put you down or make fun of you. You know what, though? That is okay! The great thing about this is that you know how it feels so you will virtually never hurt others with your words. No matter how bad you are hurt, you always give off warmth and love to anyone around you. Own that. Take pride in your maturity to never sink down to others' levels. Let your warmth shine. Give love to those you don't get it from. This will make you more confident than ever, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. You'll be guaranteed a wonderful 2018!

2 Air Sign: Your Idealism

Libra... Gemini... Aquarius-- you are our strong and social air signs. You tend to have your head in the clouds, for what reason only you know. That's okay! For 2018, the best thing to flaunt is this idealism that you often daydream about. It isn't a bad thing to have goals, to have thoughts of happier times or maybe even times that will never come to fruition. We all need something to look forward to. Voice these ideas out loud. You never know what these ideals will bring you. Being ashamed of this will only create more self-doubt and a lack of confidence. It's okay to get lost in your dreams, but just know the difference between that and reality. Know when it is okay to do so and try not to get carried away!

1 Fire Sign: Your Confidence


As a fire sign, you are very feisty, strong-willed and, well, fiery! Honesty is the best policy for all three of these signs. You want everyone to know your opinion, Leo, and you never think you're wrong. Sagittarius, you aren't ashamed of admitting someone is boring you or annoying you. You let them have it, no matter what. And Aries, your independence and abrasive attitude isn't any different. Confidence is a hard thing to own, but for 2018, really try to make it something you are proud of. Confidence is easily misconstrued as cockiness or bitchiness or rudeness, but work on controlling that. Once you do, 2018 can be a year of carefree confidence that lets you be who you are with no regrets or doubts!


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