Which Body Part You Should Flaunt Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology is written upon our bodies. What does this mean? It means that each body region, part, and system is directly tied to an astrological sign, a cosmic representation. If you know each natal chart house, you will know that the first house is connected to Aries and the twelfth house to Pisces. Aries represents the head and Pisces the feet; hence, everything that rests in between the head and the feet, moving from top to bottom, from the first to the twelfth, follows the flow of the zodiac signs and corporeal order. Once you know that, the foundations of medical astrology are much easier to grasp. But you’re not here for a medical astrology course, you’re here to know which body part you should flaunt according to your sun sign, right. So let’s jump right into it. Let’s see which body part is your prized physical manifestation of your spiritual self. And from there, you can decide how you want to display that part, if at all. Or maybe you’ve already been aware of this, consciously or subconsciously. Remember, not all signs will be into flaunting body parts, but it is important to know which areas of the body are tethered to your zodiac sign and how that plays a role in your human experience.


12 Aries: Put Your Best Face Forward

Oh Aries, giving face all day long –yes, darling. You got a unique face, maybe not the prettiest, but there is something about your face that is irresistible. In medical astrology, you rule the head and the brain, so this means everything on the head is your domain. The face is you and you are the face. You might have a lovely broad forehead, a unique smile albeit a bit mischievous, interesting nostrils, or intense, animalistic stares. Whether you rock a face full of make-up or go barefaced, you are at your best when you can flaunt your face. So make sure you have a good skin care routine to let that complexion do what it does best –shine all the way from Mars and back again. You probably love a bright red lip, too because all that Mars passion got you feeling yourself.

11 Leo: Backless Dresses Should Be Your Go-To


Bringing sexy back, quite literally Leo. You are the spine and the heart. But since you often wear your heart on your sleeve, the trick is in giving your back some spotlight time. Those low cut back exposed dresses and tops are made for you, so get your hands on one or some. So are any cut-out pieces that give your back some air and time to shine. You are best when at the beach or anywhere clothing isn’t a necessity, you will be able to flaunt those gorgeous back muscles. Since the Sun is your star, you have the vitality to do things that most cannot, especially when it comes to physical exercise. Yoga will be your best friend because a flexible spine creates a young body. Get into it and find those sexy yoga outfits that show how strong your back really is. And let that vital force develop from your heart all the way down your back.

10 Taurus: Expose That Neck Girl

Pop that neck, Taurus. Or better yet pop a collar. You attract attention to your throat area, like a bird does to get her mate’s attention. Female humans also expose their necks to potential mates, it’s a flirtatious device that works quite well actually. Being that you are so fond of the throat, you will likely be into necklaces like chokers or luxurious scarves. You are the throat area because you love food and being fed, it’s all that Venus energy that indulges in the sweetness of life. And for this reason, you love adorning your neck and feeding your palate. It’s highly likely that you will have something special about your voice, perhaps seductive or alluring, so feel free to flaunt that aspect of yourself, too. You’re about flaunting the neckline, but also those vocal chords.

9 Gemini: Halter Tops Should Be Your Best Friend


Gemini, you are the queen of hand gestures and demonstrative arm movements. Coming from Mercury, you communicate and the easiest way you know how to do this is through your arms and hands. Since the shoulders are included here, your wardrobe is probably filled with tons of sleeveless tops like halters, tube tops, and off-the-shoulder numbers. You can’t hide those stunning shoulders and why would you want to anyways. When you show off your shoulders and arms, you just feel sexy, you’re not even sure why, but now you know. Exposing this area will give you freedom to express yourself in many ways. Most of y’all will be into working out this body area, too, so you’re already plugged into that sexy shoulder game.

8 Cancer: Flaunt What Your Mama Gave You

Va-va-va-voom, Cancer, you are often, if not always, ready and willing to let the girls have some breathing space and a little fun. The chest is your best asset. It does not mean that you have a large bosom, although most who are full moon Cancers will have an ample chest while a new moon might be less endowed in this area. What is know, though, is that you love giving life to this area. You’re into lacey bras, dangling necklaces that fall between your breasts, plunging necklines, and anything that draws attention to your breasts. It makes perfect sense, too. With the Moon as your guide, that maternal reflective light, that intuitive energy, that first food, you will be in tune to all that’s around you as thought connected directly to your own heart. Related to the stomach as well, you might enjoy some crop tops, too.

7  Virgo: Don't Shy Away From Crop Tops


Virgo, you are typically a picture of perfect health. Why? Because you rule the digestive system. And when the digestive system is functioning at optimum levels, health follows suit. They are so interconnected that it’s impossible to have good health without a smooth running digestive system. You already knew this, though, as you’re a natural health nut anyways. That Mercury power flows into your body so seamlessly and you know how to adapt to all its energy. You are prone to show off this area of your body, not to flaunt a six-pack, although you might have one, but to demonstrate that you rule that gut instinct. In showing your mid-drift, you’re saying to the world that you are connected to intuition through the wonderful powers of Mercury. Regardless of your shape or size, you will be obsessed with this area, but don’t get critical, love that belly no matter what –it’s the essence of health.

6 Libra: Don't Hide Your Beautiful Curves

Look at your Libra –hips don’t lie. You are very wealthy in the hip department. Although you might not be curvy, per se, you have stunning hips. It’s no surprise either as Venus is your ruler. How could you not be blessed in the hip area with a goddess ruling above you; and in your situation, below. What you gravitate towards will be pieces that show off your hips and might hide other areas that you’re not too fond of. High-waist anything is your best friend as are low hanging, hip hugging pieces. If you’re really into goddess worship, you might have hip beads or another chained or linked adornment dangling on those glorious pelvic bones. There’s something about your walk and the way you dance –it’s as though you are conjuring all that divine feminine with a switch here and a shimmy there.


5 Scorpio: Sacred Region


Scorpio, you naughty thing. You can’t help yourself. All of your energy stems from your intimate area –your Kundalini vibrates highest at your sacral chakra. It makes sense, too, because the sacral chakra is all red and full of passion, like you are, like Mars, the planet that rules you. Mars is about sex and sexual actions, all actions actually –but that masculine energy, that fire, gets your juices flowing, quite literally. You are ruled by Pluto, too; dark, brooding, and mysterious energy. So put Mars and Pluto together and you’ve got you, a sign that is all about flaunting her sexuality. This does not mean you are going outside in the nude, but you might be the one who’s on that booty short trend or the one rocking those extra short mini-skirts. It might not even be what you wear, either, it might be how you sit or stand. And you’ll do it in just the right way to get attention in the place you want it most, eh hem –you know where.

4 Sagittarius: You Won't Believe How Much Guys Love Thighs

Legs for days, Sagittarius –yes! We see you, slender legged diva. You are long af in the thigh and those legs seem to go all the way up to your neck. This also means that your butt region is typically higher than most, meaning instead of sitting low on the body, yours starts somewhere on the lower back, higher than your hip bones and higher than most. When you realize the splendor of your long legs, you will fill your closet with pieces that show off those gams. Because your legs are more than half of your body, it takes you less effort to maneuver in this world –your strides are slow, yet effective, purposeful and full of grace. Some might even relate your legs to a horse’s hindquarters. And you love that! So instead of hiding away, you flaunt those legs without abandon. You’ll be the one at the party with a long t-shirt calling it a dress, but everyone knows the truth and so do you –you’re out on the streets in an oversized tee, boo.

3 Capricorn: Bend What You Got


Capricorn, your sex appeal is just as practical as anything else in your life, hence you are the knees. You are about boundaries. So having the knees be your primary region makes sense. Above the knee dresses mean one thing while below the knees means another –all about those boundaries, right. Knees signify stability and movement –both of which are attached to your persona. You love a strong work ethic and are a hard-worker. Think about the goat who climbs to the mountain no matter how high, how steep, how cold, how impossible. With a tenacious attitude anything is possible. So when you decide to wear a particular piece of clothing you are constantly setting boundaries. To show off those knees, depending on your mood which tends to be serious most of the time anyways, dresses and skirts are best. You’ll love simple lines and boxy cuts on your pieces. You are ruled by Saturn, so you will have a bone structure that is noticeably strong in some way, not big, but just noticeable. You have a sturdy smile even though many of you wore braces to get those smiles so straight.

2 Aquarius: Rock Those Calves Girl

Dear Aquarius, you must be the calves because you are always full of wanderlust. Your entire life is a journey. It might not be physically, it might be emotionally or spiritually, but you are on the move all the time. For that amount of movement, you’d better have some strong calves to push you through when the going gets tough. You can’t stop moving either because your humanitarian nature will give you plenty of fuel. That means you should be practical about how you dress. You might not be into flaunting your calves, but you will be sure to wear something distinctive on your lower half –either pants or shoes, but more than likely it’ll be socks that are your claim to fame. This is where you’re bound to get noticed. You are into socks or stockings and probably have very proportioned toes and lovely feet –summer will be your favorite time of the year. And as a rebel, your socks and toenail polish will probably be strange and unusual, just like you.

1 Pisces: Foot Fetishes Are REAL


Pisces might have a foot fetish or at the very least a shoe fetish. You rule the feet, the part of the body that takes all the weight. Quite literally, you carry the weight of the world. It doesn’t fall on the shoulder, but on the ankles and the feet. If anyone knows how to bear the weight with a smile and carry on, it’s you. You are destined to be a healer and a dreamer. This will divide your sensibilities. On one hand, you will want to wear practical shoes that give you plenty of support –those shoes are not attached to fashion at all. However, as a dreamer, you will want to make as many fashion statements as possible and will go for outlandish shoes or unique colors that the rest of the world might avoid. By the way, you need those shoes to keep you grounded. Getting lost in dreams all the time, makes it hard for you to walk this here earth, hence your fixation on the proper shoes for the job. Your most prized possession –your feet, aka your fins, are what allow you to swim into the deepest waters and immerse in spirituality.


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