Here's How You React When Someone Breaks Your Heart, Based On Your Sign

Whether it was a long-term relationship or just a fling, every person deals with breakups differently.

We have all experienced the pain of a broken heart. We all have our own ways of dealing with this type of pain. While many of us just shut down completely, others go out and enjoy their solo lives with complete enthusiasm and vigor. If you happen to be someone who believes in the ways of the stars, then you will know what it means to understand what astrology has to say about how each individual deals with heartbreak! Believe it or not, there are many who associate astrology with being the gateway to our souls. It is a wonderful way to see how we may react to certain situations, simply based on character traits.

So, again, as with all the astrology related pieces, take this one with a grain of salt. It should not be taken too seriously. Let's have a gander at what the stars say about the ways in which we all handle a breakup. Who knows, the stars might just surprise you!

From bizarre behaviors to the more traditional ones, there are a bunch of different ways that we all handle a breakup. Whether it was a long-term relationship or just a fling, every person deals with breakups differently. Here's what you should know!

24 A Sagittarius Man Will Deal With A Broken Heart By Distracting Himself With Activities And Hobbies He Loves


A Sagittarius man doesn't like to deal with heartbreak. That is why they resort to doing all the activities that they thoroughly enjoy immediately after a breakup. Usually, you will see a Sagittarius man playing football with his bros, hanging at the basketball court or merely reading a book outside. Whatever he enjoys doing, he will surely be indulging in some of his most favorite things immediately after a breakup! At the end of the day, a Sagittarius man just wants to occupy his mind with anything and everything to just avoid thinking about the breakup. Therefore, if you stumble upon a Sagittarius man playing with his favorite yo-yo all alone, you can be sure that he most likely just got his little heartbroken and shattered into tiny pieces.

23 A Sagittarius Woman Will Book A One-Way Ticket To Her Favorite City


A Sagittarius woman will do her best to spin the breakup in a way that she comes out on top. Even if she were the one being broken up with, she would fight until the end to make everyone around her think that she did the heartbreaking instead of the other way around. In fact, a Sagittarius woman may go so far as to say that she enjoys the freedom she now has while inside she is crumbling. It can be hard for a Sagittarius woman to stay in the same city where the breakup occurred because she is always reminded of a life she once had with her ex. As a result, a Sagittarius woman is likely to take matters into her own hands a book a one-way ticket to her favorite city so she can start fresh.

22 After A Break-Up, A Capricorn Man Will Go Pamper Himself


Capricorn men have some feminine qualities. For one thing, Capricorn men love getting pampered. A spa day is mostly a birthday treat for them! After all, according to Capricorn men, treating themselves to a full-on deluxe massage on the regular is the best way to keep calm. As a result, whenever things go awry in their love lives, like dealing with heartbreak, they will usually go to the place they know will bring them some comfort and joy- the spa. Capricorn men cope with any difficult or painful emotions by treating themselves to the things that they love the most. It's not just the spa that distracts the Capricorn man from dealing with his feelings, he will also resort to staying at the office later than usual, so he doesn't have to face the fact that he is alone and single now.

21 A Capricorn Woman Will Spread Rumors About The Break-Up Even Though No One Is Interested


Capricorn women naturally worry a little too much about their reputations. As a result, whenever they go through a breakup, they will want to spin the breakup story so that other people don't see them as a failure in the relationship arena. Instead, Capricorn women will try to make it seem like they are doing a lot better than they really are. In essence, a Capricorn woman wants to save face after getting her heart broken by a man. She'll go so far as to make up rumors and stories about why the breakup happened, so she doesn't appear to be the one hurt or left all alone. Caring what other people thin will do this to a person. And Capricorn women care a lot about what others think of them.

20 Most Aquarius Men Are Not Deeply Affected By A Break-Up


Aquarius men try to avoid getting into romantic relationships, to begin with. Usually, they love playing the field. However, when they do end up in some sort of a romantic relationship, a breakup will not really phase them all that much. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that Aquarius men are incapable of feeling hurt after a breakup! Aquarius men have feelings too. But, at the end of the day, they understand that breakups happen and are able to move on a lot faster than most other signs of the zodiac. Now, we should all learn from Aquarius men, and try to not take things so personally whenever someone breaks up with us or betrays our trust in a romantic relationship. There is someone better waiting for us!

19 Aquarius Women Make Very Odd Requests After a Break-Up


Aquarius women really don't care about tradition. In fact, they are known to be quite rebellious and non-conformist when it comes to love, romance, and relationships. That is why when they are heartbroken, their typical instinct is to act a little weirder than usual. Aquarius women can take on a uniquely detached perspective to the whole ordeal. It can be difficult for an Aquarius woman to keep a sense of normalcy in her life immediately following a breakup. That is to be expected from this eccentric sign. For instance, they may suggest that their ex-boyfriend bring his new significant other over for the holidays so you all can be friends. The reality is, an Aquarius woman is just awful at handling a breakup with grace.

18 Pisces Men Tend To Space Out While Going Through A Break-Up

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Pisces men are notorious for spacing out when it comes to uncomfortable situations. When life doesn't give the Pisces man what he needs, he will have to form his own world in his mind where a happily-ever-after actually exists. This is usually the case right after getting his heart broken! Eventually, though, the Pisces man is able to pick himself up and get over the initial hurt and betrayal of getting his heart broken. Without much time alone, he is quick to jump into the dating field and try and find a new romantic relationship with someone that will actually bring him the fairytale romance he is so desperately searching for. Being positive about the potential for finding true love is what the optimistic Pisces guy is all about.

17 Pisces Women Handle A Break-Up Like They Are The Main Character In A Romantic Comedy—Therefore, Very Dramatically


A Pisces woman will literally wander around through life in a haze of fog. She merely feels disillusioned by getting her heartbroken that she can tend to be a little dramatic when dealing with a breakup. For the most part, a Pisces woman makes irrational and impulsive decisions after getting her heart broken for the third time that month. A Pisces woman is someone who falls in love quickly and without abandon because she thinks she is the star in her own romantic comedy. However, the reality is that she struggles to maintain her composure after getting her heart broken over and over again. In the end, a Pisces woman will beg and plead for her ex to take her back. All she wants is to have a happy ending, just like in the movies. Unfortunately, she never actually gets the storybook ending.

16 Aries Guys Pretend Not To Care About A Break-Up


Everyone knows that people handle romantic breakups in different ways. But did you know the way a person deals with a breakup is in large part related to their Sun sign? As Aries man is passionate, assertive, and straightforward. He excels at starting romantic relationships but has extreme difficulty staying the course. As a result, the Aries man is an incurable optimist who is disarmingly idealistic when starting a new romantic relationship. That is why when things end, he doesn't give a second thought to finding a new relationship to distract him from the heartbreak.

15 Aries Women Develop A Sudden Attraction To Their Ex's Roommate (Or Someone Else Close To Them)


It can be tough to tell whether an Aries woman is heartbroken or not after a relationship ends. However, one thing is for sure- she will immediately move on to the next guy. It is just in their nature. But it's who they end up setting their sights on that makes them a little crazy after a breakup. All of a sudden, a heartbroken Aries woman will find herself becoming more attracted to her ex's best friend or another guy that is close to him. These are signs that an Aries woman has hurt feelings. They are doing this because they are just trying to cause their ex the same pain that they feel. In the end, they don't have feelings for this other person; it's all just a ploy to get back at their ex who hurt them.

14 Taurus Guys Try Really Hard To Get Their Partner Back

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Dating a Taurus man isn't always easy. When a Taurus guy stakes his claim, he makes it known. So when their heart gets broken, they will put up a fight to hold on to the remnants of a broken romantic relationship. The Taurus man is notoriously a jealous person who can hide this character trait well. They will probably never acknowledge the fact that they have a jealous streak. But the reality is, they can be a very possessive sign, As such, Taurus men like to own things, know that these things are theirs, and claim things to themselves. This is the same with their partners. They claim whoever they are with as theirs as absolutely no one else's. However, when their partner has had enough, they just can't deal with letting them go. That is why they will try almost anything to keep this person in their life.

13 Taurus Women Will Write A Song In Hopes Of Getting Back With Their Ex


Taurus women a slow to begin a relationship. As a result, when it comes to the inevitable end, Taurus women really don't take it well. Any breakup with a Taurus woman is bound to cause her to feel pain and surprise. She is not the type of person who enjoys experiences that kind of pain, ever. However, once the trust is broken, it can be difficult to rebound. That is why she will try her hardest to get her ex back into her life. She may even decide to write a song for her former lover in an attempt to get him to see how much he means to her. It can be difficult to watch this intense woman succumb to such measures, but no one can tell her otherwise.

12 Gemini Men Start By Going Through Nervous Breakdowns And Anxiety Attacks


Even the jokester Gemini man can get depressed from time to time. Usually, it is triggered by a breakup. Friends may sense that they are stretched just a little too thin but may not know what the problem is. Gemini men suffer from dark moods but tend to deal with any hardships in their lives by being busier and distracting themselves from their feelings. Since they are used to having a split experience when it comes to their moods, Gemini men may indeed think everything is fine and that it will all work out in the end. However, they also are prone to having runaway though processes that may lead to anxiety. With Gemini men and their split personalities, some of these guys may appear crazy, but it all depends on how they cope with their emotions and feelings after a breakup.

11 Gemini Women Will Send An Unforgivable Number Of Unanswered Texts


It's one thing if a Gemini woman has someone waiting in the wings. But, if a Gemini woman ends up getting broken up with suddenly and without any explanation, they will have a significantly harder time getting over the relationship. First of all, Gemini women need someone to talk to, They are in desperate need to find someone to report to on the details of their day. After losing their partner, they struggle to find someone to go to. Unfortunately, because of this difficult challenge, a Gemini woman is likely to continue sending texts to her ex until they finally found someone new to inform about their daily Starbucks trips! In the end, a Gemini woman needs to surround herself with friends and family who can stand to listen to her vent about her dull day on the regular, instead of reaching out to her ex.

10 Cancer Men Simply Need Time So They Can Move On


Cancer men are known to be domesticated beings. They prefer staying in to watch Netflix over going out a bar to pick up girls. As a result, when they are broken up with, they really ask for some time and space so that they can deal with their emotions and feelings in private. Being such emotional creatures by nature, a Cancer man really needs time to pass so that he can move on from the heartbreak. Because they are frequently hurt, Cancer men may need a little more time than usual to heal from a heartbreak. Cancer men have a tendency to look to their past regularly, which can cause them to drive themselves crazy overanalyzing what went wrong in the relationship. They question how they could have changed to make their partner stay.

9 Cancer Women Will Literally Do Almost Anything To Keep Their Man


A Cancer woman is typically full of contradictions! She can be vulnerable but also guarded. She is moody yet dependable. A Cancer woman is terrified of change but highly adaptable. With all these layers, the Cancer woman is one fun person to be in a relationship with. However, eventually, their moodiness or clinginess can take its toll on guys that are just not right for her. When the romantic relationship ends, a Cancer woman is left with an achy breaky heart (to say the least). Being heavily guarded but deeply sensitive, Cancer women are wary of trusting people. So when they do, they go all in. But with all that mystery that surrounds them, the Cancer woman still has a hard time saying goodbye. That is why she will stop at virtually nothing to get her man back!

8 Leo Men Will Hold A Grudge Against Whoever Broke Their Heart


A Leo man struggles to forgive whoever did him wrong. When it comes to truly understanding a Leo man, knowing how he reacts after a heartbreak is essential. Because his real colors really come out when you break up with them. Having a family member or loved one betray a Leo man's trust is something that he really doesn't know how to deal with healthily. However, if he lacks any emotional attachment to the person who is betraying his trust, he is more likely to be able to move on quicker. In the end, a Leo man who is betrayed by someone he loves will likely never stop holding a grudge against them. Losing people that Leo men love is hard, but they still manage to keep a grudge going.

7 Leo Women Will Go Crazy And Leave Their Ex's Number On Gas Stations Everywhere

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Being such fierce women, it can be hard to even imagine a Leo women being the one getting her heart broken. Since Leo women are such strong creatures, it is not in their nature to be left heartbroken. However, they have feelings and emotions, just like the rest of us. So when it comes to dealing with a breakup, Leo women will go to extreme measures like leaving their ex's number on gas stations everywhere. They have no remorse towards anyone who messes with their emotions. That is why they need to release their anger towards the situation in whatever way they know how. This usually involves some sort of retaliation that can cause some annoyance to their ex. They typically assume that their ex will hate getting unsolicited phone calls from strangers!

6 Virgo Men Are Perfectionists, But That Doesn't Mean They Handle Breakups Well


A Virgo man is usually practical and balanced. He can be thoughtful and emotionally calm all at the same time. Being a perfectionist, he can come off at a little moody when things don't go his way. Such is the case when they encounter a breakup. While Virgo men are compatible with many different signs, certain things will trigger him to ends things in a romantic relationship. Messy people and inconsiderate people are the few types of people that a Virgo man can never sustain a healthy romantic relationship with. He can be very nit-picky which is often the cause of women breaking up with Virgo men. A Virgo man's need for perfection and detail-orientedness are excellent in his professional life but can cause severe problems in his romantic life.

5 Virgo Women Will Cling To The Potential Of A Possible Reconciliation By Overthinking Everything


Whoever said that dating was fun was obviously not dating in the modern age. These days, dating is such a hard thing to do. That is why many Virgo women prefer to stay with someone than being single and on the prowl. Just like the Virgo man, Virgo women are ultimate perfectionists. So they will often always prepare themselves for the worst. When the eventual heartbreak comes, they will know in advance. For the most part, a Virgo woman will see a breakup coming from a mile away. But wanting to avoid the situation she will try to distract herself. However, ultimately her overthinking mind will take over and keep her miserable for a while shortly after the initial heartbreak. With nothing to really cushion the blow, the Virgo female is someone destined to overanalyze what she could have done differently to keep her man!

4 Libra Men Are Quick To Move Past The Hurt Of A Heart Break


Libra guys are typically amiable, pleasant, and happy people. That is why the yare quite fast at moving on after a breakup. While it will still be a difficult task, Libra men are able to bounce back from a broken heart much quicker than most guys. Libra men really don't have much trouble getting back on their feet after a heartbreak. Libra men are confident enough to quickly get over anyone who chooses to break their precious hearts! However, they usually are the one being broken up with since they hate confrontations and want to live a very peaceful and harmonious life with their partners. Regardless of how toxic the relationship may actually be. In the end, the Libra man reacts like we all wish we could when it come to having their hearts broken.

3 Libra Women Will Begin To Focus On Themselves And Their Personal Growth


Libra women need everything in their life to appear beautiful. They really don't want to be seen as a mess in the eyes of their peers or their parents. So after they break up with someone, they immediately start telling everyone what a great opportunity the relationship was for their personal growth. While sipping a green juice in one hand, holding a yoga mat in the other, the Libra woman tries to console her broken heart by reading He's Just Not That Into You for the hundredth time. While it can be great for a Libra woman to always focus on the positive, they need to cope with their emotions if they ever truly want to move on with their lives. Wearing the same gym clothes for six months is probably not a good look for any Libra woman trying to move on.

2 Scorpio Men Feel A Heart Break With Full Force Causing Their World To Turn Upside Down


Scorpio men can be incredibly emotional beings. Your world goes upside down whenever you have to deal with a broken heart. A Scorpio man feels the full pangs of betrayal with extreme force. As a result, he will likely stay angry for a lot longer than other people because he just can't bear the thought of losing someone he once cherished so deeply. However, they don't just sit in their rooms and cry. Scorpio men will handle a breakup with tact and maturity (at least on the outside). In the end, a Scorpio man just wants to be left alone so he can deal with his emotions and feelings in solitude. While he may appear to be handling a break up well, internally, he is crying himself a river and just hoping that the pain subsides.

1 A Scorpio Woman May Resort To Creating A Fake Facebook Page So She Can Stalk Her Ex


We have been guilty of doing this at least once in our lives. But Scorpio women take Facebook stalking to a whole new level. For a heartbroken Scorpio female, there is no more significant satisfaction than checking out what her ex is up to without her by his side. Using surgery-like precision, they will try their best efforts to infiltrate their ex's mind using their Facebook stalking skills like a pro. Scorpio women can become quite psychotic after someone breaks their heart. But then again, it's no wonder Libra women are often found broken hearted. Could it possibly be because of their overbearing nature? There is always someone out there for this type of woman. She just has to find him on her own!

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