When It Comes To Abs, Bella Hadid And Kendall Jenner Are Twinning

Supermodels are known to have amazing figures. They're tall so that those who see them at fashion shows are able to do exactly that. They're extremely slim so that they can wear any kind of clothing with ease. But they're also drop dead gorgeous. Models have the perfect hair, makeup and skin- all of which will make you envy them at least a little bit.

Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner recently showed off their killer abs in between shows at New York Fashion Week. The two models were going to have dinner in New York City, New York at a little place called Carbone. Despite all the craziness that's always surrounding Fashion Week, the friends managed to squeeze in some girl time with a nice dinner at a cool restaurant.

via Vogue


With it being New York Fashion Week, it's inevitable that the two supermodels would be dressed up to the nines. Hadid wore a two piece, two-tone leather outfit with a leopard print bag. Meanwhile, Jenner decided to break a popular fashion rule by wearing white after Labour Day. Both her cropped tank top and mini skirt were bright white, as was her handbag. She also had on clear yet bejewelled heels on as she walked through New York.

But it's not just their sexy, stunning outfits that have people talking. There's also all the similarities shared betweeb the two. Both models had matched sleek high ponytails, wore crop tops, and have flat stomaches we all wish we had. Needless to say, both Hadid and Jenner know how to maintain their model figures all year round, no matter what the occasion may be!

Yes, Hadid and Jenner's outfits aren't what most women would choose to wear for going out to dinner with a fellow girlfriend. But it's also hard to deny that they have the body and the looks for them to pull off each respective outfit. Who wouldn't want to show off those kind of abs if they had them, too? You know what they say- if you got it, flaunt it!

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