What's The Weirdest Thing You've Ever Walked In On? (15 Reddit Confessions )

So many people have walked in on their friends or roommates or even their parents (eek!) doing something that they really didn't want to see. It's enough to make you want to scratch your eyes out and dream of getting your memory erased a la Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Alas, that isn't possible yet. So you just have to live with the cringe memories of what you saw.

But that's a little boring, don't you think? It's happened to every Tom, Dick and Harry. We thought, surely people have walked in on some much crazier situations... Thanks to Reddit, we know that lots of people have indeed walked in on the most random, crazy stuff. For instance, someone came across a naked old guy sat by a hotel jacuzzi, eating spaghetti out of tupperware... Those are the kind of stories we want to hear. It just makes you wonder how on earth he got to that point. And what you would do if you were the one who stumbled across the random, naked old guy.

Here are some more bizarre stories about the crazy things people have walked in on:

15 How the F did he get up there?

via collegehumor.com

"my 3 month old blue heeler puppy on top of my fridge, howling because he couldn't get down.

Im still trying to figure out how he got up there, I can sort of see a path he took but I did not think he could leap across a few of those gaps.

He does like to chase the cat though and she gets up there easily.

determination can accomplish anything, man..."

We all know that cats can jump crazy distances and clamber up to out of reach places, but who knew dogs could too? This pup must have been inspired by his feline buddy and made his way to the top of the fridge. He did something similar to what we all did as kids, manage to climb up a tree but have no idea how to get back down again. Poor little guy.

14 Top Secret Night In

"As I walked through the main door of my apartment building, I checked the time and thought to myself, "Hmm, It's only 7:30, I told Ben I wouldn't be home for awhile. Hope I don't walk in on anything weird." When I opened the door to our apartment and walked in, Ben nearly jumped out of his skin.

Ben was in the living room sitting on my leather couch, wrapped up in one of the afghan blankets my mother knitted me, which I usually left draped over the couch. He had his laptop out on the coffee table playing Mass Effect 2. He had brought out our third roommate's hookah, shisha, and coals, and was smoking it. Next to the hookah was an open jar of coconut oil and a roll of paper towels. He had also heated up a plate of my Bagel Bites. Oh, and he was wearing a bright purple dress with the breast area stuffed, and some sloppily applied lipstick and eyeshadow.

Before I could say anything, he screamed "You said you wouldn't be home until 9!" and slammed the door on the way back into his room."

13 Make Believe Game That Includes Secret Lovers

"I was probably 17/18 years old and walked in on my friend playing with legos. I was about to let him know I was there, but decided to stop and listen. It wasn't weird until I realized he was acting out what sounded like a very complicated semi-romantic gay relationship between two city workers with the little yellow helmets. They had OUR names. (Am not gay and as far as I know neither is he, but we don't talk anymore.)

Update: kind of good ending - found him on Facebook and it looks like he's living in the Pacific Northwest with his husband. So that answers that!"

You're never too old to play with Lego. I'm sure lots of people have played with Lego or other toys when nobody's around. That's why it's so great to have younger siblings or nephews and nieces - you have an excuse to act like a kid.

12 Can't Even...

via oola.com

"I was delivering a pizza once and I walked out into a parking" lot to see a dude peeing on a tree. It's late on a weekend night so that alone wouldn't be so weird except instead of using some more discreet foliage off to the side, he went for a decorate tree located in median in the middle of the light right under a street lamp. We are talking a good 290 degree c*ck visibility here. Okay, so he's drunk and just went for the first shrubbery to come into his view, even that's not super out there I suppose. The weird part was the girl holding his gentleman's sword while he was peeing. No, wait. The weird part was the fact that she was talking to it (his penis) in a baby voice while holding it, while he was peeing, in the middle of a parking lot under a street lamp."

11 Most Bada$$ Cat That Ever Was

"I walk into my spare bedroom and find my cat staring at the wall. He's just sitting on the bed intently staring, not moving or making a sound. I snap my fingers and he does nothing. Whatever, he's a bengal, they're weird a shit anyways. Well, on the other side of the wall was a bathroom. And in that bathroom was a shower. In that shower was a kid who had broken in and was hiding. I had come home from work a little early and caught the f*cker in the act."

You know this guy was so proud of his cat afterward. The cat might not have attacked the intruder but he pointed out where the intruder was hiding. By the way, I totally thought this was going to turn into a creepy ghost story, like his cat could see a spirit that he couldn't.

10 The Messiest Crime Scene Ever

via joblo.com

"Late night in a Hessburger in Helsinki Finland, at the end of my meal I went to the restroom to wash my hands and I walked in to what could only have been the aftermath of a very violent knife fight. Blood was sprayed around the walls in big arches and sploched on the floor. I looked inside the stalls and saw more bloody handprints but there was no one in the restroom apart from me. I froze for a bit there, I confess.I went back to my seat and told my GF what I'd seen and she told the cashier (I don't speak Suomi).I remember we still went to a bar after that and my hands smelled like fast food burgers because I never actually got to wash them. Weird night!"

9 Bring Your Pets

"I used to deliver chinese food. One night, I'm delivering to a very upscale apartment complex. This place has its own spa and two restaurants. Anyway, I had just dropped of an order and was returning to my car when I heard a heavy bass beat coming from a nearby building.

It looks to be some sort of warehouse or small convention center. I headed around the corner of the building, and saw an open double door with a variety of flashing lights streaming out. It's obviously some sort of rave, so I peek in.

Lo and behold, it was in fact a rave. A mostly normal rave, too, except that every single person in attendance had at least one dog on a leash. Many had 2 or 3. My friends and I refer to this as the doggy rave."

8 The Most Random Sight In The World

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"When I was staying in a hotel in Edmonton maybe 8 years ago, there was this elderly man sitting naked by the hot tub in the pool room eating what looked like spaghetti with his hands from a tupperware container, and dropping different batteries into the hot tub from a reusable grocery store bag was seemingly filled with them. After watching with morbid curiosity for a few minutes, the guy looked back at me and smiled, so I got the f*ck out of there and told someone at the front desk."

Seriously, what would you do though!? This has got to be one of the weirdest things anyone has ever walked in on because it's just so random. This reminds me of a story Chelsea Handler tells where she came to in the back of her car with a half-eaten pot of spaghetti after taking Ambien.

7 Teenagers Are Weird AF

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"Not so much a walking in story, but rather an unpleasant discovery. Mate of mine I used to be in a band with in high school had this younger brother that was so oily I was kind of afraid some country was going to pretend he was full of terrorists and invade.

So this brother was pretty much a slobby 15 year old at the time, but once my friend and his mum had to go into his brother's room to find something. From memory, they did not find what they were looking for. They did, however, find a chalky, old dog shit sitting in a styrofoam cup on his bedside table.

My friend didn't even have a dog."

Why on earth would this kid have a cup of dog poop just hanging out in his bedroom? You've got to hope that it was for some silly prank and not just for decoration.

6 Cult Activity

via gospelherald.com

"Lost my phone and keys at a house party around 4am, looked all over for them with no luck. Before leaving the house I decided to check the one room that had the door closed. I opened the door and there were 6 people sitting in a circle around a shoebox, they were doing a chant and wiggling their fingers at the box.

Inside the box: My phone and keys. They were blessing them."

Being sober or at least sober-ish at a bar or a party in the early hours of the morning is just weird. It gets to the point where people stop being fun-drunk and they just start doing strange things, like what happened here. Well I'm assuming that's what happened here. Or maybe they were really doing some sort of cult-like ritual...

5 Loosen Up My Buttons, Baby

via usnews.com

"This happened when I was living in a student housing building while abroad in Amsterdam, I went to one of my friends rooms to print a boarding pass. What I walked into was quite unusual, my friend and 4 or 5 of his friends were in a completely dark room with the exception of a computer screen. There were 2 or 3 twin mattresses on the floor (mind you this is a single occupancy private room) and they were all shirtless and strewn about on the mattresses losing their minds laughing (like the type of laughing where you're crying and can't breathe, red in the face laughing) watching Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls at the absolute highest volume imaginable. I must have had a pretty shocked/confused/questioning look on my face but my friend made absolutely no acknowledgement of his friends or explanation/reasoning for what was going on in his room at the time. While he was helping me print my documents he casually asked if I would like to join, I had to respectfully decline his invitation because I had a trip to pack for. I still have almost no clue what I had walked in on that day and it was very strange to me at the time, but nevertheless looking back on it it's a really funny memory."

4 Stumbling On The VIP

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"I was helping my brother photograph an event for a virtual reality concert.

[...]So during a set we weren't interested in, we were off to the temporary offices to talk to the guys in charge. We were behind the main stage and got lost. Suddenly we were in the green room tent area. We barged right into a party. Everyone was dressed in intimidating levels of clothing, evening gowns and tuxes. The Kardashians/Kanye/Jenner family and their entourage were there, I didn't see Madonna, but she was there, Bieber, and many, many former linebackers as bodyguards.

My brother are in the middle of this after a full day in the sun in sweaty clothes, with our cameras in hand. All eyes were on us and I know that if I raised my camera and clicked, I would have been tackled. We just backed out where we came from and got the f*ck out of there."

3 Caught In A Trap

via williamwlewis.com

"My friend and I drove out to eastern Long Island to take pictures, and ended up driving back home in the dark. After a little while we both had to pee really badly, but everything was closed. Eventually we saw a winery that had its lights on, so we pulled over. I opened the door to the winery, and like 50+ Elvis impersonators stopped their partying to look at us. I asked if they had a bathroom we could use, and they all responded in the same Elvis-y voice, drunkenly talking over one another. I guess it was some sort of impersonator convention?"

I love this. I think it would be a riot to randomly stumble across a large group of Elvis impersonators. I'd want to stay and have a drink with them, if I could.

2 Roommate From Hell

via wikipedia.org

"I had just recently moved into a house with a bunch of people I didn't know. I come home one night, through the back door. Immediately I hear loud rap music and laughter coming from the living room, and one of my roommate's shouts: "DON'T COME IN HERE!" Then, drilling noises. So naturally, I go in there. The first thing I notice is that there are porn magazines strewn across the sofa and floor. I look up, and on the other side of the room is a cloud of weed smoke, illuminated by a lamp which is facing my direction, so at first all I can see through the smoke are silhouettes of my roommate and some other guys sitting around the coffee table, which is covered in power tools and disassembled airsoft guns. Overhead is a large red banner with a swastika."

1 Pot Party

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"I'm a Real Estate Broker and I've walked in on some interesting things over the years...

[...] This only happened a couple weeks ago. The owner greets us and shows us around. My buyer wants to see the garage and she gets a look of terror on her face. She says ok but wants to "check in" first. Ok. Whatever. We walk out to the garage and as we open the door, there's about ten guys all glassy-eyed just staring at a laser lamp in the middle of the garage. It reeks of weed. Then, I notice that one of the guys is sitting on a five gallon bucket with his pants around his ankles. Yup, just taking a shit with 9 of his best friends smokin' pot."

I wonder if they bought the house...

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