What's The One Thing He Finds Irresistible (Based On His Zodiac Sign)

Okay readers, listen up! 2018 is your year! What goals do you have? Did you start 2018 wishing you had a love to share it with? Do you crave having someone to sleep next to every night, someone to lean on when you're upset, someone you can trust, and someone to hold you just because? It doesn't make you dependent and it doesn't make you a clingy spouse. And, as a woman, I totally get it. We all want someone to share life with, even if we aren't ready for it just yet, but who knows? Maybe you are.

So, if you want to decide to make 2018 your year for love, let's do it! Maybe you even have someone in mind already. In that case, read below to find out what you can do to make sure he finds you funny, interesting, lovable, and most of all, irresistible. Some things are easily controllable, while others are things you'll have to work on over time. Take note, though, the entries below are based off of HIS zodiac sign, personality, and interests. For those complicated but lovable signs, there are even two entries!

Read on to make 2018 your year for love, lust, and hopefully something promising!

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16 Pisces: Can't Resist A Trustworthy Girl

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A Pisces wears his/her heart on their sleeve. There are times they feel guilty about it, usually right after they have a fresh wound from someone hurting them. Then, there are times a Pisces doesn't care that they are vulnerable, sensitive, and emotional-- because they know that it makes them strong, too. A Pisces man, regardless of how they feel about it at the time, does NOT want to get hurt. He wants to live in his creative and emotional bubble knowing that loyalty is something he doesn't have to worry about. If you're into a Pisces guy, you need to be invested and you need to show him that he can trust you, that he can fall into your arms and know he won't be hurt. He knows that will happen in his life, but he doesn't want you to do it.

15 Pisces: Also Wants Someone That Is Open


In the same vein, a Pisces man wants you to let him in, too. Knowing that he can trust you is the first step. Once he sees that, he wants to see you open up. Is there a secret you've never told anyone? Is there a sore subject you don't discuss with anyone but your journal? Tell him. Open up and show that you are capable of falling just as hard and completely, too. If you continue to be closed off, he will retreat and your relationship will end before it even began. Once a Pisces man (and woman) has that foundation of trust and respect from you, you will both be able to truly create a kind, open, and full relationship with lots of passion and a ton of imagination!

14 Aries: Propensity For Passion

An Aries man is ambitious, impulsive (at times), a natural born leader, and incredibly passionate, even though he is also fiercely independent. He is enthusiastic about virtually everything in his life. From his job to his family and, hopefully with a little work, to you, an Aries man has a ton of hope for his present and his future. He wants the girl he falls for to be equally passionate! If you want to be irresistible to him, you should show him what sets your soul on fire, show him the things that put the twinkle in your eye. It will also help to be independent just as much as him, as he will want to focus on his own goals and the things that excite him.

13 Taurus: A Deep Desire For A Successful Woman

Similar to an Aries, a Taurus man is incredibly passionate too! However, his full and fabulous passion is bedded in is deep desire and drive to succeed in his career and his hobbies. Does he want to become a CEO of a company? Don't get in his way. Don't be that clingy girl that wants all his extra time-- because the reality is that he won't give it to you. Does he truly enjoy time at the gym or fishing on Saturdays with his buddies? Don't get in his way of these things, either. He likes to succeed in the goals he makes for himself. If you want to be irresistible to him, be just as equally passionate about your success. If you don't have your own personal drive to accomplish something, over time you will clash with your differences.

12 Gemini: Needs A Girl That Doesn't Like Drama


A Gemini man is clever, social, curious, and very balanced. He can wear many different hats in his life. If he is in a social setting, he can be outgoing yet casual. If he is in a romantic setting, he can be thoughtful and kind. If he is in a professional setting, his intelligence will shine through. Something a Gemini man does not like is a lot of drama. He wants someone as equally charismatic and optimistic as him. If you tend to instigate fights and arguments or tend to be anti-social, there is a good chance you may clash with him. Reduce your need (or want) for a lot of drama so he can see all the positive things you have to offer him!

11 Gemini: Can't Resist A Low-Maintenance Girl

As much as a Gemini hates drama, he also dislikes women that need a lot of attention. Are you going to beg him to stay home with you on the couch when he has errands to run? Are you going to get upset if there's a party to go to and you have to go alone? Sometimes those things happen and making them a big deal is a huge turn-off to a Gemini man. If you want to be irresistible, reduce the amount of drama in your life AND reduce your insecurities. A low-maintenance and no nonsense girl is exactly what he needs in his social and casual life. So throw on that oversized sweatshirt, a pair of jeans, and Converse with a little mascara and go to that party by yourself. He'll be there when you get back!

10 Cancer: Admires Someone That Is Easy To Get Along With

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A Cancer man is somewhat similar to a Gemini man in the sense that he wants someone that is low-maintenance. You can be a princess and you can want what you want, but if you make things incredibly difficult most of the time, chances are the Cancer man you like so much isn't going to stick around too long. Cancer men are fickle and change their minds a lot. They can be insecure and shy, then a confident, cool guy just a split second later. If you want to be irresistible to him, cut down on the arguments you create and the things you get upset with him for. Learn to appreciate him and what he does for you and don't ask for too much.

9 Leo: Be His Sidekick, Support Him Always

We all know all Leos are like lions, but a Leo man is especially tough, brave, outgoing, and powerful. He has a hard time with conflict because he wholeheartedly believes in his opinions. In his mind, his opinions are facts, and he doesn't care how harsh his confrontation of your opinion is. He will make sure you know his side and that he really thinks he is right. As someone that is interested in a Leo man, it is good to understand that you will be his sidekick. He will control many things, he will make a lot of decisions, and he will be center of attention socially. Be the Robin to his Batman. Be the right-hand man to his alpha status. If you are supportive of him in every situation, he will fall in love very quickly.

8 Leo: Calm, Cool, And Collected Please

Furthermore, knowing that a Leo likes to be in charge, he also likes someone that can control their anger, rage, and emotions because there are times he might not be able to. He almost enjoys confrontation-- or at least enjoys the person he is disagreeing with to acknowledge his opinion and his point of view. It is best not to instigate any bad arguments or push them further along, because a strong Leo man doesn't always know when to stop. Work on controlling your emotions and not letting little things get to you and he'll appreciate the fact that you can walk away and not rile him up any more. Once he is calm, he will rationally talk with you and listen to your side, too.

7 Virgo: Your Knowledge Is Your Power

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A Virgo man has an incredibly strong work ethic. He isn't too innocent or too manipulative. He isn't too emotional or rational. He is pretty good at balancing opposites and never going to extremes. He is very intelligent, analytical, and sensible. Because of this, becoming irresistible should be easy if you know a lot about a lot of things. Being confident in your intelligence is attractive to a Virgo man. Being secure in what you know and what you think about what you know will make him feel like he is with a good, confident, and secure person. Also, he tends not to be outgoing, so it would be good for you to be that social person to pull him out of his shell, too.

6 Libra: Can't Resist A Confident Woman

Similar to a Virgo man, a Libra man can't resist a confidently secure woman. Are you comfortable in your own skin or will you be the type to turn the lights off before intimacy? Are you secure with your flaws and your good traits or will you be too shy in a social setting to be yourself? A Libra man is social and outgoing, clever and witty, and very easygoing. If your insecurities are going to be a lot of work for him, he isn't going to last too long by your side. Work on becoming someone that you like, maybe even love, and he will appreciate that in a thousand ways. It will really be best for both of you! He won't be able to resist your confidence in yourself.

5 Scorpio: Desires A Heart Of Gold

A Scorpio man is all about the passion. It could be great and lovable passion, like romance and love and lust. It could also be bad and angry passion, like rage and insecurity and grief. Either way, passionate is a strong trait of any Scorpio. He is intellectual, strong-willed, stubborn at times, and very confrontational. He likes competition, probably too much. If you want to be irresistible to your Scorpio crush, it is simple really-- be a good person. He will see right through anyone that is fake or insecure. He will see that you aren't the best person for him right from the start. Don't cause confrontation, drama, or problems for him. He won't like it-- and he won't stick around to be with you.

4 Sagittarius: Fascinated By A Socially Confident Cutie

Yet another man that loves someone that is confident is the Sagittarius man. He likes to be intellectually challenged because he is just as equally intelligent as you are. He rarely thinks negative about anyone or anything and he is always in an easygoing, upbeat mood. To be irresistible to a Sagittarius man, you should have brains and beauty. You should be confident, social, charismatic, and smart. The only way a woman can be all of these things is if she is confident in herself. Do you feel secure in your opinions, regardless if someone tries to disagree with you? Do you have fun in a group setting or do you tend to retreat to the corner? A Sagittarius man wants that woman that can hold her own in any situation.

3 Capricorn: A Smile That Lights Up The Room

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Capricorns are ambitious, loyal, and a tad bit cocky. They love to pamper their significant others. A happy Capricorn man will have the time of his life taking you out to dinner, buying you jewelry on Valentine's Day, and getting you big balloons to wake up to on your birthday (probably with a plate of chocolate chip pancakes and bacon, too). Furthermore, a Capricorn man wants someone he can trust, someone that can be honest and sincere with him, because that is what truly makes him happy. Seeing you happy and knowing he can trust you makes him happy! If you want to be irresistible, let him see your confident and funny side. He'll be hooked before you even finish your joke at the bar.

2 Capricorn: And A Girl That Doesn't Move Too Fast

Because a Capricorn desires an honest and sincere woman, it can be assumed that he also gets hurt easily. He is sensible and practical. He moves slow in every part of his life, whether it is professionally or personally. Even in a social setting it takes him awhile to warm up, even though he eventually will. Another way to become irresistible to a Capricorn man is not to move too fast. He likes his routine and stability, so if you come in ready to change everything, it will stress him out. Let him take his time. Be honest about your feelings, but don't pressure him in a passive-aggressive way. He will see over time that you are serious and he will give you everything you want in time.

1 Aquarius: Infatuated With Independence

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An Aquarius man really love his independence. He is eccentric, stubborn, and very charming in a quirky way. He is creative and inventive, wanting time to work on his skills and improve them constantly. One word to describe an Aquarius man is determined, in every way and shape and form. If you want to sweep him off of his feet, you can not be clingy. You should be an independent woman that has her own life, but understands that your Aquarius man just adds wonderful things to your life. He should not be your whole world. Let him be him. You be you. Intertwine your lives in such a way that you are ying and yang. One should not swallow up the other or he will not stick around for long!

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