What Your Something Borrowed, Blue, Old, And New Will Be Based On Astrology

As the old saying goes, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. And a sixpence in your shoe.” While that last one seems to be strictly a British custom, the other four are well-worn adages in Western wedding society. According to theknot.com, “something old” is meant to symbolize continuity; “something new” offers optimism for the future; “something borrowed” represents borrowed happiness; and “something blue” stands for purity, love, and fidelity. It may be a superstition or a wish for good luck, but it’s one that has endured for years!

Horoscopes and zodiac signs are often considered superstitions of their own so we thought – pardon the pun – why not marry the two? Depending on your zodiac sign, we’ve determined what your four “somethings” should be when you decide to take the plunge and say “I do”! Depending on the type of wedding you have in mind, these little tokens and ideas could be the last element you need to make sure that you have all the good fortune, love, and happiness that this rhyme wishes for al the brides-to-be. (Plus, as a little bonus, we’ve shown you where you should get married depending on your element! Don’t forget to invite us!)

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16 Fire Sign's Venue: Vineyard/Brewery

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Fire signs are natural-born leaders who prefer to be the first in their group to do anything. They set trends, rather than follow them, and it’s no different for their wedding! These signs also love the luxuries life has to offer, and never say no to a good party. Because of all of that, it’s a no-brainer for Fire signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius to choose a vineyard/winery or brewery for their nuptials!

Thinking a bit outside the box, a winery or brewery-set wedding appeals to the tactile sensibilities of these signs, but is also the perfect place to have an all-night rager! Free-flowing booze, lots of dancing, and gorgeous scenery all complement these aesthetically-inclined signs. While it’s not the destination wedding that the Leo or Aries might really prefer, an alcohol-laden venue has the ability to feel like you’re transported to another place entirely.

15 ARIES: Rarely likes to walk in someone else’s footsteps.

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As any Aries will tell you, they are the leaders of the zodiac. Always in first and always taking charge, women born under this sign aren’t wallflowers, especially when it comes to their big day.

While she’s not much of a traditionalist, if the Aries girl had to choose her something old, new, borrowed, and blue, she’s best off with the following: Her “something old” could be a vintage-style ring, since she adores bold and uncompromising styles, like Art Deco. Her “something borrowed” could be a signature cocktail she’s enjoyed at her favorite bar, or perhaps wherever she met the groom! It’s unexpected and unorthodox, and thus totally Aries. For her“something blue”, Aries rules the head, and so blue hair accessories or headpieces are a safe bet. Then, of course, the dress would be brand new, since the Aries girl rarely likes to walk in someone else’s footsteps.

14 LEO: Usually in search of the limelight

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Leo ladies are forever waiting for the moment when the spotlight can truly be on them, no questions asked. They’re usually in search of the limelight, and walking down the aisle is when all eyes are on her. Because of that, her wedding has quite a bit of pressure, and this sign won’t cut any corners or leave anything out.

While the Leo lady is dying to have her dress and shoes be her “something new”, she also loves a bit of old-school glamour. Arriving at the ceremony and driving away in a vintage car is a chic and eye-catching “something old”, while a luxurious, vintage stole could be her “something borrowed”! Since Leo’s body part is the spinal column and upper back, the stole drapes casually over this and is further accentuated by her “something blue” – a back lariat necklace that gracefully draws the eye.

13 SAGITTARIUS: May be begrudging in her acceptance of wedding traditions

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It’s a little bit of a surprise that the Sagittarius girl even decided to tie the knot since this sign is notorious for being a major flake who disappears at the merest hint of commitment or conflict. Because of that, it may be difficult for them to agree to traditions, even ones like these which are basically evolved superstitions.

That being said, while the Sag lady may be begrudging in her acceptance of wedding traditions, we’ve got her “somethings” ready for her! This sign thrives in the outdoors, and so for a “something blue”, it’s a creative and beautiful expression of her off-the-wall personality to walk down the aisle carrying a blue bouquet! The wanderlust of the Sagittarius will have her choosing a vintage or “old” wedding dress, that may also be borrowed, picked up on her many travels. As for her something new, that would be the new ring that’s on her finger!

12 Earth Sign's Venue: Rustic Barn

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Is it really any surprise that the Earth signs would be best suited to tie the knot in a rustic, vintage, semi-hipster barn? Farmhouse-style weddings are very in right now, and the careful planning and perfectionist personality that defines these signs mean that no Pinterest-inspired wedding board would be complete without a farmhouse or barn scene in the mix.

With this venue, the Earth signs are able to get in touch with the earth itself. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorns are also known to be animal lovers, and what wedding wouldn’t earn some extra adorable points by having a petting zoo nearby? Complete with some twinkling fairy lights, mason jar cocktails, and an idyllic green space, a barn venue is both practical and perfect for these detail-oriented signs, and ensures that they’re not spending too lavishly outside their means!

11 TAURUS: Loves tradition

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Unlike some of the other signs, the Earth signs, like Taurus, love tradition. They see it as something of vital importance and necessary to carry on a legacy of family and stability. Because of that, the Taurus woman would be extra interested in the “something borrowed, blue, old, and new” tradition!

The neck and throat are the parts of the body ruled by this zodiac sign, and while a necklace would be expected, we’d recommend dangling blue earrings that draw attention to the area as the “something blue”. Since they see themselves as the stable and practical force, they wouldn’t see the point in spending money on shoes that no one will see, and so the Taurus girl would borrow them. Finally, since family is so important to this sign, the something old AND new would be the dress itself, refashioned from the dress of a mother or grandmother.

10 VIRGO: All about subtlety

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The Virgo girl is all about subtlety, even on her wedding day. She doesn’t like anything too flashy and overanalyzes everything, and so she doesn’t want to choose trendy extras out of fear of cringing over her wedding photos decades later. Rather than turn to the Internet for her wedding inspo, this bride will look at vintage photos to figure out what she likes.

Being an Earth sign, the Virgo is also drawn to the traditional side of things, so this is right up her alley! While she will pick her something new to be her dress, knocking it out of the park while staying practical, she’ll try and cover her bases by doing a two-for-one. For her “something blue” and “something old”, she should choose a tiny charm that can be sewn inside her dress or onto her bouquet. For her “something borrowed”, an antique veil from a family member keeps everything traditional and classically beautiful.

9 CAPRICORN: Has a secret naughty side

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Capricorn gets a bad rap for being boring and old-fashioned, but this sign does have a secret naughty side that she only allows to come out to those she deems worthy. We’d say her future spouse definitely qualifies!

Capricorn rules the knees, joints, and skeletal system, and combined with keeping her naughty side on the DL, we recommend a blue garter. It aligns with her traditional values while being just a little sexy. Being a sucker for family, the Capricorn lady is the one most likely to borrow an old dress passed down from the family, which also appeals to her frugality. Of course, since she’s also practical, she’ll make sure the dress is altered well enough to fit her and flatter her. For her “something new”, the Cap girl wants something that will keep, and isn’t afraid of throwing cash at something that’ll last. High-quality designer shoes are the finishing touch to her wedding look.

8 Air Sign's Venue: Museum or art gallery

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The Air signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are known for their keen intellect and social graces. However, they also hate to do what could be considered “normal”, and would rather be their quirky selves that risk conforming. Unfortunately, since they also tend to have gigantic lists of wedding guests, they can find it tough to determine a space that checks all their boxes.

Well, look no further, because we have the exact match for Air signs! A museum or art gallery speaks to the cosmopolitan nature of these intelligent signs, as well as their interest in aesthetics and beautiful things. Since museums aren’t usually in the first round of picks for wedding venues, the Air signs also get to be a little different than all their friends! With their echoing halls and marble floors, a museum or art gallery is full of visual interest and plenty of space to appease the multitude of guests!

7 GEMINI: Curious and always hoping to discover new ideas.

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The sign of Gemini is one who is curious and always hoping to discover new ideas. This is also what drives their appetite for conversation and meeting new people. They think that curiosity is one of the greatest gifts and that knowledge should be accessible to anyone, so their ideal conversation-starter at their own wedding is something old and borrowed – in this case, centerpieces made of vintage books!

Gemini knows that finding first editions of their faves is rare – and costly! – so they’re better off borrowing from booksellers or local libraries or even picking up some tomes on the cheap. They’re guaranteed to get guests talking! For their something new (and blue!), the Gemini girl should choose a blue bracelet, since her arms and hands are the part of the body her sign rules over. Plus, we know how expressive she is when she talks!

6 LIBRA: Devoted to the beautiful things in life,

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Libra is the sign that is devoted to the beautiful things in life, possibly above all else. Always a people-pleaser, it is only on her wedding day that she feels that she doesn’t have to make quite as many concessions as she would normally, and that is especially true when it comes to her dress.

Since the Libra woman rules the skin, we suggest going all in and opting for a blue wedding dress! Or, if that’s a little too bold for you, a blue train or long veil. Gorgeous and unexpected, different shades of blue can work on different skin tones and make you look absolutely ethereal. Since the dress functions as something that is both new and blue, for something that is both borrowed and old, we think the harmonious Libra should choose a tiny family heirloom to carry along with her bouquets, like a brooch or a pin.

5 AQUARIUS: Most likely to elope

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Most people probably didn’t think that the Aquarius girl would end up tying the knot, but, to everyone’s surprise, she did! (Even if she didn’t invite you because, let’s face it, this sign is more likely to elope than have a big to-do!)

While she’s never been keen on traditions, we have to say that we have something perfect for the highly intellectual and deeply philosophical Aquarius. For her “something blue”, it only makes sense that the unorthodox Aquarius chooses to paint her toenails in the shade – Tiffany or navy, and anything in between! This is a fun little nod to the tradition, but also fitting because Aquarius rules the ankles, which is why we think her “something new” could be an anklet purchased on one of her many travels. As for “something old” and “something borrowed”, the friendly Aquarius will use a dress from her BFF, which accomplishes both goals!

4 Water Sign's Venue: Garden to be closer to nature

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Naturally, the Water signs would choose a garden to get married in, since it best fits their personality, because they have always felt at home in nature, but more so when they can find time for solitude and introspection. Of course, a wedding isn’t exactly a private affair!

Gardens are beautiful places no matter what time of year, and they are almost always situated in close proximity to bodies of water (or at least have small fountains or ponds within them). The dreamy nature of a garden wedding conjures up images of gauzy veils and tiny flowers – perfect for these romantic Water signs. Since art is of great significance to these signs, particularly Cancer and Pisces, a great band, some hand-cut floral arrangements, or other gorgeous details are of the utmost importance in order to complete the scene.

3 CANCER: Deeply drawn to tradition

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Traditionally, Cancer rules over the chest and stomach areas, and what better way to accentuate that while also drawing attention to your assets than with a blue sash wrapped around your white dress? Cancer is a sign that is deeply drawn to tradition as it relates to family, and this wedding superstition is really no exception.

Owing to the fact that Cancer is a Water sign, for her “something old” and “something borrowed”, we recommend upcycling an old pearl necklace. Natural pearls come from the water, which ties it to Cancer, but they also symbolize loyalty and generosity – two major characteristics of Cancer and of marriage itself! Wrapping the necklace around a bouquet or the sleeve of the dress are just a couple ideas. For her “something new”, the romantic Cancer needs nothing more than her new partner’s name.

2 SCORPIO: Most adventurous and sensual sign of the zodiac


Known to be the most adventurous and sensual sign of the zodiac, it shouldn’t be any wonder that Scorpio is also known to rule over the private areas of a person. Due to that, we suggest that this sign get a little naughty with their “something blue” and not let anyone see what it is until it’s the wedding night! A matching set of undies or other lingerie keeps things both “blue” and “new”!

Since the Scorpio woman tends to be mysterious, a veil is an absolute must, and in this case, it can be her “something borrowed”! Think of a veil passed down through family members – which would also cover the “something old” – or lent to her by a dear friend. Veils have the ability to look completely new when paired with a different dress, and having her face covered just a little allows the Scorpio girl to still be her seductive self.

1 PISCES: Imaginative and gentle

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Imaginative and gentle, Pisces is a sign that thinks of love lyrics and has spent far too many hours daydreaming about their perfect wedding, down to the last detail. Because of that, we know that they have already decided that their “something blue” should be their shoes, which they can flash a little peek of as they walk down the aisle since Pisces rules over the feet. Their “something borrowed” is the passage that they’ll read for their vows, because these words weren’t written by them, and were instead the work of a favorite author or poet or singer. Their “something old” would be a vintage handkerchief, because they think there’s something whimsical about a real handkerchief, especially an embroidered one. Finally, their “something new” would be the new life they’re embarking upon together, with this new love of their life!

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