What Type Of Exotic Pet Is Best For You Based On Your Zodiac

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What Type Of Exotic Pet Is Best For You Based On Your Zodiac

Your astrological sign says a great deal about you. You might not believe in everything your zodiac sign dictates about you, but you can’t deny that the stars totally understand who you are in a way that is truly stunning. Your zodiac sign helps you learn more about yourself, and it can even enlighten you about what you love and your relationships. Have you ever wondered what animal would be ideal for you? No, not a cat or a dog. If you could have whatever exotic pet you could dream of, which one would truly speak to your soul? If you could build a relationship with a wild animal, until it loved you like you were one of its own, which kind of wild animal would it be? Based on your personality, you might have a few guesses, but the stars know which creature will bring out the best in you. Here is what your dream exotic pet is based on your zodiac sign, and you won’t be able to get these beautiful animals out of your head!

12. Aries: An Otter


You’re known for being optimistic and generous, which is why you need a furry soulmate that can match your energy levels. On the other hand, you’re independent, you don’t like to be home all the time, and you’re impatient. Your exotic pet needs to be intelligent so it can keep up with you, which is exactly why an adorable otter is the exotic pet you need in your life. Like you, they’re playful and love new experiences, and they’re incredibly social. You probably share a mutual love for seafood, too. An otter would broaden your horizons when it comes to exercise. Because exercising is an important part of your life if you’re an Aries, then you can go swimming with your new best friend. This is the animal of your dreams, and if you’re lucky enough to spy one if you live near water, you know exactly why this would be your ideal best friend.

11. Taurus: A Panda


An animal that is going to be wild all day is definitely not for you. Sure, this is an exotic animal, but you don’t necessarily want it to act like one when you’d rather be calm and lie around. This creature has to be cool with bingeing Netflix and eating tons of junk food during your free time, and it has to be a gentle soul in order to understand you. It’s patient like you, and maybe a little stubborn. This is why you’ve always felt a strong connection to pandas, and if you didn’t know that they were the real animal you need in your life, now you know. Are they as cute as you? Probably. Do they eat as much as you? Yes, because giant panda’s fill their tummies for up to twelve hours a day, so you definitely have that in common. Sure, you both like to eat a lot, but your souls understand each other, which is exactly why a panda is your dream pet.

10. Gemini: A Fennec Fox


You have a strong sense of self, and there’s a reason for that. You’re energetic, clever, and witty, but you can become restless and even a little devious when you want to be. You love having a constant companion and traveling is up your alley, which makes it important to you to have a companion that will stick by your side. A fennec fox is lap dog size with the intelligence and wit of a true fox, and this is why they would be your dream exotic pet. Your dream pet might just be the cutest creature ever. Geminis are known for keeping their pets in pairs, typically owning two dogs or two cats, and this is perfect because fennec foxes are family animals; they mate for life. They’re uniquely adapted to living in harsh desert settings, which means you can take your new pets to the hottest places on earth during your travels.

9. Cancer: A Weasel


You might be saying, “I’m a sensitive person, why would my dream pet be one of the most ferocious animals in the wild?” It may be stunning, but a sensitive water sign like yourself has a lot more in common with this cute but feisty face than you first thought. We don’t need to tell you why you would love a weasel – if you could tame the little fellow, you would be inseparable because Cancers are known for having an affinity for small pets. It’s why you’ve always been a fan of the little rodents, like ferrets, gerbils, and bunnies. However, it might be shocking, but both you and your weasel friend are extremely tenacious and loyal. You’ll have each other’s backs, and you’ll find your adorable friend especially cute when his coat turns all white in the winter. In your dreams, a weasel is a friendly creature you wish you could have for the rest of your life.

8. Leo: A Lion


This might be predictable, but you simply can’t deny the connection you have to your sign. You’re an independent and a logical thinker, and your natural ambition and leadership qualities embody that of the lion. Leos are known to have affinities to felines, so while you’ve probably had a cuddly cat or two in your life, a real lion would be your ultimate dream. It’s regal, and so are you. At your absolute worst you might be a little pretentious at times, but so is the lion, and this common ground is why this beautiful creature is your soulmate. Your confidence and loyalty might be your greatest qualities, and that is what truly makes you a Leo. Your astrological sign will forever link you to the likes of a feline, so it’s time to embrace what that truly means. You’ve probably been dreaming about a pet lion all your life.

7. Virgo: A Lionfish


If you’re a Virgo, you probably know that your sign is recognized as the clean freak of the zodiac. Your fussiness might be your most prominent trait, but it won’t overshadow that above all, you’re reliable, precise, and observant. You keenly detect detail like few other signs do, but when it comes to pets, your desire for neatness tends to smother a need for companionship. If there were to be any sign that wouldn’t want an exotic pet, it would be you, but there are certain exceptions to that theory, which is why the beauty of the lionfish intrigues you. You probably didn’t realize it until this very moment, but you seriously need it in your life. Fish tend to be the best pet for Virgo, but you won’t go small even though they’re only fish. You have a scientific and analytic mind, and you’d be more than happy with a state of the art marina in your home. This is why the rare and beautiful lionfish would be the prize of your collection. Sure, it’s poisonous, but it’s the one you love the most.

6. Libra: A Zebra


You love things that are luxurious, but they need to be social like you, considering that you are the sign of partnership. You’re unique and you ensure your lifestyle and inner circle reflect that. You’ve always thought zebras were beautiful, but they share more than enough inner traits with you to make them your favorite animal forever. You’re a gentle person, and your highly social personality has shaped you to be cooperative, diplomatic, and you tend to avoid confrontation. It’s unlikely your dream animal could ever be a predatory species because of your desire for harmony. A zebra is unique like you, and they live in tight-knit social groups for safety and companionship. A zebra’s stripes are entirely unique to themselves – no other will ever share the same pattern, and that singularity is something you dearly relate to. If there was ever a doubt, there certainly isn’t now. A zebra is totally your dream pet.

5. Scorpio: A Tiger


There is no other sign that yearns for an exotic pet the way that a Scorpio does. They’re known for being a loving pet owner to reptiles because they search for something nobody else will replicate. However, above all, a Scorpio is one of the most psychic of the zodiac signs, and they need to feel as though they are capable of communicating with their pet. Cats are known to be the utmost psychic of the animals, which is why a tiger is what a Scorpio truly desires. A Scorpio is resourceful, brave, and extremely passionate, and while the tiger speaks to that side of them, it also relates to their deeply secretive nature. A tiger would be a Scorpio’s soulmate for life, which is why it’s heartbreaking for a Scorpio to know that today, the tiger population has been reduced to 7% of its former size. If anyone can make a difference in the lives of their dream exotic pet, a determined Scorpio can.

4. Sagittarius: A Sea Turtle


Pets haven’t always been part of the plan because you’re known as the wanderer. As a soul who’s only home is out on the open road, it’s hard to fit a companion that depends on you into the equation. What if you had a pet that you went to visit? This is exactly why a sea turtle is your dream exotic animal. There are many Sagittarius that will own a pet turtle in their life because they require very little attention and care. However, you could keep your sea turtle right where it belongs. Your freedom and desire to travel will always lead you to an ocean shore, where your pet sea turtle will faithfully wait for you. When you leave, it will miss you, but your sea turtle knows you’ll return and it can take care of itself. Your sea turtle shares your love of traveling and freedom, as they migrate thousands of miles between warm and temperate waters all throughout the world. Definitely your dream pet.

3. Capricorn: A Meerkat


An Earth sign will naturally connect with creatures that burrow in the dirt, which is why Capricorns commonly have a love for bunnies. However, for an exotic pet, a Capricorn will need a creature that shares their love for tradition and family, and understand discipline and responsibility. This is why a meerkat is the animal companion of a Capricorn’s dreams, because they’re guided by deep family values, and that speaks to how idealistic and ethical Capricorns tend to be. Both you and your meerkat are drawn to Mother Earth and will bond over a natural connection. Meerkats are also fiercely intelligent, which a Capricorn really needs in a companion to truly fall in love with it. They can recognize each other’s voices in the wild! A meerkat is bound to steal the heart of a Capricorn, and if they didn’t already know it, they’ll soon be obsessing over the adorable little balls of fur.

2. Aquarius: A Lear’s Macaw


You are the Fixed Air Sign, which means you’re ruled by speed and quick wit. So you definitely need a pet that reflects this. You’re highly intelligent and a little out of the box, and your pet compatibility will depend on two important factors: intelligence and quirkiness. A Lear’s macaw, also known as an indigo macaw, will capture your heart like no other animal can. Macaws bond for life, which is why an Aquarius and the incredibly beautiful Lear’s macaw will be inseparable, as their life spans can extend past fifty years. It’s heartbreaking to know that less than one hundred fifty of these birds still exist, but it’s a dream that Aquarius will hold on to dearly. You need a bird that you can teach to speak and train them unique tricks. If anyone is going to carry out a conversation with a bird, it’s an Aquarius. You and your macaw will challenge each other and love each other.

1. Pisces: A Snow Leopard


There are no signs quite as beautifully sensitive as the Pisces. You’re intuitive, gentle, wise, and also have the natural sadness of an old soul. You’re highly emotional and often want to escape reality, and as a Water sign, your relationships with your pets will be your most important. You’re elusive and solitary, and so is the snow leopard. Pisces have a natural affinity to felines, often sharing a special relationship with cats as they can tell what each other are thinking and what they need, and the snow leopard embodies the mysterious nature of the Pisces. You’re known for your wisdom, and like you, a snow leopard is crepuscular; they’re most active during dawn and dusk. They’re gentle and not known for any sort of aggression, which speaks to the natural empathy and softness of a Pisces. A snow leopard and a Pisces are a match made in heaven, and it’s a shame this harmonious pairing will only be a dream.

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