What You Want The Most, Based On Your Zodiac

What do you want most in the world? As soon as you hear that, your mind is probably wandering all over the place. You probably think you'd want the dream man, the dream job, the dream house, the dream kids, and the dream travel schedule. But if you could only have one thing, what would it be? What do you really want? Maybe you think it's love. But would you be happy if you had love but your job sucked and you never travel? Or what if you have that dream job but you haven't been on a date in years? It's hard to know what to pursue. It's hard to know what is really going to make your life better and bring you joy. So what do you do? Check your horoscope, of course! Your zodiac sign knows a lot about you and will know what you should be doing. Want to live your best life? Then you need to go after what you want most.

15 Aries - Power & Leadership

Aries, you are the go-getter of the zodiac. But you didn't need us to tell you that! You're probably out there going for it right now. You are so goal-oriented and always have your eye on the prize. You're not afraid of competition. And that's why the zodiac knows you'd be most happy in a leadership position of power. Don't worry - we know you're not a villain in a superhero movie. But power is something you want and need in your life. You are determined and driven, which are the perfect traits to help you get into that position of power. Plus, you're a bit of a social butterfly and make connections easily, so you won't be leaving anyone in the dust on your rise to leadership. You just want to keep doing better in all aspects of your life. So it only makes sense that you're going to keep working until you become the top boss.

14 Taurus - Success & Luxury

Like your Aries friends, you also have a bit of a love for power. However, you have a very different approach. While an Aries is driven and will work tirelessly, you're much more patient and willing to stick it out. You're not expecting to get promoted right away. But you do have a love for the finer things in life. You enjoy luxury items and spoiling yourself. You're also very proud, and wouldn't settle for anything but the best. So you know in order to get to this level of success in your life, you're going to need to put your head down and work hard. Luckily, you're stubborn and will keep going until you reach your goals. You're devoted to getting to that A-list lifestyle so you'll hustle to get there.

13 Taurus - Loyalty & Trust

Another thing that a Taurus needs to be happy is loyalty. You are true to your word no matter what. If you make a promise to someone, you're going to keep it. And you expect the same thing from the people in your life. If a friend proves to be disloyal to you, you cut them right away. If a boyfriend breaks your trust, he'll become your ex-boyfriend before he can blink. Loyalty and trust are a huge deal breaker to you. And that's because you're actually a very generous person. You love to share your luxurious lifestyle and success with others. But you're only going to be sharing it with people who are totally loyal and trustworthy. You work hard for your good life and you won't be sacrificing anything for anyone who isn't 100% on your side.

12 Gemini - Excitement & Knowledge

Gemini, you're the twin sign so of course you're going to want two slightly different things in order to be happy in your life. You want both excitement and knowledge. And you want them both a lot. Excitement is important to you because you're an adventurous person. You're social and outgoing. Sitting inside doing the exact same thing every single day would bore you to tears. You need a little bit of excitement in your life! You actually enjoy having a bit of inconsistency and indecisiveness in your life so you welcome some excitement and change. But at the same time, you have a huge brain and insatiable thirst for knowledge. You are curious and constantly learning. The best thing to do to satisfy both of these needs is to find a career that always you to always be learning and always be doing different things.

11 Cancer - Love & Family

Cancer, you are the mom of the zodiac. You are the ultimate nurturer. So it's really no surprise that love and family are crucial to your life. You are emotional and empathetic. You seek out love and really cherish your loved ones. You spoil them and count them as the most dear things in your life. You would sacrifice anything for love and always put love first. But it's not just romantic love - it's also a love for your family. You're the nurturer so you have this fierce need to protect your family. You are the mama bear! You need to look out for your family and ensure everyone is happy and healthy. If you've got some family drama going on, that's really going to eat you up inside. Your life would be perfect if you could be surrounded by your loved ones in a warm and happy home.

10 Leo - Control & Command

Leo, you are a natural and confident leader. Like an Aries, you also seek power. But it's more than power. You really want control. So when you become the leader that you were born to be, you'll want to have control over almost everything. This can come off in a negative light. So you're going to need to learn how to balance your need for control and the feelings of the people you are leading. No one wants a boss who micro-manages the team. But for you, that need for control can be achieved elsewhere. It's not so much that you have to control others. It's the fact that you want to control your own life and not let anyone get in the way. Like an Aries and Taurus, you have goals and you're working towards them. And because you're in control, no one is going to be able to get in your way.

9 Leo - Fame & Attention

As well as being in control, a Leo is also going to need to be in the spotlight. Lucky for Leos, their natural leadership skills and desire to be in control usually mean they end up in the spotlight position anyway. Leos love to be recognized. If they do a good job, they want everyone to know about it. You need the fame and the praise. That's not necessarily a bad thing! Because you totally have the skills to back it up. But you're not the type who will work hard in a dark corner. If you're going to be ambitious and achieve a lot, you'll do it on a stage. Your favorite thing is the sound of applause. Just make sure you don't let all of this control and attention go to your head. You have the skills but you don't need to have the ego too. Take your applause, bow and exit gracefully. You'll lose it all if your ego gets too big.

8 Virgo - Happiness & A Plan

You're probably thinking - doesn't everyone want happiness? Yes, every person wants to be happy. But for you Virgo, happiness is the ultimate goal. You're not looking to find happiness through fame or family or power. You just want happiness, plain and simple. You don't really mind how you'll find it. You're open to anything! You could find happiness in your job, in your partner, in a hobby or in a special place. Your goal is happiness and you'll leave anything if it's not making you happy. But you're not flighty. You won't be jumping from one thing to another because you always have a plan. You need to have a plan. You like to keep things organized and you're always working from a calendar or a to-do list. You have your five year plan and your ten year plan all mapped out. But if something doesn't go to plan, watch out. You're going to be in a panic!

7 Libra - Balance & Peace

Libra, you are the zodiac sign of the scales. So naturally, you need to keep everything balanced and in perfect harmony. You really believe in balance in everything. You want to make sure everything is fair. If you buy a $50 birthday present for one friend, you have to buy a $50 birthday present for every friend you have. And if you spend one weekend working overtime at your job, you'll have to take the next weekend all to yourself to recharge your batteries. It's a balancing act! You also do what you can to keep the balance and keep the peace. You hate confrontation. If two friends of yours are arguing, you're super stressed about it. You hate arguments or anything violent or unpleasant. You just want peace all of the time! So you'll avoid confrontation and being assertive when you can, just pursue peace and harmony.

6 Scorpio - Mystery & Truth

Scorpio, what you want most in the world is mystery...but also the truth! How can it be both? Let us break it down for you. Naturally, you're a fairly mysterious person. You can be really dark and intense. It's just part of your passionate and assertive personality. So you like to seek out a little mystery in your life. You love costume parties, puzzles, escape rooms, and living life with a bit of mysterious drama. But here's the catch: you only want the mystery that you seek out to make your life more fun. When it comes to your relationships, you need truth no matter what. You're a very loyal and genuine person so you expect the same in return. You are blunt and you prefer people to be blunt with you. You want them to tell it like it is. But if someone is lying to you or trying to sugarcoat the truth, you can't take it. You count that as a mystery and something you have to discover for yourself.

5 Sagittarius - Travel & Freedom

Sagittarius, you are one of the most fun signs in the zodiac. And you're definitely one of the most nomadic. You love travel! You love adventure and have to constantly be on the move. Staying in one place for too long would suffocate you. Freedom and travel are so essential to your life. You have to be free to travel wherever you'd like. You are one of the most cultured people because you love learning about new people and new places. And the best thing about you is that you really know what you want and you won't stop until you get it. You know you have to travel and be free and you refuse to live a life that won't let you have that. Sadly, this sometimes means you are wandering alone. You won't sacrifice your freedom for anyone. But luckily you can find your ultimate happiness and purpose in life without someone tying you down.

4 Capricorn - Tradition & Family

Capricorn, you're seen as one of the most serious members of the zodiac. It's not that you can't have fun, but you're just a responsible person. You can be a bit stubborn and set in your ways. But it's that stubbornness that leads to your love of family and tradition. Like your Cancer mates in the zodiac, you have a deep love for family. Your family is the most important thing in your life. You would make the perfect family matriarch because you're all about the traditions. If your family has always made mashed potatoes with lumps and garlic for Thanksgiving, you will ensure that continues until your dying day. Over your dead body will someone try to substitute the mashed potatoes for yams or baked potatoes. Tradition and family are so integral to your life. You build your whole life around doing everything you can for your family and upholding all of your traditions. If someone tried to cross your family, you'd be out for blood.

3 Capircorn - Career & Success

So while family and tradition are most important in your home life Capricorn, your career is the most important thing outside of that. Once your family is set, you look to your work. You bring that same stubbornness and discipline to your workplace. You know how to put your head down and really work hard when you need to. You are all about climbing that ladder of success and not stopping until you're the big boss. Sometimes, your career gets in the way of other things. You have no problem cancelling dates, skipping vacation or coming into work sick just to get the job done. Remember to think of yourself too, Capricorn! You're doing everything for your family and your career. Yes, these are the most important things in your life. But make sure you're taking time to enjoy it. Luckily, you do get a lot of purpose and happiness out of seeing your family doing well and your career doing well.

2 Aqaurius - Independence & Adventure

Aquarius, you are all about being independent and going on the greatest adventure. In those respects, you're a lot like a Sagittarius! You love your independence and refuse to follow orders. You are your own boss. We wouldn't be surprised to hear that you're an entrepreneur or working on a side hustle to become an entrepreneur. You hate when someone tries to control you and limits your independence. And when you're independent, you can go on all of the adventures! You love big outdoor explorations and trying new things. And throughout it all, you have to keep your individuality. You need your space and you need other people to respect your space and who you are. You need to be free to do your own thing. Anyone who knows you knows exactly who you are because you're so confident in yourself.

1 Pisces - Creativity & Emotions

Pisces, you are another one of the zodiac's sensitive and artistic souls. In fact, you are the most artistic. You are drawn to music and artistic expression. You just love the idea of escaping reality and doing something imaginative and creative. You would be very unhappy if you couldn't pursue something like painting, drawing, acting or playing your guitar. You're an absolute dreamer and your dreams come true when you're being your most creative self. You're also great at artistic creation because you're such a sensitive and emotional person. You get very caught up in your feelings. In fact, sometimes you lose reality when it's all emotions and imagination. You're also very empathetic and can relate well to other people. Having the space to pursue your creative passions and feel all of your emotions is crucial to a Pisces. If you were stuck in a boring desk job and not allowed to express yourself ever, you'd be in trouble.

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