What You Should Name Your Future Baby, Based On Their Zodiac Sign (Boy & Girl Names)

Don't we all want a name that will fit our child's personality?

Ahhh, babies! Babies are the most adorable, squishy little things in the world. There's something about those tiny toes, chubby cheeks and wispy hair that get us every time. Even if you're not planning on having a baby of your own anytime soon, it's always fun to think about it. What is your child going to look like? Will it be a boy or a girl? What adorable outfits will you dress them in? And, most importantly, what will you name your baby?

Baby names are tough. There are so many options! Seriously, any name in the world could be a possibility. You might spend your entire pregnancy just going crazy trying to pick a name. And the worst part is, you can only choose one. Out of all of the millions of choices, your baby can only have one name. Okay, maybe two or three if you add some middle names. But still, how do you choose?!

Turn to the zodiac, of course! Your baby's astrological sign can tell you a lot about their personality. And don't we all want a name that will fit our child's personality? It would be awful to encounter a doctor named Candy or an aspiring rapper named Herbert. Let's avoid that, shall we?

24 Aries Boy: Alexander or Hernando


Aries boys are all about the adventure. They're the type who will take their first step months before all of the other babies. And once they start walking, they won't be able to stop. An Aries baby is very independent. He is confident and not afraid to try new things. This is a kid who will always have you running after him making sure he isn't getting into too much trouble. So what's a name that suits this bold and adventurous young man? The zodiac suggests Alexander, which means defender of man. It's a very strong name, which will fit your strong little boy. Hernando is also another great option. Hernando means adventurer or explorer, which describes your little guy to a tee! If you're looking for something a little more unique and old school, there's also Bernard, which means brave as a bear.

23 Aries Girl: Andrea or Shirin


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. That means you're little Aries lady is going to want to be first at everything. Competitive doesn't even begin to describe her. She's passionate and will always go after the things she wants full force. She has goals and she pursues them. You'll be surprised just how bold, brave and confident your little girl will be, even from a very young age. To honor her courage, the zodiac recommends the name Andrea, a french name meaning bravery. Shirin is also another beautiful option for your little gal. Shirin means charming, which your daughter will definitely be. Briana is also a fun option, meaning fearless and hailing from Ireland. Whatever you decide to name her, get ready for a bold little lady with a lot of passion, independence and strength of character.

22 Taurus Girl: Kesia or Annabelle


Taurus ladies are patient and practical. They know how to wait their turn. And lucky for you, they might even grasp what you're saying when you try and reason with them, which is rare for young kids. Taurus girls are also known for their creative instincts and great taste. If you let your little Taurus pick out her own outfits for school, she'll probably end up putting together something more impressive than you would have been able to. Kesia, meaning earth-bound, is a really elegant name for your practical little lady. It's pretty without being too hoity-toity. Annabelle is another great choice. Annabelle is a French name meaning loving, which describes your little one perfectly. One more option? For something slightly more unique, there's the Irish name Connelly which stands for love and friendship. Who wouldn't want that for their little girl?

21 Taurus Boy: Ethan or Farley


We know Taurus babies can be patient and practical. But you know what else they can be? Stubborn. Taurus is the sign of the bull and bulls are known for being persistent. Your little Taurus man will dig his heels in and stand his ground. This can be great because it means he isn't going to give up on something he sets his mind to. But if he's set his mind to having dessert before dinner, you're in for quite the battle. Luckily, your little Taurus guy is also going to grow up to be quite dependable and romantic. So you might be fighting off the suitors when he gets to dating age. The Hebrew name Ethan is great for a Taurus because it means strong-willed, which is so your little boy! Another great option is Farley, which means bulls pasture. If that's too literal for you, there's also Damon, a Greek name meaning to tame.

20 Gemini Boy: Clark or Dexter


Congratulations on your Gemini baby boy. Gemini boys are known for being social but also smart. So your kid is going to be the star at preschool! He'll have lots of friends but he'll also impress the teachers with how fast he picks up the ABCs. Gemini guys are also known to be little charmers. Combine charm with that big brain and this little lad may start to use his wits to manipulate you. Watch out there, mama. The zodiac suggests Clark as a good moniker for your Gemini boy. Clark is a French name for scholar. Another way to honor your Gemini guy's brain is with the Latin name Dexter, meaning skillful. Want even more smart names? There's Albert, meaning intelligence, and Cassidy, meaning clever. Just so many ways to speak to his big brain! And because he's so smart, you know he'll be writing his own name in no time.

19 Gemini Girl: Sophia or Julia


Like their Gemini brothers, Gemini girls are also very social and very smart. These little ladies are ambitious. They always want to do well and will put their brain to every task. It will come as no surprise to hear that your Gemini girl was reading and writing way before her same-age schoolmates. She's also very articulate and charismatic, so will easily woo friends and family. And she's curious - always asking questions to fill up her big brain. Sophia is a great choice for a brainy Gemini girl as it means wisdom. Julia is another beautiful option; Julia means youthful. With her charming attitude, your little Gemini will always remain youthful. Lastly, Sage is a really cool name choice that could work for a Gemini boy or girl. Sage, a Latin name, means wisdom and health.

18 Cancer Girl: Adele or Alma

Cancers are known as the moms of the zodiac. They are nurturing and emotional. If your Cancer girl gets to become a big sister, expect her to be helping you lots and always looking out for her little sibling. She's a caring person. But she also feels a lot. Your little girl will surprise you with her emotional depth from a very early age. Cancers are also known to be homebodies, so be prepared to push your little Cancer lady into different activities so she doesn't just stay home with you. The zodiac suggests the name Adele. Not just the famous singer, Adele is also a great name for a Cancer because it means kind, soft and tender. Another option is the name Alma, a Latin name meaning nurturing, which is totally your little girl. Anna, another "A" name also works as it means grace.

17 Cancer Boy: Henry or Xander


Cancer boys are sensitive. This is a little man who isn't afraid to shed a few tears or get in touch with something more intuitive like art or journaling. When he grows up, the ladies are going to love his sensitive side! Cancer boys are also very protective and family oriented. They love to help out around the house and will always stand up for their family. Don't be surprised if your little toddler gets upset if he thinks you've hurt yourself or sees you having a bad day. So what names work well for this sweetheart? Henry, meaning home ruler, is a great choice. A Cancer boy will certainly want to be the ruler of his home. Another option is Xander, a Greek name meaning defender of man, which speaks to your son's protective nature. Alistair is also a fun option if you're looking for a posh British moniker. It also means defender of men.

16 Leo Boy: Ari or Lionel


The Leo is the sign of the lion, so you know your little Leo man is going to be the king of the jungle. He will be proud, courageous and loyal. He's a protector. But he's also very outgoing and playful. So get ready for lots of playdates as your little boy will be quick to make friends. He'll have a little lion pack of his own. So to literally honor the lion in him, there are the names Ari and Lionel, which both mean lion. If you want to be slightly more subtle, there's Rex, which means king. Of course, you want to make sure all this talk of kings, leaders and lions doesn't go to your little Leo's head. He's already going to be a pretty proud kid - he doesn't need to get a big ego as well.

15 Leo Girl: Raina or Lalita


Leo ladies are also known to be proud and protective. Their the mama lion looking after their cubs. If she's an older sister, she'll have no problem coming to the aid of her younger siblings. She's a fierce little lionness! She'll jump in danger's way if it means defending someone she loves or defending herself. Leo ladies are also known to be creative and enthusiastic. They love to play and get involved. Your little one will likely be a natural if you put her into acting from a young age. So to honor her inner lionness, the zodiac suggests the name Raina, which means queen. What a pretty name for a little queen! There's also the beautiful Sanskrit name, Lalita, which means playful. And if you want a name from the animal kingdom, there's Aria, Leya and Zara which all mean lion.

14 Virgo Girl: Serena or Minnie

You're going to be so happy if you're the mom of a Virgo baby girl. Virgo ladies are known to be quite thoughtful and considerate. Of course, your baby girl won't be considerate enough to not cry during the night or to potty train herself from day one, but she is going to be more peaceful and a keen observer. Virgo girls also really enjoy helping others. She will be the best big sister and a natural helper. Virgos are also known for their sharp minds, so you might have a baby genius on your hands! A great name for a Virgo baby girl is Serena, which means tranquil and serene. To honor her brain, there's names like Minnie, a version of the Greek name Minerva meaning of the mind, or Clara, which means bright.

13 Virgo Boy: Emery or Quinn


Like their Virgo sisters, Virgo baby boys are also known to be tranquil and at peace. Aren't those some good traits for a baby? We think so. Virgo baby boys are also very hardworking. He's going to do his best to get the job done - whether it's putting together his blocks or learning how to read. He's a smart cookie and very practical. A great name for a Virgo boy is Emery, which means industrious leader. Why not instil that hard working spirit into your little Virgo man? Quinn, a Celtic name meaning intelligent, is also a great fit for a Virgo. The German name Frederick, which means peaceful ruler, could also be a very good choice. Your little man is going to be set with any of these monikers, thanks to his hardworking spirit, peaceful nature and huge brain.

12 Libra Boy: Joaquin or Naor


The symbol for Libra in the zodiac is the scales. Because for your little Libra boy, everything needs to be in perfect balance. He's the diplomat and the peacekeeper in every situation. He likes to be social and get out there and make friends. But he won't be the super chatty one. Your little guy is going to spend more time watching interactions than getting involved in them. He will be born with an eye for art and beauty, meaning he will be very cultured. If you always wanted to travel with a baby, a Libra baby is the one to do it with. The name Joaquin speaks to your boy's sense of balance and fairness; it means God will judge. Naor, a slightly more unique name, means cultured and enlightened. Your little guy is all about justice and sophistication. We wouldn't be surprised if he came out wearing a fancy French beret.

11 Libra Girl: Diana or Justine


Libra ladies are all about the fairness. From an early age, your little girl will have a great sense of right and wrong. She'll want to give to charity and will be confused when adults have to make morally questionable decisions. She'll also have a great love for beautiful things. So if you let her pick out her own clothes, she'll always put together something wonderful. Diana would be a great choice for a little Libra lady, especially as it honors Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, who was all about fairness. Diana also means divinity. Another great choice is Justine, a French name meaning fair and righteous. Lastly, there's the beautiful name Ziva, which means brilliance. Any of these names would really suit a little Libra lady who is going to be all diplomacy and sophistication. These names are sweet for a little baby but will also fit her into adulthood.

10 Scorpio Girl: Astrid or Delany


With Scorpio babies, it's all about that passion and fire! Your little girl is going to be an absolute firecracker. You'll see her personality right from the get go. Scorpio ladies are passionate and powerful. They're goal oriented and really go for what they want. So if you enroll your bold little lady in dance class, she's going to go for it until she's mastered every step. Scorpios never back down from a challenge. You've got a little fighter on your hands! And don't worry, your lady will still be able to balance her competitive side with charisma. A great name for your little girl is Astrid. Astrid is a Norse name for divine strength or beauty. And you better believe your little girl will have both of those! Delany is also a beautiful choice. It's a Gaelic name meaning the challenger - because your girl will never back down from a fight. Casey, a Gaelic unisex name, also would work as it means brave and vigilant.

9 Scorpio Boy: Zeke or Watson


Just like his Scorpio sister, your little Scorpio boy will be full of passion right from the start. He's a powerful little man and he wll always be raring to go. Be prepared for some epic battles, especially if your Scorpio guy has siblings to fight with. He definitely will not be backing down. He's a strong man. But he's also very motivated. And lucky for you, that's all self-motivation. Once your little guy sets his mind on something, he's going to do it - no questions asked! So to honor your little powerhouse, the zodiac suggests the name Zeke, for a bit of a religious nod. Zeke means strength of god. Watson is also a great choice, a Scottish name meaning powerful warrior. Another Scottish name that would be fitting is Fergus, meaning strong man of vigor.

8 Sagittarius Boy: Archer or Fletcher


Your Sagittarius boy is the ultimate free spirit. Right from the get go, your little wanderer is going to be taking off in every direction. He's a curious little learner from day one and will always be aiming to discover new places and new people. Archer is a great fit for a little Sag boy. Pretty obviously, Archer means bowman. This works great for your Sag guy because he's always going to be shooting his bow in new directions. If you like that idea but you're not into the name Archer, Fletcher is another great option. It's an English name which means one who makes arrows. There's also Blythe, which is a very unique name. It means free spirit and happy - so perfect for your little one! Lots of great options for a sweet little wandering Sagittarius.

7 Sagittarius Girl: Perry or Aliza


A Sagittarius little girl is going to bring so much light and love into your life. She's a natural optimist and will always put a smile on your face. She's the type of baby who will be happy in any situation. But she's also got a wandering streak. Your little one is going to be ready to take off the moment she gets the chance. She's an explorer. She would do so well living in a new country or learning about a new culture. So if you've always wanted to travel the world on your maternity leave, your Sag baby is ready to do it! A beautiful name for your little Sag lady is Perry, a unisex name that represents her inner wanderer. Aliza is also a beautiful choice. It's a Hebrew name that means joyful, which will describe your little girl to a T. For a slightly more unique option, there's the very fitting name, Ascella. Ascella is actually a name of one of the stars in the Sagittarius constellation.

6 Capricorn Girl: Nicole or Amelia


Like their Scorpio sibs, Capricorn girls can be very motivated. But sometimes that motivation crosses intro stubbornness, just like a prideful Leo. Capricorn girls are ambitious, to say the least. They will work hard to get the job done. She'll be working hard to master the alphabet and learn how to walk. She won't give up until the job is done. Who wouldn't want to have a kid who is so ambitious? Capricorn girls can also be very serious. But don't worry! Just because she isn't smiling all the time doesn't mean she isn't a happy baby. A great name choice for a Cap girl is the classic Greek moniker, Nicole. Nicole means people of victory, and your little one is always going to be a champion. Daphne is another name that represents victory. Amelia is also a great choice. It's a German name that means hard working.

5 Capricorn Boy: Dante or Truman


Capricorn boys are also known to be very hard working and sometimes a little bit stuck in their ways. If he doesn't figure out how to lift his head or crawl across the room, he isn't going to give up until he gets it - even if that means working himself into a fit. But your little boy is a worker! If you happen to have a family farm, your little Capricorn boy is going to be a perfect addition to the family. He's also quite competitive and naturally athletic. So don't be surprised if you find yourself becoming a soccer mom sooner than you'd think. A great name for a Capricorn boy is Dante, which means streadfast and long-lived. Your boy is disciplined and this name suits him. Another choice is Truman, which means loyal. Your little guy is loyal to a fault and will never give up on people he believes in. If you want to pull in Hebrew roots, Yael is a beautiful choice. It means mountain goat, which is the hardest working animal in the bunch!

4 Aquarius Boy: Dominic or Conrad


If you've got an Aquarius boy coming into your life, you're in for a wild ride! And that's because Aquarius kids are totally unpredictable. They're each their own people and don't fit into the mold. As he grows, you'll also notice that your little Aqua baby is very progressive and wordly. He's a free thinker and will often make you look at him n wonder. To say your boy is unique would be an understatement. Dominic is a wonderful strong name for your little Aquarius man. It means credulous, honest and staunch. Conrad is also a good choice. It's a German name meaning honest or brave advisor. And to really honor his independence, you can go with Angus, which means unique or one strength. As long as you pick a name you don't hear everyday, your little one will suit it perfectly. Afterall, no Aquarius is like anyone else, so their name should be just as unique as they are!

3 Aquarius Girl: Alicia or Beverly


Like her Aquarian brother, an Aquarius little girl is also very much her own person. She'll have her own unique personality from day one. Some people think all babies do is sleep and eat, but your little girl is going to have a mind of her own from the start. She'll constantly surprise you with how brainy and individual she is. Another wonderful trait your daughter will have? She's a free thinker. She sees the world through her own lens and doesn't care what anyone else thinks. Peer pressure won't be an issue for her. She's also a natural humanitarian and will always want to give back and help others. A great name for an Aquarius little lady is Alicia, which means honest in Greek. Aquarius girls will always be living their life authentically, so Alicia is a good fit. Beverly is also a nice choice, as it honors her water sign roots. Beverly is an English name meaning one who dwells by the stream.

2 Pisces Girl: Beatrice or Ashlyn


If you're welcoming a Pisces little girl into the world, you're in for a treat. Pisces are eternal optimists. They are always looking for the bright side and trying to bring out the cheer in a situation. They are also very sensitive and in touch with their spiritual side. Don't be surprised if you see your little Pisces angel spending a lot of time day dreaming or just observing other people. She loves to use her imagination. Expect to be hanging lots of pictures on your fridge in a few years, mama! A great name for any baby, but especially a Pisces baby girl, is Beatrice. Beatrice means she who brings happiness. How sweet is that? Along the same lines is the name Helena, which means bright and shining one. Your little Pisces will definitely be a beacon in your life. There's also the Celtic name Ashlyn, which means dreamer, to honor your little's imaginative side.

1 Pisces Boy: Pax or Rahim


Pisces boys are also known to be quite in tune with their emotions. You've got a sensitive boy on your hands. He'll be empathetic and really know how to relate to people, which is a trait some boys really struggle with. But not your little Pisces! Pisces are also known for their creative side and their compassion. They always believe in others and offer their support wherever they can. A great name for a Pisces boy is Pax, which is also the name of Angelina Jolie's second eldest son. Pax means peaceful. There's also the Muslim name Rahim or Raheem. Rahim means empathetic, merciful and compassionate, which couldn't describe your little guy any better. He's got a huge heart and any name that honors that would suit him perfectly.

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