What You Should Name Your Baby Based On Your Zodiac Sign (Boy And Girl Names)

Another year is almost over, which means a brand new year is almost upon us! Who knows what will happen? Your perfect person can pop the question, you could have your dream wedding and ceremony. You could be getting that huge promotion you've always wanted or you can be making a large purchase like a new car or home! And, of course, it is completely possible that you could get pregnant!

Having a baby and starting a family is the best thing in the universe-- or so I am told. One of the most important details during your pregnancy is what on earth you are going to name your baby. Is it going to be a bouncing boy? Is it going to be a gorgeous baby girl? Will you wait to find out or will you find out as soon as biologically possible and choose the name before you're halfway there? Whether you're expecting a baby or you plan on having one in the future or if you just want to see the fun names associated with your zodiac sign, this list is for you!

Whatever the case may be, we have compiled a large list of baby names according to your zodiac sign, so get reading!

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24 Libra, If You Had A Boy You'd Name Him: Alden

As a Libra, you are the ultimate balancer of many things: events in your life, hectic schedules, difficult family members, and especially the two sides of your personality. There are times you can switch on and off your emotions in an unpredictable way. When feeling threatened, a Libra can react defensively and come off mean. However, in a warm and nurturing environment, a Libra truly shines and is very popular in social settings. Because they are so social, Libras are friendly, outgoing, and easy to get along with, for the most part. That is why they could use a name that represents this calm and warm demeanor, something unique and fun (much like you!), yet still a sign of strength and practicality like Alden is perfect!

23 Libra, If You Had A Girl You'd Name Her: Erin

A simple name, Erin would be the perfect baby girl name for your new bundle of joy. As a Libra, you are easygoing and peaceful, rarely causing problems, especially in person due to your non-confrontational demeanor. You enjoy trying new things and meeting new people in a safe space and you thrive in warm environments, like a night in with girlfriends or a movie night with your significant other. There are times you enjoy social nights, but most of the time, you look forward to peaceful moments. That is why a name like Erin, meaning 'peace' in Irish, is a great name to represent your calm and diplomatic nature. Plus, your intelligence and ability to collaborate easily and kindly with others is sure to be passed down to your beautiful baby girl!

22 Scorpio, If You Had A Boy You'd Name Him: Gunner

Because you are a compassionate, intensely emotional, and sex-driven soul, you will and should tend to go for names that are deep and passionate in nature. Driven by emotion, you can also be slightly stubborn and obsessive, even a little suspicious at times, but it just adds to the passion and emotion you put out, even if sometimes it can be a little abrasive. If you are having a boy, his name should still represent passion, but a strong-willed, fiery, and tough passion-- since he will be tough as nails! That is why Gunner is a great name: it is tough and firm with a little edge, unique with a little bit of savagery, all while exuding incredible strength and an uncompromising demeanor. Gunner is sure to be the coolest kid on the block!

21 Scorpio, If You Had A Girl You'd Name Her: Delilah

Incredibly bold, seductively fierce, and overly emotional-- a Scorpio cannot be deterred by anything or anyone, even their opinions. Scorpios' opinions control a lot of their thought process and conversation, albeit not always in a good way sometimes revealing their stubborn ways. They can be confrontational and sensitive with intensely strong feelings and viewpoints. A Scorpio can also be very seductive and sensual. Because of this, your baby girl's name will most likely represent this fiery passion and propensity for strong (sometimes hard-headed) emotion. A name like Delilah is still femininely soft, yet bold, unique, and passionate. The name means "lovelorn" and "seductive", perfectly representing your spirited and fierce disposition! Biblically, Delilah was a seductress that tricked a man into spilling all his secrets! Ooh la la!

20 Sagittarius, If You Had A Boy You'd Name Him: Zane

As a Sagittarius, you are probably one of the best friends anybody could ask for. You are charismatic, incredibly social, adventurous, and so carefree! Cue any one of Taylor Swift's upbeat pop songs and you're dancing around with a smile on your face! Your curiosity knows no bounds and it just perpetuates your intelligence and intuitiveness. Because of your carefree attitude and fun-loving ways, a cooler than cool boy name like Zane is more than perfect! It is boisterous and unique, yet still mature and charismatic for those times when you get a little careless or too restless. Zane will be wearing classic black Raybans, a bomber jacket, some black jeans, and a pair of kicks by the time he is four. No one will be able to stop him!

19 Sagittarius, If You Had A Girl You'd Name Her: Winifred (Winnie For Short)

Your baby girl's name should represent your soft (although not too soft) side. The side that listens to a friend in need, the side that invites someone to the dance floor to bust a move, and the side that can make anyone in the room feel more comfortable, more adventurous, and more alive! You are a great friend to all of those around you-- even the ones you don't know. Winifred is German for 'peaceful friend' and completely embodies what you would want your little girl to be like, too. Winnie for short gives it a slightly modern twist all while still representing softness, charisma, intelligence, adventure, and friendship (who could forget Winnie the Pooh?)! She will be beautiful and incredibly loving, thanks to her momma's friendly zodiac sign!

18 Capricorn, If You Had A Boy You'd Name Him: James

Capricorn, you are painfully practical and analytical. Your responsibility is at the forefront of your thoughts and you are always serious, often having a hard time letting loose. You are still down-to-earth, though, and easily likable due to your introverted ways and calming patience with any situation. This practicality standard that you hold yourself so high with will definitely have an impact on the name of your future son. You would never pick something outlandish or quirky or too unique-- because it just is not practical. That is why you will most likely name your child something common, maybe even after his father or grandfather. A name like James is simple and common but still represents incredible responsibility and maturity. Hopefully he is just not a procrastinator like you!

17 Capricorn, If You Had A Girl You'd Name Her: Elizabeth

On top of being sincerely responsible and almost too practical, you are socially down-to-earth but not too charismatic or outgoing. You tend to go out in big crowds but not be the center of attention, often fading into the background at times. You crave routine and stability within your day-to-day world and any form of unpredictability makes you incredibly anxious and on edge. If you had a daughter, you would probably name her something simple like Elizabeth. It is simple and down-to-earth. It does not need a big explanation because of its' simplicity and commonality. It is timeless, too, and has been used for hundreds of years, which is good because there is nothing unpredictable about it. In fact, it is perfectly predictable-- and beautiful!

16 Aquarius, If You Had A Boy You'd Name Him: Liam

Are you a lawyer, Aquarius? If not, you totally should be! You are virtually the most persuasive out of all the signs of the zodiac. You are willful, too. In any given social situation, you are usually the center of attention arguing with your righteous opinions and convincing everyone of, well, pretty much anything. This also makes you stubborn and slightly superficial, but no one will ever question your sense of determination. So, when it comes to naming your bouncing baby boy, go with something like Liam which literally means 'determined guardian' in Irish. It radiates maturity, courage, and of course determination. The little man will for sure inherit your willful ways and grow up to be strong in his social disposition and bold intelligence.

15 Aquarius, If You Had A Girl You'd Name Her: Mackenzie

In addition to your persuasiveness and bold tendencies, Aquarius, you can be indecisive at times, which can cause a problem when naming your new bundle! This indecisiveness does not deter you from your bold ambition, though. Plus, you tend to be a real rebel in many situations and rarely show your emotions. Do you know that saying about how people wear their hearts on their sleeves? Yeah, as you know, that is definitely not you. As an Aquarian, it is more like you wear your heart on the inside tag of your t-shirt under many layers of clothes like it's winter and you're skiing in terrible weather conditions. This is why you should name your baby girl something opposite, something warm and open to pull all of that out of you! A name like Mackenzie means 'fire born' and can represent that warmth perfectly while still embodying your Aquarian's fiery and stubborn disposition.

14 Pisces, If You Had A Boy You'd Name Him: Davis

Pisces, you are an emotional, dramatic, sensitive roller coaster! What a whirlwind! Unlike Aquarius, you wear your heart on your sleeve... and your palms, your pant leg, and any form of jewelry you're wearing. You are open to so much love, friendship, and honestly real interaction with other human beings. It is refreshing! Your compassion and loyalty are unprecedented. You are possibly some of the most devoted people in the zodiac. Your baby boy name should be unique, imaginative, and creative as you are, while still representing light and love just as you do. Davis is the perfect way to encompass all of these things. Don't do a nickname like Dave, though! Keep it complete and unique, just the way it is. He will grow up to be a sensitive yet strong man for his future bride!

13 Pisces, If You Had A Girl You'd Name Her: Isadora

Because you are so creative, Pisces, your baby girl's name should and will be something you spend a lot of time thinking about and deciding on. In fact, because you are such an emotional and in the moment person, you might not even decide on a name for her until she is brought into the world! Sometimes you just have to look at them to know the perfect name. A great name to call your baby girl is a unique moniker like Isadora, a play on Isabella, is unlike any other name we usually hear. It is still beautiful, even though it is rare. In its' exclusivity, the name still represents love, friendship, and heavy emotion, as well as sensitivity and empathy for other people.

12 Aries, If You Had A Boy You'd Name Him: Kane

Aries, you are incredibly intelligent and independent, not needing anyone to take care of you physically or emotionally. Unfortunately, because you are so direct at times, you can be blunt and confrontational, often starting issues where they may not be necessarily needed. However, your bold and enthusiastic demeanor gives you an edge that others simply do not have. You are likely to name your baby boy something that sounds intelligent and self-sufficient, because that is what you are. A male name like Kane, meaning 'intelligent warrior' perfectly represents the Aries' bold (sometimes antagonistic) and smart nature. It may be too odd and unique for a direct Aries, but the edginess isn't always a bad thing. Kane will be a natural-born leader because he will follow in your footsteps.

11 Aries, If You Had A Girl You'd Name Her: Chloe

Watch out! An Aries girl is independent almost too a fault, often too afraid to ask for help or advice or a shoulder to lean on. She will never act like she needs you, even if she might. So, if you are having a baby girl, chances are she will be a lot like that too. She will be impulsive and hard to handle. But she will blossom into independence just the way she watched you do as you carried strength and self-sufficiency to such an incredible place. If you have a baby girl, you should absolutely name her something fun and spunky like Chloe. It is bubbly and fun, quirky yet pretty, and strong. She will surely be a wildflower like her mother who doesn't need anyone or anything to get anything accomplished!

10 Taurus, If You Had A Boy You'd Name Him: Alexander

A Taurus reminds me of the word 'spitfire' in so many ways. They are fun and persistent with anything and everything, with a stubborn disposition and a bad temper. As a Taurus, you are also incredibly loyal and generous and would probably give anyone the shirt off your back if they needed it. You constantly do things for others and don't expect very much, if anything, in return. You do tend to hide your feelings, so sometimes they don't come out in the healthiest of ways. If you have a baby boy on the way, his name will most likely be something generous as well, as you will be naming him after all! You will be kind, so it won't be anything quirky or odd. It will be a classic. Something like Alexander is a popular classic with a quiet sense of nobility and loyalty as well. It is evergreen, timeless in its' popularity (a top boy name since 1991!).

9 Taurus, If You Had A Girl You'd Name Her: Felicity

If you are naming a beautiful baby girl, Taurus, you'd go about this a little differently than you maybe would when naming a boy. While still not choosing anything extremely unique and quirky, you will still be generous and kind with your decision, however, you'll add a little more spunk to it because you'll probably be feeling stubborn toward the end of your pregnancy. You'll be moody and emotional and you won't be happy about it. A feminine yet bubbly name like Felicity is perfect for you, Taurus. It goes against the norms, but still isn't incredibly weird or out of the realm of classic possibilities. In fact, the name has been around for decades! Felicity will adopt your stubborn ways, but will also be a great friend with a super fun disposition!

8 Gemini, If You Had A Boy You'd Name Him: Ace

Gemini, you are one of the most interesting and complex of all the zodiacs. You are known for your balance, which means there are two sides to you, allowing for an aura of mystery always surrounding you. You are always positive and optimistic which refreshes anyone you get around, also making you a pretty social person too. You're a social butterfly! This helps your high level of curiosity for many things. Sometimes you have to be careful, though, because your curiosity easily turns into nosiness. That's okay, your charisma can usually correct that. If you are having a baby boy, you will be looking for a moniker that represents your positivity and the light you bring to the world. A male name like Ace is cute, short, and sweet. It is light and bouncy. It also sounds like someone who would be very social and good at anything he tries!

7 Gemini, If You Had A Girl You'd Name Her: Cameron

Your two balanced sides really should be focused on more here, Gemini. You are an incredibly balance of sassy and sweet, bubbly and calm, intelligent and naïve, among so much more. A unisex name for your baby girl would make perfect sense-- because it gives you the best of both worlds, as you so greatly represent! A name like Cameron is great for a baby girl. It gives her a moniker that is quirky (it literally means 'crooked nose'), but it is still cute and upbeat. Plus, she shares a name with our favorite blonde bombshell Cameron Diaz! How can you go wrong? Even though Cameron will grow to be her own woman, she will most certainly inherit your light optimism and desire to socialize!

6 Cancer, If You Had A Boy You'd Name Him: Phoenix

You are a lot like Pisces and Scorpio, Cancer. You are 100% driven by your emotion, passion, and sensitivity. You are known to overreact to some things, but regardless, it is bold and incredibly brave to let your emotions dictate many of your decisions. You are highly imaginative with your moody disposition, so when naming your baby boy, you will most likely choose something that is representative of this. It won't be something typical or boring, as you are anything but. It won't be a classic name, either. Something like Phoenix will remind you of yourself: a bird that rose from the ashes after being defeated. You'll see the idealism and bravery in the strong mythical creature. Plus, Phoenix is incredibly unique and really bad*ss! He will be the coolest kid on the block!

5 Cancer, If You Had A Girl You'd Name Her: Adalyn

You will want to give your baby girl a confident name, Cancer. Even though you are sensual, romantic, and loving, at times you can also be insecure and manipulative. It isn't all the time and by no means are you a bad person because we are all guilty of it at times. However, you're secretly terrified these traits will be passed on to your beautiful baby girl, so a moniker representing confidence and strength would be perfect. A name like Adalyn is incredibly unique and imaginative (like you!) but it is SO unique that it exudes a strength and confidence a simple name like Liz or Sarah could not equally exude. Adalyn will be confident, emotionally mature, and brave, just like you, bold and imaginative Cancer!

4 Leo, If You Had A Boy You'd Name Him: Ryder

The most popular animal to represent a Leo is, of course, the brave and bold lion. You are a natural leader with a confidence that not many other zodiacs have-- and definitely not to the level that you have it. You are powerful and dominant in everything, whether emotionally, professionally, or personally. You never like anyone else being in control except you. To you, image is very important because of your big ego, so your son's name will have to be really cool and up to your level of expectations. Something like Ryder is uniquely spelled and could never be seen as anything less than tough or important. You'll be able to brag about him for years, Leo! He will grow to be bold and fiery, just like you-- and won't take anything from anyone!

3 Leo, If You Had A Girl You'd Name Her: Audrey

As a Leo, yes, you are bold, controlling, and a bit arrogant. But you are also incredibly practical and loving, as well as courageous in any part of your life. Professionally, you take risks. Personally, you are always honest. Your courage and bravery knows no bounds and people always look up to you. You will want your baby girl's name to similarly represent these traits because you know it is important for her to have confidence and strength as much as you do. Audrey is a great name for this because it represents a noble strength that you and she can both be proud of. Further, the moniker represents our chic, loving, and classic actress Audrey Hepburn, so you cannot go wrong there either! Audrey for the win.

2 Virgo, If You Had A Boy You'd Name Him: Rhett

Virgo, you can be so fussy and so skeptical-- and that is okay because you are still so practical, sensible, and loyal. You are realistic, sometimes to a fault, and this can come off really unemotional. When you name a baby boy, you will most likely be analytical and practical every step of the way without any emotion making decisions. You are patient, too, so you will not rush choosing something and it will be a calculated and planned decision. A classic name in which you name your child after someone would be great for you, mostly because it is easy and makes the most sense. A name like Rhett, which means 'advice', will be sensible and practically to you, while still satisfying your desire to not be like anyone else.

1 Virgo, If You Had A Girl You'd Name Her: Alma

With a beautiful baby girl, you might be a bit more emotional, even though it is completely against your sensible nature. You are a gentle introvert, so you will absolutely pick something for her that is gentle and soft, something that will make sense with her sweet disposition that is a lot like you. Alma is a mixed Latin and Italian name that represents a kind soul that is 'learned'. As a Virgo, you will be proud of her for that. She will be soft-spoken and gentle with no bad bone in her body, but she will still be wise and intelligent in her discussions and actions. You can trust she will go out into the world and not disappoint your practical and cautious disposition.

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