What You Need To Do BEFORE The End Of The Year, Based On Your Sign

Have you accomplished everything you wanted to in 2017?

We’re approaching that certain time of year—the time when we reflect on everything that has happened to us in the past twelve months, and then think about what we want to happen in the next twelve. After Thanksgiving, Christmas will be here before you know it, and one week later, New Year’s Eve will roll around! Have you accomplished everything you wanted to in 2017? If the answer is yes, good for you! You should be proud of yourself. If the answer is no, it’s still not too late to get cracking on your goals. And it’s not too early to start thinking of new ones for 2018! There is plenty of time to get a little head start on your resolutions if you’re feeling motivated. Not sure of what you should work on before the year ends? Here’s what you should do BEFORE 2018, based on your zodiac sign!

16 Fire Signs-So Ready For 2018

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Fire signs, you are so ready for 2018. 2017 wasn’t such a bad year, but it wasn’t YOUR year. You know, the year when you will finally achieve all of your dreams, stick to that work out plan, travel to your bucket list destinations—you’re really hoping that 2018 will be that year. However, unless you’re a Leo, you might have some problems with really dedicating yourself to your goals. If you never get into that dedicated, productive mindset, you’re going to keep struggling and feeling unsatisfied! Don’t worry, there are plenty of different ways you can begin that work before 2018 even begins. It may not seem easy, but you’re totally capable! Do not doubt yourself. Each fire sign will want to approach the end of the year differently, but no matter what method works best for you, you can approach your goals with clarity and inspiration in 2018.

15 Aries-Plan An NYE Adventure

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Aries, you know that you need to blow off a little steam before the year ends, and you’ve got some free time to do it this December! We’re not giving you permission to totally blow off any work you should be doing. Just hear us out for a minute. A little road trip or out of town adventure would be a great idea for you this New Year’s. Getting out of your hometown for a little while will help you clear your head. It can be really difficult for you to figure out exactly what you want to achieve and then totally commit to it, so it’s necessary for every Aries to have time and space to clear their minds once in a while. Get out of dodge, have some fun, get it out of your system, and when you come back, you’ll be ready to tackle 2018 with newfound energy.

14 Leo-Take Stock Of Your Relationships

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Okay, Leo, you may be thinking that you’re already so goal-oriented and hard working that you would never need any of our advice. But that’s simply not true—we all have our flaws that get in the way of us achieving what we really want to achieve. So, Leo, what’s your obstacle here? You’re such a social butterfly that you sometimes end up spending way too much time with people whose goals don’t really align with yours. And in turn, you put all your energy towards socializing with them instead of working towards the things you really want. That’s why it’s a good idea for you to take stock of your relationships before the end of 2017. Who do you really want by your side in 2018? You want to be connecting with people who will help you move forward towards the life you want, not backward toward your old life.

13 Sagittarius-Reevaluate Your Goals

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Sagittarius, you have big dreams. People may not realize it, but you do have a secret ambitious side—it’s a very well kept, deep down kind of secret. Seriously, although people may see you as a bit of a wild child who struggles to focus, you do have your sights set on a few things that you really want. However, like we mentioned earlier, actually focusing on them can be a huge burden for you. But if you ever want to achieve the kind of success you’re hoping for, you’ll need to wise up! Take some time this December to break out your journal and think about one or two goals that you REALLY want to accomplish. You can be scatter brained, so get specific and write all your thoughts down! Having one or two specific focuses for the next year can really help you organize your life around these goals.

12 Earth Signs-How About You Relax

Earth signs, you may think that you barely need this list. But don’t worry, we’re not just here to talk about how to achieve your goals for 2018! We know that you guys already have a plan for that. We’re sure that you’ve got every single thing you want to accomplish already written down in your planner, along with a full plan of exactly how you’re going to do it. So we’ll discuss a few other aspects of life with you guys. You already know how to work hard, but sometimes you need to be reminded when it’s time to relax! Yup, we’re looking at you, Capricorn—we’re amazed that you’ve taken a long enough break from work to read this! Every earth sign has different things that they can work on before 2018 begins, so here are a few suggestions on how these signs can end 2017 on the right foot.

11 Taurus-Start A Workout Routine

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Taurus, you may have read this and shaken your head at first. “What?” you may be thinking. “I go outside all the time! I hike, I camp, I take long walks on the beach...all that good stuff.” We know you’re outdoorsy, but sometimes that isn’t enough to get into the kind of shape you really want. In fact, many times Taurus will stall when it comes to figuring out a real work out plan. So, how about you get a head start on getting in shape for 2018? The gym is about to be crowded with people who have made a resolution to lose weight, so it’s best to get in there early before everyone else does. Go claim your favorite treadmill before they’re all taken! Taurus, you like to be prepared and get ahead of things, so now is truly the best time for you to start working out.

10 Virgo-Show Your Family Some Holiday Love

Virgo, we know that you approach the holidays like a master of all things domestic. You have all the perfect decorations ready ahead of time, you already have a few favorite recipes picked out, you know exactly which family events you’ll be attending and which ones you’ll have to skip, and you purchased presents for all of your loved ones right after Halloween. But sometimes you can get so wrapped up in making every detail perfect and sticking to your plans that you forget the real reason for the season—spending plenty of quality time with your friends and family. Before the clock strikes midnight on January 1, make sure you spend some time just relaxing with your loved ones and let them know how much you care while it’s still 2017. It may sound too simple, but trust us, they will definitely appreciate it—along with all of your careful planning!

9 Capricorn-Take Time To Relax

Capricorn, like Virgo, you have every detail of this holiday season straightened out already. And yes, it stresses you out a little because you feel a lot of pressure to do everything perfectly, but with your personality and work ethic, you actually kind of enjoy it. However, you have a tendency to spread yourself way too thin this time of year, and when your loved ones pick up on the tension you’re feeling, it tends to stress them out, too! It’s super important to make some time to relax before the new year begins! You don’t want to start off 2018 feeling stressed and overworked. You want to enter the new year with a ton of energy and motivation, right? Of course you do, you’re a Capricorn. So make sure you schedule plenty of “chill time” before New Year’s Eve, because after all the work you’ve put in, you’ll need it!

8 Air Signs-Feeling Motivated

Air signs, you all have a lot you want to work on in 2018! And that’s a good thing—air signs are the type of people who always like to have some kind of project on their hands. You don’t like feeling idle and bored! That’s why you genuinely LOVE making New Year’s resolutions, while other people might really hate it. You may not come across as hard-working as earth signs do, but when you find something that you truly care about, you tend to really latch on and won’t let go until you’ve done what you’ve wanted to do. You’re like a bulldog! Each air sign will have something different that they want to work on in the upcoming year, but one thing is for certain—every air sign is feeling quite motivated as 2017 draws to a close. You’re ready to take on 2018 with everything you’ve got!

7 Gemini-Improve Your Time Management

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Alright Gemini, we know that this isn’t easy for you, but whether you want to hear it or not, we’re going to say it. Time management has always been the biggest obstacle that gets in the way of achieving your goals. Why is time management always so difficult for you? Well, your interests are all over the place, so you usually feel like you’re balancing a million different things at once! Now, if you were able to prioritize and properly organize everything you were trying to do, this wouldn’t be such a bad thing. But the truth is that you really struggle with this, and you’re prone to being distracted by one project while working on another. But the holidays is a great time to practice time management! Take a leaf out of Capricorn’s book and keep a careful schedule of everything you need to do, from cooking to decorating to wrapping presents.

6 Libra-Get Into The Minimalist Mindset

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Libra, you love nice things. And to be honest, you can be a little materialistic! We know you may not like hearing it, but there is a fine line between appreciating nice things and going overboard buying stuff for yourself. You tend to get into the “treat yourself” mindset a little too often! So, what’s the solution here? How can you keep your apartment and wardrobe looking great while cutting back on your spending? Libra, before 2017 ends, it’s time for you to look into minimalism. Minimalism is basically a philosophy of only buying items that you truly value and love. Many minimalists will invest more money into a few high quality items that will last them a long time rather than many cheap items that will fall apart after a few uses. Before 2018, it wouldn’t hurt to declutter a bit and figure out what you really need in your life!

5 Aquarius-Make An Early Resolution

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Aquarius, you like to do things a bit differently than every other sign. So instead of just doing prep work for 2018 in December, what if you just dove headfirst into your New Year’s resolution? It wouldn’t hurt to get started early! Yes, there is a lot of holiday craziness going on—we know it’s a lot to handle. But you might actually enjoy the process more if you pushed yourself to get started early. Plus, there are many resolutions that can easily be worked into the holiday schedule. Want to read a book a week? Ask for some new reads for Christmas! Want to start meditating and doing yoga? Well, that will definitely help you calm down from any holiday stress and might even keep a few of those pesky holiday pounds off! For you, getting a jump start on your goals can actually help you stay super motivated.

4 Water Signs-A Busy Year Ahead

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Water signs, you all have very diverse goals for the upcoming year. While Cancers, Scorpios, and Pisces have many similarities in their personalities, they often want to lead very different lives. It’s funny how that works out! The zodiac is a mysterious thing. While some water signs may need to really focus on prioritizing themselves over other people, others may be focusing on achieving emotional stability, and still others will be starting new jobs or projects. It’s definitely going to be quite a busy year for all the water signs. 2018 will be a year of big changes, and whether they are up to the challenge all depends on whether or not they can focus on what they really want. Water signs, you guys will need to be ready to face some obstacles, so it’s best to clean house before 2017 is officially over so you’ll be totally prepared for 2018!

3 Cancer-Make Time For Self-Care

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Cancer, you spend so much time investing your energy into other people. It’s just part of your nature—it’s a core character trait that all Cancers share, no matter their background. You are one of the most caring signs in the entire zodiac. But the truth is that spending so much time caring for other people can be very draining. You also have a bad habit or overexerting yourself in order to help others, and while this gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction, it can truly be exhausting in the long run. You need to make 2018 the year of YOU. Start by making extra time for self-care during this holiday season, when you are most likely to overextend yourself to help others. You deserve a little rest and relaxation during the holiday season, too! Enjoy the presents, food, and movie marathons—don’t worry, you can take time to yourself.

2 Scorpio-Start Meditating

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Scorpio, you know how Cancers need to make time for themselves in 2018? You do, too, but in a totally different way. You’re so used to letting your emotions run your life, but deep down, you know that it is finally time for a change. You don’t want to live your entire life stuck on a crazy emotional rollercoaster. You want to find a way to calm yourself and find some more control over these emotions. That’s why 2018 needs to be the year that you start meditating. It may sound intimidating to you—what, you’re supposed to sit around and NOT overthink for a few minutes?—but trust us, it will truly do you a LOT of good. Before 2018 hits, pick up a book on meditation and maybe try out a few guided meditation sessions for free using YouTube. This will help you get used to the right techniques.

1 Pisces-Get Into A Creative Project

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Pisces, you are always brimming with creative ideas, but sometimes, you have a hard time getting started. You tend to get nervous and anxious quite easily, so you can occasionally talk yourself out of diving into a project, and this frustrates you to no end! How about you start prepping for your next project before the new year even starts? We know that you like to make creative New Year’s resolutions, but it wouldn’t hurt to kick start your dreams a little early this time and follow Aquarius’ example of getting started BEFORE New Year’s. Plus, if your friends and family need ideas of what to get you for this holiday season, you can always ask for supplies and materials that you’ll need for your creative endeavors! It’s always good when you can start off the year already off to a great start on a new creative project that you enjoy.

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What You Need To Do BEFORE The End Of The Year, Based On Your Sign