What You HAVE To Know About Your Man, According To His Zodiac

It would be great to know one major basic thing about the guy you like, wouldn't it?

Whether you've just gotten into your relationship, have been in a relationship for years, or are single and looking to mingle, you guys can agree on at least one thing: guys are really weird. They don't seem to say what they mean, and when they do, they're probably just joking. Even when you get a guy who's super straightforward and doesn't mess around, you've got all sorts of anxiety dealing with the guys that do mess around that you're constantly second-guessing him and yourself. It would be great to know one major basic thing about the guy you like, wouldn't it?

Luckily, our zodiac has that covered. While the different astrological signs among men and women are mostly the same, there are some subtle differences between men and women that make their zodiac signs do some weird things. It's actually really interesting, the theory behind this. Regardless, every astrological sign has some major qualities and truths at their core, and finding those out can actually be pretty simple. Here are the things that make your guy tick, according to his astrological sign. Make sure you check his moon sign if you know it, and stick around until the end for an analysis of their sign's element.

Head Over Feels

16 Aries - He Loves A Challenge, But Has No Patience

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If you're talking to an Aries guy, chances are you know that what you see is totally what you get. This is a guy who will consistently bring out the best in you because he's looking for a girl who's going to challenge him intellectually and give him the space to grow. if you're not that girl, he's just not going to bother. That being said, while an Aries man loves a challenge in life, he doesn't have any patience for things that he feels like are too much of a hassle. If they get in the way of his goals and the things that make him happy, he's more than willing to drop that. If you're trying to get with an Aries man, make sure that you're a person who can be supportive, but challenges him to grow.

15 Taurus - He's A Gentleman In The Streets And A Freak In The Sheets

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The thing about your average Taurus man is that he’s multifaceted. He's good at compartmentalizing certain things. He has a gentleman side and a freaky side, and both of those sides are equally him. However, Taurus men are also known for their stubbornness: they move at a glacial pace even with things they want. If you're looking to win his heart, you're going to need to learn patience. Pushing him too hard will basically guarantee that he’ll run away: he needs to know that you respect his timetable. If you’re the type of person who’s willing to be with him for the long haul, you’re going to get a guy who knows what he has when he has you.

14 Gemini - He's Way More Extroverted Than You


Your Gemini guy is going to be way better at making friends than you. That might sound like I’m painting really broad strokes here, but it’s true: even the most introverted Gemini have a way with people. A lot of immature Gemini, regardless of gender, have a way of making friends but not keeping them, so expect your Gemini guy to have had a rotating cast of people in his life at some point. If your Gemini guy is a keeper, though, he’ll have grown beyond that period of his life and have a squad he can really count on. If you’re looking to find your way into his heart, make sure you get to know his friends!

13 Cancer - He's More Family-Oriented Than You Could Ever Dream

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While a Gemini man will be known for how he interacts with friends and strangers, a Cancer man will be defined by how he treats his family. For these guys, their families are everything. They’ll definitely prioritize you and your relationship, but if you rub his family the wrong way, expect for the relationship not to last all that long. Also, if your Cancer man sees the future with you, expect to know right away. More than anyone else, a Cancer man isn’t going to do casual hooking up or one night stands. If he gets with you, chances are it’s because he sees the future with you. He’s not looking for a temporary connection, he’s looking ahead to the future and possibly even forever. He wears his heart on his sleeve and you’ll know how he feels about you right away.

12 Leo - He's Bold And Attention Seeking, But Incredibly Generous

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There isn’t a Leo out there who knows how to take a back seat. These aren’t guys who are used to living life in the background, so expect your Leo guy to be at least a little bit of a drama queen. This doesn’t mean he’s immature or will necessarily cause you drama, but it does mean that he’s gone a long time being the center of attention. If your Leo guy really likes you, though, he’ll take care not to take any of your shine. A well adjusted Leo knows what it means to being the spotlight and will have no problem taking a step back if it means that everyone can see the awesome person he’s dating ie: you.

11 Virgo - He's A Little Obsessive, But Will Take Care Of You

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Virgos are highly task oriented, so if he’s taking his mind off of his goals to focus on you, that’s a sign that you are truly special to him. Because Virgos are so goal-oriented and love a project, you might need to watch out for “fixer” behavior. He might not mean to, but he could end up stepping outside of his lane in attempts to help you even though you never asked. A well adjusted Virgo won’t exhibit this behavior too much though: they like you for you, not for the person you could be. If you think you’re dealing with a guy who sees you as a project and not a person, keep in mind that that isn’t Virgo guy behavior: he might just be a jerk.

10 Libra - He's Easygoing, But Don't Take Advantage Of Him

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Your average Libra guy is simultaneously high maintenance and one of the most laid back guys you’ll ever meet. Libras are pretty balanced people, which is why they’re comfortable living in contradictions like that. This is a guy who will roll with whatever plans you have, but the second he feels like his voice doesn’t matter or he’s being steamrollered, he’s going to be gone in a flash. Libra guys more than anyone else know what it means to go with their gut. Their symbol is the scales, so when they make a judgement call, they're going to stick to it. If you're looking to make a Libra guy fall for you, make sure you understand that a Libra’s endless understanding has understandable limits.

9 Scorpio - He's Intense And Deeply Attractive, But Proceed WIth Caution

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The average Scorpio is a wild ride, maybe even a rough one. These are the guys that are bound to have the butterflies in your stomach constantly fluttering, and for good reason. Scorpio guys are intense in a way many other guys aren't, and many a girl has found herself running out of the kitchen because they can't take the heat! However, this does come with some drawbacks. Your Scorpio guy might have all the chemistry in the world with you, but if there’s no compatibility outside of that, the relationship is going to combust. If you're looking to get with a Scorpio guy, it’s up to you to understand that while these guys will provide you an adventure and no shortage of interesting stories, they're certainly not for everyone. If they are, more power to both of you!

8 Sagittarius -  He's A Rolling Stone, But Will Slow Down For The Right Person


Your average Sagittarius guy is going to be a hard one to catch. These are guys that are constantly changing their next big dream. Unlike say, the Aries guy, for example, a Sagittarius guy isn’t charging towards his goals in the same way. He’s a wanderer: you're likely to find a Sagittarius guy meandering about, absorbing everything the world has to offer. They often don’t have time for relationships: after all, why would they slow down when they have so much to see and do? The perfect girl, in their opinion, would be as along for the ride as he is, and it’s for that reason that Sagittarians of all genders are a lot more likely to take part in casual dating and one night stands. In reality, though, the perfect girl for a Sagittarius is the girl that makes him want to stop being a rolling stone.

7 Capricorn - He's Authoritative, Fascinating, And Maybe A Little Frustrating


Your Capricorn guy can give you the world, primarily because he’s the most ambitious guy in the whole zodiac. He wants everything and needs to constantly be moving forward, and he won't get with a girl that he thinks is going to hold him back. This is not a guy who will waffle on his decision-making: he either goes with his gut or has a good, solid reason as to why he made a decision. This means that when he decides he wants to pursue something with you, he’s going to mean it. That being said, this is also not a guy who’s going to put his life on hold for a relationship. More than anyone else, a Capricorn guy will pick a girl who they know is compatible with their goals and will have goals of her own. If you're the type to get lost in your relationship and put it first above all things, a Capricorn might not be for you.

6 Aquarius -  He's Logical, But Eccentric And One Of A Kind

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The Aquarius man values logic and intellectual pursuits. If he doesn't value them more than the rest of the signs, he’s certainly the loudest about it. This is by no means a bad thing, either: you will never have a wasted conversation with an Aquarius man. Small talk and social graces mean nothing to him: discussion must teach everyone something or it’s meaningless. That’s probably why you fell for him, though: he opens your mind in a way that no other guy has up to date. On the flip side, your Aquarius guy is by far the most eccentric guy in the zodiac. He’s got some weird habit or quirk that might even be off-putting to some other girls, but not to you. If you're patient with these guys, they will be one of the most understanding people in your life. Since they're such quirky guys, they’ll understand your own quirks and even make you dare to be a little weirder.

5 Pisces -  The Most Romantic Man Alive


I can promise you right now that you will never find a more romantic guy in the zodiac than a Pisces. Sure, every guy has the potential to be romantic, but more often than not, they’re going to do it in their own way. A Pisces guy is a lot more likely to be romantic in a more traditional, universal way. These are the guys who will bring flowers just because. With a properly motivated Pisces guy, you might find yourself feeling like everyday is Valentine’s Day. If he decides that he wants a relationship with you, he’s going to treat you exceedingly well, almost to the point where you might feel like he’s going overboard. This is because he knows the value of a good relationship and because he’s really picky about who he gets into a romantic relationship with. This isn't a guy who goes out chasing love: he plants his feet and waits for love to find him.

4 Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) - They Genuinely Can't Take A Hint, So Be Direct With Them

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As an element, fire is powerful and direct: your relationship with a fire sign guy will be passionate and filled with love and affection. However, fire is pretty straightforward. These are not the guys to play games with, not because they don’t tolerate them, but because they might totally miss that you're trying to play games to begin with. Aries guys are single-minded and won’t notice subtlety, while Leos are used to being the center of attention and might just assume you're paying extra attention to them because of course you would. As for Sagittarius guys, they will be very direct about what they want from you and be consistent about it, so they expect that from others as well. If you're looking to move forward with a fire sign guy, make sure that you know what you want and are direct in expressing it to them.

3 Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) - They're Very Goal Oriented And Expect Others To Be The Same Way

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An earth sign guy might not give you the searing heat a fire sign guy might, but if you're the type of girl who falls for earth sign guys, you're not looking for that. You’re not looking for the butterflies in your stomach, you’re looking for that feeling of stability, and an earth sign guy will give you that. That being said, earth sign guys aren't very likely to make their romantic relationships their number one priority. Taurus guys might do that, but that’s because they value their relationships regardless of what kind they are. They're not putting you first because you're their girlfriend, they're doing it because you're a person of value in their life like everyone else in it. Virgos are more task than people oriented while Capricorns are much the same way, they just do it differently. Virgos will work hard and plug away at a goal until they achieve it, while Capricorns will get what they want by any means necessary. These are all great abilities to have, but it sometimes means they have less time for romance than most.

2 Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) - They're Dreamers, Sometimes A Little Too Much

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You will find your air sign guy with his head in the clouds, and they're often so charismatic that you’ll find yourself out there in the clouds with them. These are guys who let their thoughts and imaginations roam. These guys will often make you feel like you’ve been swept off your feet, but if you're not dealing with a well adjusted air guy, this can end badly because the two of you might never find your footing on the ground again. Gemini guys are often so social and feed off of being social that they might make their romantic partners feel a little lost in the shuffle. Libras are often very easygoing, at least until they're not, but that might mean that they’re not being active decision makers because they’re letting the universe do it for them. As for Aquarian guys, they have so many big ideas that they might have a little trouble with following through.

1 Water (Cancer, Scorpio Pisces) - They Can't Do The Friends With Benefits Thing

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While water sign guys might be good at the whole casual dating, friends with benefits thing, they don't like it at all. It's just too casual and impersonal for them. Rather, they’re going to be the guys that secretly want to settle down, so you might find them catching feelings in a casual relationship because that’s just how they are. A Cancer guy is very family and home oriented, so casual dating simply isn’t his speed. He’d rather move more slowly in a more committed relationship than go lightning fast in a FWB situation. As for Scorpio, their personalities can be suited for a casual dating situation, but they’re honestly too intense to be satisfied with that for long, especially if they really like you. As for Pisces, they want someone they can show their romantic, mushy side to. Basically if a water sign guy shows an interest in you, he's going to be serious about it. 

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What You HAVE To Know About Your Man, According To His Zodiac