What Will Make Him Snap? Based On His Sign

Even the most patient people (or in this case, signs!) have buttons that can be pushed. And we all have that particular button that will send us over the edge, no matter how tolerant we think we are. Knowing what move is going to ignite a spark in your partner’s body and ultimately, provoke them to walk (or stomp) away, could save you a lot of heartache!

There are the obvious things that would make any sane person snap eventually, but we’re not here to talk about those. We’re here to talk about the things you do which don’t seem like a big deal to you, but are the end of the world for anybody of your man’s sign. You might be able to get away with a lot in your relationship, but according to astrology, everybody has a line that you should never breach. So what’s your partner’s? Read on to find out!


15 Aries Doesn't Like Being Betrayed

Obviously, betraying someone you care about is never a bright idea. That said, some people will stand for being betrayed, and might carry on as normal, even after they initially get worked up over it. Let it be known that Aries is not one of those people! Aries is the king of loyalty, and he sees it as a two-way street. He wouldn’t dream of betraying you in any way, since trust is one of the most important things to him and he doesn’t want to lose yours, nor does he have it in his heart to be treacherous. But before settling down with an Aries, you should understand that he absolutely expects the same kind of treatment back from you.

One of the biggest forms of betrayal is telling one of his secrets to a third party. Even if you’re just gossiping with your girlfriends, it’s not a good idea to disclose anything private about him. If he finds out, it could be the end.

14 Taurus Doesn't Want You Telling Him What to Do

The thing about Taurus is that he seems like nothing would ever get him to snap. He’s sociable, friendly, and usually very understanding and patient. You will of course know about his stubborn side, but generally, Taurus isn’t the kind of sign you have to tread carefully around.

Although that might be true, you really don’t want to start ordering Taurus to do things. Despite his calm demeanor and cheery disposition, he is still a bull at the end of the day, and he is fiercely independent. He’s definitely not a pack animal that likes to follow a leader and take orders, but instead does what he wants, when he wants. You might think that telling him what to do or what not to do is helpful and necessary, but he won’t see it that way. He’ll see it as a form of control, and let’s just say that he won’t appreciate it.

13 Gemini Doesn't Want To Be Cooped Up

Whatever you do, please don’t try to coop up a Gemini man! By coop up, we mean pressure him to stay inside, prohibit him from seeing his large number of friends, shoot down his ideas of fun and stop him from going to the many places he wants to go to. Even if you have a good reason to try and put the brakes on a Gemini’s social life, don’t forget that social interaction and new, engaging experiences are bread and butter for this sign. You need air and sleep, and Gemini needs stimulation and human contact.

Don’t try to stop him from going on his outings or taking part in hobbies, even if you don’t really get them. And for the love of God, don’t try and set him up with a nice, regular 9-5 job (even if the pay is great) when he wants to keep doing the spontaneous, non-repetitive and motivating job he has now.

12 Cancer Doesn't Do Well With A Comment

With somebody as sensitive as Cancer, all it takes is one comment to undo all the good. If you’re somebody who might be a little insensitive, says things without meaning or planning them, and doesn’t understand people who are perhaps a tad emotional, you might want to rethink your relationship with Cancer. Although these guys seem tough at first, and have a seemingly unbreakable outer shell, you’ll soon find out that inside, they’re soft as marshmallow.

Always remember to be careful of what you say around a Cancer, because the wrong thing could cut them straight in their open heart, and end the relationship prematurely. Mind you, not just any comment is that effective. We’re talking about those awful things you say in the middle of a fight that you regret later. With other signs you can apologize and hope that you can take it back, but with Cancer, it might be too late.

11 Leo Doesn't Want You Embarrassing Him in Public

Please don’t embarrass your Leo man in public. Even if he’s done something terrible and you want to get him back, pick a less inflammatory way to do it. Unless, of course, you want the relationship to be over and you don’t want to be the one doing the breaking up—in that case, go for gold and embarrass him in public. You’ll soon get that break up you were wanting!

The pride of a Leo is everything. He’s got a very big ego, which he’s proud of, and he cares about his reputation quite a bit more than the other signs. Having that reputation challenged is the end of the Lion’s world, and when you consider his fiery temper, it’s better to just avoid this altogether. When you’re with other people, don’t make jokes at his expense, don’t reveal any personal details and don’t highlight his shortcomings, lest you ignite that infamous Leo uproar (pun intended).

10 Leo Hates It If You're Spending Time With Other Guys

Since Leo has quite the ego, he likes to believe that you are his, totally dedicated and unable to even think about any other man but him. If you have other guys that you are friends with or you enjoy a harmless flirt every now and then, you’re probably not a very good match for Leo. This kind of behavior could make him snap in two seconds, and send you packing your bags.

There are things that Leo will tolerate—don’t forget that his heart is big enough to match his ego! But other guys in your life isn’t one of them. If you have close guy friends that you can’t turn your back on, make sure you go to extra effort to show your Leo fella that he is your one and only, and all other relationships are purely platonic. He probably still won’t like it, but at least he’ll be less likely to snap!

9 Virgo Doesn't Like You Criticizing Them

This might seem like a joke, since Virgo is without a doubt the most critical and judgmental sign in the zodiac. They are the perfectionists, who pay so much attention to detail that you can be sure they have already picked up on every flaw in the room, whether it belongs to you or them. But still, you can’t just criticize a Virgo like they do to you, or like you would do to any other sign.

In addition to being critical, Virgo is also sensitive. Their high expectations of everyone else stem from the impossible standards they hold themselves to, and you can bet that before you open your mouth to criticize them, they’ve already had harsh words with themselves in their heads. Yes, they can dish criticism out, but they can’t take it because they’re already getting it from themselves. Any extra external pressure will have them cracking sooner or later.


8 Virgo Doesn't Like A Mess

If you’re thinking about leaving a mess around your Virgo guy, think again. At the top of his “hate with a passion” list is disorganization, laziness, uncleanliness, and clutter. While leaving behind dishes in the sink and clothes on the floor might seem like nothing next to cheating, your Virgo man doesn’t think so.

It isn’t just a mess to him. His super speedy brain automatically analyzes and processes those dishes or dirty clothes, and then stores them as evidence to convince himself that you’re lazy, or dirty or not willing to take care of yourself. The Virgo brain is famous for jumping to conclusions and making things much bigger than they already are, so don’t be surprised if after a few leftover messes, your Virgo man might be suddenly calling it quits. Like everything is to him, your little mess is a big deal and rubs him up the wrong way.

7 Libra Doesn't Like You Being a Terrible Person

You’d think that being a crappy human being would turn any sign off. It might make you less attractive, but there are still a lot of people who would put up with an awful person, for a number of reasons. If you aren’t a decent human, don’t try your luck with a Libra, since this sign has zero tolerance when it comes to this sort of thing.

In their essence, a Libra is balanced and fair. They are friendly, and they crave peace, from all sides. There’s nothing they hate more than conflict, so they’re not likely to put up with someone who seems to attract conflict wherever they go. If your Libra partner catches you doing something especially nasty, whether it be saying something vicious, stealing something or just being a jerk in general, they could just drop you right then and there. They find this behavior gross, and don’t want to associate with someone who will immerse them in it.

6 Scorpio Will Snap At A Lie

We were all taught from a young age that lying is a no-no. But as we got older, we started to realize that in some circumstances, lying is okay, and many of us do it on a day-to-day basis. We lie to spare people’s feelings, to get out of things we don’t want to do and the list goes on. That’s all well and good, but in your Scorpio man’s eyes, all lies are equal, and he doesn’t want a bar of them.

You’re going to get trouble if you start lying to him, even if your intentions are good. To him, all lies are a sign that there isn’t the flow of trust between you. It might be hard for you to understand, but he would rather you tell him that you don’t want to hang around his friends than tell him you’re simply busy. You might get away with lying for a little while, but Scorpio is known for sniffing out the truth sooner or later.

5 Sagittarius Doesn't Want You Clinging to Him

Few men are known to enjoy clingy behavior, but one sign who particularly can’t stand clinginess is Sagittarius. This sign is all about having his own space and being free. His independence is very important to him, and it’s hard enough to get him to settle down into a relationship, let alone getting him to withstand insufferable clinginess.

This kind of behavior isn’t always easy to spot in yourself. Many people end up being overbearing without even knowing it, through doing things like sending text after text after text, always wanting to hang out (like, every single day) and insisting on sharing absolutely everything. Even sending your guy the message that you’re not independent and need him to survive is likely to switch him right off you. He doesn’t possess these traits, and he doesn’t rate them in other people, especially those he’s thinking of committing to!

4 Capricorn Doesn't Want You Getting in His Way

No matter how much a Capricorn man is in love with you, he won’t be able to forget about his other life goals. A lot of the time, this means that he won’t be able to forget about his career, but it could also be other personal goals he has too. Capricorn is extremely dedicated and ambitious, and to have a happy relationship with him, you have to respect those traits and support him in his endeavors. If you do anything to jeopardize his success, you’re history. Or to rephrase, your relationship is history.

If he has an important work function or event, don’t make him feel guilty for going to it. Let him spend all the time he needs to on working towards his goals, and don’t plague him with distractions. Doing so will eventually lead to resentment, which will eventually lead to him snapping big time.

3 Capricorn Hates When You Ruin His Reputation

Much like Leo, Capricorn can’t cope with a ruined reputation. Both signs care a lot what others have to say about them, and appearances are very important in their worlds. Unlike Leo, it’s not the instant embarrassment and bruised ego that hurts Capricorn the most, but the long-term of effects of a negative reputation. He would hate to have his dreams crushed thanks to what they’re saying about his character.

It’s not easy to totally ruin someone’s reputation by accident, but it can be done. Capricorn is likely to snap if you post any compromising shots of him online (even if you think they’re funny) or if you act inappropriately at a work function or in front of people he wants to network with. Remember, once you’re a couple, anything you do also reflects back on him, so he won’t be impressed if you publicly act in any way that he wouldn’t act in himself.

2 Aquarius Doesn't Want You Controlling Him

Aquarius isn’t nearly as concerned with his reputation as Capricorn is. In fact, he couldn’t care less what people think of him, and trying to get him to care is one way to have him running away from you. Another thing you can do to aggravate an Aquarius is try to control him. Like some of the other independent signs, Aquarius doesn’t cope well when people want to put reins on him. He’s naturally more comfortable alone than with somebody lurking behind him, and he hates to feel like he has an extra shadow watching his every move.

For best results with your Aquarius partner, don’t give him rules and don’t check up on him. Doing that will make him feel like you’ve boxed him in the corner, taken away his freedom, and robbed him of the ability to be carefree, and it’s sure to strike a nerve eventually.

1 Pisces Doesn't Like When You Make Fun of Him

One of the most understanding and tolerant signs in the zodiac, Pisces is likely to put up with a lot more than most people. It’s pretty difficult to get the worst out of your Pisces partner, who’s all about having a good time, listening to others and innocently creating things. Having said that, if you do want to piss off your Pisces guy, the way to go would be to make fun of him and his ideas.

As all artists are, Pisces is sensitive about his dreams, visions, and creations. He has some very good ideas, and usually has the talent to back them up, but he hates to feel judged and ridiculed. Even saying something in jest about what he’s doing or wants to do will hurt him like a dagger in the heart, and could end up with him losing the plot and walking out on you.


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