What Type Of Narcissist You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign (His And Hers)

There is nothing simple about a narcissist. From them masking their insecurities with excessive and boisterous egos to their manipulation tactics, a relationship with one is never easy. But did you know there are other sub-types of narcissism? Sociologist and psychologist alike have come up with sub-categories of narcissism in order to best describe these manipulative, and even abusive behaviors. Through these sub-types, we see not only the different forms in which narcissism can manifest but also the levels of severity in which a person harbors narcissistic traits and tendencies.

Maybe you've dated a narcissist, are currently dating one, have a narcissistic friend, or maybe you are a narcissist. Deep down, it's not uncommon for us all to have some sort of narcissistic tendencies. But exactly what kind of narcissist are we talking about? Well, that could be answered simply by looking at your zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign has specific character traits most commonly found within their sign. Without a doubt, certain zodiac signs are more prone to narcissistic tendencies than others; have you met a Leo? Whether you're curious about your own narcissistic tendencies or someone you know all you need to do is to take a gander at the zodiacs.

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24 Aries Men: Overt Narcissist

Aries men are without a doubt alpha males. They are leaders in their own right. They are extroverted, determined, and when provoked have explosive temperaments. As narcissists, Aries men tend to fall into the category of overt narcissism. Overt narcissists are classified as individuals with massive egos, with a constant need to be in control. When things aren't going their way, they can get verbally and even physically aggressive. These men do what they want, when they want and don't feel remorse about how it might affect anyone else. When they lash out, don't expect an apology then either. Overt narcissists are also very oppressive individuals. They're the dominant ones, and everyone else is below them. Aries men are typically large and loud personalities, but add the overt narcissism to the mix and those qualities become over the top.

23 Aries Women: Phallic Narcissist

Aries women are the take-charge kind of person. They have no problem taking initiative on tasks at hand and are the leaders of their lives. They're always striving to better themselves and to reach their goals; which can sometimes lead to slightly impulsive behaviors, as they tend to jump head first into their latest schemes. As a narcissist, Aries women fall into the category known as a phallic narcissist. Phallic narcissists are defined as determined, self-assured individuals, who are empowered by social success. These women want to do well, and they want everyone to know it. They're elitist as they try to climb the social ladder to increase their image. Often they are self-promoting and constantly bragging about their latest achievement, but don't let this fool you! Deep down they happen to be very sensitive, in which they seek admiration in order to overcompensate their insecurities.

22 Taurus Men: Bullying Narcissist

Taurus men want both security and the finer things in life and are willing to put the work in to get all of that they want. They can be, and usually are, extremely stubborn and stuck in their own ways. These men may respect that you have a different opinion as they do, but they'll never accept it as being anything less than their own. Taurus men tend to think they're always right and once they set their mind to something, no one is going to change it. For those reasons, Taurus men typically fall under the category of bullying narcissist. Bullying narcissist will humiliate you and make you doubt yourself. When they aren't getting their way, Taurus men will result to this level of bullying in order to get you to bend. As they struggle to compromise, they will try to force you to be the one to settle.

21 Taurus Women: Know-It-All Narcissist

Everyone has that one person in their life that thinks they know what is best for you. They're always offering unsolicited advice and think they have the answer to all of life problems. If not, then chances are this might be you. Well, one thing is for sure, it's definitely a trait of a Taurus! As they tend to think they're always right, and are too stubborn to change their ways, Taurus women tend to fall into the sub-type of narcissism known as the Know-It-All Narcissist. The know-it-all narcissist may have a hard time listening to others, as they are already thinking about how they're going to reply. They like to feel like they are the experts on any topic, and often come off as a bit of a lecturer. Ultimately, they are harmless, as long as you can put up with or ignore their often condescending manner.

20 Gemini Men: Compensatory Narcissist

Often at times, Gemini gets the bad rap for being two-faced. They can be a bit deceiving and hypocritical, saying one thing at one moment and doing another the next. It's because of their, at times, dishonest nature that lands them in the sub-group of Compensatory Narcissists. Compensatory narcissists are described as creating larger-than-life illusions about themselves and their achievements. They do this in order to bolster their self-image. These men will seek out emotionally sensitive individuals, as they are more likely to lend an ear to their excessive tales. Compensatory narcissists hate criticism so they look for individuals that will easily believe their exaggerated tales. As a means of control, they tend to favor manipulation, as they are good at talking and fabricating stories.

19 Gemini Women: Conversational Narcissist

Gemini women are very social by nature. They love to be around a group of people and to make new friends. This is especially true for Gemini women. It is because of this social nature that Gemini women tend to be Conversational Narcissists. A conversational narcissist thrives on receiving attention. While that in and of itself is not very different than any other narcissist, conversational narcissist typical enjoy receiving attention through means of conversations. They love to have people talking about them. Often these narcissists don't even realize their actions when they constantly shift conversations back to focusing on them. Whatever is going on with someone else will suddenly be relevant to this narcissist and they will find a way to circle the conversation back to them. While this may be annoying, it's certainly not the worst type of narcissist.

18 Cancer Men: Victim Narcissist

As a water sign, Cancer men are very in touch with their emotional side. These men tend to be sensitive and caring. That being said, these men aren't often considered to be narcissists. Well, that's usually because when Cancer men are narcissists they tend to manipulate the way you view them in order to be seen as the victim. Plain and simple, Cancer men are Victim Narcissists. The victim narcissist is a master manipulator and in some cases, you'll never know he was taking control of the situation. These narcissists subdue you by making you feel sorry for them. Sometimes the circumstances are real, other times they are completely made up. Either way, they will twist and turn the situation making you want to help them. Just know, nothing you do can ever help them, as they will always resort to playing the victim card in order to get their way.

17 Cancer Women: Inverted Narcissist

Cancer women will often fall into the sub-type of Inverted Narcissist. Inverted narcissists, also referred to as codependency narcissism, are different than any other narcissist out there. They aren't narcissist themselves; rather they continuously draw narcissists to them. They are narcissist through association. Cancer women are very nurturing. They seek to be there for everyone. This is especially true if someone is going through a hard time, as they try to help him or her get through it. This personality attracts narcissists like a magnet. Considering Cancer's need to nurture and help others feel good about themselves, they are quick to accept narcissists into their lives. As inverted narcissist Cancer women will cater to, and give constant admiration and praise to a narcissist. If not careful, Cancer women can fall victim to being in a codependent narcissistic relationship.

16 Leo Men: Grandiose Narcissist

There's a reason most people attribute narcissism with a Leo. Taking a look at a Leo man, there's really no surprise there. Leo men tend to be Grandiose Narcissists. Grandiose narcissism is probably one of the most identifiable forms of narcissism. By definition, grandiose narcissists see themselves as more important and influential than anyone else. They think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. They walk with an air of confidence and can be extremely charming, despite their inflated egos. Grandiose narcissists flaunt their accomplishments and like to act superior to everyone. They want to both be envied and admired. These men are very status-oriented and put effort into looking good, having successful careers, and having any material possession they desire. Just as Leo men believe themselves to be a king, grandiose narcissist people believe they are destined for greatness.

15 Leo Women: Somatic Narcissist

Leo women are queens and they know it. They take pride in themselves and put the effort into everything they do. These women place emphasis on appearances, which is why they fall into the category of Somatic Narcissist. This sub-group of narcissists is consumed by physical beauty and prowess. Whether it's their physical beauty or their fashion choices, these narcissists thrive on the attention and compliments they receive. Status-oriented and self-obsessed, somatic narcissists are the prime example of vanity. They'll often attract numerous love interests and elicit a feeling in partners that these women can potentially be their soul mates. Leo women love to be in the spotlight. They love being adored, complimented, and getting a reaction out of people. And that is why, as far as narcissist go, Leo women are somatic narcissists.

14 Virgo Men: Cerebral Narcissist

Virgo men seek status and perfection. They want to be the best in their careers and work hard to reach that goal. They look over every task closely often triple checking their work, so that they can reach perfection. Out of all the sub-types of narcissists, there are, Virgo men are Cerebral Narcissists. A cerebral narcissist believes in their superior intellect and knowledge. They like to know everything and believe that their level of intelligence exceeds that of everyone else. They'll scorn those they deem to be of a lesser intelligence level, which is often quite a lot of people. Cerebral narcissists and Virgo men are quick to point out the fallacy of others and are quick to come up with a story, whether it's true or made up, that exemplifies there superior intellect.

13 Virgo Women: Acquired Situational Narcissist

Acquired Situational Narcissism is a unique and specific sub-type of classic narcissism. This form of narcissism doesn't develop until at least late adolescence, or adulthood. Acquired situational narcissists have this idea that they are more important than anyone else, which is generally brought on by constant attention and adoration by others. Suddenly becoming wealthy is another cause for acquired situational narcissism. Based on Virgo women's work ethics, they are bound to find success in life. They're very goal oriented and are willing to put in whatever it takes in order to reach their goal. Once their success pays off, these women may become very self-obsessed and self-important. While they may not have been narcissistic in the past, with a touch of fame or success Virgo women's egos may inflate into narcissistic territories. For this reason, Virgo women are more likely to be acquired, situational narcissists.

12 Libra Men: Amorous Narcissist

Libra men are loyal, easygoing, and above all else they are charming. Libra men are often major flirts and will use their charming debonair ways to benefit them in almost any situation. It's these characteristics that group Libra men into the sub-group of Amorous Narcissist. Amorous narcissists are the Casanovas of narcissism. They are the number one relationship con artists. They are also the ultimate heartbreakers. Amorous narcissists will manipulate others through their charm, through flattery, and even by giving them gifts to get on their good side. However, they are quick to drop you once they become bored. These narcissists are charming, alluring and even come across as being very amiable, which is how they end up manipulating people. They will use others in order to satisfy their own goals and desires before quickly moving onto the next.

11 Libra Women: Seductive Narcissist

Libra women are very personable. This is typically why they make friends easily. They're loyal, caring, and at times quite sociable. For these reasons they do attract many friends into their life; however, as far as narcissists go, these women tend to be Seductive Narcissists. Unlike other narcissist sub-groups that make others feel bad about themselves so that they can feel good, seductive narcissists do the opposite. They will make someone feel good about themselves so that those people will return the favor. The seductive narcissist wants support and admiration, but to get that from you, she will first idealize and admire you. It's a two way street for this narcissist and once they're done with the attention they will simply move on until the next person comes along.

10 Scorpio Men: Malignant Narcissist

Scorpio men are very passionate. While they may not always share how they are feeling these men do have intense emotions. They're brave, passionate, stubborn, jealous and even violent. When it comes to their narcissistic tendencies Scorpio men belong in the Malignant Narcissist category. This is perhaps one of the worst forms of narcissism as, unlike they other sub-groups of narcissists, malignant narcissists have some paranoid traits. This level of narcissism is extremely powerful and the more gratification they receive from their accomplishments the worse their narcissistic traits become. Malignant narcissists seek to have complete and utter control in all areas of their lives, including in relationships. They will do whatever it takes to maintain that control as well, so don't get in their way. They don't care about being liked, they only seek to dominate others, and receive their admiration.

9 Scorpio Women: Vindictive Narcissist

Never get on the bad side of a Scorpio woman! These women are usually fiercely loyal and protective; however, once you make an enemy out of her be warned. Scorpio women love to have control and will gain it through whatever means necessary, even if that means she will have to manipulate the situation a bit. Out of all the sub-types of narcissism, Scorpio women typically are Vindictive Narcissists. They are classified as such due to their determination to get back at whoever had wronged them. Whether they've been wronged or someone simply tried to take over the power from them vindictive narcissist will set out to destroy them. They need to prove to you that you're inferior to them. Nothing can appease these narcissists more than destroying and causing havoc in their targeted person's life. Watch out for a vindictive Scorpio woman's stinger, as these narcissists are highly aggressive and toxic!

8 Sagittarius Men: Boomerang Narcissist

No one can control a Sagittarius man. They are free, spirits who like the liberty of doing what they want when they want. Because of this, they often have a hard time with commitment. And that is why Sagittarius men are more likely to fall into the sub-type of Boomerang Narcissist than any other group of narcissism. Boomerang narcissists are in your life one moment and then out of it the next, only to come back around yet again. Boomerang narcissists typically have a slew of potential partners lined up and will jump from one to the next one. When they complete their rotation and come back around they often offer half-hearted excuses for their behavior, and yet are taken back anyway. They'll put in the time to give just enough attention and affection to keep someone feeling special. Once they become bored they're ready to move on to the next and so the cycle continues.

7 Sagittarius Women: Closet Narcissist

Sagittarius women are very comfortable in their own skin. However, they don't feel the need to try to convince anyone else of their awesomeness. Just because they aren't looking for praise from others around them doesn't mean these women aren't prone to being narcissists. In fact, Sagittarius women tend to belong to a group known as a Closet Narcissist, or otherwise called a Covert Narcissist. Closet narcissists will never brag about themselves or even say how special they are; rather, these narcissists go for something else that is associated to them and say how special that is instead. These narcissists make themselves special through association. For example, they may say that women who have read a specific book are incredibly smart, simply because they themselves have read that specific book. It is through association of the book, they are claiming how smart they really are.

6 Capricorn Men: Aggressive Narcissist

Capricorn men want to have it all. They are extremely focused and will do whatever it takes to get to their end goal. That being said, these men tend to be Aggressive Narcissists. This sub-group of narcissism is defined as having an excessive dose of self-worth. These narcissists think they are superior to all those around them and are likely to be rude to those they see inferior. They're also master manipulators who won't think twice about lying to you in order to get what they want. This is especially true when it comes to their climb to success. Most people fall victims to this very cunning narcissist because they appear charming at first. The reason they get their name as aggressive narcissists is because they exhibit all the traits of classic narcissism, without ever feeling any sort of remorse for how their actions affect others. It's all about them and what they want.

5 Capricorn Women: Corporate Narcissist

Capricorn women are very driven, and this is especially true in their careers. These women are all about climbing to the top and being successful. They're hardworking and prove their dedication to every task they do, as they strive for perfection. For this reason, Capricorn women as narcissists are Corporate Narcissists. This sub-group of narcissists are defined by their one-track mind of success. They want the high profile jobs, or to be the head of their career. They're all about making money and seeing the fruits of their success. However, this excessive drive may backfire, as corporate narcissist will drag anyone down, including fellow co-workers, in order to get to where they want to be and they won't feel sorry about doing so.

4 Aquarius Men: Spiritual Narcissist

Aquarius men are very independent. They like to go out and have a good time. Often these men are out and about, always looking for the next adventure. With their constant need to try new things and meet new people, Aquarius men need to have a strong sense of self and often wants to have empowering stories of their own to share. The reason that Aquarius men fall under the sub-type of Spiritual Narcissists is that of their need to continuously boost their ego. Generally, spiritual narcissists search for a higher purpose in order to feed their ego. This may be found in the form of religion, or self-help and self-improvement books. They seek to build themselves up through the stories and lessons of others. Spiritual narcissists, however, only use spirituality as a scapegoat for their real intentions of increasing their own egos.

3 Aquarius Women: Collective Narcissist

Aquarius women love making new friends. They enjoy the social scene and are always ready to grow their group to include the new people they meet. Aquarius women are also very loyal to their friends and often will put their friends first above all else. That being said when it comes to their level of narcissism, Aquarius women are most likely to be Collective Narcissists. Collective narcissists are also referred to as group narcissists. Rather than having an inflated ego, collective narcissists have an excessive self-love for their group. This love is only extended to the group of which they are a part of. While most narcissists are only centered on themselves, collective narcissists share that same level of love and extend it to their group. In their eyes, their group, whether it's a social group of friends or a team, is undoubtedly superior to all others. No one else can match up to their level.

2 Pisces Men: Parasitic Narcissist

Pisces men are very emotional. Above all else, they seek an emotional connection in their relationships, whether that's in romantic relationships or friendships. The need Pisces men have to feel close to someone extends to their need to feel secure and taken care of. This is the reason these men fall under the sub-type of Parasitic Narcissists. Parasitic narcissists have all the behaviors and views of a classic narcissist, however, the reason it is categorized in its own sub-group comes from their need to be taken care of. Unlike other forms of narcissism, parasitic narcissists will use their manipulation abilities to form connections with others who will then take care of them. These narcissists will stay wrapped up in their own world. They seize any opportunity they can to be taken care of and usually find strong, successful partners willing to take the lead in the relationship so that they don't have to do a thing.

1 Pisces Women: Vulnerable Narcissist

Pisces women are very loyal. They will stand by you through thick and thin. They also tend to have very go with the flow personalities. Rarely will you ever see these women get angry; although, they are highly sensitive. However, with that being said, these women still share narcissistic tendencies. Pisces women are likely found under the sub-type of Vulnerable Narcissists. Pisces women are vulnerable narcissists because of their sensitive natures. These narcissists and Pisces women alike have a fear of rejection and abandonment. This fear motivates the vulnerable narcissist to act out. They try to overcompensate these feelings of insecurity with a sense of grandiosity. They don't care about anyone else's feelings. They only care about their own. Thus they will stoop to manipulating others through guilt and shaming them in order to get their sympathy and their attention.

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