What Type Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Do you ever wonder what kind of girlfriend you are? I mean, we all think we’re that perfect girlfriend. You know, the type of girlfriend who is part loving, part totally cool, and always hot. However, that girlfriend only really exists in movies and television show. Sorry guys, but we can’t eat pizza with you every day and not gain weight. It’s scientifically impossible.

Since you're not actually that perfect type of girlfriend - y'know, since she's not real - what kind of girlfriend are you really? There’s many different types of girlfriends out there. There’s the feisty, fiery girlfriend. This is the type of girlfriend who may burn your house down, but you’ll also have some steamy moments together. There’s the very feminine girlfriend, who will love taking care of you after a hard day of work. There’s also the independent girlfriend, who would rather have someone take care of her after a hard day of work. Look, there’s so many different ways you can be as a girlfriend!

Well, I’m here to tell you exactly what kind of girlfriend you are based on your zodiac sign. You’ll also find information based on what kind of element - air, water, fire, or earth - your sign is, as this can be very telling of how you act in relationships too. So go ahead and find out what kind of girlfriend you are, as there are pros and cons to each sign.


16 The Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Steady Nurturers Who Strive For A Happy Home

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The earth signs include the Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. While these three signs aren’t completely the same, they do share some noticeable similarities.

Being that they are earth signs, all three of these signs tend to be very grounded. The are practical and realistic in their goals. Their minds are always thinking about what bills need to be paid and what laundry needs to be folded. No, it doesn’t sound like a ton of fun, but someone has to think of this stuff. And hey, these are the three signs least likely to have bad credit. Though, these signs may also be obsessed with material goods, which can obviously be an issue.

In terms of personality, the earth signs are responsible and reliable. However, they are also be stubborn and condescending. If you’re dating an earth sign, she will always be there for you, but she will also totally say ‘I told you so’ when given the opportunity.

15 Taurus: The Forever And Ever And Ever Girlfriend

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Taurus, you're a sign all about the relationships. When it comes to career ambition, it’s not that you're lazy. In fact, you may have quite lofty goals, but they will always be in terms of your relationships. You will want to get that promotion so you can provide for your children or sell your book proposal to make your husband proud. Everything in your life is seen through the lenses of the relationships.

That said, no one will find a girlfriend more dedicated than you. You will be the most stable, loyal, and devoted girlfriend ever. However, you will expect the same kind of adoration in return. If someone can’t love you enough, you will turn jealous, insecure, and possessive. Oh, you will definitely be looking through his phone after he's fallen asleep.

If someone can give you all the love and devotion you needs, you're the sweetest girlfriend in the world. If not, you can be a bit sneaky.

14 Virgo: The Rock Of The Relationship Girlfriend

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Virgo, you’re a sign of practicality. You’re logical, hard working, and analytical. You’re about end results. You’re also a sign that likes to shy away from the spotlight. Yes, you may be very excited about that big promotion, but when the whole office took you out to celebrate said promotion, you felt a little bit weird with that attention.

This mindset translates to your personal relationships as well. When you’re in a relationship, you tend to be the rock of the relationship. You’re the one who pretty much keeps everything together. When your boyfriend hits a rough patch – he lost his job or he lost a family member – you’re there to be strong for him.

Of course, you can sometimes get frustrated because you’re always the strong one for other people. But at the end of the day, you wouldn’t want it any other way. You truly enjoy the fact that people depend on you.

13 Capricorn: The Wife Her Up Now Girlfriend

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Capricorn, you can be a hard shell to crack. On the outside, you seem like you have your whole life figured out. This is because of how much self-control you have over yourself. You pay your bills on time and go to the gym and never get too drunk during at a party. This kind of self-possessed attitude is what makes men drool over you. When you’re in a relationship, not much changes. You tend to stick to your routines, even if you now allow another person to be part of said routines.

When it comes to your girlfriend style, you’re the type that a guy wants to wife up. Everything about you screams wifey material, as you’re just on of those girls who seemingly has it together.

While you’ll let your guy in, you’ll also never let him be your whole world. Letting a guy take over your life isn’t your style, which makes guys love you even more.

12 Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Abstract Thinkers Who Challenge Their Partners

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The air signs are the Gemini, the Libra, and the Aquarius. One defining trait of all air signs is their intelligence. While they may show their intelligence in different ways – as the Libra is more socially intelligent and the Aquarius is more traditionally book smart – these are all signs with very active and challenging minds. None of these signs tend to take information at its face value. Instead, they analyze, probe, and theorize.

These three alert and curious signs are also very social. When in a relationship with an air sign, you can expect lots of conversation as well as lots of dates outside of the apartment, as the air likes to mingle rather than sit at home all the time. However, the air signs are also flighty. A boyfriend may think he has his air sign girlfriend figured out, only to find out he does not at all.

With an air sign, a guy will never be without great conversation and an overall lighthearted attitude.

11 Gemini: The Keep You Guessing Girlfriend

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Gemini, you’re part the girl of his dreams and part the girl of his nightmares. Generally, you’re a very curious, friendly, and affectionate sign. You love getting to know people – what makes them tick, their dreams, their past scars. You’re the type of girlfriend that a guy fall head over heels for on the very first date. However, you’re a hard girlfriend to pin down. You hate repetition and anything that feels like routine. In fact, you flee from things that make you feel too tied down.

Because of your natural aversion to the idea of a ball and chain, he’ll always feel like he’s chasing after you. This is where the nightmare part kicks in. Of course, guys love what they can’t have, but his inability to ever fully figure you out with drive him crazy. If you two breakup, you’ll always be the one that got away, that elusive girl he could never pin down.

10 Libra: The Best Friend Girlfriend

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Libra, have you ever been told you’re a “relationship girl”? Well, it’s true. You thrive in relationships. In fact, pretty much your highest goal in life is to make everyone best friends with everyone else in the world. While that’s completely impossible, you still try to make sure everyone you know, at the very least, is happy. That’s you: the people-pleaser.

Because you so deeply love connecting with people in truly harmonious, social ways, you’re the girlfriend that is also the best friend. You’re probably best friends with all of his friends too. Oh, and his mom probably texts you about the new Grey’s Anatomy, right? Being the best friend type have its advantages, but don’t forget about the passion in your relationship. The worst thing in the world is to one day wake up and realize you're best friends with your boyfriend, but no longer in love with your boyfriend.


9 Aquarius: The Crossword Puzzle Girlfriend

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Aquarius, it’s not that you don’t completely love your boyfriend. It’s just that you don’t have a great time expressing that love. You are a very analytical, very logical sign. You like to think in great detail about everything. Therefore, you don’t just feel that you love your boyfriend. You actually think about why you love your boyfriend. So you might have an even better grasp on love than many other signs, but you’re just not all that great at verbalizing that love.

This reserved quality makes you somewhat of a jigsaw puzzle as a girlfriend. Your boyfriend will often be trying to figure out where he stands and what you’re thinking, especially because you’ll talk for hours on end about your Game of Thrones theories but you aren’t too keen on talking about love.

Of course, fighting with you is pretty much the worst. You tend to rely on facts and logic, which helps you win almost every argument ever. Also, you never break in an argument. While other girlfriend may turn on the water works to win, you keep your face smooth and unemotional. Keep him guessing, girl.

8 Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): The Passionate Leaders Who Love Hard And Fast

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The fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – are known for their fiery feelings. Actually, every single aspect of their lives are fiery. It’s the fire sign way.

The fire signs are known for being innovators, leaders, and creatives. They are independent spirits. While they may be in relationships, they are always the type who will be just fine alone too. The fire signs are known for the positive, determined, courageous energy. They are the types to see nothing as impossible. Everything is simply a challenge.

Fire signs bring this positive spirit to their relationships, but they can be difficult to date. When things are good with a fire sign, that’s amazing. When things are bad with a fire sign, um… your life may be in danger. What I’m saying is that the fire signs can all be little bit much. But hey, it’s the zest of life, right?

7 Aries: The Power Couple Girlfriend

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Aries, you don’t want no scrub. When you’re in a relationship, you and your partner MUST have similar goals. In fact, it’s unlikely you’d ever really date someone if you didn’t have similar goals, as this is one of the most important aspects to you. You’re very ambitious, determined, and confident, so you need someone who is on that level with you.

When it comes to your girlfriend style, you’re the power couple girlfriend. You want your relationship to be all about achieving success and celebrating that said success together. Of course, your boyfriend will always have to deal with you tunnel vision when it comes to your career goals, but he probably had tunnel vision too. It's all about ambition, baby. Just remember to take a night off from work once in a while.

6 Leo: The 'I Hate You, But I Love You' Girlfriend

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Leo, you drive men crazy in a good way AND a bad way. On the surface, you’re one of those people to whom others are just drawn. You have a warm, entertaining, and vibrant personality. People often think you have that certain star quality. This is probably what initially drew your boyfriend to you. However, this can be difficult to put up with in a long-term relationship.

Since you prefer being the center of attention, your boyfriend will have to take the backseat. On top of that, you can be hard to argue with because of you self-centered personality. You also rarely admit to being wrong.

In a way, it’s the same things that he loves about you that also drive him crazy. Your relationship will be volatile, but those can sometimes be the hottest relationships of all.

5 Sagittarius: The No Fights, All Laughs Girlfriend

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Sagittarius, you have a positive personality and a wonderful sense of humor. When it comes to relationships, you’re bright, happy, and adventurous. You like to explore with your boyfriend, experiencing in places, people, and things together. What you like to leave out of the relationship is any and all fighting. Why was time fighting when you can spend that time loving?

You’re the type of girlfriend who all his friends kind of have a crush on. However, there’s a dark side to you too. Because you’d rather not fight, sometimes you completely check out of a relationship without giving it a fair shot. That sense of adventure can lead you astray.

So yeah, while you’ll never fight with your significant other, you may just end the relationship out of the blue. But hey, when the times are good, they're really good.

4 Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): The Sensitive Lovers Who Feel All The Feelings

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The water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – are feelers. These three signs are very in touch with their emotions. In fact, they nearly let their emotions rule every aspect of their lives.

These sensitive signs are very intuitive. If you’re dating a water sign, it’s likely she’ll know you’ve had a bad day because you even tell her. She’ll simply know by your energy. And yes, water signs are likely to mention your “energy.”

The water signs all also seek out beauty in the world. You’ll find that the water signs are all creative in that they have an eye for beauty, be it in their wardrobe, their apartment design, or their other creative endeavors.

The water signs are all feminine, dreamy signs. Though, when you cross a water sign, there is hell to pay.

3 Cancer: The Dinner's On The Table Girlfriend

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Cancer, you’re a homebody who puts family and relationships above all else. In relationships, you like to feel warm, safe, and protected. You enjoy the idea of a man being the rock and you nurturing and loving him.

While these warm, loving emotions are great, they can occasionally go to the dark place. Cancer, you’re very likely to let your emotions take control and get out of hand. You can be insecure, manipulative, and moody. It’s not even that you’re specifically more insecure, manipulative, or moody than other signs, it’s just that you feel it more. When your emotions seem to be taking control in one way or another, try let your head rule instead of your heart.

When it comes to being someone’s girlfriend, you’re a stereotypical emotional girlfriend, but guys often love that because it makes them feel all the more masculine.

2 Scorpio: The Spicy Girlfriend

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Scorpio, you’re a very passionate sign. You tend to express your emotions through you psychical actions. Because you’re so secretive, you don’t like talking about how you’re feeling. Instead, you like to show how you’re feeling. It's show, don't tell. And yeah, all boyfriends ever love this. I mean, instead of talking about your emotions and then crying to This is Us, you’d rather book a hotel room and get wild for a night. That’s literally the dream for all men ever.

This secretive side of you is what really hooks men. However well they know you, they always feel like they don’t completely know you. This is because you tend to keep pieces of yourself hidden away. This may make your boyfriend suspicious or jealous, but hey that’s just more passion!

1 Pisces: The Damsel In Distress Girlfriend

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Pisces, you are a delicate fairy-princess-mermaid. You are gentle, kind, and loving. This gentle nature can make people see you as weak. You aren’t weak, though. In fact, you have great strengths in that you’re wise, artistic, and romantic. However, these strengths can sometimes be discounted in the modern, capitalistic world.

Because of this, boyfriends can see you as a damsel in distress. You’re a gentle creature that needs saving. While this can be desirable, boyfriends can also feel you’re not independent, as you tend to rely on the relationship for everything in life. Pisces, make sure to still show independence. I mean, he may think you’re a damsel in distress, but you can totally save yourself in the end.


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