What Type Of College Girl Are You? Based On Your Sign

Besides the academic and professional side of college, there is another important aspect that students look forward to, the social scene.

Nowadays, many high school students spend years and years daydreaming about college and planning which school they’ll go to, what they’ll major in, and what job they’ll eventually get after. But besides the academic and professional side of college, there is another important aspect that students look forward to, the social scene. When you’re a senior in high school, you pretty much stop caring about what people at your current school think of you and start wondering what your social life in college will be like instead. Will you be the type who goes out for every occasion, or will you be more studious and spend a ton of time in the library? Will you still play the sport that you love, or will you move on to creative pursuits instead? Interestingly enough, your zodiac sign actually holds a few answers. Here’s what type of college girl you’ll be, based on your sign.

16 Fire Signs: Will Find Themselves In College

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While all three fire signs have many important things in common, they actually approach college quite differently. Here’s the thing about fire signs in college: they’re not there to follow any trends on campus or be pressured into acting a certain way to fit in. Nope, they left that far behind in high school! Once fire signs reach a certain age, usually in their late teens or early twenties (so, prime college years), they really come into their own and have a ton of newfound confidence. This is really apparent when they get to college. They will have the courage to go their own way once they get to their new campus. However, this doesn’t always mean that they’ll excel academically. In fact, many fire signs actually struggle a bit when it comes to college academics. But eventually, they will find themselves on the right path to their version of success.

15 Aries: The Slacker

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Aries, if you’ve ever found yourself questioning whether or not college is the right decision for you, you’re not alone. You’re a very bold, stubborn sign, and many Aries girls struggle a bit when it comes to college classes. In fact, you may be known as a slacker on campus. But don’t let this discourage you! The great thing is that on any college campus, you can pursue plenty of activities that will allow you to shine outside of the classroom. However, this doesn’t mean you should just brush off all of your classes. We know that dealing with the deadlines, strict professors, and tons of assignments weighing down on you can really cramp your spontaneous Aries style. Just do your best to work towards your goals and keep your passions in mind, and major in something that you truly care about. The rest will eventually fall into place, don’t stress!

14 Leo: The Girl Who Does Everything

If Aries is the campus slacker, Leo is the campus queen. Seriously, has there ever been a Leo girl who didn’t dive headfirst into everything her college had to offer? You’ll find Leos rushing sororities their freshman year and then running them by their senior year. You’ll find Leos joining every club on campus within their first week of school and then becoming class president before they graduate. Seriously, these women do not let up for a second. Leo, you are constantly on the go, and your days are scheduled like crazy! Your planner is always packed. And since you’re super social, you work hard and play hard. You party every weekend, and you have a big group of friends. Leo girls always tend to look back on college as their glory days. Just don’t get too caught up in looking back-remember to keep aiming forwards even after your graduation!

13 Sagittarius: TheHippie

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Sagittarius, you are THAT hippie on campus. You’re the girl who will still drag herself out of bed to go to that morning yoga class even if you were up partying all night. You’re the one who rolls up to class wearing funky elephant pants. You walk around campus with no shoes (at least, when it’s warm enough). And you’re always trying to get away with lighting candles and burning incense in your room, even though your RA has tried to bust you multiple times. But a girl’s got to relax somehow after a long day, right? You’re also the girl who is always signing up for totally random electives that have nothing to do with your major just because you really want to dig into philosophy and religion. Sure, some people may see you as cliché, but you’re just relaxing and enjoying life, no matter how many assignments you have.

12 Earth Signs: The Top Of The Class

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Just as you might expect, earth signs generally kill it when it comes to college. Seriously, these signs may not be the most popular on campus or have the most active social lives, but they’re always at the top of the class. Chances are the valedictorian of your college class is going to be an earth sign! So, why are earth signs such a good fit for the college life? Well, for one thing, these signs are super disciplined in a way that other signs can only envy. Yes, even Leos running all over campus to get everything done can’t match a Capricorn’s grades or work ethic. Plus, they don’t get super caught up in the social aspect of college. Maybe they are missing out in some ways, but they are often the first to land full time jobs after college because their resumes are so stacked, so whose the real winner?

11 Taurus: The Athlete

Taurus, you are the perfect college athlete. Why? Well, for starters, you love to stay active. You hate to stay cooped up in a classroom all day, and you seriously need an outlet. You need to get your body moving! But going to the gym isn’t always good enough for you because you really like to have a competitive outlet. And let’s face it, getting competitive over grades just makes you look like a teacher’s pet, and no one wants to deal with that in a college classroom. So you’re naturally just drawn to college athletics because it’s really the perfect combination of all of your interests. And you’re disciplined and organized enough to stay on top of all of your schoolwork while also excelling in your sport. You were most likely an athlete in high school, so why would you want to give that up just because you’re in college?

10 Virgo: The Mature Student

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Virgo, you really have it all together in college. Are you the girl who shows up to class wearing an outfit from last night’s party with eyeliner smudged down her cheeks? Nope. Are you the girl who totally forgets about your final exam and ends up sitting there staring at the test on the verge of tears? Nah, that’s not you at all. You’re the girl whose room is always organized and never annoys her roommate. You’re the girl who not only has a planner with everything neatly written down, but a wall calendar with all of your important dates and assignments labeled a month in advance. You’re the one who is always helping your friends home from the party when they’ve had a little too much, and you’re the one who never has a problem getting a great letter of recommendation from a professor. You’re definitely the “mom” of your dorm!

9 Capricorn: The Type A Student

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Capricorn, you know yourself pretty well, and there’s a good chance that you’re reading this on a quick study break before you get back to whatever essay you were diligently working on. You are the perfect stereotype of the classic Type A student, and you’re proud of it. Your folders and notebooks are color coded for each class. You never miss a single e-mail from your professor, and you actually go ahead and read the whole syllabus when the class starts. You have never been surprised by an exam or a homework assignment in your life, and honestly, you’re pretty sure you have a sixth sense when it comes to pop quizzes, so it’s pretty tough for a professor to catch you off guard. And yes, you do live in the library, but honestly, you feel no shame. If anyone comes near your seat, you’ll have to kick them out.

8 Air Signs: Living Their Best Life

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Air signs, you generally kill it on campus. Academics aren’t always your top priority, but you do generally do pretty well in classes. Each air sign is known for marching to the beat of their own drum, doing their own thing, and just generally being themselves and not caving into social pressure. What does that mean for your college life? Like fire signs, you won’t feel the need to follow any certain trend on campus. Instead, you’ll simply be living your best life. Plus, the increased independence that you get on campus really gets you excited. While you used to butt heads with your parents sometimes while living under their roof, you feel a new sense of freedom at college that you love to take full advantage of. You’re that girl who could walk in on the first day of freshman year and turn your whole life around at college.

7 Gemini: The Social Butterfly

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Gemini, you walked into your dorm on the very first day of your first year and instantly bonded with your roommate. And then you probably befriended your

RA, too, just so you could get away with being rowdy in the dorm without facing consequences. Your professors all seem to love you, no matter how bad some of your grades are (and because you’re super social, you do sometimes skip a study session for a party). You never seem to have a problem finding a study buddy for those classes that you do take seriously, though. In fact, you simply have no shortage of friends for any occasion on campus. You are generally surrounded by people no matter where you go, and you’ve never had to eat alone in the dining hall. Gemini, you are usually one of the most popular girls on campus, just because of your naturally outgoing personality.

6 Libra: The Fashionista

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Libra, you’ve never understood why some girls CHOOSE to wear sweatpants to class in college. Well, you know that some days you just feel too lazy to put together a proper outfit, but hey, that’s no excuse! You’re definitely known as the campus fashionista, and you never slack when it comes to putting together a cute look. You love to go out more so to try out new looks than to actually get crazy on the dance floor, and you would never be caught dead wearing the same outfit to a party twice! No way, not a Libra girl. Plus, you are the queen of thrift shopping. Hey, you’re on a budget just like everyone else, but no way are you about to let that hold you back! And if you’re in a sorority, you’re probably the one with the wardrobe that everybody wants to borrow from; guard your favorite tops!

5 Aquarius: The Hipster

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Aquarius, you probably picked a tiny liberal arts school near some city where you can get your fix of underground music, cozy coffee shops, and cute vintage shops. You are the classic campus hipster, and you have absolutely no shame in it. You’re the girl who can be found up front at the slam poetry nights and guitar open mics. You have adorable tapestries and posters drawn up by your best friends all over your dorm room. And just like Sagittarius, you probably have a thing for yummy smelling candles and incense, which your RA just can’t stand! And you might even have a Libra friend that loves to go to thrift stores for you. When you packed up for school, you probably “borrowed” a few things from your parents' old record collection, too. People may think you’re old school, but you don’t mind, they’re right, and you just love it!

4 Water Signs: All Over Campus

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Being the most emotional signs of the zodiac can present some extra troubles for water signs when they arrive on campus. While these signs are all naturally inclined to excel when it comes to academics, they can sometimes struggle with the social side of things on campus. However, if they do meet a good group of friends early on, they should really have no problem adjusting to college life! You can find water signs everywhere on campus. Some will get super involved in different political groups, being very compassionate signs, they might thrive on a liberal arts campus where many students devote their time to volunteering with various causes. They also tend to choose more creative majors, so they definitely feel a scary amount of pressure to succeed in their dream field after college and not give in to societal pressure. You’ll find them on stage, in the art studio, and writing poetry.

3 Cancer: The Activist

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Cancer is that girl you see at every single protest on campus and she’s driving the van full of students to go to rallies in nearby cities, too. Yup, Cancer girls are usually known as the campus activists. When Cancer students are still in high school, they often feel aware of the suffering that goes on in the world around them, but often feel very helpless to actually do anything about it. But when they get to college, they find themselves with many new opportunities to get involved and make a difference. So they take advantage of it all and drop right in! Expect to find Cancers choosing majors where they can make a difference, too. They often gravitate towards fields like environmental science, political science, or international relations because they want to build a career where they can make the world a better place. When they find that passion, they’re unstoppable.

2 Scorpio: The Drama Queen

Scorpio girls, you often have a great time in college, but let’s be real: it’s a wild ride for you. Being away from home for the first time and having to be truly independent can send your emotions into a crazy tailspin, and that can be tough to handle. It’s okay to admit it to yourself! Often, Scorpio girls will be the ones who just can’t seem to get along with their roommates, even if the roommate is doing absolutely nothing wrong, they just feel super sensitive about sharing their spaces! They also may clash with certain professors over small differences, but this often improves as they get older. And when a Scorpio girl gets into a relationship on campus, steer clear, because you do not want to be accused of flirting with her boyfriend at a party. That will come back to bite you before you know it, so watch out!

1 Pisces: The Artist

Pisces, you were so happy to finally arrive on campus because of the many opportunities that were not available to you in high school. Finally, you will have a chance to access so many new creative outlets that you could never take advantage of before. You’re definitely the artsy type, and while you could end up majoring in nearly anything, you need a place to express your creativity. You’re that girl who skips a party to hang out with some writer friends and work on a poem, or stay in and practice a new song on your guitar (even if it bugs your roommate). You’re also known for your creative sense of style, and like Libra, you’re the last girl who would show up to class in sweatpants! You’re probably involved in a few creative clubs, as well, whether you’re into photography, painting, or another medium, college is where you express yourself!

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What Type Of College Girl Are You? Based On Your Sign