What They Looked Like Then: 20 Rare Photos Of Stars Attending Their First

Every year celebrities dress up for red carpet events. The A-list actresses wear fashion brand name dresses and actors wear suits. Today, many wear nice styles but in earlier years the fashion was different. The stars were much younger and went for a more casual style. Emma Stone and Blake Lively dressed up in jeans and plain t-shirts. The dresses weren't so stylish, either. A-listers from the 90s walked the red carpet in the fashion of the time, which consisted of velvet, chokers and floral.

Ben Affleck opted for a simple black suit at his first red carpet event and Channing Tatum wore pinstripes. Nowadays, celebrities impress everyone with their trendy, bold styles. Thankfully the fashion world has changed and celebrities choose their outfits carefully. The style back then wasn't as trendy and it was a completely different time with 90s fashion.

Some stars were basically unrecognizable as they attended their first ever red carpet events. Look how different they looked!

20 Jennifer Lopez's Younger Fresh Look

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JLo wears stunning fashionable dresses on the red carpet now which reveal her figure nicely. In the 90s, though, Jennifer went for a different style. At her first red carpet event she wore a long dress with silver rhinestones. Lopez wrapped a blue velvet shawl around her shoulders.

She kept her hair simple with an up-do and kept her makeup natural. Jennifer did wear a lot of bling - a silver bracelet, earrings and a ring. Thankfully, JLo's style has changed and now she dresses to impress!

19 Blake Lively's Teenage Casual Style

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Blake was a style guru in Gossip Girl as Serena and she still is in RL. Lively wears dresses on every red carpet event now, but back in the day she went for a more casual style. Blake was younger at the time, which explains the teen attire in this pic.

At the Kids' Choice Awards in 2005, Blake wore torn denim with a blue shirt. She styled the jeans with a pink belt. At least, Blake wore pointed heels instead of sneakers! She kept her makeup light and wore her voluptuous curls down instead of tying them up. We're glad Blake ditched her jeans for dresses!

18 Beyoncé In All Black

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Before Beyoncé went solo she was lead singer of the group, Destiny's Child. Just like her music, Beyoncé's style has also gone through an evolution as she always impresses everyone with her gowns and hairstyles. Back in the day, however, Beyoncé wasn't so out there as she kept her style simple.

On her first red carpet, she wore all black. Instead of a form fitting dress, Beyoncé wore snug leather pants and a see-through floral top. She kept her makeup natural and minimal with earthy tones, and kept her hair in a straight, fuss-free 'do.

17 Young Reese Witherspoon's Cowgirl Boots

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Reese Witherspoon is a A-lister and she wears nice dresses at every red carpet event, but in her younger days Reese looked completely different. Her first red carpet event was at The Man on the Moon premiere and she was only 15 years old! Look how young she looks!

Reese wore a white floral top with a velvet skirt. She also went cowgirl with the boots. The style is a bit of a mismatch, and thankfully Reese ditched the skirt and boots for dresses and heels as she got older.

16 Jennifer Aniston's Simple Red '90s Style

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Jennifer Aniston is an A-list actress who's been acting since the 90s. Her first red carpet event was in 1995. Jennifer wore a form-fitting red patterned dress with red heels. She kept the style simple with hardly any jewelry and natural tones of makeup.

The dress is a bit too straightforward for a red carpet event as she doesn't stand out. Jen still likes her simple style these days, but at least it's trendier now and she shines more on the red carpet. Her hair isn't curly anymore either as Jen wears it in a straight style now.

15 Ben Affleck's Casual Black Suit

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The usual style for men on the red carpet is neat suits. At a red carpet event in 1995, Ben Affleck posed with his friend Matt Damon in an all-black suit. He wore a tie which doesn't really match his black attire. The tie also wasn't exactly neat. Ben looks comfortable in the suit as the blazer also hangs and isn't closed up.

A younger Ben Affleck must have preferred a more casual suit look than the neater styles he wears today!

14 Britney Spears's Innocent Look

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The singer became famous with her hit single, 'Baby One More Time' in 1998. Britney was still a teenager at the time. Now Britney is all grown up and she wears form-fitting and glamorous short dresses. On her first red carpet in 1999, she wore an innocent strappy white dress with heels.

Britney accessorized the look with a small black handbag and silver Alice band to keep her fringe out of her eyes. Britney accentuated her curly hairstyle with a light touch of makeup. These days, Britney has given up the curls for a straighter, more grown-up hairstyle.

13 Kate Winslet's Strange Patterned Outfit

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Some '90s fashion was unique and celebrities from that decade dressed up in weird outfits for the red carpet. Kate Winslet wore this black patterned top and pants combo in 1996. The pattern is messy and it's hard to tell if it's a dress or pants. Kate wore black shoes which blended in with the outfit. She wore a big coat over her outfit which she opened while posing for the paparazzi.

Since then, Kate has traded her quirky outfits for elegant dresses and hairstyles. Here her hair was bright, wavy and unkempt. A far cry from her current elegance.

12 Anne Hathaway Wears A Jersey On The Carpet

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Anne's fashion has evolved since her earlier days. She wears gowns with fancy hairstyles instead of a straightforward, sloppy style. Hathaway's first red carpet was when she was 15 years old. It's a bit too much of a grown up look for a teenager!

Instead of a dress, she wore grey business pants and a light pink cardigan. Chokers were popular in the 90s and Anne wore a light color one. She kept everything simple but thankfully Anne has a more grown up style now.

11 Charlize Theron's Short Black Dress

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At the Two Days in the Valley premiere in 1996, a younger Charlize wore a short black strappy dress with open black heels. The dress and colour are very plain.

She kept her makeup light with black eyeliner and pastel colours. Charlize put her hair in a nice up-style. She doesn't really stand out here like she does on the red carpet these days. At least, Charlize has more form now and impresses everyone with her fashion selections.

10 Scarlett Johansson's Younger Dress Fashion

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Scarlett has really evolved with her red carpet dresses and hairstyles. Now, she selects trendy dresses which suit her. At an event in 1998, Scarlett was young and didn't really know how to be fashionable. It's clear how young she looks and the difference from her current-day style is quite surprising. She wore a plain violet dress with a floral pattern that looked like she was going out to the movies with friends. The shoes don't match the outfit.

Her hair is quite messy and some random parts are even braided. We're so glad Scarlett wears more grown up dresses now!

9 Emma Stone's Simple Jeans And Shirt

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The actress is all grown up now as her red carpet outfits vary between dresses and elegant business pants. In 2006, Emma attended the Replay Brand party when she was 18. She looks unrecognizable because of the different hairstyle and teenager-style outfit. Emma donned plain denim with a tank top. She wore her hair down with bangs as a fringe. Emma kept her makeup simple and didn't overdo it with jewelry.

Now that Emma is older, she wears her hair in chic styles and she always looks super-glam on the red carpet. At least she has a trendier style now!

8 Taylor Swift's Pure White Innocence

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During the early years, Taylor was more innocent and wore outfits which revealed her clean image. At Taylor's first red carpet event, the 2006 CMT Music Awards, she was only 17. The singer wore a nice strappy white dress. Her shoes were interesting because they had a bow at the ankle strap and a nice design. Plus, they were pointy! Taylor kept her curly hair down as it was her trademark at the time.

Now Taylor wears edgier dresses and has her hair styled straight. We like the edgier look, although this wasn't a bad look for a first try!

7 Jennifer Lawrence's Elegant Floral Dress

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The actress has come a long way with her clothing choices. Now, every red carpet dress is long instead of short. Here, Jennifer was only 16 but she did dress up with elegance for her first event. The dress is strapless and has a blue floral pattern on it, along with a lace fringe. She donned low heels and the shoes went well with the dress. Jennifer kept her look subtle with elegant earrings and her hairstyle.

Thankfully, she wore a dress instead of denim! Now, Jennifer dresses for her age and always looks good.

6 Cameron Diaz's Satin Dress

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Cameron has been a part of Hollywood for a long time and she's been attending red carpet events since the '90s. Cameron's style has changed since then and she now wears beautiful gowns. In 1994, Cameron wore a satin dress which reveals her figure nicely. The design is similar to a Chinese fashion dress. The pink is nice as it makes her stand out.

The shoes were a bit too casual for her appearance, though. We're happy Cameron wears heels and prettier dresses now!

5 Channing Tatum's Charming Suit

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Channing shot to fame in 2006 with the movie Step Up and since then he has been attending more red carpet events. Before 2006, Channing attended the Coach Carter movie premiere in 2005. He looked dashing in his suit selection!

The striped suit matches his black shoes and the tie goes well with everything. Channing has never lost his style as he still wears designer suits to movie premieres! He doesn't wear striped suits anymore, though, as he keeps his look a bit more subtle and chic.

4 Jennifer Garner's Dressed All In Red

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Jennifer mainly dresses up in long flowing gowns at award ceremonies. In 2000, Garner attended the TV Guide awards in an unusual dress. It appears to be a shirt with a skirt instead of a dress. The bottom part has two flaps and it's a lower knee length. The wrap around appears to be a blanket because of the string material protruding at the end.

The shoes don't match the dress and the clipped fringe gives Jen a child-like appearance. Thankfully, Jennifer has more of a chic style today!

3 Julia Roberts's Stylish Blazer And Curly Hair

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Julia has been in the film industry since the '80s. She has walked many red carpet events. Julia attended an event in the '80s in a stylish blazer. It's a chic look for the time, as Julia kept the attire all black. She gave the short style some elegance with the see-through stockings and black heels.

Julia kept her trademark curly hair down, and kept her makeup to a minimum. Now, Julia often wears long dresses and styles her hair straight.

2 Natalie Portman In All Green

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In the '90s, Natalie Portman was young, and dressed like it at events. In 1996, Natalie attended the Mars Attack Hollywood premiere in a bright, green dress. The dress flowed down her frame and it had a pattern on top. The heels she wore were open and silver. The pouch bag even matched the dress. Green overload...

Natalie's hair is also messy and she has a very light touch of makeup. Nowadays, Natalie's dresses are more elegant and her hair is always styled nicely.

1 Cara Delevingne's Style With An Edge

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Cara is a model who has an edgy style, and that's evident at every red carpet event she attends. In 2010, Cara attended the Remember Me premiere when she was 18 years old. Her dress has an edge to it with its unique belt. Cara also added a different element to a plain LBD by choosing thick stockings and stunning ankle boots that have bows on them.

Cara hardly wore any makeup and her hair was simple, and yet she looked just as glam as she does these days.

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