What These 20 Wrestlers From The Attitude Era Look Like Today

We are reasonably sure that most people checking out this article want to see some wrestlers who have really been through the wringer over the years, and see just how messed up they've wound up these days. Well, that's fair enough. 20 years of wrestling will wear someone down pretty quickly.

It is surprising just how well some of these wrestlers are doing for themselves, though, even if they look more than a little worse for wear. But hey, there are wrestlers who went through the Attitude Era and didn't live to tell the tale, so these ones are among the lucky.

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20 Al Snow


If people don't remember Al Snow, it might be because he was never a huge superstar. He didn't exactly ascend to the ranks of The Rock or Stone Cold. What he did do was carry around a mannequin head and talk to it all day long while creeping other wrestlers out. He actually looks like he's aged fairly well.

19 X-Pac


X-Pac is certainly worse for wear, it would seem— at least by this photo. Of course, there are only so many times that someone can do the bronco in the turnbuckle before it very seriously wrecks important parts of a person. He put himself through a lot, but he still podcasts and travels about the wrestling world.

18 Vince McMahon


It is true that Vinny Mac has changed, to some extent. He's got a bigger turkey neck thing going on than he did back in the Attitude Era, but let's be realistic here... Vince will never really change. And we're pretty sure everyone knows this. He'll wrestle less, but he'll still be that same overbearing boss driving people to the loony bin!

17 Val Venis


"Helloooooh Laaaadies!" We're pretty sure that, these days, most women would likely say goodbye to Val rather than hang off his arms and scream when he whips that towel off and starts dancing. Back in the day, Venis was a pretty handsome man...but with the hair gone and the white beard... he's lost a little bit of his touch.

16 The Undertaker


Man, what a sad state of affairs. The Undertaker has been and will remain one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but watching his final match at Wrestlemania against Roman Reigns was just... sad. Everyone could tell he was broken and he should have been handed the match. Rest... In... Peace (figuratively, since he's still alive).

15 Triple H


Triple H was one of the biggest attitudes of the Attitude Era and it is actually kind of sad to see the complete turn-around that he's done. Sure, he still dishes his out opinions, but there was a day when he would settle things with a sledge hammer... or even a TANK! But now he's corporate and is all about the company line. We miss the DX days...

14 The Rock


A lot of people give Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson grief for having changed so much when last he was in the ring. People criticized his performance. The only change was that he became a good and seasoned actor, whereas the rest of the WWE remained the testosterone-driven soap opera sort of acting standard. The Rock just ascended, and he's doing amazingly well.

13 Edge


Much as I'm sure that Edge loves to get back into the ring (since he only ever stopped because he destroyed his back with one too many spears and high-flying moves) he probably shouldn't just show up for the Royal Rumbles. That's the place where many of the forgotten wrestlers show up once a year to prove they're alive. Edge is better than that.

12 Steve Austin


Stone Cold Steve Austin is another one of those characters from the Attitude Era who essentially gave that era its name. He was very recently on an episode of Hot Ones (which was wonderful to watch). He gives a great drink recipe and talks a bit of shop and promotes his podcast. He's doing pretty well for himself... and pretty much looks the same.

11 Shawn Michaels


Shawn Michaels is still out there trying to do it but there is no mistaking that he is a hurting man with some issues to sort out. To be fair, he is among one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and even if he's a little cock-eyed these days, he knows the business inside and out and isn't afraid to talk about it.

10 Paul Wight


In all seriousness, it is amazing that Paul Wight is still going strong. He was originally booked as the son of Andre The Giant and considering his size, it makes sense. Also, considering his size, it is amazing he can still put his body through the ring these days. He's looking happy and healthy... but definitely worn out. Now, he's doing kids shows!

9 Mick Foley


Who here misses the days of Dude Love? Cactus Jack? Mankind!? Mick Foley is probably one of the strangest and yet most popular of all the wrestlers out there. His corporate and nice-guy shift has saddened a lot of fans though. They miss when he was nutty and would snap out of nowhere. He does sometimes... but we miss the Attitude Era Mick.

8 Matt Hardy


So... Matt Hardy has kids now and is a nuttier wrestler than he was before. He even looks nuttier than before. The Hardy Boys were always doing ridiculous high-flying moves and they still do every so often, but Matt has taken on a new persona of a man gone completely off the rails (without the illicit substances). Good for him! Sorry, Jeff.

7 Kurt Angle


Well, let's be honest here. He doesn't really look all that different but for the fact that we can tell he has aged quite a bit. But, as we've said before, 20 years in the WWE will do a lot to a person. Regardless, Kurt Angle will likely remain a WWE personality in one way or another for a long time, no matter how many times he gets "fired".

6 Ken Shamrock


He definitely looks worn now and seems to be attempting a Logan thing with those chops, but Ken Shamrock is definitely still fit as a fiddle and strong as an ox. He and Steve Blackman had some of the best fights back in the day and it's good to know that Ken, while out of the wrestling ring, kept himself going with MMA.

5 Kane


Oh... goodness. For those here who did not know, this is Kane. Does anyone remember that near seven-foot, thin, and masked wrestler who was The Undertaker's brother? Yeah, that's this guy. Well, not really. There has certainly been more than one person to play Kane... but this is the face we get... now he's the Big Red Politician.

4 Goldust


Goldust has been around for a long time and he used to be a way more interesting and innovative character. He brought a certain level of creep and class to the ring that had never been seen before... and then he became a joke. We still think that Dustin should have gone to help Cody Rhodes with the AEW, full time.

3 Gangrel


All things considered, it is amazing that Gangrel is still a noticeable personality. That being said, take a look at the photo in the background and then look at the aged vampire wannabe in the foreground. There is a bit of difference, for sure. We're not saying he's been through the wringer but...

2 Chris Jericho


Chris Jericho made it to Hot Ones before Steve Austin did and we have to say that his ability to keep going strong in the ring, to have a personal life,  and ability to do & say what he wants is pretty amazing. He has certainly reached a level of stardom most wrestlers can only dream of.

1 Billy Gunn


Well, we don't think we have to really say it, but... we're going to. It is pretty clear that Billy Gunn is hurting a little. When last we saw him wrestle, he was showing up for an annual "let's see what all of those older wrestlers  are up to" match. It was great to see him and his old New Aged Outlaw partner in action... but it was very sad.

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