What These 15 Weird And Dirty Habits Say About You

We are all pretty disgusting. You can try to hide it, you can pretend that you don’t have any gross habits that you indulge in when in private, but it just isn’t true. We all have animalistic urges that outweigh any social mores that demand politeness. Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves, and sometimes we are just lazy and disgusting. Regardless of how gross your secret habit might be, just know there are probably lots of other people out in the world that do the same thing. Some maybe just benign habits that are dirty while others could harm your health or even be a sign that you have a health problem. These are 15 disgusting habits that most of us have probably indulged in, and then, there are those that go beyond habit and are classified as a disorder. See if you can relate to any of these gross practices and whether or not you have something even more nasty that you love to do in your free time. Don’t feel too guilty. People in general are pretty gross, they just hide it really well. For every weird, dirty thing you do, there is someone out there that can probably top it, hands down.

15 Not Washing Your Bra

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How often do you wash your bra? How often should you wash your bra? This is kind of a relative decision depending on your activity level. However, it is pretty easy to let it go and before you know it, a month has gone by without washing your bra. It probably doesn’t need to be washed every day since it causes a lot of wear and tear on the fabric, but you should wash it at the least once a week. There is a lot of sweat that builds up on the bra from your armpits, back sweat, as well as under your breasts and in between them. All of that is absorbed by the bra and held in there. You wouldn’t re-wear a shirt that you worked out in, would you? I wouldn’t. You probably shouldn’t keep re-wearing a bra if you sweat a lot. From smell to skin infections, wearing a sweaty bra isn’t a good idea. You might be a procrastinator or just bad at laundry if you keep putting that sweaty thing on.

14 Zit Popping

This is a common disgusting habit that is probably one of the most satisfying and yet, the most counterproductive. Seeing a zit just ripe for the popping is hard to keep your hands off of, and it is easier to cover up a red spot than a volcanic whitehead about to explode. However, by using your bacteria covered, greasy fingers to unclog a very clogged pore really just makes it worse. It adds to the clog, and if you press too hard you can break blood vessels and even leave permanent acne scars on your face. Despite all of those facts, most of us can’t seem to keep our hands away from a nasty zit on the verge of eruption. If you are a notorious zit popper, consider yourself normal. No one wants to walk around with acne, and the physical act of popping zits feels productive even when it usually isn’t. The satisfaction we get in popping them makes us physically feel better.

13 Picking You Earwax

Having earwax build up can be so annoying and totally nasty. It gets stuck on your headphones, and when you stick your finger in there, it gets stuck in your nail and just looks yucky. While earwax is meant to protect your ear from bacteria and loud noises, if there is too much buildup, it can obstruct your hearing. Through the centuries, people have been obsessed with removing their earwax, and there is such a thing as an earspoon meant to scoop out wax. They are still sold in other areas of the world, but not in the U.S. because of liability. People are so obsessed with cleaning their ears, they frequently go to the ER because of Q-tip injuries despite the fact that the packaging says not to put it in your ear. For safer wax removal you can use a earwax candle that draws wax from the ear with the warm smoke from the candle. If you are obsessed with picking at your earwax, apparently this has been a big issue for centuries. Just don’t stick anything too far in your ear.

12 You Don’t Wash Your Hands After Using the Bathroom

Research has found that about 10% of people don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom. Those that do make a stop at the sink often skip soap or don’t lather long enough, leaving plenty of bacteria behind which they spread on everything they touch and expose others to it. Washing our hands is the first line of defense against illness, and it is a crucial practice that we should all be doing, apparently more often. When we decide to skip this practice, it increases the likelihood of catching and spreading germs and disease. If you are considering skipping the sink after the bathroom, ask yourself, “Would I be grossed out if someone else didn’t wash their hands after using the bathroom? Would I be fine eating food they touched with their hands?” If that thought grosses you out, go wash your hands. If it doesn’t bother you, you need to educate yourself on bacteria and hygiene.

11 Using Your Cellphone

Research has said that your cellphone is 18x dirtier than the rim of a toilet seat! Remember when I said you should wash your hands after going to the bathroom? It is because everything you touch carries those germs on your hands, and it will end up all over your cellphone. Then, you are putting all of that on your face every time you hold that cell phone to your ear. If you happen to be the kind of person that cleans their phone and uses special phone cleaning wipes, other people might have poked fun at you and said you were a germaphobe, but you aren’t. It makes a lot of sense to clean the one thing you carry with you at all times and hold close to your mouth and face. If you don’t clean your phone, you are basically rubbing a nasty, dirty toilet seat on your face all day.

10 Eating Food Stuck in Your Teeth

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It is the worst to walk around all day with a giant piece of food stuck in your teeth as you smile and talk to people not realizing until you get home just how bad it is. So when you get home and see that giant piece of food caught right in your front teeth, what do you do? Do you brush your teeth? Do you get a piece of floss? Or do you pick it loose...then eat it?! Apparently, a lot of people do this. There is something about old food that just seems gross, but many people think since it was already caught in their mouth all day what does it matter if they just swallow it anyway. If you have been guilty of doing this, you aren’t that weird. In fact, you are probably more economical because you are refusing to let any food go to waste no matter how small or old.

9 Burping

This is a pretty straightforward gross habit, and it is something our bodies have to do. With the meals we eat constantly growing larger and the amount of soda we drink, burping is a pretty frequent occurrence. That doesn’t make it any better. It is also disgusting when people don’t try to stifle the sound at all and unleash long, loud burps that basically smell like what they ate. That is a pretty big turnoff. However, if you burp more than you should, and it seems to be constant regardless of when you drank or ate, it could mean you have a health issue. Some people develop constant burping as a nervous habit. Others that are plagued by frequent burping may have a gallbladder problem or even an ulcer. If that sounds like you, maybe you should take a trip to the doctor’s office to see if there is more to this gross habit.

8 Nose Picking

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We all had that one kid we went to school with that we would catch knuckle deep in their nose during class, and they never seemed bothered when people saw them. Then, they would look at what they found and eat it! Well, some scientists say it isn’t all that weird. Nose picking is a pretty common gross habit. Our noses are filters that trap dirt and bacteria and sometimes blowing our nose just doesn’t do the trick so we have to use our fingers. Scientists have even gone as far as to say that eating your boogers could help boost your immune system and is an evolutionary response. However, if you happen to pick your nose so much it interferes with your day or if you have even hurt your nose, you could have a compulsive problem. If it is just an occasional pick, your disgusting habit is probably pretty normal. Although, I still wouldn’t recommend you eat it.

7 Sleeping in Dirty Sheets

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This is a guilty habit especially among singles. It is easy to get busy with life and completely forget that you haven’t washed your sheets in a month...or worse. If you are in a relationship, you might be more likely to make sure those sheets are fresh as daisies as to avoid any awkward stains or smells when you are getting busy. That is probably the least of your problems because stinky, dirt and body soiled sheets can potentially attract a variety of bugs. No one wants that. If you are guilty of forgoing sheet washing, you are most likely just another busy person that thinks about their sheets as the very last thought of the day when they are falling into bed and wondering where that funky smell is coming from. This is more common than you might think, but maybe wash those sheets before you get bed bugs.

6 Looking in the Toilet

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It is almost a natural reaction to glance at whatever waste you just expelled. Even if the smell tells you it is bad or you know it is going to be a disaster, your eyes can’t help but look at it. This might seem like a really weird and disgusting habit, but pretty much everyone does it. There is almost a sense of awe at how disgusting some of the things are that come out of our bodies. From excrement to menstrual blood, our bodies are really just gross, and it can feel almost like a relief to know it is out of our bodies. Even if you think this is a bizarre habit, it is actually good for you. When something is wrong internally, we often see signs in our waste. If you aren’t paying attention to it, you could easily miss warning signs of a major medical issue. So really this gross habit is just keeping you safe. And...if you live in a warm climate, looking in the toilet might even save you from snakes that sneak through the plumbing.

5 Skin Picker

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We all end up with scabs, ingrown hairs, white heads, black heads and all kinds of skin issues. Do you let them try to resolve on their own or do you have to pick squeeze and tweeze until you have torn your skin apart. Most people pick at those disgusting skin ailments and some even find pleasure in it. Then, there are people that have a compulsion to pick at themselves and take great satisfaction when it hurts or even bleeds. It is known as Dermatillomania, and it drives people to pick at everything from pimples to moles until they damage their skin. Some people even start to imagine skin abnormalities and disfigure themselves by picking at something that isn’t even there. It can cause permanent scarring and even infections. If you pick at the occasional ingrown hair and scratch a scab or two, you are probably pretty normal. It is when that picking takes on an obsession that you might have a problem.

4 Putting Things in Your Mouth

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Babies learn a lot about the world by putting stuff in their mouths. They stick objects, food and their own fingers in their mouths. Sometimes adults don’t seem to outgrow this, and they bite their nails, chew on the skin around their nails and even chew on their hair. If you have one of these oral fixations, you are probably just associating it with something in your development. However, if you move beyond just chewing and actually eat your nails or hair, you could have a problem. People with dermatophagia obsessively bite and sometimes even eat their fingernails and skin they pick off. Those with a disorder called trichotillomania pull hair out of their head and other areas as stress relief and sometimes also eat it. Neither are good for you and can cause infections and even hairballs. But even just nail biting is a very dirty habit especially if you aren’t washing your hands or not cleaning your cellphone.

3 Swallowing Your Vomit

Have you ever been somewhere in public and you feel your gag reflex? You know what is coming next, and it isn’t going to be pretty. To save yourself from the embarrassment of puking in public, have you swallowed it? Whether from illness, a hangover or something else, throwing up in a public place can be terribly embarrassing not to mention an awful mess that needs to be cleaned up. However, it isn’t good for your body. When you throw up, your body is telling you that something is wrong, and it needs to get something potentially harmful out of your body. The actual release of vomiting is also a relief and usually makes you feel better. If you keep swallowing it, it could make you sicker, and you might even choke on it. Don’t be so vain that you make yourself worse by repeatedly swallowing your vomit just to avoid embarrassment.

2 Peeing in the Shower

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Why? I just don’t know why people do this. Is it out of sheer laziness? Why would you urinate in the same place that you bathe yourself? It seems that men may be the more common culprit of this disgusting habit mainly because it is easier for them to urinate wherever they feel like it. Yet, plenty of women have been known to take a squat while in the shower. According to Shape Magazine, 80% of adults confess that they urinate in the shower. Apparently, there are a variety of reasons that actually make it better than the toilet. It saves water from toilet flushing, less waste from toilet paper, and it is cleaner to wash with water than wiping with toilet paper. So there you go. I guess if you pee in the shower you are more environmentally friendly and hygienic. Or you are just lazy, and you can use these excuses to make it sound better.

1 Smell You Own Funk

Many people admit to taking a whiff of their own body odors from armpits to flatulence and not completely being grossed out by the aroma. While they don’t mind the smell of their own funk, apparently they don’t like anyone else’s. This strange phenomenon is somewhat usual. When we smell unappealing aromas from other people we are grossed out because our brains our protecting us from something potentially harmful, but our body recognizes our own smells and isn’t bothered by them because we know there is no threat. So if you happen to be one of those people that secretly gets a thrill of enjoyment when you sniff your old underwear or if you like to take a big whiff after a Mexican lunch, it isn’t as weird as you think. I mean most people will tell you it’s weird, but you are far from the only weirdo out there.

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