What The 'Teen Mom' Cast Looks Like Now Vs. Season One

It's common for reality stars to become so famous that the public follows their antics on a regular basis. It's easy to forget the reason why they were on said reality show in the first place. In the case of the stars of MTV's Teen Mom, Catelynn, Farrah, Amber, and Maci had cameras document them to showcase what it was really like to be a teen mother.

These days, we're still watching the girls on Teen Mom OG, but we're just as likely to look them up on social media or read about something wild and crazy that just went down in their personal lives. It's also interesting to think about how different they look from those early days of the MTV series.

Read on to find out what the Teen Mom cast looks like now, versus the first season of the reality series.

15 Farrah Abraham: The Reality Star Definitely Looks Different Today

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While it might never be super clear what Farrah Abraham has actually done to her face, it's pretty obvious that she looks very different today than she did in the first season of Teen Mom.

When we compare these two pictures, we see a teen mom with her little girl Sophia, and then we see that she's got big lips and super blonde hair.

14 Amber Portwood: From Miserable To Cleaning Up Her Act

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Amber Portwood may have ditched the heavy eye makeup and dark hair and bangs, and she recently had a baby boy with her boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

She's changed her life and done a 1-80, cleaning up her act and living a healthier lifestyle so she can take care of her daughter Leah. Unfortunately, though, Amber has been in the news recently for some personal problems.

13 Maci Bookout: The Adorable Mama Has Found True Love And A Real Family (And Some Tattoos)

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Back in season one of Teen Mom, Maci had super short red hair and was in an unhappy relationship with her baby daddy Ryan. Today, she's got long flowing locks, tons of tattoos on her arms, and has found a true family.

It's been cool to see Maci find her now husband Taylor, and they're raising her son Bentley plus their kids Jayde and Maverick.

12 Catelynn Lowell: From Baby Faced Young Mother To Married Mom Of Two

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It's amazing to see the contrast between these two pictures. In the photo on the right, Catelynn was a teenager who had large hoop earrings, really long bangs, and hair that seemed to be dyed. On the left, we see her as part of a loving family unit.

Catelynn and Tyler are parents to their daughter Nova and their baby girl Vaeda, and Catelynn, with her mature long bob and casual t-shirt and jeans, looks much older.

11 Tyler Baltierra: He's All Grown Up Now (But We Wonder About His Marriage)

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It's pretty crazy to see the contrast between a young Tyler in his teens and how he looks now. The truth is that he still looks young and could still pass for a high school student, but of course, he's a dad and a husband.

While it's great to see Tyler looking like a grown-up, we are pretty curious about how his marriage to Catelynn is really going. They lived apart and there has been a lot of wondering.

10 Debra Danielsen: She And Daughter Farrah Still Aren't On The Best Terms

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It's sweet to see this throwback picture of Farrah's mom Debra and her baby girl Sophia. Debra looks pretty much the same in these two photos, although she's definitely wearing more makeup and has her hair nicely styled in the second snapshot.

One thing that hasn't changed? Farrah and her mother still fight a lot and just can't seem to get along.

9 Jen Edwards: Ryan's Mom (And Bentley's Loving Grandma) Looks Exactly The Same

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Sometimes when we look at two photos of the same person, we feel like absolutely no time has passed... and that's exactly our reaction looking at Jen Edwards.

On season one of Teen Mom, we were introduced to Jen, Ryan's mother/ Bentley's grandmother, and she and her husband Larry have been a big part of the show ever since.

8 Gary Shirley: He Went From Amber's Baby Daddy To A Proud Father And Husband

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Gary didn't have the easiest time on the first season of Teen Mom. He and Amber were thrilled about their baby girl Leah... but they weren't able to make their relationship work.

Gary looks very similar in both of these pictures, along now things are so much better for him. He's found love with his wife, Kristina, and he's an amazing dad to Leah.

7 Catelynn And Carly: The Star Has Reunited The Daughter She Gave Up A Few Times Since Then

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No one could watch Catelynn and Tyler's episode of 16 and Pregnant without shedding tons of tears. In the photo on the left, we see a young Catelynn with the baby girl, Carly, that she gave up for adoption. On the right, Catelynn has reunited with her.

It's definitely amazing to see how grown up Carly is.

6 Butch Baltierra: Tyler's Dad Has Had His Fair Share Of Trouble

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When Tyler's dad Butch appeared on the first season of Teen Mom, he had really long hair, an equally long mustache, and was getting in a lot of trouble. In the years since he's much more clean-shaven and has been rocking a shorter hairstyle.

Unfortunately, Butch has had some more struggles since then, and it's something that Tyler has been vocal about on the series.

5 April Brockmiller: Catelynn's Mom Is Doing Great These Days

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Catelynn's mom April and Tyler's dad Butch used to be married. There's quite the contrast between these two photos: the photo on the left is of April and Butch back when they were together, and on the right, we see a much happier looking April and Catelynn.

April has had some struggles, like Butch, but seems to be doing well now.

4 Ryan Edwards: He's A Dad Again... But Going Through Personal Problems

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It seems like every day (or at least every week), there's a news item about Ryan, Maci's ex and Bentley's father. He's definitely going through a lot of personal problems.

He looks a little bit older than he did in the first season, as we can see when we compare that old picture with a recent one of him and his wife Mackenzie and their baby.

3 Bentley: Maci's Little Guy Is Now 10 Years Old

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Fans of Teen Mom who have been watching since the beginning will remember when Bentley was just a baby. We get to take a trip down memory lane and see this adorable photo of Maci holding onto him.

On the right, we see a more recent photo of Bentley, who is now 10 years old. Time really does fly.

2 Sophia: From Baby To Beauty

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It's hard not to get super emotional when comparing these two photos. We can't believe this sweet throwback photo of Farrah holding onto baby Sophia... and now Sophia is 10 years old. She looks so beautiful, with long hair and a stylish outfit.

Sophia has moments of maturity on the show, and she even has her own social media account.

1 Leah: We've Watched Amber's Daughter Grow Up Before Our Eyes

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Talk about a big change. We see a super small baby Leah with Amber on the left (and she's still got her bangs)... and in the photo on the right, Amber and a grown-up Leah are hanging out with Kristina, Leah's stepmom and Gary's wife.

If we think that Leah has grown up so quickly, we can only imagine how emotional Amber and Gary feel.

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