What The Last Lie You Told Says About You, Based On Your Sign

We all tell white lies–it’s true (hah). Did you ever wonder if you have a pattern of telling certain kinds of lies though? Maybe you’ve discovered your pattern and you’ve wondered why you always turn to the same lie. Why do you do that? Whether you never call your dates back after you told them you would, you cut out of work a little early and will never admit to it, or you say you take other people’s opinions into consideration but you really don’t, you have a go to lie that you always turn to. Did you ever consider that your sign might have something to do with your white lies? Well, it might.

When you find yourself telling your friends that you always agree with them when you don’t, or convincing others that you’re over your ex when you really aren’t, you have to think why you are saying these things. Well, we’ve dug deep and figured out why each sign tells their little white lies. Read on to figure out what your sign’s go-to lie is and why that is your go-to. Maybe you can even figure out how to break the habit next time the opportunity presents itself!


15 Aries: "I can't come to work because I have plans...err, I mean, I'm sick"


Oh, Aries, you and your adventurous ideas. You can’t sit still for one minute because you are always planning your next move. Nothing will stop you either, not even work. When you have your mind set on something, you are just going to go for it. Your lie dictates that you are going to bail from work to set forth on your big plans and you aren’t even going to think twice about it.

Although other people are depending on you, you just want to humor yourself and go do what you want to do. That’s great and grand and all, but you should at least make sure it isn’t during the busy season when the team is reliant on you doing your job. In the meantime, you might as well have fun with those sick days.

14 Taurus: "I totally homemade every part of this meal"


Okay Taurus, there is no way you are whipping up a meal from scratch every night. You aren’t Martha Stewart—it’s impossible. Come on now, you bought that double layer chocolate cake; just admit it. The thing about a Taurus is you’re too stubborn to admit when you bought part of your meal. It’s okay to take shortcuts sometimes; we all do it!

You’re lie tells us that you are much too proud to admit that you would lower yourself to store-bought cuisine. You would never buy that filthy food. Pre-made soup—please. But listen up, it’s okay to be human, loosen up a little bit, so what if you got a premixed marinade, your family and/or guests will survive it. Just own it and no one will seriously care at all.

13 Gemini: "I totally LOVE your outfit *cough*, not, *cough*"


Gemini you are so brutal! What if someone said that to you and snickered behind your back? You wouldn’t like it very much. Well, perhaps you’ve run into another Gemini and faced the same situation; that would be poetic justice. The thing is, Gemini, that you can be a little insecure therefore you need to be vicious to others to make yourself feel good sometimes. Kind of not cool.

The thing about your lie says that you can be really Mean Girls status to your friends, but deep down you just want to be accepted so you put on a front. As the most communicative of the signs, you are the one that lets your feelings known to everyone because you feel you have to. Maybe you should contain yourself a little bit though, it isn’t super nice all of the time.

12 Cancer: "I'm not against anything, I'm just conservative on the issue"

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Cancer, you’re not conservative on anything, you are just opposed to the entire issue and you’re attempting to be somewhat diplomatic—kind of. As a Cancer, you are pretty stuck in your ways and won’t open your eyes to any new opinions or viewpoints. But the issue is you will never admit that you’re completely against these new opinions, and you are much more opposed to what you let on to.

What your lie says is that you care about what others think because you won’t give a solid no to whomever you’re arguing with. Maybe you should venture out of your house a little more Cancer and see the ways of the world just a little more than you do so you can understand more opinions than your own.

11 Leo: "Of course I take your opinions into consideration"

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You’re not fooling anyone Leo, the only opinion that matters is yours. You might act like other people’s opinions matter, but they really don’t. Heck, you might have even perfected your pondering face because you have a lot of looks that you have perfected, am I right Leo? You’ll let the other person talk a little bit until you interject with your thoughts and overtake the conversation, right? Yeah, sounds about right.

Your lie says that you want to care about the other person, but your pride gets in the way of that. You are your number one, and nothing will change it. Even if someone makes a great point, you will still top the person with your opinions because that is how you are, take it or leave it.

10 Virgo: "You can tell me anything, I'd never judge you"

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Virgo, you can be one meanie. You’ll act like you are all kind and caring, but you are being all judging underneath it all. You can’t help it though; it’s just in your nature. Your way is the best way and anyone that goes against it gets your evil eye is disapproval. You are so analytical and methodical that you will over analyze anyone and everyone to your standards.

Your lie says that you have a high bar and that not many people live up to it. You really overprotect yourself because you are afraid to be let down. So many people have let you down before, and keep your standards high lowers the chances of getting too close to the wrong people. Sure it’s okay to kick some people to the curb, but maybe don’t give everyone the boot. Give some people a change, Virgo!

9 Libra: "I agree with everything you just said"

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It’s impossible to always be non-bias Libra. As much as you want to keep the peace and give everyone a chance, there are going to be times where you are going to pick a side and disagree with somebody. It’s human nature for crying out loud. No one on this planet can always be the eternal peacekeeper. It’s just not possible. Even you have a streak in you that spurs an argument sometimes. I know, it’s hard to believe, but you do.

What your lie says is that you are insecure about your opinions. You just want everyone to get along rather than share what you have to say. That isn’t always a good thing. Who suffers when someone is tooting their horn about something you don’t agree about, you. It’s not right for you to always take a back seat, so step up and stand up to them when you disagree, Libra!


8 Scorpio: "I'm totally over my ex"

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Newsflash, no you’re not Scorpio. In fact, you are likely hiding out in the bushes watching their every move or following them in your car. As a Scorpio, you can’t just let things go, you have to plot your revenge even if your ex just split with you amicably, you still have to stalk them by every means possible.

Your lie says that you have a passion for certain things and you have trouble moving on. It can be hard to get passed such history, but you really have to let it go, Scorpio. It isn’t healthy to follow around your old flame, especially if they don’t even want to be friends with you anymore. Focus on you and don’t let other people stand in your way, especially not an ex.

7 Sagittarius: "I will definitely call you for drinks after this awesome date"

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No you won’t Sagittarius. You are too busy focusing on your next conquest to be bogged down by that. As a Sagittarius you are the most free spirited of the Zodiac and you can’t be held back by the responsibilities of commitment or a relationship. In fact, the very thought of a relationship scares the pants off of you because that means answering to someone else besides yourself.

Your lie shows that you are trying to pacify someone because hurting their feelings and telling the truth off the bat isn’t your thing. Yes, it would hurt their feelings, but isn’t it going to ultimately hurt their feelings in the long run anyway? The thing is you won’t have to deal with the aftermath and that is pretty weak. Be honest Sagittarius.

6 Capricorn: "I never waste time at work or dare to cut out early"

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Dear Capricorn, yes you do. We all do. Don’t tell me you don’t chat by the water cooler SOMETIMES or you’ve never taken an extra ten minutes on your lunch before. You are a liar if you say otherwise. No one in their right mind hasn’t cut out a few minutes early when the boss isn’t looking including you, but you’re so dedicated to your work that you would never admit to it.

Your lie says that you are way too dedicated to your job to the point that you’ll even lie in hopes that your superior hears and rewards you for never doing wrong at work. But here’s the kicker, your boss somewhat expects you to be a human and screw up from time to time as long as it doesn’t become a habit. No one is perfect you know, so you might as well chat up your buddies for a couple minutes here and there so you don’t go insane sitting at your desk for eight hours straight.

5 Aquarius: "Everyone should be as giving as I am"

Wow Aquarius, you’re a little full yourself aren’t you? But, maybe you aren’t as giving as you claim you are. How much of your paycheck is really going to the less fortunate? How much of your stuff is really making it to Goodwill? I’m willing to bet that you are talking up a good storm rather than actually producing huh Aquarius?

Your lie says that you are insecure about what you actually do for humanity. As the biggest humanitarian of the Zodiac, you are the one that is the most in touch with those who in more need than others. You can be a giving person, but you also let the world know about it and you often fabricate your stories as well. That’s great that you are willing to help, but maybe keep it more to yourself rather than making other roll their eyes on the regular.

4 Pisces: "All of my work is always original"

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Hey Pisces, I’ll give it to you, you are the most creative one of the Zodiac, but sometimes you can take a little more inspiration that you need from someone else’s work. Not to say that other people don’t do it either, there are only so many chord progressions that make up a song, but sometimes it sounds or looks a little too close to the original.

What your lie says is that you, like everyone else in the Zodiac, run out of inspiration and that is okay. You can’t always be creative. You work hard on your art and that is a good thing, but you shouldn’t resort to taking too much from the people that inspire you either. If you have writer’s block, get yourself through it even if it takes sometimes. It’s well worth it.

3 BONUS: Surprisingly, Water Signs Are Actually More Stuck In Their Ways Then You'd Think, So Their Lies Are Due To Their Stubbornness


When it boils down to it, water signs are the most stuck in their ways. It’s hard to break them of their habits and it’s really difficult to get them out of their narrow-minded boxes. It really takes a lot of time and effort to get them to see your point of view if they ever see it at all. It isn’t their fault though, they are just born this way. They put up a thick wall and they are afraid that the new and different will hurt them in some way shape or form.

Their lies protect them from the changes that are headed their way; it almost diverts them from these crazy differences in a way. At least for a little while anyway. Try as you might, a water sign is hard to break mostly because they are sensitive deep down. Tread lightly around them and give them some time, they might just come around and surprise you one day.

2 BONUS: Fire Signs Care More About Themselves, So Their White Lies Often Involve Protecting Their Egos


This doesn’t come as too much of a shock. Fire signs are the signs of the Zodiac that care the most about themselves. Their lives revolve around them and that’s about it. They will do just about anything for themselves whether it is missing work for their benefit or pretending to take other’s opinions into consideration. It’s not to say they completely don’t care about others, but others do not come first in their mind.

Their lies turn the scales so they benefit one person and that is them. They will lie to others to make them feel like they are important when in reality they really aren’t being considered that intensely. Fire signs will stop at nothing to make their lives easier, which is great for them but not always the best for everybody else.

1 BONUS: Air Signs Care More About Others, And So Their White Lies Are Usually In Good Heart


Although they might upsell how much they care about others, they still are the signs that care the most about other people. They will take other people’s need into consideration and try to help them. They will fabricate their stories a little bit and make themselves sound like more of a hero than they deserve to be though, but in a way, many people fabricate their stories.

Their lies say that they care about their appearance to others. They want people to think of them a fair or even giving people. They are definitely self-conscious and might even say some mean things just because they want to take the heat off of their own shortcomings at times. They should just stop worrying about everyone else and focus on themselves in all reality.


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