What The 'Honey Boo Boo' Cast Looks Like Now Vs. Season One

No one truly knew what to think when TLC introduced reality television fans to their hit television show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. It was entertaining, raunchy and sometimes downright offensive. Viewers never quite knew whether to laugh or call social services while watching this backward, southern crew middle their way through everyday life.

The show is now long gone, but the cast members most certainly are not. Alana, June and the gang are out there doing their own things now, and some of them are entirely unrecognizable. Check out their differences in appearance from season one to today.

15 Mama June Trimmed Way Down

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Following the TLC cash cow Here Comes Honey Boo Boo's end, Mama June jumped right into another reality television show, From Not To Hot. This show followed the obese reality star through her journey to shed some serious body mass. June dropped an astonishing number of lbs going from a size eighteen to a size four thanks to a rocking personal trainer and gastric bypass surgery.

14 And Then Put Some Back On

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While June did manage to go from 352 lbs to 137 lbs by the time her body transformation show aired, she has put some of those lbs back on. It is reported that June began to lose sight in her one good eye, partly due to her severe transformation. Her inability to move around much unassisted contributed to her fluctuation on the scale.

13 Alana Thompson: From Tot To Teen

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The firecracker we have all come to know and love was only six years old when we first met her via TLC's television show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. These days Alana Thompson is an official teenager! She entered the new phase of life back in August 2018 and was showered with some birthday love from her famous family.

12 Pageant Perfect To Dancing Queen

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Honey Boo Boo is no stranger to the stage, for she has been rocking crowds with her charm and charisma in beauty pageants since she was a wee tot. After a hiatus from the beauty pageant world, HBB returned to the world of performing and made her official first appearance on Dancing With The Stars Junior. She did NOT disappoint.

11 Mike Thompson: Aged But Not Changed

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Alana's father Mike Thompson, aka Sugar Bear, has parted ways with Mama June since the show ended. While he did try and gain full custody of his little girl, things didn't pan out in his favor. He and Alana are not exactly seeing eye-to-eye these days, and there seems to be some bad blood between the famous father and daughter. Alana shared her thoughts on their estrangement with Ok Magazine recently while promoting her mother's return to television.

10 Someone Else's Sugarbear

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While those close to the reality family say that Sugar Bear was heartbroken when his family split up, he certainly spared no time wallowing in his pain and sadness. Thompson went and found himself a new woman. He is now someone else's Sugar Bear as he married his new bride Jennifer Lamb in 2017.

9 Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell Is All Grown Up

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Anna, Chickadee, Cardwell was a seventeen-year-old mama to be when we first met her on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. So much has changed for the young mother who has mostly muddled through her entire adult life on camera. Anna went on to have another daughter and marry Mike Cardwell, although that union isn't exactly going as planned.

8 And Is A Not-So-Happily Married Woman

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Anna seemed to settle into a fairy tale relationship when she walked down the aisle with her love Michael Cardwell, but the pair is now estranged. The mother of two changed her social media profile from "married" to "separated" and moved back to Georgia to reside with her former step-father, Sugarbear, for a time. She has recently been posting images of herself with a new mystery man to her social media pages. We can't help but wonder if she is done with Michael Cardwell for good.

7 Jessica "Chubbs" Shannon Is A Beauty

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Jessica, Chubbs, Shannon was once an outspoken and raunchy teen who let all sorts of words and sounds rip from her mouth and other body parts. As time went on and June moved to another part of Georgia, Jessica stayed behind so that she could finish up her last few months of high school.

6 And Was The First To Graduate From High School

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Jessica's hard work paid off. She became the first family member to graduate high school! Young Chubbs went on to do even better than a diploma and is now an undergraduate at South Georgia State University. The former reality star is working towards a nursing degree and making lifetime friends. You go, girl!

5 Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon Has Made Major Life Changes

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Lauryn cut out carbs and managed to lose a boatload of pounds so great for her. Perhaps she was motivated by her mother's health journey as well as Alana's quest for clean living. She also swapped the Mountain Dew bottles for baby bottles as Ms. Pumpkin now has a little pumpkin of her own. Yep. Lauryn has joined Club Mama.

4 And Now Swings Both Ways

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Back in 2015, Lauryn, aka Pumpkin, let the world know via an interview with Inside Edition that she didn't mind batting for the other team. During the interview, Pumpkin outed her mother June as well saying that she too was attracted to both males and females. Both ladies seem nothing but proud of their lifestyle choices.

3 Baby Kaitlyn Is No Longer A Baby

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Who could forget little baby Kaitlyn, Anna's firstborn daughter with the extra thumb? This tiny, fair-haired sweetheart stole the show with her beautiful baby blues and sweet smiles whenever she had the chance. Anna's firstborn baby is certainly growing up fast. Little Kaitlyn is now school-aged at six years old!

2 And Is Now A Big Sister!

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Sweet baby Kaitlyn, June's grandbaby by her eldest daughter Anna, is no longer the baby of the family. Kaitlyn is now a big sister to Anna's second daughter. Per usmagazine.com, Anna and her now estranged husband Michael welcomed little Kylee into the bunch in 2015. This family rocks the girl power as all of June's children and grandchildren thus far are female.

1 Lee "Poodle" Thompson

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Uncle Poodle wasn't a significant player on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, but he did make his appearances now and then. Poodle is the goofy uncle who is Sugar Bear's brother. The openly alternative fellow was welcomed with open arms by June and the gals who supported his choices. Per hollywoodreporter.com, he got hitched in 2015 to his husband Joshua and now works to combat bullying and strives to promote safe relations.

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