What The Cast Of American Pie Looks Like… 20 Years Later

The ‘80s and ‘90s were a time where teen comedies seemed to dominate cinemas. Many of these vehicles either haven’t aged well or have been forgotten entirely, but there are others that remain poignant after all of these years. In some cases, these properties are still being experimented with in some capacity to see if there’s still life in them.

One of the more popular examples of this during the ‘90s and ‘00s was the American Pie series. Not only did they make a trilogy of films, and then a reunion picture, but there was a wealth of side sequels featuring peripheral characters to keep the franchise alive. Most of American Pie’s cast were in their prime during the film’s hormone-filled shoot, but two long decades have passed. Accordingly, Here Is What The Cast Of American Pie Looks Like… 20 Years Later.

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19 Jason Biggs (Jim Levenstein)

Via IrishTimes.com/ETOnline.com

Jason Biggs, the flustered heart of the American Pie series has certainly grown up since the '90s. That being said, he doesn't really look all that different. Biggs could probably still sub in as a young Jim Levenstein if need be, not that that's happening. Biggs' acting career hasn't slowed down any either.

18 Alyson Hannigan (Michelle Flaherty)

Via AlbanyDailyNews.com

The later American Pie films allowed Alyson Hannigan to embrace her beauty more as Michelle Flaherty, but age has only done this actress favors. Long gone is the mousy look, and Hannigan is a genuine smoke show. She also hasn't gone anywhere, acting as a regular on both Buffy and How I Met Your Mother, for nearly a decade on each show!

17 Natasha Lyonne (Jessica)

Via EOnline.com

Natasha Lyonne is another American Pie alum who time has only been kind to. Lyonne's Jessica was one of the quirkier members of the female cast. Lyonne cultivated that personality in both real life and the other roles she's taken, such as on Orange is the New Black and Russian Doll. She's seen huge success lately and is making her American Pie cast proud! Her and Biggs were even on Orange is the New Black together.

16 Seann William Scott (Steve Stifler)

Via DigitalSpy.com/Yahoo.com

Seann William Scott was one of American Pie’s biggest breakout stars. Steve Stifler's sex-crazed persona was what many audiences gravitated towards, but Scott has grown up over the years. After becoming more chiseled and gruff, Sean William Scott has successfully transitioned over as an action star. He was even one of the leads on Fox's Lethal Weapon TV series.

15 Shannon Elizabeth (Nadia)

Via Worldemand.com

Teen sex comedies have a lot to do with friendship and coming of age, but they're also often gratuitous opportunities for copious nudity. Shannon Elizabeth fills this purpose in the first film. Not only is she the object of many people's affection, but her exchange student status even removes much of her communication skills. Elizabeth hasn't changed greatly over the past two decades and she can still drive teen boys up the wall.

14 Tara Reid (Vicky Lathum)

Via WTFEveryDay.com

Tara Reid's Vicky Lathum was an integral member of the American Pie cast. Her relationship reflected certain subtleties about going "all the way" that were absent with other characters. Reid's career has shifted towards a lot of made-for-TV SyFy fare. Reid no longer looks as natural as she did in her younger years, but she's still turning out satisfying work.

13 Chris Klein (Chris “Oz” Ostreicher)

Via 1075ZooFM.com

Chris Klein's "Oz" was one of the dopier guys from the American Pie series. Klein pays this kind of role to perfection, but it's unfortunately the high point in his career. Klein is still active and was even the villain in The Flash’s fifth season, but he's beginning to show his age. Klein can tap into that same hapless energy, but it's not quite the same when he looks middle-aged.

12 Mena Suvari (Heather)

Via AlbanyDailyNews.com

Mena Suvari often played the tempting role in the earlier days of her career. This was no different in American Pie where she played Heather. Suvari has aged awfully gracefully and she's maintained that youthful appearance that made her so vibrant in American Pie. Suvari hasn't quit acting and she's still playing comparable roles twenty years later.

11 Eugene Levy (Jim’s Dad)

Via EOnline.com

Even though the American Pie films focused on Jim and his friends, Jim's Dad turned out to be one of the series' most popular characters. Even when the rest of the cast left the series, Eugene Levy was still popping up in American Pie spin-offs to make youths feel awkward. Levy was no spring chicken during American Pie, but he really hasn't changed much. Schitt’s Creek Levy isn't much different from American Pie Levy.

10 Jennifer Coolidge (Stifler’s Mom)

Via Worldemand.com

Jennifer Coolidge's performance as the Mrs. Robinson-esque Stifler's Mom helped put the term "MILF" on the map. The whole point of Coolidge's older character was that she still had a charm to her. Two decades later, that's still very much the case. Coolidge has maintained her older elegance and she's still very much an actress who could get someone half her age.

9 Thomas Ian Nicholas (Kevin Myers)

Via Scribol.com

Kevin Myers didn't always stay in the spotlight through the American Pie films. Thomas Ian Nicholas' Kevin was a bit of a pretty boy and one of the more "normal" guys from the group. Thomas Ian Nicholas has lost a bit of his suave demeanor and isn't a leading man, but he's still working hard in TV and film.

8 Eddie Kaye Thomas (Paul Finch)

Via Hollywood.com

If any of the boys in the American Pie group were nerds, it would be Eddie Kaye Thomas' Paul Finch. Finch went for the more sophisticated and mature approach, which seemed to work well enough for Stifler's Mom. Thomas has shed that baby face look, but his American Pie self is still recognizable.

7 Chris Owen (Chuck Sherman)

Via TheSun.co.uk

Chuck "Shermanator" Sherman wasn't exactly friends with the American Pie clique, but they did enjoy to taunt the poor guy. Sherman was frequently American Pie’s uncool punching bag, but it's amazing what two decades can do. Chris Owen has lost the wispy look and could be a ringer for Benedict Cumberbatch. If only high school could see the Shermanator now.

6 John Cho (John)

Via m.ViralityToday.com

John is more a supporting, peripheral character to the American Pie universe. He's basically a background actor in the first film, but with each new venture, his role grows more significant. By American Wedding, he has a decent sized role and it's even revealed that the character's name is John. Cho must have access to the fountain of youth or something because he basically looks identical to how he did in these movies.

5 Molly Cheek (Jim's Mom)

Via Scribol.com

Granted, it's Jim's Dad that gets a lot more to do in the American Pie films than Jim's Mom, but she still serves an important role in these comedies. Molly Cheek nicely taps into that supportive motherly role here. Jim may have a tough time coming clean to his father, but he'd have an even more difficult time with his mother. Much like with Eugene Levy, Molly Cheek still looks great considering two decades have passed. She may be a little up there in her years, but she could still easily play mothers, rather than grandmothers.

4 Eli Marienthal (Matt Stifler)

Via QuirkyByte.com

Matt Stifler, Steve Stifler's younger brother, is a bit of an afterthought in the original American Pie movie. He's basically there to absorb his brother's abuse and be embarrassed over his family. As the American Pie films branched out into spin-off territory, it's Matt Stifler who takes up the reins. Considering Eli Marienthal was still in adolescence during filming, it's not surprising that his look has changed a lot. He finally looks like he's ready to be the head of the Stifler clan.

3 Justin Isfeld (Justin)

Via QuirkyByte.com

Justin Isfeld's Justin is essentially the other half to John Cho's John. The two characters always appear together and it kind of becomes a running joke through the movies. It feels like they're just two friends of the cast hanging out and sneaking into the movies. Isfeld's look has changed a little more than John Cho's, but he's still easily recognizable.

2 Eric Lively (Albert)

Via Scribol.com

Albert definitely sneaks under the radar and isn't a very prominent player in American Pie, but he's still a character that's worth touching on. Albert is one of the preppy students in the film and a source of ridicule for Jim and his friends. Eric Lively (Blake Lively's older brother!) has nicely filled out over the years. He's even more of a preppy standout than before.

1 Eden Riegel (Sarah)

Via Worldemand.com

Eden Riegel's Sarah isn't as memorable as anyone of the leading ladies in the movie, but she still makes a strong impression. Sarah is a sophomore at the big party and she's someone that Stifler becomes especially interested in before life intervenes. Riegel's schoolgirl look is gone, but she's still a knockout. Riegel had an enviable career in soap operas and is still active in acting.

This is what many of the main cast of American Pie looks like two decades later, but there are still more cast members from the franchise that we haven’t looked at!

Sources: IMDB.com, Variety.com, AmericanPie.Fandom.com

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