What Stresses You Out The Most Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Let's be honest. Everyone gets stressed. You can be the most chill person in the world but there's something that stresses you out. We all have that one thing (or one million things) that get on our nerves, that make us tick, that rub us the wrong way or that keep us up at night. It's human nature! No one can be mad at you for getting stressed. But even though we all get stressed, we don't all deal with it the same way. Some people curl up like a ball and cry. Other people get angry. And we all need to learn with our different stressors in different ways. What calms you down might actually be more stressful for someone else. So what do we do if we want to manage our stress and be a bit more chill? Check with the zodiac, of course. It might sound odd but your zodiac can tell what stresses you out and what you need to do to regain your calm. Ready to live a much more chill life?


15 Aries: You Can't Let People Down

Aries, you absolutely hate letting people down. You are all about proving yourself. If you tell someone you're always on time but you're running late to meet them, you're stressing about it. If everyone knows you're the best project manager at work but you fumble your latest team meeting, you're stressing about it. In fact, even if you're doing fine at work, you're probably still stressed because you want to be doing better than fine. You want to be doing your best all the time. You were that kid who stressed over a B+ in school because it wasn't an A. So how can you stop stressing? You need to take a moment and decide what actually matters to you. You can't be the best at everything - you just can't. So decide what you actually care about, what makes you happy, and strive to do your best in those things. Everything else is allowed to slide.

14 Taurus: You Need Order


Taurus, you are all about routines and order. You need things to go exactly according to plan. And when things don't go according to plan - like most things happen to do in life - you start to lose your cool. By now you must have realized that sticking to a routine all of the time is impossible. Things are always changing! Sorry to break it to you, Taurus. The best way to deal with your stress it to embrace life's changes. You need to learn to go with the flow a little bit more. Try being spontaneous! Sure, your schedule might say that you go to the gym on Thursdays after work but what happens if you ditch the gym and go to happy hour with your coworkers instead? We promise the world won't stop spinning. Give it a try. You might actually enjoy changing things up.

13 Gemini: You Can't Be Alone

All by yourself! You don't want to be all by yourself! Sob songs aside, this is exactly how you feel, Gemini. You don't like spending time alone, period. When you're by yourself, you start to really get into your head. You're already bad with decisions but when you're all alone, you start to second guess yourself and replay things that have happened. You drive yourself mad! But the answer isn't running out to every social event and ensuring you've always got a buddy to keep you distracted. The stars think you should try journaling. Instead of dealing with all the stress in your head, get it out on paper. You'll feel way better once it's all written down and you can put it away. Put pen to paper to help get over your stress.

12 Cancer: Friendship Drama Gives You Stress


Cancer, the title of this post must have really resonated with you. You're always a little stressed about everything, aren't you? It's just your caring nature, Cancer. It turns you into a perpetual worrier which stresses you out. But what stresses you out the most? Friendship drama. You are the peacekeeper. You can't stand being in the middle of any drama in your friend group. If there's conflict, your heartbeat starts getting faster. Gossip makes your head spin. And if two people aren't talking to one another, you're breaking out in nervous hives. Why does friend drama stress you out so much? Because you're feeling everything they're feeling. You're empathetic and you feel your friends' emotions as if they were your own. It's time to put the focus back on yourself. Before you reach out and ensure that all of your friends are okay, check in with yourself. How are you doing?

11 Cancer: You're Insecure

We told you that a lot stresses you out Cancer. And at the root of it all is your insecurity. This probably isn't the first time you've heard that you're insecure. It's not that you can't be confident in your looks, talents or relationships. It's just that you crave security. You're a homebody and you love to know that everything is alright. You want to feel warm and protected always. But because we don't live in a bubble, that's just not possible. And then you start feeling insecure and you start stressing. So what should you do? Your horoscope recommends meditating. Meditating isn't for everyone but for a constantly stressed out Cancer, it could be perfect. Focus on the fact that total security is not possible. Embrace the chaos and feel better knowing we're all in the same boat.

10 Leo: Work Gives You Anxiety


Work is your biggest stressor, Leo. Of course, everyone gets a little stressed about work every now and then. But work always stresses you out, even if nothing particularly stressful is going on. And that's because, at heart, you're a fun-seeker. You live for the fun moments in life. You probably worked hard to find a job that lets you have a little bit of fun. But no job can be fun all the time. So whenever work is not fun - like when they want you to be there at 9:00 am or when they force you to attend meetings - you feel stressed. So how should you deal? Talk it out. Don't let work stress make you angry and bitter. Vent to your friends. Go on a rant in the group chat. Let your besties take you out for a drink. You'll feel way better, we promise.

9 Virgo: Can't Handle The Pressure

Virgo, you love to fly under the radar. You prefer to be behind the scenes. Sometimes people forget you're in the room and honestly, that's how you prefer it. You are not about the spotlight. You will never draw attention to yourself. And you certainly won't take center stage if you're the one who has to perform. So if you ever get thrown into a situation where it's all eyes on you and you have to do something in front of the audience, you're stressing out really bad. You're shy! You just perform best behind closed doors. Doing a presentation in front of your boss or a speech at your bestie's wedding? Yeah, you're a wreck. So what are you going to do? You've got to fake it until you make it. You can't go through life avoiding ever being the one in the limelight. So just pretend like you have it under control. Pretend you're super cool and confident. And eventually, you will be.


8 Libra: You Crave Balance


Libra, your world is all about balance. It's not so much that you need order and routine like your Taurus sisters. It's just that you need all of the scales to come out even at the end of the day. You need things to be in harmony. And you know what isn't harmonious? Conflict. Any sign of conflict, confrontation or injustice really stresses you out. You can't even handle witnessing it, let alone being involved in any of it yourself. Sadly, conflict, confrontation, and injustice are all natural parts of life. And it's not good for you to run around stressed about all of it. You need to use your strengths to pull yourself out of this. You're great at being an optimist and seeing the bright side of life. So use that and find the harmony in every situation. Find the silver lining. Find the purpose behind all the bad.

7 Scorpio: You Get Paranoid

Sorry to say it Scorpio, but you can definitely get a little paranoid. Your nature is to be slightly distrusting and pessimistic. You need to spend more time with your Libra friends! But on your own, you tend to always think the worst of people and that the worst is going to happen. You do this to guard yourself and your feelings. You can't get hurt if you're suspicious and keep everyone out, right? You'll see one thing, like your boyfriend being tagged by someone you don't know on Facebook, and suddenly you're coming up with all of these conspiracy theories that involve his ex-girlfriend from high school and an Instagram model you once saw him searching. Honey, you are going to drive yourself wild with all of this paranoia, suspicion, and jealousy. You need to get a grip. Go to someone you trust, like your mom or your bestie, and ask them to give it to you straight. You can handle it. They'll tell you if your crazy is warranted or not.

6 Sagittarius: Responsibility Stresses You


Sag, this probably isn't the first time you've heard that responsibility isn't your thing. In fact, you run from responsibility. When your peers were going to college, getting jobs or buying houses, you were probably off taking a road trip across the country, teaching English in Japan or stomping grapes in Italy. You're very carefree and always have your eye on the next adventure. Sadly, responsibility has a way of catching up with everyone, even the Sag who runs from it. And when it does get you, you start to stress. How are you supposed to work a 9-5, pay your mortgage, and commit to your partner? That's scary stuff! You're not cut out for all of the fine details of a responsible life. So just focus on the stuff you are good at. You have a wicked imagination, so put that to good use at work where you dream up the next big ideas. You're awesome at picking up new skills, so enroll in a cooking class and wow your partner. You'll soon figure out responsibility isn't as bad as you thought it would be.

5 Sagittarius: You're Impatient

Guess what else Sag? You're also super impatient. Of course, you didn't need us to tell you that. In fact, you probably lost patience just scrolling down to this part of the page. You have such little patience because you are used to being your own boss. You control what happens and when. If you want to jump on the next plane to Fiji, you don't have to book time off work, save up money or talk it over with your boyfriend, you just go. So the idea of having to be patient and put your impulsivity to rest really stresses you out. You don't deal well with waiting and going through the motions you find boring. But sadly, that's just part of life. If you jump the next plane to Fiji, you may come back to find you don't have a job, a house or a partner. Accept that good things come to those who wait. Call up your Cancerian friends and do some meditation with them.

4 Capricorn: You Take Yourself Too Seriously


Capricorn, your stress might be the worst of them all because you bring it upon yourself. You totally stress yourself out! You take yourself way too seriously and you take life way too seriously. So when something happens, like you burn your toast, you can't just laugh it off and opt for cereal instead. You get all stressed out about it. You decide you're a bad cook and that your toaster is a fire hazard. You swear off toast forever. You beat yourself up for ruining such a simple thing. You need to learn to laugh at yourself, Capricorn. Life isn't all that serious and stress-inducing. Assuming the worst all the time actually hurts you way more than you know. So the next time something starts to stress you out, take a step back. Take a deep breath. And start to look for the positives. Where is the funny in this situation? Is it actually all that bad?

3 Aquarius: It's All Stressful

Sorry to break it to you, Aquarius - it all stresses you out! Literally, everything in your life has the power to stress you out in some way. As soon as something happens differently than how you imagined it would, you're stressed. Planned to wear your pink dress to the party but spilled coffee on it this morning? You're stressed. Thought you'd be able to walk to work but it's raining? You're stressed. Imagined going for Thai food with your boo but the restaurant closed early? Yup, you're stressed. And when you get stressed about one thing, it starts to snowball. Suddenly not being able to wear the pink dress stress becomes not having anything to wear, becomes not having good taste in clothes, becomes not having enough money for clothes, and so on. You get stuck in your stress circle! So you need to break out of it by taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. Despite not having the pink dress, can't you still enjoy the party and not panic about your wardrobe or money if you wear the navy dress? Odds are, yes.

2 Pisces: The Past Haunts You


Pisces, you've got skeletons in your closet and the past is always coming back to haunt you. Even though your past might not be any more remarkable than anyone else's, for some reason it really stresses you out. You tend to hang out in the past more than you should. You go over that email you sent your boss with the typos in it, the rude remark you made to your boyfriend, and how you forgot to call your mom on her birthday. You keep going over these past moments until you're totally stressed and convinced they were way worse than they were. You need to let it all go, Pisces! If it really is something that's still a problem in your present day, then find a way to fix it. Call your mom and apologize for missing her birthday. But if it's not big deal, let it stay in the past and leave it all alone. You can't change the past. But you can mess up your present and your future if you spend all your time stressing about the past.

1 Pisces: Hates The Spotlight

Like your Virgo sisters, you also struggle with being in the spotlight. For you, it's not so much about feeling the pressure from other people. You're not worried about being able to perform in front of an audience. But you are worried about being vulnerable and exposed. Especially if you are in the spotlight and showing off something creative that you put together. If you have to perform a poem you wrote, you're stressing about it badly. So when that happens, it's important you take some time for yourself. You need some alone time. You're naturally an introvert and need that time by yourself to recharge your batteries. Maybe your poetry needs to stay private a little while longer until the idea of performing in front of an audience doesn't stress you out too much.


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