What Should Your Bedroom Anthem Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What better way to get in the mood than having a bedroom anthem to really get you pumped? The thing is, everyone gets hyped to a different beat. Why is that do you think? Perhaps it’s because of your zodiac sign. Every sign has a different turn on that really gets them in the mood with their partner and the message and melody in the tune can speak to each sign differently. Which song speaks to your sign? The answer might not be as difficult as you think.

Here’s the thing, some signs are more about the fun and excitement where as some are more about the romance and tenderness, and these feelings are reflected in the songs that speak to them. Whether you need a deep raw song or a slow passionate tune, your bedroom anthem will help your sign snap into the groove between the sheets with your partner. Sure, an Aries is all about the adventure, whereas a Taurus is more about the feels, and that’s why their songs are completely different vibes. Check out our list of bedroom anthems, and find out which song is best for your sign to really get you in the mood. Your partner will thank you!

12 Aries: "Straight Up & Down" - Bruno Mars


Aries always needs adventure everywhere she goes, including the bedroom. Nothing is going to be standard or boring when it comes to the loving an Aries receives. Drinks will be involved and a whole lot of…movement. Fun is the keyword here because an Aries is all about having a good time above everything else. If she’s not having fun, then no one else is allowed to be having a good time either.

That’s why this song is a great anthem for the Aries girl. She’s down to have a good time all the time while she is dominating in the bedroom. She’s feeling confident and courageous when it comes to using her body, and she wants to ensure that her partner is feeling the exact same way.

11 Taurus: "Naked" - Jason Derulo


Taurus, the most loyal of the zodiac. She just wants to be someone’s one and only. You know, the person they obsess about morning, noon, and night. But she also has a bit of a dirty side to her as well. Sure, she wants a guy thinking about her, but she wants some naughty thoughts being directed her way.

This song is the perfect way to express what a Taurus is longing for because she will patiently wait for her man no matter what, but when he’s home she just wants to get him naked. Not to mention this soulful song will get pretty much anyone in the mood when blasting from an iPod. When she puts this one on, she gets the confidence she needs to really make sparks fly.

10 Gemini: "Pillowtalk" - ZAYN


You never can truly read a Gemini and this song wraps that sentiment up nicely. Sure, it’s a love song, but there’s a fierceness about it too, just like the Gemini girl. One second she wants to have a romantic love, then the next she wants to be completely dominated. It’s hard to keep track of what her mind wants at all times.

This song has a bit of sweetness in it as it centers around both partners who feel passionately about each other, but these two devious lovers also spend their time doing things like pissing off the neighbors and engaging in reckless behavior…just like a Gemini wants her lovin’. Geminis like things to be energetic and imaginative, so what better way to spend their time between the sheets than causing a total ruckus?

9 Cancer: "Simple Things" - Miguel


Cancer doesn’t need all the bells and whistles when it comes to bedroom flair, she just wants a strong love between her and her partner. She just wants to keep it simple, but wants the emotions to fly at the same time because, duh, she’s an emotional kind of gal. She could spend hours lying in the comfort of her bed with her partner. She likes the safety her space and her man brings her.

This song sums this feeling up well as it centers around keeping things simple while being together as a couple. There doesn’t need to be any craziness involved, but just simply lying each other's arms for a while could be enough for a Cancer. Laughing and loving the day away is the way a Cancer wants to do it.

8 Leo: "Partition" - Beyoncé


Of course, Ms. Leo wants all eyes on her, and when she is with her man his eyes had better be on her too. When she’s in the bedroom with her partner, she’s the star of the show, there’s no question about it. She feeds off the attention, heck, she probably got all primped up to look her best to get in between the sheets so he’d better be paying attention.

What better way to celebrate a Leo than with Queen Bey herself. She is the ultimate shining beacon for all the Leo ladies out there. This song particularly gives a Leo the attention she deserves when entering the bedroom. Whenever she enters any room it’s like she’s entering a club regardless because she’s just so fab!

7 Virgo: "All of Me" - John Legend


A Virgo bares her soul in everything she does, including when she’s with her partner. She doesn’t just give a little time and effort to her bedroom antics, she gives a piece of her soul with it too. She also hopes she gets the same from her partner as well. You could say she really bares it all when she’s in the bedroom, so romance is number one in her eyes.

This song is great for a Virgo because it is truly a song of devotion and love between two people. A Virgo isn’t one for a one-night stand. She wants to make her relationship work out for the long haul. She wants a partner that wants all of her whether she’s up or down. True love exists with a Virgo.

6 Libra: "Earned It" - The Weeknd


With a Libra, things aren’t as easy for their partner, as they have to earn their way into her heart. They have to prove that they are going to love and care for her before she’ll really let her partner in. Nothing wrong with that, right Libra? You just don’t want to get hurt in the long run. In the bedroom, it’s the same thing. You’ve got to prove yourself to get an invite into a Libra’s personal space.

That’s why this song is perfect for a Libra. She needs to be coerced a little in order to let her man into her room. Plus, she wants to know she’s perfect. A Libra is a hard worker that stops at nothing to achieve her goals, so when a man is telling her that she is the perfect woman, it makes her melt. The Weeknd gets her.

5 Scorpio: "Love On The Brain" - Rihanna


Okay, a Scorpio likes things hot a heavy we all know how passionate she can be. We also know that her time spent in the bedroom isn’t just some other thing on her list of things to do—it is at the top of her list. A Scorpio places great importance on connecting with her partner, as she is such a deep person, but she’s also dynamic, so she’ll be anything but boring in between the sheets.

This song sums up a Scorpio to a tee, heck, it sums up the obsession the Scorpio has pretty darn perfectly! She’s got love on the brain big time and you don’t quit loving her…you know what I’m talking about. A Scorpio girl isn’t just going to stand back and have a simple love. Oh no, she’s putting all of her emotion into her loving.

4 Sagittarius: "Side To Side" - Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj


All a Sagittarius cares about is having fun—yup, that’s number one. That boils down to the bedroom too! She just wants to have fun. Cut the romance and all the flowery stuff—she just wants to have a good time with someone that’s going to keep her entertained. The second she gets bored is the second she’s taking off.

She doesn’t want to think about anything, just like the song says, she just wants to rock her partner’s body. Simple and sweet. Pretty much a Sagittarius in a nutshell, really. She doesn’t even care if she has the same partner night after night, she just cares about the sparks and fun that’s involved at that very moment. A Sagittarius is a hard one to pin down.

3 Capricorn: "Let’s Get it On" - Marvin Gaye

Via The Trent

A Capricorn likes to keep things simple, she doesn’t want to overcomplicate things or go super crazy. She just wants to stick with what works. When it comes to getting in the mood, she knows the tried and true methods that work and she really has no intention to deviate from them. If it’s not broken why fix it, right?

This song is one that’s been around for ages, and she knows it’s a classic. Why step away to a newer and shinier model when she knows that this song does the job? A Capricorn gal knows what she likes and she sticks to it like glue. Nothing wrong with that. She’s more of a traditionalist. But it’ll be up to her partner to get her to try new things.

2 Aquarius: "FutureSex/LoveSound" - Justin Timberlake


The Aquarius is the innovator of the bunch, she needs a crazier groove to really get her in the mood. She doesn’t want the romance, but she also doesn’t need the overly naughty antics to get her going either. She just needs something a little different to really get her body rocking because that’s exactly what she prides herself on—coloring outside of the lines.

She likes a jam that’s a little more offbeat because that’s how her mind works. She’ll get in the mood more if she feels original and creative rather than standard. This song will keep her on her toes and isn’t as predictable as some of the other traditional love songs are, which will keep her happy. She’s a special snowflake.

1 Pisces: "Privacy" - Chris Brown


A Pisces is very emotional and passionate, so when it comes to her loving, she needs to have a strong connection to be fully there. Her lover needs to assure her that she is wanted, or she isn’t going to feel special. Her man needs to understand that her sentimentality can cause insecurity at times.

This funky new CB song really expresses a man that is all about his lover and exuberates confidence. The lyrics express how he wants to slow things down because he’s in no rush to be away from her, which is exactly what a Pisces is looking for. A Pisces girl needs an upbeat sensual song with positive vibes. When she shines, she will really open up to her lover for the long run.

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