What Personality Flaw Each Zodiac Sign Can't Stand In A Partner (His And Hers)

Everyone is different. We all like different things, and even will behave in different ways. A person's individuality is what makes them special. That being said, sometimes certain people are too different for us to easily get along with, or their behaviors drive us crazy. We can only put up with so much, and this is especially true in relationships. It's not about being picky, it's not about thinking someone isn't good enough for us, or even us thinking we're perfect; it's about personalities clashing. Sometimes it's hard to put into words why something that in hindsight seems so small and insignificant, especially to other people, were complete and utter deal breakers for us.

Well, your zodiac sign may have the answer you need. While everyone is different, there are commonalities that overlap within zodiac signs. This could be the reason behind certain characteristic of a person are absolute relationship deal breakers. Each sign is defined by a set of negative and positive characteristics, as none of us are without our flaws and our redeeming qualities. However, even the most forgiving of signs can't get past certain flaws. Maybe you already know your relationship deal breakers, but don't understand why, or maybe your curious what your crush's deal breaker is. Either way, here are the personality flaws each zodiac can't stand!

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24 Aries Girls: Hates Unambitious People

Aries women are confident, adventurous and driven people. At times this sign may seem a bit impulsive, but that only stems from their love of life and desire to do things. They're also extremely hard and dedicated workers when they want to be. So, you can imagine women of this sign aren't interested in someone who is lazy, unmotivated, and or unambitious. In fact, they can't stand people like that. Aries women want to be around people who share the same excitement they do, they want someone who is their equal. They do not want someone who sits back and let's life pass them by. This is especially true when it comes to relationships. When looking for a potential partner, or even for a new friend, Aries seeks out people with a similar zeal for life!

23 Aries Guys: Hates Stage Five Clingers

Aries are born leaders. They like to take charge and pave the way. Overall, they are very independent signs, so you can probably imagine that Aries don't like people who smother them. This is particularly true for Aries men. This doesn't mean to say, that they are against relationships because they're not. However, Aries men don't fare well in relationships that don't allow them to have their freedom and independence. Aries men can't stand people who are needy and dependent. For a time, they will tolerate people they find clingy, especially if it's clinginess out of love, as they will find it endearing. That being said, those feelings won't last long and they will begin to lose interest. They especially don't care for having to let you know where they are 24/7. Aries men need to surround themselves with people just as independent as they are.

22 Taurus Girls: Hates Disrespectful People

There is no fury quite like a scorned Taurus! If you enrage the bull, you will see their horns. The fastest surefire way to get on a Taurus' bad side is to be disrespectful and rude. Taurus women, in particular, cannot stand disrespectful people. In fact it is probably one of their biggest pet peeves. Taurus women are very down-to-earth; however, they can also be prideful, and there's nothing wrong with that. The problem arises when someone insults them, even jokingly. This sign can be very patient, and doesn't let much get under their skin. But when someone is disrespectful, expect Taurus women to cut you out of her life. Stubborn and secure, Taurus women will not tolerate rude and disrespectful people in either a partner or in their friendships.

21 Taurus Guys: Hates Spontaneity, So Have A Plan

Taurus are one of the most steady signs in the zodiac, and while they enjoy taking things day to day, they hate spontaneity. As go with the flow as Taurus are, they like to think things through. So they're not too enthralled by wild and spontaneous individuals, who never know how to make a plan. At first, this may be exciting to them, as it is so at odds with their approach to life, however, that excitement will soon fade. For Taurus men, especially, they don't understand how some people can jump from one course of action to the next without a second thought; whereas they would need to take the time to weigh out the course of action. Taurus men look for people who can stick by their commitments and overly spontaneous or scattered-brain people who can't make a decision are relationship deal breakers for them.

20 Gemini Girls: Hates Secrets, Be Straightforward

When it comes to social butterflies, look no further than Gemini women! These girls love to be around people and love making new friends. Gemini women thrive on energy from those around them. That being said, these women do have a hard time connecting with people who are aloof, since they don't understand why some people just aren't as friendly and open as they are. In fact, Gemini women can't handle people who are completely closed off. They’ll wonder what it is you have to hide and why you don’t feel comfortable enough to be straightforward with them. This sign likes to be in the know. They enjoy having deep connections with those around them. So a person who keeps his or her fair share of secrets and can't be upfront will not stand much of a chance with Gemini women.

19 Gemini Guys: Hates The Mundane

Adventure is in Gemini's blood! This sign loves trying new things, and going to new locations. Fast paced and always ready to see what life has to offer, Gemini can't stand people who settle for the mundane day to day routines. Gemini men in particular love striking up a good conversation full of witty-banter and will grow tired of people who can't keep up with them. It's not that they dislike such people; it's more so that they feel like they lack commonality. With their attention constantly being pulled from one event to the next, and with their go, go, go lifestyle Gemini needs to surround themselves with people who share the same energy and passion for life. Gemini men like to live life to the fullest and seek our friendships and relationship partners who do the same. They hate the mundane and are easily bored with people who they feel are routine.

18 Cancer Girls: Hates People Who Shut Her Out

Cancer is perhaps one of the more sensitively inclined signs of the zodiac. They feel their emotions deeply and are easily able to connect to people around them. That being said, they find people who have a tendency to shut her out to be deal breakers in terms of relationships. Expressive and genuine, Cancer women seek to develop emotional connections with people. If you lie to her, shut her out, and hide things from her she won't be happy. As a caring individual who wants to help her partner and friends through all their tough times, if you constantly turn her away she will eventually leave for good. For a Cancer woman, relationships are important to her, and will only work if both parties remain open. If this is not the case, she will move on and work towards maintaining the ones that, she feels, values her and the support she has to offer.

17 Cancer Guys: Is a Family Man, And Needs A Partner Who Is Too

Cancer men are big-time family guys. They love their family and view it as their go-to support system. So, you can imagine their not too keen with someone who doesn't place the same value on family as they do. If someone can't get along with his family, don't expect them to be in his life for long. In fact, chances are he wouldn't even bother being with someone who isn't close with their own family as well. Not valuing family is a major turn off for Cancer men. They look to form relationships with people who share the same values that they do, and family plays a big role in their lives. If keeping your family isn't a priority to you, don't expect to get along well with a Cancer man.

16 Leo Girls: Hates Killjoys

Leo ladies love being the life of the party! Whether it's a real party or just a small gathering of friends, Leo loves bringing everyone together to have a good time. With high energy levels and an outgoing personality, Leo women love to joke around and overall enjoy life. In love, they want someone who can keep up with witty banter and challenge them back. However, just because this sign loves attention doesn't mean they get along with everyone. In fact, some people don't care for Leo's loud and out there personality and may find their playful joking nature to be excessive. Likewise, Leo ladies, really dislike people who act like sticks-in-the-mud. Individuals who can't take a joke will seriously get under a Leo's skin, and act as a party-pooper to their otherwise upbeat mood. Leo women just want to have a good time and enjoy life, so they don't have room for killjoys.

15 Leo Guys: Hates People Who Act Like They're Better Than Them

Leo's are known for having large egos, but what else can you expect from a sign who is represented by the King of the Jungle? Leo men take pride in themselves and rightfully so. They are alpha males through and through. These men set their mind to a task and they work hard to accomplish their goals. They want to be known for what they do. So you can imagine, those born under this sign can't stand people who are always trying to one-up them. As prideful as Leo men are, they hate people who try to embarrass them or show them up. In love, they want an equal, and they will treat her like a queen. Leo men know they're the king and won't stand to have anyone try to usurp that title from them.

14 Virgo Girls: Hates Sloppy People

Virgo women are very particular. They like things kept in a neat, and tidy order. They also care about cleanliness. While they're not vain they do consider personal hygiene to be of the utmost importance. Overall, from living arrangements to personal hygiene Virgo women want things kept orderly, clean, and neat. That being said they really hate being with people who are utter and total slobs. Cluttered workspaces, messy homes, and lack of hygiene are complete and utter deal breakers for this sign. Virgo women can't stand the feeling of disarray and must always accomplish their tasks in a timely fashion. Seeing a person who doesn't take care of himself or herself or of their living quarters really is unfathomable to well put together Virgo.

13 Virgo Guys: Hates The Devil May Care Persona

Virgo men are just as goal oriented as Virgo women. Whenever they have a job to do they not only do it, but they go the extra mile to ensure it's done above and beyond the requirements. Virgo men seek out perfection in all that they do and even look to exceed their own goals. For them, there's always room to improve, so they really don't understand or even like people who shirk off responsibilities. They find the whole "devil may care" attitude annoying. They'll wonder, how can anyone not care about responsibilities and consequences? Whatever the task may be, Virgo men believe in hard work and dedication to achieve it. Virgo men want to be around people who share their ambition and desire to succeed their goals and dreams. Irresponsible, and unambitious people just don't fit into their lives.

12 Libra Girls: Likes Dependability, Hates Unreliable People

Libra ladies are the embodiment of loyalty and reliability. Through thick and thin, through rain or shine, Libra will always be there for you. If you need someone to have your back, a Libra lady is your go-to gal. Since she is so likely to go out of her way for someone in need, Libra doesn't understand how some people can be so fickle. Disloyal and unreliable people really get under the skin of this normally very easygoing sign. Libra ladies are very understanding and know that sometimes things get complicated, but even that has their limits. Whether in a romantic relationship or a friendship, Libra women want to be with someone who is dependable. When push comes to shove, Libra women will always stand by your side, defend you, and comfort you. They refuse to waste their time on someone who they can't count on just the same.

11 Libra Guys: Give Him Space, Hates Clingy People

Libra men love to go with the flow. They want to enjoy life and believe the best way to do so is to keep things as uncomplicated as possible and to keep a positive outlook. With their relaxed nature and friendly personality, Libra men tend to be very social. However, don't mistake their enjoyment for being around people for a need to be around people. As much as they enjoy meeting up, and hanging out with friends, Libra men also require their space. In fact, they find clingy people to be highly annoying. They will run at the first sign of possessiveness. You can't own a Libra man; he has to be his own person and needs to feel that his boundaries are respected. Libra men don't want to be around excessively needy people, as they feel that will put a damper on their feel-good vibe.

10 Scorpio Girls: She Is Who She Is And Will Never Let Someone Try To Change Her

Scorpio women are confident in themselves. These ladies know who they are and what they bring to the table. They do what they want and they are happy in their lives. However, one thing that really irks these fierce women are people who think they can and actually want to change them. Headstrong and self-assured, Scorpio women will never let someone try to take over her life. That means she won't stand for people who try to mold her into who they want her to be. In relationships, Scorpio women like to wear the pants; however, they are willing to compromise and see their partner as an equal. In return these women want someone who will see them as an equal exactly as they are; if not they're strong enough to know when to walk away and find someone who does. Scorpio is a "accept me as I am or not at all," kind of woman.

9 Scorpio Guys: Never Be A Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Above all else, Scorpio values trust and honesty in all the relationships they form in their lives. So if you're wondering the one trait Scorpio men cannot stand, it would be compulsive liars. Actually, make that any sort of liar. Even little white lies have the potential to ruin Scorpio's trust forever. Especially true for men born under this sign, Scorpio would rather hear the ugly truth than to be lied to. Once they catch someone in a lie, they will continue to wonder what else that person has lied about. Since they like being upfront and honest about how they feel, regardless of how blunt they may be, Scorpio men require the same level of transparency in their relationships. Scorpio will never give you a reason to doubt them, as long as they still have complete and utter trust in you.

8 Sagittarius Girls: Hates Debby-Downers

Sagittarius is all about the good vibes and positive energy. This sign constantly wants to be out, trying new things, and experiencing new places. Optimism is their middle name, as they face any challenge with a can-do spirit. That being said, Sagittarius hates negativity, especially the women of this sign. Nothing can get under the skin of Sagittarius women quite like a Negative Nelly and Debby Downer. Sagittarius women like to enjoy life and always are looking on the bright side of things. They don't like to stay down for long, so a constant stream of negativity is bound to get on their nerves. It's not that Sagittarius hate people who are negative, but they hate their negativity and will rebut any negative remark with a positive one.

7 Sagittarius Guys: Hates Being Controlled

With an adventurous drive, Sagittarius tends to be a highly independent sign. While they do enjoy being social, at the end of the day they are still headstrong and set in their ways. This can be especially true when it comes to Sagittarius men. Free-spirited and headstrong Sagittarius men like to live their own life, on their own terms. They hate being told what to do and will most likely disregard any person who tries to control them. Sagittarius men know they are in control of their own lives and refuse to give that power to anyone else. They want to be around people who feel the same desire for adventures while remaining true to themselves, just as they are. At the first sight of someone trying to control them Sagittarius men will run and never look back.

6 Capricorn Girls: Hates Irresponsible People

If there is one sign that never shirks off their responsibilities it's Capricorn. While both men and women of this sign are diligent, and hard workers, it's the women who tend to become agitated with individuals who don't share the same work ethic as they do. Capricorn women know what they want in life and aren't afraid of stepping up to the plate and doing what they need to do in order to get it. Anyone who can't dedicate themselves to working towards their goals, or even having goals, will not cut it for these women. They just don't understand how some people can be apathetic to their work and will become frustrated in relationships with such people. Irresponsible and lazy people are unfathomable to Capricorn women, they need people in their life who have the same aspirations that they do.

5 Capricorn Guys: Hates Criticism

Capricorn men give their all in everything that they do. They never settle for second best and continue to strive toward their goals. They believe that hard work will pay off. When they accomplish or exceed their goals, they feel a strong sense of pride in their work. So when someone else comes along and criticizes them, Capricorn men seriously take it to heart. They take criticism as an insult against all their hard work and effort, which is saying something since they take pride in their work like no other sign in the zodiac. While they don't mind the occasional dose of constructive criticism, so that they can better their work, they find critical people to be insulting, and rude. Capricorn men need people who are there to support them, not tear them down.

4 Aquarius Girls: Hates Neglectful People

Aquarius ladies are peaceful and supportive individuals. They are there for those they need, no questions asked. With warm open hearts, Aquarius women have a tendency to see the good in people and are willing to put up with a lot. However, don't take their kindness for granted, as they will not put up anyone who is rude, callous or neglectful. Everyone has their limits and for Aquarius women, that limit is people who neglect the people they care about. It amazes Aquarius women how some people can't manage to be nice no matter the circumstances. These women can understand and respect people's varying viewpoints, but cannot accept any rude or hateful behavior. Aquarius women need to surround themselves with happy-go-lucky, caring individuals and avoid those who are mean-spirited.

3 Aquarius Guys: Needs Adventure, Hates Structure

Aquarius men are very adventurous. They don't like to stick to a logical routine, and would rather take a risk. They're always down for trying something new. For Aquarius men, they are always dreaming of the next big thing, and are willing to find a way to achieve it, regardless if it lacks practicality. As big dreamers, Aquarius men dislike being around practical-minded people. They want to live life to the fullest and will find the oddest ways to do so. Which means they can't afford to have anyone trying to drag them back to reality. Aquarius men need to surround themselves with like-minded thinkers who have a passion for adventure. They just don't see eye to eye with overtly practical minded individuals, who are afraid to dream big.

2 Pisces Girls: Needs To Be Connected, Don't Be Emotionally Distant

Pisces women won't even think twice about walking away from an insensitive individual. These women feel deeply and are very in-tune with their emotions. The sensitive Pisces will seek out relationships formed on emotional connections, and cannot stand to be around cold, heartless individuals. They hate it when others are emotionally distant. These women find it hard to outwardly hate anyone, but they do feel lost when they cannot create an emotional bond with someone. Strongly connected to their emotions and the emotions of those around them, Pisces women find it hard to be around someone that has absolutely no feelings at all, or who have very distant emotions. They are good at getting others to open up to them in a way no other sign can. However, if someone lacks spirit, it will take a toll on this sensitive, spirited sign.

1 Pisces Guys: Hates One Way Streets

When push comes to shove, you can rely on a Pisces man to have your back. Pisces are very caring signs and will go out of their way for those closest to them. However, they can't tolerate people who refuse to do the same in return. For Pisces men, if they do something nice for you, they want to know you'd be willing to do something nice for them. They absolutely hate one-way streets, and people who operate on a take only basis. Pisces men believe in giving and take relationships and what goes for one person goes for another. If a Pisces man were to find he puts more into his relationships than his partner or even his friends, he will be heartbroken. Pisces men don't mind doing for others, as long as no one takes advantage of their acts of kindness.

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