What Outfit He Always Loves To See Us In, Based On His Zodiac Sign

Can't you smell summer in the air, readers? The afternoons are getting to a point where we bask in the vitamin D, while the evening weather is just perfect enough where we can throw on a sweatshirt and head to the drive-in. Further, the mornings are now light at 6 a.m. so we can watch the sunrise and it doesn't feel like we have to bundle up. Most of us love summer because it welcomes such excitement into our love lives and our friendships, new and old.

According to our zodiac signs, this summer can be exciting for each of us in its' own way. It could be that you have more 'you' time, there may be more quality time with loved ones, there could be an incredible vacation that you take, or it could be a new love waiting around the corner. Whether you are already hitched or not, it's important to know how to get a man-- and how to keep him. We are all for independent women, but it is important to be sure you are equally happy.

Below we detail what outfit he loves to see you in, based on his zodiac sign. Read on to see what fits him—and you—best!

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16 Fire Signs (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries): Casual Wear

Fire signs are incredibly, well, fiery. What we mean by that is they really are bold in their words and their actions, They do what they want and they make it clear how they feel to anyone and everyone. This can rub a lot of people the wrong way, but there are a lot of people that do like it, too. Fire sign men specifically are very much bold and exciting and honest. Fire sign men love to see a girl in casual wear; this is because they like being the center of attention. They don't really want you to stand out, but they also just love seeing you comfortable, too.

15 Leo: A Tank And Jean Shorts

Confident and powerful Leo men are very controlling. We don't mean this in a negative way, well not completely anyway. Picture a CEO that wants you to do things his way-- because he knows it works. Picture a guy at the bar that buys you the drink he thinks you like-- but he's okay being wrong because now you're flirting with him. Picture a guy that chooses the movie because he knows you're going to love it. He can be cocky, but it's really just an overwhelming confidence. He loves seeing you in a casual tank and jean shorts type of outfit. Something casual makes him feel giddy; he loves when you look cute!

14 Sagittarius: Street Dress With A Pair Of Casual Sneakers

A Sagittarius guy is similar to a Leo guy. After all, they are both fire signs. However, a Sagittarius guy is less controlling and a lot more understanding within his relationships. He can hear someone else's ideas at work and actually consider them. He respects his guy friends and their differing opinions, no matter how right he thinks he may be. Picture that guy that just loves his mother; that makes him so much more humble, right? In a relationship, the Sag guy is very respectful, outgoing, and charismatic. He wants you to be comfortable being yourself with your style. That is why he loves seeing his girl in street wear: a casual dress with some sneakers.

13 Aries: Pajama Sets

An Aries man is bold and independent, like the rest of our fire signs. However, he is slightly more insecure than the other two (Leo and Sag men). He is impulsive in his words and his actions, making a relationship with him pretty dramatic with its' highs and lows. He is honest and can sometimes hurt you with that bitter honesty. However, despite this, he is dedicated and often loyal, too. An Aries man loves to see his girl in pajama sets. It is casual yet shows that you put some effort in, which he likes. The Aries man wants you to be comfortable and stand out, but in his way sometimes.

12 Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio): Accentuate And Flaunt

The water signs, in general, are the ones that are the most in tune with their emotions. They can articulate their feelings well and really be honest in a (usually) have a calm and eloquent way of speaking to others. Water sign men are no different. They enjoy being sensitive and being there for their woman in every sense. He wants to be her prince and wants her to shine like a princess. That is why water sign men want their girls to accentuate and flaunt their perfect parts! Read on to see what each water sign guy wants his special love to wear!

11 Pisces: That Little Black Dress

A somewhat confident Pisces man is the most sensitive and emotional out of all the water signs. He treats his girl like the queen that she is. Sometimes the Pisces man is seen as overbearing and obsessive because he loves his girl just that much. Further, a Pisces, in general, is imaginative and creative, so he can be very romantic and thoughtful within your relationship. This is why the Pisces guy loves to see his girl in a fitting and beautiful little black dress! He wants to accentuate your beautiful body. He wants you to feel dressed up and the most confident you can be!

10 Cancer: A Jumpsuit For A Night Out On The Town

Cancer men are sensitive too, but in a much different way than a Pisces or a Scorpio guy. Cancer men are sensitive in a brooding way because they often are so indecisive with women. They don't show their emotion, mostly because they are stubborn, and they could change their mind about you tomorrow even if they tell you they love you today. That is why it is an impressive feat to tie a Cancer man down; he is just that fickle. His favorite outfit to see you in is a mature yet formfitting jumpsuit that you can wear when the two of you take a night out on the town!

9 Scorpio: A Flirty Summer Frock

Flirty summer dresses are the thing to wear when our man is a Scorpio. He likes to see you dressed up in a cute and adorable way, however, he also finds it alluring. Why? That is because a Scorpio man is very sensual and passionate, so your legs being the center of attention is something he really enjoys. Further, Scorpio men are flirty, too, so they enjoy any time that you are dressed up and feeling confident. Something not to wear for a Scorpio man? Anything that is too casual because he is so in tune with his sensuality, it may bore him.

8 Earth Signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo): The Wholesome Girl

Earth signs, in general, are very responsible and practical. They do not do anything that does not make sense to them or the universe. For example, making a last minute choice to go out instead of stay in will stress them out, whereas a fire sign will keep it casual and not see it as a big deal at all. This is why earth sign men love the wholesome girl. A girl with jeans and a tee or a casual leggings and sneakers combo is the girl for him. Read on to see the specifics for each earth sign man!

7 Capricorn: Jeans And A Tee

A Capricorn man, out of all of the Earth signs, are very much the casual and calm ones. They do not like rapid or extreme change. They like the idea of their simple routine being stable and repetitive. Unpredictability is something that gives them extreme stress. They will stick to the same group of friends no matter what the occasion or what comes their way. This is why the best outfit they like to see their girl in is a casual jeans and tee combo. He likes a girl that is wholesome and does not have to get dressed up or be too uptight about anything.

6 Taurus: A Sweatshirt

The Taurus man is the most outgoing out of all of the Earth signs. He is more open with his emotions and likes to shower his special lady with love and attention. Taurus men can also have a temper because they are so attached to their emotions, so women in relationships with these men have to be careful in this sense.

A Taurus man's favorite outfit to see his girl in is a casual sweatshirt. Whether she pairs this with jeans and sneakers or boots and leggings, the Taurus guy loves her at her simplest point. He loves her in all other areas of course, too, but this is his favorite!

5 Virgo: Jeans And Boots

A Virgo guy is perhaps the most intelligent and practical out of the Earth signs-- and possibly even out of all the zodiacs! Virgo men are responsible in an incredible way, almost to a fault. This is because he will virtually never make a decision with his emotions. Instead, he will make the right decision for everyone involved, no matter how it affects them.

A Virgo guy's favorite look for his girl is just the casual look of jeans and boots. This represents the wholesome girl that isn't afraid to get dirty, get rugged, and also be honest. Outfits do reflect our feelings, readers, or didn't you know?!

4 Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Everyday Looks

The air signs enjoy having their head in the clouds. They often dream of idealistic things, similar to water signs. They have a hard time making decisions, especially the air sign men! They constantly are confused between their head and their heart. This is because they are so intelligent; it is like their mind plays the devil's advocate with their heart for each decision. Air signs are also friendly and diplomatic unless you have wronged them. When it comes to air sign men, they love a girl that is wearing something she wears every day, each for a specific reason. Read on to find out more!

3 Libra: Work Turned Evening Wear

Libra men are very friendly and easygoing. They love a girl that is similar to that. They simply cannot date someone that is uptight or too stuffy. It won't work with his social and casual lifestyle. Libra guys would fit well on a beach in Santa Monica; let's put it that way! This is why his favorite outfit for a girl is her business attire turned evening. This means she is cool and easygoing, too, being able to change her plans last-minute or transition her plans (and wardrobe) easily! Libra men can also be clever, witty, and incredibly kind. The only time you'll see a switch flip is if someone offends him.

2 Aquarius: Beachy Babe

Aquarius men are incredibly loyal, but they are also reserved. Unlike fire signs, the Aquarius man is not going to be open and honest about every little thing he feels. It will actually be pretty hard for him to express how he is feeling a lot of the time. This is why he likes a girl that calms the storm inside of him. A girl that loves the beach and looks good in simple beachwear, like a bikini top and jean shorts or a bathing suit with a printed cover-up. He needs someone that is his opposite in almost every way: outgoing to his introverted and calm to his storm inside, yet equally loyal!

1 Gemini: Your Business Attire

Gemini men like a girl that has her stuff together in every sense: with her friends and her family and her work. She has to know who she is and own it. Gemini men want someone that can challenge him as well as equal the intelligence he has. Further, a Gemini man is very social, so he wants someone that can go to happy hour with him and have no problem holding her own in a conversation with his business friends. This is why it makes sense that a Gemini guy likes his girl in business attire. It screams professional and sultry, too. Wear a pencil skirt with a tight tank and heels to wow him any day!

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