What Kind Of Partner He Needs Based On His Zodiac Sign

So you’re looking for that dream guy, huh? Or at least, one that aligns with your vibration. Girl, aren’t we all on that same mission. Rather than go on a dozen dates hoping to find the right one, it might be worth your while to start the conversation with his zodiac sign. And don’t just get the sun sign, get the moon and rising signs, too. I mean, go all in, get his birth date, place, and time and punch it in a system and study his natal chart.

The way you’re really going to know him is by looking at his chart and comparing it with yours. If you have no clue on how to do that, contact an astrologist who will guide you and help fill in the blanks. To really grasp compatibility, you need to know your own chart backwards and forwards and then start to investigate his. It’s slightly complicated and feels a little like a rabbit hole, but with the assistance of an astrologist, you can learn more about the stars and planets that make him, him. And be closer to finding that cosmic partner of your dreams.


16 Aries –independent woman

If you didn’t already know about the independent spirit that drives Aries, now you know. While most men under Aries are fierce, aggressive, and ready to embark on new journeys –whether in life or in love, the underlying driving force behind everything an Aries does is a sense of autonomy. If you want to get the attention of an Aries man, try not to get his attention so hard. Be super into your own stuff, yet be flirty and attentive when he’s around. The more you show that you know what you want from life or in the bedroom, the more he’ll take interest in you. Play hard to get and you’ll soon see the Aries man go full force straight ahead to wherever you may be.

15 Taurus –one who can feed him


This one is hands down super simple, Taurus wants to be fed. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and this is the motto for every Taurus man. He’s into food, period. It’s not like kinda, sorta –nope, this dude loves to eat. So make him succulent meals, feed him in bed, feed him while scantily clad or even in the nude. He will love the warm fuzzy feeling he gets from the food you’ve prepared, plus he’ll love gazing upon your beauty while doing so. Taurus is all about beauty and luxury. If you want to be daring, try playing with food in the bedroom. No other sign will appreciate such a move and no other sign will be all into such kink. Taurus is easy to win over as long as you know how to cook decent meals. Break out the cookbooks.

14 Gemini –full of energy and life

Do not think you can get a Gemini man if you’re all lazy and slow and tired all the time. They will run away from you so fast, you won’t even see them leave. The Gemini man wants energy and lots of it. He wants a woman who’s as bouncy and full of life as he is. Suggest activities that use a lot of energy. Use your imagination. But start slowly. Start with physical activities outside of the bedroom, then transfer that same high energetic force into the bedroom. Gemini will be wowed and he’ll want to come back for more. If you’re the type who is passive in the bedroom or in life, Gemini will not give you a second look. He wants movement and he wants spunk. Try changing your lifestyle and habits if you’re looking to satisfy a Gemini man.

13 Cancer –one who can handle all the moods


Get ready for moods and lots of them if you’re looking to be with a Cancer. Cancer men are full of emotions and they will not hide them from you. So if you’ve got thin skin or are extra sensitive yourself, then the Cancer man will not be the one for you. You have to let all the moodiness of Cancer roll of your back and keep it moving. He will be several people in one day and he’s not afraid to show all of them. Controlled by the Moon, Cancer men are the closest male to the divine feminine, so they are super nurturing. And they sort of expect the same from you. He will want you to be as supportive and protective of him as he is to you. And all of that will lend itself to a very intense love life. Give to a Cancer man and he’ll give back tenfold.

12 Leo –a rising star

Yes, he will want all the spotlight, but don’t let that hungriness scare you off. He’s looking for someone to share it with and he’s totally into a chick that can match his spotlight craving. A Leo man is driven by creativity and energy. It’s no surprise that most of them find themselves in positions that give them attention or the ability to create on some level. He will want the same from his woman. A Leo man craves a woman who’s equally drawn to power positions that allow her to use her creative side. He will want a woman on her own path to stardom. And this doesn’t have to literally mean being a star, but more so feeling like one. When he sees he’s met his match, he’ll feel like he’s found the lioness with whom he can start building a pride. Be loyal to who you are and just wait, the Leo man is sure to pounce.

11 Virgo –one who gets practical love


The Virgo man is a dogmatic man. He doesn’t go for huge displays of affection and he’s certainly not as romantic as he might lead you believe. While this might be something he strives for, it’s not in his nature. He likes a practical lover. Virgo men will enjoy conversations and dates that center around getting to know you. So be ready to have long night talks and don’t be afraid to open up. Unlike his female counterpart, he’s not full of goddess energy. He’s earthy, but in the stay-at-home, cuddle up to a good book or movie, and homemade food sort of way. This is not the guy that will go for the party girl or even the flamboyant girl of any sort. He wants a simple, plain Jane sort of chick. So if that’s you, Virgo man is looking for you and ready to show you a practical love of a lifetime.

10 Libra –a polyamorous sort

Yep, get ready for a guy who will suggest threesomes or even open relationships. What keeps Libra men going is the need to be needed. It is not uncommon for them to already have several lovers by the time they stumble upon you. If the Libra man is in touch with his radical behavior, he will be quite open with you about the fact that he’s already got several boos. He tells you this because he wants to be fair. If you’ve ever thought you might be into a polyamorous lifestyle, then this is the guy for you. Don’t let him pass you by. A Libra man will be ok with you having other lovers because it will bring excitement into the bedroom. Drive him crazy by taping your sessions with other lovers and letting him see watch. He likes a freak in the bedroom, but someone that looks totally innocent on the street.


9 Scorpio –one who doesn’t challenge his power


If you’re into being dominated, then you should consider a Scorpio man. He will want to assert himself, but not all the time. It will mostly, if not always be, in the bedroom. Scorpio is propelled forward in relationships and life by the desire for power. It’s not as sinister as it might sound. Basically, they like to be in charge. And mostly that means of the emotional state of things. This does lend itself to his love life, too. The Scorpio man will want to take charge and be emotional and savage and not have you say a word about it. He will want you to play along. He will want you to submit to his unruly drive to exert power over you. If you are into that sort of character, then Scorpio is for you. If not, don’t mess with him or you’ll get stung. Once a Scorpio gets his stinger in you, it’s not easy task to remove. It could take months or years to rid yourself of his energy.

8 Sagittarius –freedom loving styled

If you’re ok with giving your man his space because you, secretly, want yours, too, then Sagittarius might be your soulmate. The Sagittarius guy wants a woman who’s as adventurous as he is. He wants mental stimulation from philosophical talks about life and love, but he also wants to be left alone to do his own exploration. If this sounds like how you run your own life, then you should start searching for that Sagittarius lover. Sagittarius will want you to be as in love with freedom as he is. He will want you to go off on your own and investigate the world while doing some intense self-discovery. Tell a Sagittarius man that you’re going to a jungle to do research, a mountain to meditate, or the forest for conservation work and you’ll have the Sagittarius man eating out of your hand. Seeing you move through life with a flame burning beneath and around you will incite a flame in him, one that will have you both rolling around in some distant bed in some distant land and waxing philosophical after a nice, sweaty romp in the hay.

7 Capricorn –one who understands boundaries


You might think the Capricorn man wants a hard-worker like himself, but you’d be wrong. While they value hard-work and even embody the image of model worker, they prefer a woman who respects boundaries. Capricorn man is a little cold and doesn’t mind if you are, too. He won’t even be blatant when he’s interested –signs will be subtle and he might even treat you like a document he has to finish. But if you can understand that it’s only his cold exterior protecting his fragility, then you can get along with a Capricorn man. He won’t want you to intrude or show up unexpectedly, he won’t want surprises of any sort. Be straightforward with him and don’t cross lines and you will have yourself a sweet lover to keep you warm the whole winter through.

6 Aquarius –full of eccentricity

If you have been labeled as the rebel or the wild one, then you should go for an Aquarius. The Aquarius man wants to be shaken up. This isn’t always as obvious as you might think. He doesn’t want you to be kinky, although he won’t mind once he’s gotten to know you a bit more. Rather, he want you to be intellectually stimulating. He want you to rouse the crowd, be anti-establishment, and protest your heart out. Check all those boxes and you’ll be the girl for Aquarius. It’s not adventure he seeks, but rather an rejection of notions set for by society. He wants you to break the rules anywhere you please. And when you do that, you’ll have him tied around your little pinky. Aquarius is a sucker for the girl who’s not like other girls.

5 Pisces –one who lets him get lost


It’s not so clear as to how to love a Pisces man because they are so frequently misunderstood. Even they don’t know what they want sometimes because they are trying to forget about ego and transcend ideas set up to distract and trap. Pisces wants to be left alone to think about these matters. He wants to wander. He wants to dream. If you can give him that space to get lost in himself and the world around him, then he’ll fall for you head over heels with a quickness. Pisces is a sign that demands solitude and the ability to dive deep into self. If you’re the nagging type, the type that needs tons of attention, or even the sensitive type, look elsewhere. Pisces man would be satisfied with a woman that gives him room to breathe, but also enough attention to keep him tethered to this terrestrial world.

4 Mars

Mars is about heat –that means anything to do with love and war. While most associate Mars with the way someone fights or argues, Mars is so much more. It’s proactive power and sexual desire. Want to know more about your beau, then investigate where his Mars lies in the chart and in which sign it is in. This will tell you a lot about how he approaches activities and how assertive he is in and out of the bedroom. Mars energy is fast, lightning fast. It will strike without warning and can leave you feeling exhausted. It’s the hottest planet which makes sense that Mars would be connected to all sort of physical activity. If his Mars is in a fire sign, be warned, things will be hotter than hot. A nice balance is having Mars in a water or air sign to maintain a little balance. But it all depends on taste, too. Some like it hot –like burn your whole body up in flames hot.

3 The eighth house


The eighth house is about death, the occult, and, you guessed it, sex. So if he’s got a lot of planets here, then he’s likely to be brooding and super mysterious. That will add a sex appeal that’s irresistible. Should this house be devoid of planets, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about the bedroom, but it will mean that he’s much more focused on other aspects of life. If you want someone who’s hot and heavy, then make sure he’s got plenty of planets hanging around the eighth house. This is the house that’s ruled by Scorpio who’s co-ruled by both Pluto and, yep, Mars. The fires can burn extra bright should this house be illuminated by planets.

2 Venus

Of course, we cannot even consider love without consulting the oracle of all oracles related to beauty, art, and love –our girl, Venus. While Mars is typically associated with sparks and quick action, Venus is more about taking her time, taking it slow, playing a game, playing coy, flirting, and letting things simmer. It’s the slow building up of something into a spectacle of love. Where is Venus is will tell you what type of woman he secretly desires. Yes, his Venus will tell you about him, too –like how he attracts energies and what he finds attractive. If his Venus is in an earth sign, he’ll love a practical, hard-working girl. If it’s in an air sign, he’d prefer someone who doesn’t get attached easily. If it’s in an water sign, he’ll appreciate an emotional, nurturing type. And if it’s in a fire sign, he’s totally into a girl who’s sassy and full of energy.

1 The seventh house


Want to know how he views relationships of any sort, then move on over to the seventh house. This is the polar opposite to the first house which is all about self and independence. The seventh house reveals how he works and vibes with others. Or if he even likes being involved with others. The seventh house is not just about romantic partnerships, but partnerships of all sorts. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t determine his character by studying which planets are in his seventh house. If there are planets hanging around the seventh house, he values relationships and could even be clingy. Should his seventh house be devoid of planets, it’s likely that relationships are his thing and he doesn’t get caught up in feelings too easily.


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