What Kind Of Mom You'll Be Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Ready for a baby? Yeah, maybe not yet! If you're anything like us, you have a hard enough time feeding and clothing yourself and worrying about doing that for another human sounds kind of crazy. Sure, kids are cute and everything. But other people's kids are cute. Not your own. Or maybe you're a little more advanced than us. Maybe you actually have your life together (what is that like?). Maybe you are totally feeling kids and have a bad case of baby fever. Regardless of where you are on the potential motherhood spectrum, if you want to be a mom one day, you're probably curious about what kind of a mom you're going to be. Will you be the type who drives the kids to soccer practice and pack sliced oranges? Will you inspire your kids by being a bad-a$$ career woman? Will you teach them five different languages or enroll them in every class at the rec centre? So many options! How do you know what kind of a mom you will be? You check your zodiac, of course! Here is how to know what kind of mother you will be!

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12 Aries: Hands-on Mom


You are the ultimate hands-on mom, Aries. You could never imagine hiring a nanny or missing out on anything with your kiddos. You're the type who jumps right into motherhood and embraces everything from diaper changing and feedings to homework help and shopping trips. You love the idea of spending tons of time with your kids too - you want to be involved in every aspect of their lives. Just be careful that you don't go too far and smother them. As an Aries, you'll want to support them and give them a sense of confidence in themselves. So make sure you are supportive and not overbearing. You love the idea of getting your kid involved in all sorts of sports and lessons. After school hours in your house are likely to be a bit wild trying to get everyone ready and on the way to their various clubs, teams, and rehearsals.

11 Taurus: Stable Mom


Taurus, you are the rock that your family is built on. You're not one of those moms who changes her mind as often as she changes her underwear. Your kids will be able to depend on you because they know you are stable, balanced, and reliable. You give your kids rules and routines to follow - some people see this as strict but you know it just gives your kids the secure environment they need to thrive. Sometimes you can be a bit stern; it's your way or no way at all. But this allows your children to learn and inspires them to work hard, just like you. You're also going to be quite the shutterbug. You're the family that is going to have professionally made Christmas cards every year with the kids decked out in matching outfits. And you better believe that won't be the only photoshoot your family poses for each year. You're all about creating memories you can remember forever and sharing those adorable memories with everyone you know on social media.

10 Gemini: Fun Mom


"I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom." This line was definitely made for a Gemini mom. You are the ultimate fun mom! You love hanging out with your kids, taking them on awesome adventures and introducing them to new activities. You plan the best birthday parties - the other kids at school wish you would plan their parties. You're kind of like Lorelai Gilmore - more best friend than mom. But that's not to say you neglect your mom duties. You're also very responsible. As a Gemini with two sides, you're able to have your fun side and more serious responsible side. As a social butterfly, you'll encourage your kids to get out of their comfort zones and to always use their words to explain what they want or need. Nothing is ever awkward or boring with a Gemini mom!

9 Cancer: Loving Mom


You're the ultimate sweet and loving mom. If any mom is going to show up at school with a basket of home-baked cupcakes for their kid's half birthday, it's a Cancer mom. If you and your partner decide to go all good cop/bad cop on your kids, you'll always play the good cop. Your strategy is to make your kids like you so much that they would never want to disappoint you by misbehaving. For you, Cancer, being a mom absolutely completes you. You are looking for someone to direct all of your love and nurture towards. Some may even think you're obsessed with your kids, but don't worry, it's not in a weird way. You just want to be the ultimate mom and BFF all in one. In fact, you're not just best friends with your kids but you're best friends with their friends too! And you keep that up even as your children and their friends enter adulthood.

8 Leo: Proud Mom


Your children make you beam just at the very mention of their name - because you are the proud mom of the zodiac, Leo. You love investing in your children and helping them to become the best versions of themselves. You'll sign them up for all sorts of clubs and lessons, and yes, you will even include some of the boring ones if you truly think it will help them later in life. You inspire them with your own achievements. You just have to make sure that your children don't start to doubt themselves when they think about how totally awesome and accomplished their mom is. You love to brag about your kids with photos on social media and bumper stickers on the back of your car. And if your child happens to take an interest in student government or is popular at school, you'll be prouder than ever!

7 Virgo: Involved Mom


To say that you like to stay involved with your kids would be an understatement. You are the ultimate involved mom who is active in every aspect of your kids' lives. You start up playgroups, serve on your kid's schools PTA, and insert yourself into clubs and teams. It would be no surprise to your kids if they showed up to their piano lesson to learn their teacher is sick and you'll be taking over for the day. But that's okay, they won't mind. Your kids see you as a mentor and not a super controlling parent. They love that you let them be themselves. You want to encourage your kids' natural gifts and interests, instead of forcing them into stuff they don't like. Your kids love you for this as they are free to be whatever they want to be. And they know you'll be there for the ride!

6 Libra: Chill Mom


When it comes to being a mom, you're way more hands-off than some other mothers of the zodiac. You are the ultimate chill mom. You believe your kids should be themselves and don't put pressure on them to be perfect. To be honest, you've got a bit of a lazy streak, which makes being an involved hands-on parent a bit of a stretch for you. But don't worry! Your kids will love your approach. They'll never be stressed or unhappy under your roof. They'll be free to express themselves and won't be worried about having to come to you when they mess up. Plus, you'll probably be pretty lax on rules like curfews and piercings, which they'll love. Your house will become the place where all the kids hang out, which is great because you'll fit in as a friend instead of the strict mom you were never meant to be.

5 Scorpio: Stylish Mom


You're basically the Victoria Beckham of moms. You're insanely cool and fashionable. The other moms will be super jealous when they see you rocking the latest styles at daycare pick up. You also inspire your kids to be just as cool and fashion forward. You encourage them to pick out their own clothes and take them to awesome places where they'll feel posh and put together. But at the same time, you can be a bit frosty if someone crosses you or your family. Notice how Victoria Beckham never smiles? That's because she, like you, is ready to cut anyone who messes with her family. If anyone gets on your bad side, like bullying one of your kids, they better watch out. You will go full Mama Bear on them. Sometimes your kids are a little scared of you but they know that you always have their back!

4 Sagittarius: Adventurous Mom


Would becoming a mom slow down a Sagittarius? Absolutely not! You're not putting off your dreams of motherhood for adventures because you will totally take your kids with you! You're the type of mom who wouldn't think twice before backpacking through southeast Asia with a baby strapped to your front. You love the idea of introducing your child to the world and showing them life outside of a suburban bubble right from the start. Your kids are going to grow up with a huge love for travel and adventure. If you ever do return to your hometown, your kid will show up to school in pants from Nepal with a Greek lunch and bracelets from Peru. So nothing you and your kids do will be traditional, which is totally great! Your kids won't always see you as an authority figure but they will have a strong bond with you that will last a lifetime.

3 Capricorn: Classic Mom


If you looked up "mom" in the dictionary, you'd find a picture of a Capricorn mom. Everything a Capricorn mom does is so traditionally and classically "mom"! You love cooking your kids dinner, dropping them off at school, and reading them bedtime stories. You may even want to be a stay at home mom because you love the job of mom so much. Like a Scorpio mom, you have no problem standing up for your kids and you will definitely defend them no matter what. Your kids always know exactly how much you love them because you show them every single day and that's great. You'll give your kids the structure they need to grow and teach them many life lessons along the way. Basically, you're an awesome mom. Your biggest parenting issue is going to be trying not to worry so much!

2 Aquarius: Multitasking Mom


You're the mom who wants it all. You work hard to get it all and then you have it all! You are the working mom who still makes times to attend science fairs and soccer matches. You're able to keep up with client meetings at work and homework help after school. Everyone in your social circle is so impressed with how you manage to handle it all. But that's just you, Aquarius. You know if you want it badly enough, you can make it happen. You'll be an awesome example to your kids of what it looks like to be great at your job, your marriage, your social life, and your role as a parent. The other signs of the zodiac aren't quite sure how you manage to do it all but you do. It takes a lot of energy to be on top of everything though, so don't be afraid to give yourself a break from time to time. Everyone will understand if you have to take a moment for yourself every now and then.

1 Pisces: Hippie Mom


Okay, Pisces, admit it: you are totally the hippie mom! You want your kids to express themselves. You want them to connect to their inner soul and spirit. You care more about how they're feeling than what they're doing and you teach them how to be emotionally intelligent and in tune with their instincts. You're all about play and exploration. And your kids love you for all of this! They get to have the most magical childhood with a mom who loves, cares, and supports them unconditionally. You want your children to become independent, kind and creative individuals. You value the arts and would love your kids to spend their days finger-painting, reciting poems, and playing guitars. But play is the most important thing to you. You don't want your kids growing up too fast and will always make sure they can be children for as long as possible, and that is really awesome!

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