What Kind Of A Liar Are You Based On Your Star Sign

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What Kind Of A Liar Are You Based On Your Star Sign

We all lie, right! Right? Of course, we do. Some of us don’t like to admit it, but it’s part of human nature. People lie for a variety of reasons, but at the end of the day, most of our lies are uttered out of fear, shame, pride, and other human emotions. And if we can identify those, we can learn to be more honest with ourselves. Based on your zodiac sign and the planets that influence you, you can tell a lot about your personality. We are inherently decent humans, at least that’s my philosophy, but we have flaws – such as how dishonest we are with ourselves and the world around us. It’s hard telling the truth sometimes, isn’t it? I know, right. Most of us have the desire to tell the truth. But society says to be careful with our words and to spare people’s feelings and whatnot, hence the need to lie. Have no fear, ladies, based on your zodiac sign, you can see how much of a liar you are or aren’t. And don’t worry, the outcome isn’t as bad as you think – how bad of a liar you are is all a matter of perspective. Of course, results vary depending on your rising moon sign. To determine someone’s ability to lie is much more complex than studying the sun sign.

12. Aries: Too Busy with Self to Get Caught up in Lies

An Aries female is a busy one. This is one of the most preoccupied signs of all the zodiac. If you’re an Aries, how does this affect your ability to lie? Well, truth be told, you’re just too caught up in life to be worried about telling lies to people. Life is way too interesting to you and telling lies seems counterproductive to the sense of joy you want to get out of life. You don’t even consider lying because it’s doesn’t make you who you are. And Aries are all about being true to themselves, seeking other people that are just as genuine. This means you can’t be bothered with lies and posers. The closest you’ll get to lying is by omission, meaning you hold back by not saying the truth when you should. Overall, Aries prefer to enjoy life with whatever whim catches her fancy, so lying is just a distraction that she doesn’t have time for.

11. Taurus: To Get what She Wants, She’ll Lie Her Pants Off

Oh my, dear Taurus, you’re certainly willing to go to all the lengths to get what you want. And why is that, huh? It’s because you seek the finer things in life, darling. As a Taurus, you are drawn to luxury – take that as you will. It could be financial security, but also emotional support. In order to feel stable, a Taurus will, without any hesitation, bend the truth to get what she wants. It’s not out of malice or spite but rather out of need, the need to live the life that feels most comfortable to her. So if you’re a Taurus, despite your serious work ethic, you still might come up short, and that means putting your charms to the test. It helps you immensely to be under the influence of Venus, the planet that knows how to attract that which her heart desires.

10. Gemini: The Queen of Trickery

There are no if, ands, or buts about it – Gemini is not ashamed to twist the truth for her benefit. Am I right, Gemini ladies? You will not hesitate to tell a white lie or even elaborate on some details. Why? Because you’re good at it, that’s reason number one. In many ways, you enjoy seeing what you can do with words and stories. It might sound heartless, but Geminis adore messing with the lines of communication. This does not mean that you are always dishonest. You can be quite forthright if you want to be. But if the mood strikes, a Gemini will fabricate some issue on the stop and not stutter once. This penchant for trickery is probably caused by a Gemini’s duality, symbolized by its twin sign. As honest and true as a Gemini can be, she can be equally as deceptive.

9. Cancer: About Feelings, Yes to Protect Self

Think of Caners as the mother of all the zodiac signs. She has been put here, brought to this planet, in order to protect and nurture. She has an intuition about feelings. She might even know how someone else is feeling before they do. So consider Cancers to be the good-doers. And that means a wholesome outlook on life in all aspects. But like a mother who is willing to bend the truth to protect her family, the Cancer will do the same. You are able to hold back your feeling incredibly well, so much so that at times you seem distant or emotionless. This is a tactic, this is a sign that Cancer is unintentionally lying by omitting or being reserved. A Cancer will not think twice about keeping secrets in order to survive this world; but when a Cancer is honest, it’s an honesty that’ll be so real it hurts.

8. Leo: If by Lie You Mean Exaggerate, then Yes

Here comes the Leo, ready and armed with stories. Some very much true, but others highly likely to be embellished. But hold on, don’t start feeling bad, Leo; and non-Leos, don’t start judging the Leo too harshly now. You know why you do that, don’t you, Leo? For the sake of attention and nothing more. You’re not out to hurt anyone. On the contrary, Leos safeguard their pride in a deeply concerned way; and Leos are loyal to the end. When a Leo lies, it’s more like for the dramatic effect, to capture the attention of her audience, to show off her mane and her lovely features. Leos know how stunning they are, am I right, lady Leos? And sometimes you crave more attention beyond that which your looks can afford you, hence the over exaggerations. Being one of the most creative signs, telling stories, i.e. lies comes easily to Leos.

7. Virgo: Her Critical Nature is Honest with the World, but not with Self

Lawd, no sign is as critical as a Virgo. You’re so hard on others, but you’re equally, if not more, tough on herself. If you ask a Virgo how she feels about something, be prepared for the truth plus more. Here is a sign that will tell it like it is, so if you’re sensitive, don’t not ask. A Virgo will also tell people how she feels even if they don’t ask. Don’t mistake that critical nature for being honest. Much of what a Virgo criticizes about others is a reflection of herself and how she feels about her own mistakes. When a Virgo is honest, she’s being honest with herself, but a Virgo can’t easily identify this. And she’s less likely to admit it; she’ll deny things until blue in the face, even when totally wrong, and she’ll do it to her death. Virgo, you’ll be the last to admit you’re are wrong. And here is where your lies comes into play. You are dishonest with self before anyone else and that might be your biggest fault thus far.

6. Libra: The Scales keep Her True, Most of the Time

The true and steady Libra comes on through for justice and fairness. Yes, dear Libra, you are the scales which means you balance life and self and those around you. Known for fighting for that which is right, you’re also known for fighting for relationships. Libra, in moments of great struggle or pressure, you might crack and tell a lie. Why? To save someone you love or yourself from a terrible fate. In love, you are faithful, but you can be faithful to many people at the same time and not see any wrong in what you’re doing. However, others have a different opinion of what being faithful means. Libra, you have so much love to give being ruled by Venus, that you’re willing to break rules in order to keep peace and float on seemingly harmonious vibes.

5. Scorpio: Can’t Hold Back. Not Her Nature, except in Love

Ok, don’t expect anything less from Scorpio than the straight-up, gawd honest truth that will smack you in the face and wake you up. Scorpio, no one knows how to be more honest about feelings that you. However, that doesn’t mean you go around telling everyone how you feel. You’re much, much more reserved than that. You’ll withhold and hide out, you’ll ponder and debate, and when you feel the time is right, you’ll lay the truth on thick as thieves. When your truth comes out it stings like no body’s business. If telling a lie is also withholding information, then Scorpio avoids all this nonsense and locks herself away so as to avoid both possibilities, to stay true to herself and her feelings and maintain integrity. However, when it comes to love, Scorpio will pull out all the stops and lie herself into an early grave if need be; they have an obsessive nature that gets them in all kinds of trouble.

4. Sagittarius: Having too much Fun to be Tangled in Deceit

Sagittarius, girl, you are a ball of fun wherever you go. And you know it! You are often the life of the party or are the host of several parties. If you’re not being social at home, then you’re traveling around making friends wherever you damn well please. That’s your style. This also means that you’re so steadfast about enjoying life that lying seems frivolous. According to you, Sagittarius, a lie only means that you’ve got to cover your tracks and remember what you said and you’re just too much of a mover and a shaker to get caught up in that mess. You’d rather tell the truth and keep things moving, regardless of how much the truth might hurt. Lies for you are life’s little tricks and you’re not falling for it; you’d rather joke around or be a prankster, but lying is not your bag.

3. Capricorn: Her Distance does not Make Her a Liar

Sorry, Capricorn, but you’re famous frigid nature has got many people confusing you for a liar. The majority of people mistake someone who is distant or aloof as someone who is deceptive. But that’s not the case at all. You sit back and chill hard core because you’re observing and thinking, you’re planning and strategizing, and most of all, you’re evaluating your feelings. Capricorns have had some struggles and that’s what makes them so serious, but dishonest you are not. You’ll be the first to open up to a loved one about deep, dark secrets. You’ll let the cat out of the bag before anyone even realizes there was a cat in the bag. And you’re brand of honesty is so matter of fact that people might call you heartless. But a liar, you are most definitely not, dear Capricorn.

2. Aquarius: She can’t even Understand the Concept of a Lie

Here is a sign that’s so innocent that the concept of a lie makes zero sense. Aquarius, you are a humanitarian at heart and nothing will prevent you from your life’s mission. You tend to be rebellious, too, but that’s because you don’t agree with the majority of social norms or ideas. Good for you, Aquarius! So where the rest of the world constructs these false little realities, you’re in your own world, doing your work, and should someone enter that world and ask something, you are not going to sugarcoat anything. The liar is but a fictitious character that is a product of society and Aquarius is too clever to fall for that trick; she is beyond such constructs and so hell bent on her goals that lying is a waste of time.

1. Pisces: Yes, to Get you off Her Back so She can be Alone

Pisces waters run deep, like extra, extra deep. A Pisces can be caught up in their feelings for days, even weeks or months. And she needs to dwell there in order to stabilizer herself and face the real world again. The Pisces world is the dream world and there is where she feels most comfortable. Should anyone try to remove her from her safe place, she will go to great lengths to conjure lie after lie just to keep herself where she feels protected. You are also notorious for lying to loved ones because you can’t bear to hurt them. For a Pisces, she knows the truth can hurt and she’d rather not hurt other, therefore she lies. It’s not for her own gain, but to avoid paining another. Pisces will also lie about basic things, habits, and activities because she is afraid of how others will perceive her if they knew the truth about her.

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