What Is Your Kissing Style: 12 Types Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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What Is Your Kissing Style: 12 Types Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There are a hundred different ways to kiss someone; from the kind of smooch that will make your toes curl and the breath escape your lips to the kind that makes you slightly vomit in your mouth and eyes water with self-disdain. The butterfly, the peck, the eskimo… and they all mean something different depending on which frog you’re kissing.

If someone gives you a quick peck on the forehead versus lingering on your lips for just a second before pulling away then there’s a good chance that’s probably saying something about how they feel about you.

Now… let’s be honest here. You don’t want to be walking around locking lips with certain someone’s and giving off the wrong impression without even really knowing it or meaning to just by the way you’re kissing them.

We all have different ways of kissing, though, and whether we know it or not, our zodiac sign may just say something about that style. It’s better safe than sorry.

12. Aries (March 21-April 19)


If you can tame an Aries enough for a quick makeout sesh then I and probably every other sign will give you major props. That is not an easy flame to tame. They approach kissing the same way they approach everything else in their lives; with an overly assertive, energetic, powerful, and delightfully impulsive aurora. They will catch you off guard as they grab you and plant a long, passionate kiss on your unexpecting lips. They appreciate spontaneity and taking charge of a situation in whatever means necessary.

They want nothing more than to pleasure their partner in any and every way possible… as long as they’re getting the same amount of pleasure out of said actions (they’re one of the more selfish of signs). However, that being said, when an Aries kisses you, you will absolutely know it and you’ll know that they want it just as much as you do. Brace yourself.

11. Taurus (April 20- May 20)


Slow, sensual, and focused is what really sends shivers down a Taurean spine. When a Taurus kisses you, you will see it coming from a mile away. They take their time and keep their distance until they find their ideal moment to swoop in and make their move. They’ll nail you to the wall with their steady but deep and passionate gaze. They’ll give you all of the time that you could possibly need to contemplate the situation, realize they want you and you undeniably want them to come closer, and then they will.

Suddenly, you have no hesitations. They can’t help but embrace every minute of the ESP (extra sensory passion); every little touch, glance, and breathe on the back of your neck. They’ll brush the small of your back with their fingertips, inhale the smell of the perfume lingering on your hair, and kiss you deeply, tasting every second of it.

10. Gemini (May 21-June 20)


Gems will toy with you a little first before making a move (or letting you make one). They are the too damn adorable for their own good, seemingly sweet and innocent ones that will let you want them until you either give up or make a fool of yourself trying to move in. They’re sexy and coy. Don’t let them fool you into thinking that they’re not interested because it’s only a matter of time before they’ll grow tired of their own games and chase you to the finish line.

When they do decide to finally make their first move, they will attack your face with butterfly kisses in the sexiest, most playful way possible before ducking back into their coy persona. If you try to return the kiss, they’ll smile their shy little smile and run off. But don’t worry, chances are they’ll be back for more. Gemini’s fall easily and have a hard time staying away for too long.

9. Cancer (June 21- July 22)

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This can be a cautious sign. They are extremely aware when it comes to taking care of and protecting their mind, hearts, and bodies. It will take more than a movie date for them to even begin to think about allowing yours into their physical space. They trust their gut instinct more than anything and will roll with that until they feel comfortable. They’re not irrational creatures, though, generally speaking, so have a little patience and it shouldn’t take too long.

Once they do let their guard down for the first time, you might just have a difficult time keeping their hands off of you. They are an extremely passionate sign and feel the need to express their love in a physical way. They will show their love and desire for you by starting with a heated French Kiss, entangling their fingers in your hair, and not releasing you until the night is over.

8. Leo (July 23- August 22)


Wild, unrestricted kisses that have a bite to them (maybe literally) are their forte. That’s what gets their gears turning and loins hot. Performance anxiety is definitely a thing that never really seems to exist for Leos too much, and they have no problem planting a hot, wet kiss on you in public. I wouldn’t say that PDA is totally their thing per say, but they are absolutely not adverse to letting everyone know who they’re with and who their person is.

They will give you the exact kiss that you’ve been desperately needing and desire more than anything. They won’t stop until you’re practically begging for more. The more that they know you want them, the more that they’ll want you back and want to satisfy your every desire. They’re a fiery sign with a spark in their kiss and a passion for the playful pecks and intense makeout sessions.

7. Virgo (August 23- September 22)


This is a sign that strives for perfection and pays ultra close attention to detail. They know exactly what to do to drive you wild and make you very excited. You could have just met your Virgo make out buddy at the bar and literally one drink in, they will know exactly what it’s going to take to tease you just how you want.

They may bring you in close, straddle your leg while grazing their fingers over your chest, or embrace you in a hug, but will only kiss you long enough for it to linger and consume your thoughts. They’ll leave you with the taste of their lips on yours and the warmth of the fingertips on the base of your neck. You won’t even realize that they’re gone until it’s too late and you’ll be left longing for more with nothing left but a memory of that kiss you once had with a Virgo.

6. Libra (September 23- October 22)


If you’re the one that a Libra is pining after, then count yourself one lucky ducky. They’re the seductive romance keepers of the zodiac signs. Their passion practically radiates off of them and they never feel the need to hide it. If you can learn to embrace a Libra’s love and not shy away from their forward advances (because they definitely don’t beat around the bush once they know what, and who, they want) then you’re in for one hell of a romance filled ride.

They will give you glances from across the room at a party all night long with not even the slightest concern of who might notice, but then they’ll wait until they have you in private to let their true, deep, and most inner passions and desires loose. They will kiss you tenderly, but deeply; a kind of kiss that you get entirely enveloped in. Nothing will ever be the same and that type of kiss will cling to your lips for the rest of eternity.

5. Scorpio (October 23- November 21)


There’s a reason that Scorpios are known for being one of the most erotic signs. They’re incredibly passionate about everything that they do and won’t stop with just a peck on the lips. Their passion is intoxicating and anything but subtle. They’ll grab you when you least expect it, they will tease you with heavy pants on your neck and then lick the goosebumps away. They have a libido and curiosity for life that is not easily suppressed and they will always and forever try to fulfill.

They will kiss every inch of your body before you’ve even had a chance to realize what’s going on. They have a want and a desire and the skill to make their partners want to fulfill every last one of them all while thinking that it’s their idea. Scorpios aren’t one that you’ll easily forget and won’t kiss you in any less than a remarkable fashion.

4. Sagittarius (November 22- December 21)


Sags are all about pleasing their partners. They’re selfless and spunky; they’re playful and charming and will sweep you off your feet with nothing more than a peck on the cheek. They have the kind of charm and fluidity in their every movement, they’re impossible not to become completely enthralled with.

They will cover you in kisses from head to toe and then shower you with compliments before playfully pinning you to the bed and going in for more. Teasing is their forte and primary source of entertainment. A Sagittarius will start out with sweet, light kisses before they gradually become deeper, more passionate, before they slightly nibble on your bottom lip and topple on top of you, pinning you to the bed. They’re a great partner for the fun and games or dirty dates. They always want more of the one they’re loving and they absolutely love the spontaneity of a quick makeout session, anywhere, anyway, and any day.

3. Capricorn (December 22- January 19)


This is a sign that is almost nearly impossible to romance. It’s much more difficult to break into their emotional side than their physical. They put a lot more precedence on the physical aspect of any kind of potential intimate connection before anything else, but they’re playfully, overwhelmingly passionate about everyone and everything. There’s a good chance that they will run up and kiss a total stranger for probably really no reason at all, but leave that person entirely shocked and wanting more just looking for their runaway Capricorn crush.

If you are their target for life or for the night, then they’ll work every trick in the book on you (often pretty well) and you’ll discover things that you never even knew you liked. They will teach you the ins and outs of everything you never even knew that you wanted to know about. They will kiss you so deeply, you’ll become overwhelming lost in their love for you in that moment and you’ll never want to resurface.

2. Aquarius (January 20- February 18)


Aquarians are all about the art of seduction. For them, every little glance and graze on the thigh is just as important as the kiss itself. They live for the build up before the finale. They thrive on the indescribable tension that surrounds two people like a force field of passion locking the two of them together, infinitely, in that one moment. They are intentional with every single touch, glance, and move they make when they know what the build up is working toward.

They’re unconventional and unorthodox in their ways of seduction but will rarely miss a beat once they’re really on their game. Once they finally go in for the kiss, it will start slow and heated before escalating to an all-consuming makeout session. It may lead to more, but probably not right away. Like I said, they live for the build up; every single makeout session builds up the intimacy and tension until neither partner can handle it anymore.

1. Pisces (February 19- March 20)


They will pull you in closer and closer and lightly brush their lips against yours, basically just teasing the hell out of you until you can’t take it anymore. Similar to the Aquarius kissers, they absolutely live for the thrill of the build up to the climax of an intimate situation. Pisces are selfless, passionate, playful, and patient partners that anyone would be lucky to have. They’re more subtle in their ways of seduction and wary of choosing a possible partner. They will generally allow the one they have their eye on to come to them first before making any brash moves.

They want to know that their potential person wants them just as badly, if not more than they want you. They want it to be your idea to want them, kiss them, become engulfed in them. But their selfless, old souls will be sure to follow through after they know how badly you want them. Just be patient and enjoy the tease.

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