15 Photos That Prove Kylie Jenner Seriously Can’t Find What She’s Looking For

When anyone has a lot of photos of themselves out there it will become apparent that there are certain trends going on in those photos. Just like models have their signature poses and looks, blogger and reality stars also have their go to facial expressions poses. Perhaps no one is more distinctly consistent than Kylie Jenner. Most of her selfies look exactly the same, and she also utilizes the same poses over and over again. One of her poses has caught the eyes of many people since she seems to be looking for a lost item in them. It's not that she doesn't look great in them because she does, but she also often looks like she could use some help. Perhaps that's the idea, maybe it's like a damsel in distress vibe that she's trying to put out? Or maybe she just likes looking away from the camera. You can be the judge. Here are 15 hot photos of Kylie Jenner "looking for something."

15 This One Where She Dropped Something

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Except that she probably didn't drop anything at all! Kylie looks beautiful in this photo that she posted to her Instagram account. She paired an oversized camo t-shirt with a gold corset belt which seems unique but is actually a pretty easy look to pull off. This was during one of her blond hair phases. Kylie certainly does seem to switch up her hair almost as frequently as she switches up her outfits, both in color and in length. The shorter look is a diversion from her long and silky hair look but it definitely flatters her. She seems to be moving her hand in this shot as she looks down which even more so makes it look like she dropped something and is looking down at that moment. But unless it was her phone or something it's unlikely that she dropped anything. Kylie just happened to figure out that her face looks great when she's looking down and then she pulls out that pose all the time to hit her good angles.

14 Is That The Floor?


In this photo it totally appears that Kylie dropped something outside on the ground where she happens to be when this photo was taken. But she didn't! That's just her signature pose yet again. In this shot, Kylie is wearing a material that really highlights those gorgeous curves in the sunlight. Not to mention the adorable boots that she happens to be showing off. Maybe that's what she's actually looking towards, her shoes. That would be understandable. We can't even see Kylie's face in this photo thanks to the extreme face forward pose that she's got going on, and yet she still looks amazing. No matter that her hand is in front of her face covering up her beauty. We can still tell what she's working with, and it's a lot. That long shadow makes you think that this picture was taken later in the day like she's on her way out the door to start a fun evening.

13 This Glam But Lost Pic


Okay in this photo Kylie must have dropped something right before the photo was taken. Right?? Or not. She's just very loyal to the signature pose. The fact that she's looking down and also tossing both of her hands out to the side makes it seem obvious that she's looking for something that just slipped out of her grasp, but as usual that's an imaginary thing. Whatever she's doing she did manage to find a great pose to show off the dress that she has on. Kylie has admitted that being rich AF is a bit weird but that it gives her a lot of good perspective about what really matters in life. "What I think is so amazing about having everything, and feeling like I have everything, is that I don't really find happiness within materialistic things. Like, it's cool if I can buy myself a new car, and I think it's amazing for a week, but then the thrill is over, and I'm like, 'Oh, so I guess that wasn't really happiness."

12 This Pool Pic


This pool picture also makes it look like Kylie dropped something. She's actually at Coachella in this photo, so maybe she dropped a wristband or something. Of course, she always looks extremely hot in a bathing suit and knows how to work those curves. In this case she's wearing a Louis Vuitton swimsuit which is about as flashy as it gets. A head wrap to match creates quite the look here. Then there's also the mermaid colored hair, which is probably one of Kylie's many wigs. It wouldn't be Coachella without the mermaid hair though, now would it. It's hard to imagine but Kylie has actually said that she feels insecure all the time and frequently wakes up with anxiety. That just goes to show you that no matter what someone has or what they look like, that we all have the same emotions and go through the same sort of feelings. Even if it's very different circumstances that are creating those feelings.

11 This Stair Pose


In this photo it looks like Kylie dropped something on the stairs below her. A contact perhaps? The stairs are a pretty reasonable place to pose for a picture compared to some of the other spots that we see her posing, but it's clearly posed over being candid. In this photo Kylie is demonstrating how to pair a casual cotton t-shirt with a leather looking skirt and boots. Very cute and perfect for a daytime moment when you want to feel slightly dressed up but not over the top. Kylie has spoken out about how much she changes up her look and why. "I change my style maybe every month. I'm, like, punk one month, ghetto fab the next, classy the next. I'm just young and finding out who I am." She does seem like she's gone through a wide variety of looks for being as young as she is. It's also hard to imagine that Kylie is still just 20 years old. It seems like she's been famous forever, and it probably feels that way for her as well.

10 Getting Out Of The Car


Kylie has sunglasses on in this photo so it's actually sort of hard to tell where she's looking, but the way that her head is tilted it looks like she's peering toward the ground. But not like right in front of her on the ground, more like off to the side like she's looking for something. Of course, there doesn't seem to be anything on the ground at all. Maybe she's seeing something that we can't see, or perhaps she's just trying to avoid looking at the camera. Either way her gaze seems to be headed in that direction. We might not know exactly what she's looking at and/or pretending that she's looking at, but she certainly looks cute. Her outfit is more casual but still sexy which gives us some serious weekend style inspiration. A van is not the most gorgeous backdrop but look how she expertly pulls it off.

9 How Do I Look?


In this photo, Kylie is searching so hard for something that we can't even see her face. Which is something that we've also seen before a time or two. It doesn't help that she also has on some giant sunglasses and a beanie. In fact, it's sort of hard to see her head at all, so it's pretty crazy that she's actually recognizable as Kylie in this photo. But she is. In this picture Kylie is rocking that beanie with a skintight black dress and some nude colored pumps. She happens to be posing in front of a nice car which provides a simple pop of color in the picture. Wonder whose apartments those are that she's standing in front of? It's safe to bet that none of them are hers. Kylie's lost poses are sort of interesting because they can be a little awkward, and yet she manages to look great anyway and not actually awkward at all.

8 Seriously Where Did It Go?


Okay this photo has to be one of the most searching ones that we've seen so far! Even more so based on the fact that her outfit is less showy than usual, so it's sort of surprising that she is even posing to show this one off for a snapshot. Undoubtedly those clothes are designer and impressive, but overall it looks like she's out on a rainy day with the rest of us. Maybe that's what she's going for here, normal. She seems to be on vacation somewhere in a city. If she's trying to hide from the general public so as not to cause a scene and be recognizable then she's doing a pretty good job. We can't actually see Kylie's face at all here. This could be any brunette on the street, except for the fact that we can always just tell that it's Kylie no matter how much she happens to be covering her face while pretending to look for something.

7 Don't Look At Me


This has to be one of the most beautiful photos of Kylie on the list, even though it looks like she doesn't actually want anyone looking at her. That's just a trick! Her looking down and away pose makes her seem serene and quiet while still posing in a way that invites in the eye. Wherever she happens to be for this photo, that's some pretty good lighting. It's almost like the warm gold evening light is perfectly matched for her rose gold hair. She happens to look very glam in this white fur (faux fur?) coat and dramatic makeup. Those brows and lashes give some major definition to Kylie's face, and it looks like she's even wearing pinkish eye shadow to match that hair of hers. She seems to be standing right next to a pool in a yard somewhere, although it's hard to tell where exactly she might be. Who knows. Every day is another opportunity for Kylie to strike her signature pose in a new location.

6 Sad Eyes


In this photo it's almost like Kylie is sad. Poor Kylie! We can all relate to having those moments where we're searching for the meaning of life. Or for something that we lost getting out the car, such as those tickets that you have to grab when you enter a parking garage. She's also serving up a very fashionable look for the daytime hours. Thigh high green boots plus a matching green corset is not your everyday look, and yet she is making it look somewhat normal. If you're going to wear a baggy t-shirt as a dress it makes sense that you might as well belt it up with a corset. It's hard to know where Kylie is headed in this outfit. Out to lunch? To a meeting? Hopefully, wherever she's heading she had an experience that helped to perk up those sad eyes. Although she always looks amazing whether she's happy or not.

5 This Outdoor Couch Pic


In this photo Kylie seems to be lurching forward looking for something while seated on an outdoor couch. The pillows that are strewn around all over the place also add to the vibe that she's looking for something. Perhaps she already tore up the couch looking for it and now is getting ready to move on to the next location. Or perhaps she was just sitting on the couch and decided that it seemed like a good idea to pose. One good question that we have looking at this photo is who took it? Do these Kardashian/Jenner sisters take turns taking photos of each other? Do they have photographers around at all times? Is Kylie directing this shot no matter who the photographer is or what exactly is happening here? There are many questions based on the way this photo is set up and it's unclear whether we would ever get an answer or not.

4 This Garage Door Shot


In this photo it actually sort of looks like Kylie is giving a dirty look at whatever she's looking for. There's definitely a bit of sass there both in the face and in the pose. The pose does effectively show off the shape hugging outfit that she has on and her body underneath. She's dressed head to toe in a single color range which sort of became a Kardashian/Jenner standard look. But it doesn't look like she's thrilled to be holding those sunglasses based on the way that she's holding them out between just two fingers. It's not the most natural pose, but you have to admit that she looks great as usual. Kylie has actually said that she doesn't wear a lot of makeup in her normal life, although that's sort of hard to imagine based on the photos that we see of her. "If I'm going to see people, I won't wear heavy makeup. It's not attractive on me. When you see those pictures on my Instagram, they are usually for when I'm doing a photo shoot or an interview."

3 This Pic With Kendall


In this photo of Kendall and Kylie, Kylie is obviously playing around with a spoon and yet she's looking up as if something is going on up there that we don't know about. As if there's something that was lost up on the ceiling or something. This is actually a pretty different type of photo for these two. It looks like it could actually be a natural shot of them hanging out and catching up over breakfast, just with a photographer in tow. They both look beautiful and comfortable. Kylie has shared that she doesn't make tons of good friends, which is probably partly because she has so many sisters that she can trust completely and not have to worry about anything with. Besides normal sister stuff that is. "I definitely don't make many friends. It's my choice; I just have a wall. It's not that I have anything against anyone." That also explains why Kylie has remained best friends with her friend Jordyn for many years.

2 This Gorgeous Pic


Kylie sure knows how to work her lighting in addition to working those angles. In this photo she seems to be looking out a window for something that she lost, but she's actually just posing in one of her favorite poses to get the right angle to show off both her face and her taut abs. Kylie has talked about how she doesn't really workout that much and that it's mostly just her genes that keep her looking good. Must be nice. It's sort of funny that this photo looks so professional and yet it's probably just a snapshot that someone took on a phone camera. This is another instance where Kylie is working the athletic wear pants with a sports bra. This look used to be limited to the gym but thanks to celebs like Kylie we can all go out and run errands in our sports bras again. She seems to be wearing a fancy necklace of some sort which is a whole other level to the trend. You just know that she didn't actually just come from the gym.

1 This Diner Pic


Here's yet another photo of Kylie at lunch, all alone, looking like she's looking for something. She's even sitting facing the same direction as in the other photo. She really looks like she's looking for a person that she lost, but it's likely that the person that she's eating lunch with is actually the person who is taking the photo. She's rocking a chic but casual outfit for this photo. A slinky skirt, a cute bomber jacket, and some comfy white sneakers. That's a very doable outfit for the average person. Top it off with a cute bag and you're good to go for a casual lunch out. This is one of Kylie's more casual looks. She's shared in the past that she acts more flashy on social media than she actually is. "I'm way flashier on Instagram and Snapchat because I feel like that's what people want to see, and that's I've always done, so I'm not going to stop. People want to see my cars and my purses. People love fashion. But that's so not me."

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