What Is Her Love Language?

If you haven't heard of the five love languages yet, where have you been? Just kidding... but seriously, these are a great way to figure out personalities as well as behavior when dating someone. The five love languages explain why, when our partner does something that they consider to be extra sweet, we appreciate it but kind of shrug it off. If our partner has a different love language than we do, that's definitely information that we want to have so we can work better together.

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What is her love language? Depending on what type of girlfriend she is, we rounded up exactly which category she fits into.

8 The Hopeless Romantic: Words Of Affirmation

If she's a hopeless romantic, then her love language is definitely Words Of Affirmation. This means that she wants to hear her partner talk about their emotional state and the way that they feel about her. When that's not happening, she doesn't necessarily feel loved, so this is super important to her.

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Even if her partner thinks that she should be confident enough to know how they feel, she still wants to hear that they love her. The fact that she's a hopeless romantic means that she lives for sweet nothings and long speeches. She dreams of that, and if her partner can say romantic things at least a few times a week, she'll be happy.

7 The Do-Gooder Girlfriend: Acts Of Service

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Acts of Service are things that someone does for their partner, from chores like cleaning to doing something else that needs to be done. This is how she shows her partner love since she would enjoy if they did the same for her. Once her partner figures this out, they can show her love in this way. Yes, even something like throwing out garbage counts, because she'll notice that her partner did this because they care about her.

6 The Girly Girlfriend: Receiving Gifts

A girly girlfriend can't help but love all things pink, romantic comedies, and getting gifts from her partner that prove that they're thinking about her. This can be tough if someone isn't big on getting gifts themselves, but that's why learning about our partner's love language can help us in the relationship. It helps us really get each other.

5 The Hopeless Romantic: Also Quality Time

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When someone is a romantic at heart, they want to cuddle while watching cheesy films, have date nights that feel more special than just eating pizza at the kitchen counter, and know that their partner is making a point of hanging out with them regularly. This matters a lot to them and helps them feel loved.

4 The Caring, Emotional Girlfriend: Physical Touch

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She also needs someone who cares about cuddling and showing affection as much as she does. While this could be too much for some people who need lots of alone time even when in a long-term relationship, it's exactly what others are looking for. As long as her partner will hold her hand at the movies and hug her when they see her, she's good.

3 The Girlfriend Who Can't Help But Take Care Of Everyone: Acts Of Service

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For the girlfriend who can't help but take care of everyone, her love language is acts of service. She shows her partner love by doing things for them, whether that's cleaning or cooking or helping out when they've got a packed few days coming up. She likes being taken care of in this way, too, so it's definitely good for her partner to be aware of this.

2 The Independent Girl Finally In A Relationship: Words Of Affirmation

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If her partner can tell her that they think that she's the coolest girl around and that they love certain qualities that she has, she'll feel a lot better.

1 The Chill, Cool Girlfriend: Quality Time


The cool, chill girlfriend's love language is definitely quality time. She's not down with expensive, lavish gifts and she could care less about hearing her partner say that they love her 20 times a day. Sure, those things are great and everything, but it's not what she cares about.

Since she's so low-key, she loves spending quality time with her partner. A nice walk on a warm day, cooking dinner or baking together, or watching Netflix all sound like flawless dates to her. This is when she feels that her partner is totally in love with her, so this is important for her partner to recognize.

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