What His Turn Offs Are Based On His Zodiac

Everyone has a limit when it comes to the things they like and don't like but what if I told you the zodiacs could predict what turns off some men? Then women would not have to always second guess what men are thinking, we wouldn't have to wonder if we are turning them on or off.

Have you ever been into someone and everything is going perfect, he seems really into you and then all of a sudden he stops calling, claims he is too busy, and sooner or later you find out he lost interest-- but you never get the answers as to why or how he lost interest. If the zodiacs could somehow help or give women hints on what men like, perhaps we would be able to detect when the relationship is going south.

Not everyone believes in astrology-- it is a lot like a mythical creature. We know enough that it exists, but to know if it is one hundred percent accurate is a pretty big risk to take. If you are fascinated by astrology, or just trying your best to find out what your man's turn offs are based on his zodiac, well you are in luck. Here we have put together what every woman would like to know-- here is his turn offs based on his zodiac:

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12 Aries (March 21-April 19): They Despise overly-needy, controlling, emotional types

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An Aries man likes to be in control at all times so it is no wonder that he hates it when someone else tries to control him. A lot like a Gemini, Aries love their freedom so if you are the type of woman who is overly needy, emotional, and controlling then chances are your Aries man will become very turned off by you in a heartbeat. This fire sign really does not appreciate a woman that isn't independent and one thing that definitely turns an Aries off is if you try and manipulate him with emotions-- that will only make him less interested and not the opposite. You should never give an Aries man an ultimatum as they will refuse to make the choice you want and in the end, they will be forced to let you go than deal with your emotional demands. You have to let him think he is in control otherwise, you will end up turning him off instead of on.

11 Taurus (April 20-May 20): They run from super demanding and superficial people

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A Taurus man will become distant and totally turned off by a woman who is super demanding or tries to dominate him and his life. It doesn't mean you cannot be strong, it just means you can't be too abrasive or aggressive otherwise you will lead him to choose to walk away. While a Taurus does not get angry quickly, you should not push their buttons either. If you try and press a Taurus man into a corner do not be surprised by a violent rage as he will not take your demands lightly. While this Earth sign will be devoted to you, if you try and dominate them in any way they will be forced to retract and ultimately lead to being completely uninterested in you. A Taurus man despises a woman that is constantly changing decisions-- women who are impulsive only turn a Taurus man off instead of on. Taurus men like women who are stable and their biggest turn off is a woman who can't make up her mind about anything yet has very strong opinions.

10 Gemini (May 21-June 20): Anyone who tries to take away their freedom

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Gemini's are born to run so trying to trap a Gemini man will only make him run away from you, not towards you. What turns a Gemini male off more than anything is a woman that does not understand his need to be free. Gemini's are the most loyal zodiac but they are also the sign of the Twin which means they pretty much have multiple personalities. If you want to keep a Gemini man then you must constantly be changing with them otherwise, they'll be tempted to leave you in the dust. If you try and pressure him into settling down, he will feel overwhelmed, even if you have a lot of the qualities he likes he will quickly feel pressed and begin to lose his interest and eroticism. What also turns a male Gemini off is any woman who is too into taboos and stereotypes as he prefers to be with women who are independent and have modern thoughts. You will turn this Air sign off quickly if you try to chain them down. Another turn off for a Gemini man is anything that is conservative old fashion as that will be considered a no-no in his dictionary. If you can't change with the ever-changing Gemini they will be forced to lose interest in you just as fast as you may have caught their attention.

9 Cancer (June 21-July 22): Playing games

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No one likes a player, especially a Cancer. Considering the fact that a Cancer is the most sensitive sign of the zodiacs-- therefore, playing mind games with a Cancer will only turn them off. A Cancer man hates it when a woman is condescending, so if you try and treat them like a child, they will lose every ounce of attraction they felt for you and there will be no turning back.  Once a Cancer is over you that is it, they are done for good. Truth is, a Cancer man is extremely traditional, so he will easily be turned off by a woman that is anything but traditional. He will lose interest in you if you are the type of woman to dress outside the box-- as in, he doesn't like women that lose their femininity. Cancer's get hurt easily so playing with their emotions will only make them upset. And when a Cancer gets upset, let's just say they can be a bit "crabby". This crab has a soft heart, so if a woman is messing with their hearts they won't be too happy about it.

8 Leo (July 23-August 22): Someone who doesn't want him enough

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Normally men like the chase right? Well, for a Leo, he actually becomes completely turned off if he feels as if the woman he is pursuing is uninterested. The slightest doubt that she isn't as into him as he is into her will lead him feeling insecure and ultimately he will lose interest too. A Leo man does this to protect his heart. He will run from anything that doesn't give him 100 percent of their attention. A Leo needs a woman that is a bit clingy-- a woman who is too independent will turn a Leo off instead. Leo's are huge on honesty, so if you lie to a Leo man he will feel betrayed and you will lose your chance at any hope of a relationship. This majestic Leo will completely lose interest if the woman on his side does not want him too much! Which sounds a bit crazy but it is true for this Fire sign. A woman who feels the need to talk about their past relationships will be a huge turn off for him.

7 Virgo (August 23-September 22): Someone who isn't intellectual

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This Earth sign can often be shy but what turns a Virgo man off more than anything is a woman who is superficial. Virgos are very intellectual creatures so when finding a partner in life, they need someone that can keep up with them intellectually. He will lose interest fast if a woman cannot match his intellectual side. A woman that only cares about having fun or lacks the ability of any knowledge will mostly bore the Virgo and he will be forced to lose interest in you very quickly. In order to capture the heart of a Virgo you must excite his mind first-- if the woman he is interested in only talks about partying, drinks, fun, and intimacy he will feel as if he has nothing in common with you, women who only care about those things are a major turn off to a Virgo man. If you aren't intellectually connected, the Virgo man will run the other way.

6 Libra (September 23-October 22): Someone who is unsupportive

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Libra's are extremely argumentative creatures which is why you should never try and start an argument with one. A Libra male will quickly lose interest in you if you ever try to argue, as he will just look at it as if you are being dramatic. Never give a Libra criticism as they don't take it too well-- even if you mean well, a Libra male will interpret it as being unsupportive and nothing turns a Libra off more than someone who is unsupportive and critical. Another thing that totally turns this Air sign off is a woman who is an introvert, in a gloomy state of mind all the time and is a bit closed off to herself. They like women who are decisive and dynamic, so if you are not what he is looking for he will easily be turned off by you. Patience is important to a Libra man, so pushing his buttons will only make him run from you, not towards you. Learn to be patient or suffer the consequence.

5 Scorpio (October 23-November 21): They dislike teasing

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The danger zone for a Scorpio is how much they dislike a woman who enjoys teasing. And not the playful, sexy, teasing-- the type of teasing that messes with his heart and his emotions. Scorpios are already jealous creatures, so by teasing him you are only adding fuel to the already lit fire and there is bound to be one big messy explosion. A Scorpio will be turned off by any woman that tries to tease the Scorpion. You can flirt with them, but don't tease. Scorpio men view teasing as manipulative, disrespectful, and downright frustrating. They ultimately lose their sense of humor when it comes to being teased. Scorpios hate games, so by teasing him you are only playing a game and you will most likely lose because he will become so uninterested that there will be no turning back. If you don't answer your phone for a Scorpio they will look at it as you ignoring them and will feel totally turned off. Never flirt in the presence of a male Scorpio as they will lose interest in you very, very quickly.

4 Sagittarius (November 22-December 21): Someone who isn't adventurous

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Sagittarius are born to roam so if you aren't adventurous, that right there is the number one turn off for this Fire sign. Here is the truth about Sagittarius men, they are constantly in perpetual motion which means that if you are the type of woman that prefers to stay at home or in your comfort zone and not ever wants to do anything fun or go anywhere, a Sagittarius will get extremely turned off. They want someone that is willing to run with them, otherwise, they will just leave you behind and they won't be turning back. Another thing that turns a Sagittarius off is jealousy, if you are the type of woman that gets super jealous, he will immediately lose interest. He will become turned off by women who are jealous, demanding, or tries to suppress his freedom-- this will only lead to him becoming uninterested. Sagittarius are known to run from commitment, so if you already are giving him a reason to run, you should know things aren't going to work out. He needs to be free and be with someone that loves life and all its adventures. A major turn off for this Sagittarius man is someone who can't handle the freedom. Learn to run with him, or learn to watch him run without you.

3 Capricorn (December 22-January 19): Fake people are a complete turn-off

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Capricorn men fall in love strong and they evaluate their relationships-- he becomes turned off by any woman who is involved in gossiping or dramatic in any shape or form. Considering the Capricorn is a bit serious, they want to be in a relationship with a woman who is equally responsible and mature. They become easily turned off if they feel as if they have to babysit their date. If you are incapable of keeping a balance in your life, a Capricorn male will be forced to escape from you as fast as he can. A Capricorn man cannot stand women who are fake if you are not real or if you try to pretend to be somebody you are not, he will instantly feel turned off and he will lose interest in you completely. There is no middle ground with a Capricorn, they are either very into you or they are not-- and truth is if you show characteristics of any of that he does not like he will go from totally interested to completely not, and it will happen very quickly.

2 Aquarius (January 20-February 18): Over-using the word "NO"

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You would not believe it, but the smallest word can actually be a huge deal to an Aquarius. The word "NO" holds so much power, especially to an Aquarius man. Truth is, Aquarius men become very turned off by any woman that acts as if she does not trust him or pushes the relationship too far such as desperately wanting to meet the parents, or checking his cell phone and if you are shy or timid he will instantaneously become turned off as an Aquarius is anything but shy. Do not try to predict what your life might be because he will lose interest in you in a heartbeat. Men usually get scared when women bring up weddings and children, well it is even scarier for an Aquarius man. He likes his freedom, even if he is in a relationship-- he doesn't want to talk about weddings and babies until he is ready and pressuring him or even mentioning it before he is ready will only push him further away.

1 Pisces (February 19-March 20): Players and close-minded people


Pisces are not the type to get into a "friends-with-benefits" type of relationship, they want all or nothing-- no in between. Which is why, if you try and be this fun, flirty, and "let's hook up" type of girl-- he will become so turned off by you that he won't even want to date you at all. You will lose every chance or hope you had. And when it comes to taking your relationship to the next level, physically, do not have a player mentality because that will actually turn him off. Pisces men are compassionate creatures which mean that if you treat the physical aspect of your relationship in a very unemotional and detached way, he will instantly lose interest and worse, he will not want anything to do with you, especially in bed. Which means no "no-strings-attached" happening. He will also be turned off by a woman that puts forth difficult dilemmas. Don't rock the boat unless you are prepared for the ultimate storm.

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