What He's Feeling Deep Down (But Will Never Tell You) Based On His Zodiac Sign

Men feel many things despite society trying to sell us a different story. The real version is that men feel just as much as women do, but they are told to push those feelings down –deep down. Not only is this unfair, but it’s unhealthy. Little by little, men are coming out, not out of the closet, but out of the emotional trauma society has pressed upon them. That doesn’t mean that every man is ready to talk about how he truly feels. Some continue to live under the guise of strength and “Boys don’t cry” anthems.

It’s no wonder men, like women, act out in ways that might seem unruly or defiant –when emotional baggage gets carried around it truly can create a monster out of something innocent and beautiful. So you want to know what emotional baggage he’s lugging around. Some of you might already have an inkling because you’re in tune to your partner, but for those who need some hints, have a look below. These are for sun and rising signs alike.

15 Aries –He’s Afraid


So he’ll often times act out in passive-aggressive ways. Aries men are known for their brash behaviors –even praised for it. Considered the man’s man (whatever that means!), he’s daring, direct, and active af. But when his energies are waning, he will feel insecure and afraid. This means spouts of lashing out in passive-aggressive ways. Or you could even see the Aries guy play the victim role. He’s afraid to tell you that he feels apprehensive and often times gets too lost in his own head. Rather than just tell you that he’s afraid of what’s happening or what’s to come, he’ll stay in his head and let those emotions manifest in physical ways. He’s the one who will slam doors or get in the last word. He’ll be the king of the silent treatment.

14 Taurus –He’s Totally Possessive


While most Taurus males are seen as self-reliant, there is a secret that rests not too far behind the façade of confidence and resourcefulness. Taurus’s motto is “I have” which means he values his possessions. He won’t tell you he’s stingy with his things or his money, but he’ll be very frugal so it looks like he’s being smart with what he has and with what he earns. You might even find his money-saving tactics impressive. But behind these skills is the need for him to have more and more and more –he’s straight-up greedy. It’s no uncommon for a Taurus man to view his partner in the same way. Not only does he want to possess her and call her his own, but he might want to have several partners for the sake of having.

13 Gemini –He’s Nervous


The Gemini man is highly sociable, so it might seem strange that he would be nervous. But when Mercury kicks into high gear, which it often does in Gemini, this Gemini guy will be high-strung, impatient, and even fickle. He’s not too in touch with his emotions because he tends to be light-hearted about life. It’s not likely you’ll see a Gemini man have deep philosophical conversations, but he will over-think situations because his nerves got him on edge. When the nervous system is in overdrive the whole body responds in powerful ways, often times leaving a Gemini male feeling exhausted. In order to maintain his sociable status, he’ll deceive partners and cover everything up which only makes the issue worse. See how he moves his hands or arms too much when talking –those are nerves.

12 Cancer –He’s Living in the Past


No matter how good the present is, Cancer men cannot forget about the past. The moon has got his caught up in all sorts of feelings and most are directly linked to the past. It could be a past relationship or the beginning of a relationship that has now gone sour. He could even go so far back as childhood. He won’t tell you because he’s tired of being told that Cancers are emotional, moody, and hypersensitive –so he stays quiet. But in his silence, there is brooding. He’ll become cold, detached, and uncaring. There’s even an tendency for him to be a recluse. Just know that wen he withdraws, it’s because the past his heavy on his mind so much so that it might even begin to affect his stomach in real or psychosomatic ways. A Cancer man cannot his what’s eating him because his stomach will reveal the truth.

11 Leo –He’s Holding Back


When it comes to giving his all, the Leo male is very apprehensive about going all in. He will deliberate, then deliberate some more. Never quite sure if it’s the right time to be passionate, loving, or playful, he might seem self-centered to avoid rejection. Leo men might come off as boastful and arrogant because they are hiding their self-rejecting nature. He wants the very best for himself and his life, especially when it comes to creative endeavors. No other sign will be as demanding in this department. So if he becomes despondent, know that he’s battling it out with his ego and searching for a solution that gives him enough confidence to move forward. His apprehension indicates how important his goals really are and how serious he is about achieving them.

10 Virgo –He’s Controlling


It will be easy to see the Virgo male’s controlling side if you study how he works. Virgo rules the 6th house, the house of work, health, and service. He is the sign that says “I work” which says everything. He’s not a workaholic, necessarily, but he could become one if he pushes too far. He’s controlling about every aspect of his life, but it will only be evident in his work schedule. It has a lot to do with his tendency for self-development, or as some would call perfectionistic ways. See the way he methodically does his work, he’s not just nit-picky –he’s downright obsessive-compulsive. This often transfers to his relationships –platonic and otherwise. Being in control means something to a Virgo male, it means power, but also ability to dominate. As a sign that’s not seen as assertive, this will be the primary way he can express those feelings and feel confident at the same time.

9 Libra –He’s Passive


Even though he’s likely to stand up for what he believe and often go after what he wants. The Libra man will obtain what he wants through passive behavior. It’s a balancing act. He knows he’s passive and thus seeks partners who are much more pro-active than he is. He’s passive to the point of giving away his power which is fine because he’s withholding secret power sources in other areas of life, primary the bedroom. Passivity is never more evident than when a Libra man tries to make a decision. Not only is he indecisive, but he’s likely to act unconcerned. This is how he protects his feelings of being totally dependent on others for guidance. So reliant on others he’ll often start to self-depreciate as a result.

8 Scorpio –He’s Guilt-Ridden


As if you didn’t already know –Scorpio men keep their secret guarded closely. But upon further investigation, one can see his secrets revealed in how he plays in the bedroom. The Scorpio guy doesn’t just have fetishes, but he’s into enslaving others and being enslaved. He’s the one who’s got that sadistic edge. You can’t blame a Scorpio for acting out on his nature –he rules the genitals, after all. So his deepest, darkest desires are often acted out in sexual scenarios. He might not do with his partner for fear of being rejected or seen as too extreme. Hence his guilt that he tends to be the center for all his fearful nature. He’s afraid to get caught, to be found out –and he’s terrified not only about what his partner will think, but what this revelation means to his identity.

7 Sagittarius –He’s Self-Righteous


Known as the philosopher of the zodiac signs, it’s no surprise to find a Sagittarius man in possession of self-righteous power. As much as he claims to be open-minded, he can be quite dogmatic and even preachy. No other signs firmly believes in ideas the way a Sagittarius male does. He lives for his ideas and he will hold onto them, tooth and nail. This might result in feelings of pessimism as he loses faith in his fellow human who just can’t seem to see things the way he does. Should someone challenge his ideas, he’ll come off as condescending and stick to his ideas regardless of new evidence or substantial examples. He’s always right. In this way, despite his expanding, adventurous spirit, he becomes closed-minded and shuts the world out.

6 Capricorn –He’s Faint Hearted


It’s the Capricorn male spirit that puts in the right amount of effort to get the work done, especially when no one else is up for the task. He’s not just determined, but persistent and obsessed with success. However, on the other side of this coin is a Capricorn male who is so overly cautious that it turns him squeamish. He will be the one who run from a spider, faint at the sight of blood, or refuse to witness the birth of any of his children. In many ways, he’s still a little boy and some might say immature. But he would beg to differ. He would never consider himself immature, not with the type of workload he can handle. He’s fainthearted as a result of restrictions and a rigid nature which has not allowed him to break boundaries and life fully uninhibited.

5 Aquarius –He’s Deviant

For all his good qualities, there is a side of the Aquarius male that is less than savory. Don’t let the altruistic ways sway you into believing that he doesn’t have a naughty side –because he totally does. The Aquarius male is rebellious and he’s not ashamed of it. However, should that rebelliousness catch some steam, he can really push himself into deviant territory. Despite being a humanitarian, he has proclivities for anti-social behaviors which is where the deviant behaviors begin. The way he thinks isn’t just radical or extreme, but it can be outlandish. And he’ll take those ideas and run. He’s liable to become a fanatic all the way down to acting upon his thoughts in dangerous ways.

4 Pisces –He’s Hopeless


This means so many things to a Pisces male. He’s hopeless about his ability to transcend, to escape the constraints of this physical world. He’s hopeless about humanity and it’s ability to transform itself. And he’s hopeless about pretty much everything you mention. But a Pisces male is good at hiding his feelings of hopelessness through dreamscapes and mindless activities. He’s quick to call himself an escapist, a nihilist, or even apathetic. Truth be told, he’s a bit delusion and he has a real lack of faith when it comes to humanity, relationships, and life. For this reason, you’re likely to catch a Pisces male sleeping the day away or living in a fantasy –anything to avoid the dismal future that seems unavoidable and impending.

3 The 4th House


How is he protecting himself? Take a look at his fourth house. If there are a lot of planets there, he might be emotionally driven and manifest that energy at home. He might be very protective of his feelings and become a hermit. The fourth house is ruled by Cancer and is all about nurturing feelings. To know how he’s feeling deep down, study how he lives. Study the way he manages his home and how he acts while in his safe space. You will also be able to tell a lot about his emotional state based upon his appetite. Some eat their emotions while others starve them away. Start identifying patterns. Those with stomach issues are hiding something. And those who talk about gut feelings frequently are tuned into their instincts.

2 Pluto


Pluto will reveal secrets. Want to know what he’s keeping from you? Then take a closer look at his Pluto position –that is, in which house his Pluto rests. Also notice which sign his Pluto is in. Water Pluto is all about emotions. Earth Pluto is about manifesting. Air Pluto is about intuition and ideas. And Fire Pluto is about thoughts and actions. Pluto will be hard to uncover as it likes to stay underground, digging, forever digging towards the center of something only to tear it down and start over again –it’s Pluto’s nature to kill in order to bring something back to life. Pluto will tell you how he views the process of self-exploration and the life/death process –and there is where you can open him up and see what he’s really about.

1 The Moon


The Moon is all emotion, all the time –on cycle mode. The Moon also represents the mother. So if you want to know what childhood traumas he’s holding onto that have turned into adult obstacles, see where his Moon rests in his natal chart. Wherever the Moon sits will tell you the subject matter of his emotional issues –the sign will tell you how he reacts and projects. When looking at the Moon, know that you’re looking into his past, into his vulnerable self. You’re also looking at the way he perceives his mother. The Moon unravels time and patterns, she is the maker of waves and she is the ruler of the night. See how he reacts during certain Moon cycles or if he changes altogether when the Moon rears her head.

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