What Flaw You Should Turn Into An Asset Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Nobody's perfect. There are good qualities and bad qualities to a person. We all have our own flaws, and we all carry our own baggage. Our strengths define us just as much as our weaknesses and imperfections do. Ironically enough, we are too quick to judge our negative traits as our flaws. We make these traits our weaknesses when in reality they are only weaknesses in certain situations. Believe it or not, the very personality flaws we marked as being the negative side of us, can actually be turned into our assets.

As each zodiac sign has a set of distinct characteristics and personality traits, it's no wonder that certain "flaws" are more commonly seen in some signs more so than others. Between personality commonalities amongst Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs, as well as each individual zodiac sign we found a list of "negative" traits, generally found amongst individuals of those signs. While everyone is different and responds to situations differently, there is something to be said for being able to take your "flaws" and make them work in your favor. To do this, you will need to understand your negative qualities, in order to turn them into some of your strongest assets.

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15 The Cardinal Signs: The Need For Control Makes Them Leaders

The four signs that are a part of the Cardinal Signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Cardinal signs are signs that begin each season. Spring begins under the Aries sign; summer begins under Cancer; fall under the Libra, and winter under Capricorn. For this reason, it's really no surprise that the Cardinal signs are generally the ones to start things. They like to take charge and initiate tasks, sometimes seeking out control. In fact, these signs tend to enjoy being in control. In general Aries just like being a leader; Cancer likes maintaining control of their emotions, and being the head of their household; Libra likes to wear the pants in their relationships; and Capricorn likes being the boss. However, they are very good at listening to new ideas and being self-sufficient. Being that as it may, these signs make excellent leaders and can always be relied on to be the ones who initiate plans, or any project.

14 Aries: Impulsivity To Taking Charge

Aries can be extremely impulsive. Once an idea forms in their heads, they're all ready to jump in and take the course of action that it requires. They'll rarely think things through, and are often considered to be rash. Unfortunately, impulsivity can often be considered a flaw as jumping in head first to new situations without any second thought can lead to a few mistakes and tricky situations. However, impulsivity it paired with risk-taking. Taking risks leads to greater rewards, such as promotions at work, experiencing new adventures, and getting what you want out of life. Through impulsive tendencies, and taking risks, you may find exactly what you want in life as you're open to new experiences. People who are impulsive are also great at taking charge, making them ideal leaders, as they are used to ever-changing situations and know how to work through them.

13 Cancer: Neurotic To Dedication

Neurotic people tend to become obsessive over certain things. They never seem to be able to let things go, and constantly think about things that when wrong in the past and how they might go wrong in the future. Their emotions may get the better of them and they become frustrated, and anxious when things don't go according to plan. Sound like you, Cancer? While these things may seem like a major flaw, your neurotic tendencies have the potential to benefit you in your career of choice. People, who tend to be a bit neurotic, are actual assets in the workplace as they are very detail-oriented individuals. They see a task at hand and work through every single detail, leaving nothing out. Overall, your neurotic tendencies make you very conscientious and the ideal employee for many employers, giving you the key to success!

12 Libra: Procrastination To Perfection

Procrastination can lead to a lot of added stress in your life. You know that better than anyone, don't you Libra? Libra needs to be motivated in order to do their tasks. And nothing says motivation quite like the added last minute stress that comes from procrastination. However, people who have a tendency to procrastinate are actually the very people who work well under stressful situations. You can take your procrastination tendencies and turn it into your asset. Able to handle any task, and work well under added stress, you'll find yourself being put in charge of assignments. Procrastinators don't cut corners and still create perfect results; they get straight to the point without excessive information. You know how to sit and focus all your attention at the task at hand, without becoming distracted as you are used to working under tight deadlines. While others may crack under pressure, you continue to thrive.

11 Capricorn: Selfishness To A Stress-Free Life

Not many people would say selfishness is their strongest suit. In fact, most people will try to pass themselves off as people pleasers, doing everything for others and nothing for themselves. This can lead to a lot of stress in a person's life and take a toll on their mental health. This is how Capricorn can turn their "flaw" of selfishness into their asset. Capricorn is a sign that knows how to put themselves first and will say no to things that can take a negative toll on their own health. Being selfish means you can put your own needs first, which will have a positive impact on your mental and physical health. Knowing when to take time for yourself and your own interests will reduce stress in your life, and allows you to dedicate yourself a hundred percent to the next task for higher success rates.

10 The Fixed Signs: Resistance To Change To The Most Reliable

Fixed signs are found in the middle of every season. The four signs that fall into this category are Taurus, mid-spring; Leo, mid-summer; Scorpio, mid-fall; and Aquarius, mid-winter. These signs are considered fixed signs because of their unwavering dedication and extremely stubborn nature. They’re hesitant when it comes to changes in their lives. Taurus is generally resistant to any sort of change, as they are comfortable with the way things are in their life; Leo resists change in the sense they won't easily give up on relationships, even if they should; Scorpio resists change that could jeopardize them being in control of specific situations; and Aquarius resist changing their freedom for commitment. It takes some time for these signs to convince themselves that certain changes are worth it. However, Fixed signs are extremely loyal and reliable, making them the go-to person for any situation; they’re excellent at seeing any task through.

9 Taurus: Jealousy To Knowing What You Want

Jealousy doesn't leave us feeling all too good about ourselves, and sometimes can lead to angry emotions. It's because of the feelings jealousy brings out in us that we look at it as a flaw. Since Taurus always seems like they have it all together, people often don't associate them with jealousy. However, Taurus is prone to feelings of jealousy, despite trying to hide it. Taurus hates feeling jealous and believes it complicates things too much so they try to ignore those feelings; however, they can't help but experience it. This doesn't have to be a bad thing though. Turn jealousy into an asset by digging deep and asking yourself why you're jealous. Jealousy signals that you’re missing something in your life, or that you want something else. As a sign resistant to change, acknowledging this is especially important for a Taurus. Jealousy is an indication that you’re looking for a change and it's the time to take action.

8 Leo: Ego To Satisfaction

Most of the time, people dislike those with high levels of self-confidence. In fact, many people attribute an inflated ego as a negative quality of a Leo. However, this "flaw" can actually serve to benefit Leo. Having a strong ego leads to self-confidence, which is the key to the success of many people. Having confidence in oneself brings about a sense of capability, as they are ready to endure any challenge and see it through to the other side. Thinking highly of oneself, allows you to be comfortable in your own skin. That level of confidence opens doors to greater employment opportunities, and even healthy relationships, both in romantic partners and friendships. You know what you have to offer and you know your worth, so you refuse to settle. A strong ego is linked to greater satisfaction in life!

7 Scorpio: Cynical To Protection

At times, Scorpio can turn into one of the biggest cynics in the zodiac. Cynicism is generally viewed as a flaw because cynics tend to believe there is always an ulterior motive. They are quick to believe the bad in people and, more often than not, proceed with caution. That being said, this flaw can actually be an asset to Scorpio. By taking the time to be cautious, Scorpio can plan ahead. They may expect the bad, but with it comes a plan to protect themselves and those they care about from other's ulterior motives. Scorpio is likely to avoid being the victim of scams and frauds. Their cynicism allows them to remain rational and guarded, giving them control of what happens to them in almost any situation; which really is a powerful asset!

6 Aquarius: Distractibility To The Perfect Problem Solver

Aquarius love to have fun. There always up for trying something new or meeting up with their friends. This behavior actually demonstrates their easily distracted minds. It's not that they have a short attention span; it's they tend to jump from one topic to the next quickly and struggle to focus on one task at a time. Easily distracted people are often highly intelligent, and creative individuals. Their minds grow bored so that's why they tend to jump from one thing to the next. While this might not always seem like an ideal trait to have, it can actually serve as one of your biggest assets. Your distracted nature can be used to solve problems. Since you have the tendencies to lose focus on tasks, it means your mind is often spinning, which helps problem-solving skills. You're able to come up with solutions to a multitude of problems that others may often miss.

5 The Mutable Signs:

Mutable signs close out each season: Gemini it the end of spring, Virgo the end of summer, Sagittarius the fall, and Pisces the winter months. Mutable signs are the most flexible zodiac signs. They're apt to change and welcome it! Gemini is always ready to accept and change their ideas or plans in order to go with the flow; Virgo changes and adapts based on their environment in order to succeed; Sagittarius is open to all the possibilities of life, always changing what they want to do next; and Pisces changes to their environment so that they can fit in comfortably. The downside to being as adaptable as these signs is they sometimes compromise their own self-interests in order to allow others to have their way. The benefits to being highly changeable means they have a high level of tolerance, are able to let go of negativity and are able to see themselves through any sort of situation easily.

4 Gemini: Boredom To Innovation

Gemini is a very social sign. They love to meet up with their friends, and they love having things to do. However, they do have a tendency to get bored. While this may seem like a negative quality to have, it can actually be turned into an asset. Boredom is usually a result of being tired of the same old same old. It means you're not in love with what you're doing as it cannot hold your attention. Gemini can take this to find what their true passions are, and go from there. Boredom also stimulates creativity, as you come up with new less status quo ways to accomplish your goals. Boredom, for Gemini, leads to their ability to think of new out of the box ideas, making them true innovators.

3 Virgo: Introversion To CEO

For Virgo, one of their biggest flaws tends to be their introverted nature. This sign likes to keep to itself and can feel uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations. While most people would find introversion to be a negative trait, thinking that extroverts have an easier time connecting with people and being leaders, introversion can lead to one very big asset. Introverts actually tend to do extremely well in the work environment, particularly in leadership positions. Introverts tend to have better listening skills than their extrovert counterparts, which means they are better at following through with suggested concepts. They then take these suggestions and relay them effectively, often leading to having a higher reception rate. Using their introversion to their advantage, Virgo will make a fantastic CEO!

2 Sagittarius: Impatience To Determining What You Want In Life

Is there a sign in the zodiac more impatient than a Sagittarius? This sign is constantly on the go, and always ready for whatever is next in life. A slow pace is not this sign's cup of tea. And while patience is said to be a virtue, impatience can become an asset to those who can never wait for anything. When we get impatient, we often become agitated and annoyed; however, this lets us know that we aren't doing what we love. When we love what we are doing, we rarely grow impatient at the tasks at hand. Sagittarius needs to take their impatience and use it to find what they truly love and want out of life. Let it serve as your guide until you find your true calling, leading you to a happy and fulfilling life!

1 Pisces: Sensitivity To Relating To People

Pisces is a very sensitive sign. While sensitivity isn't necessarily a flaw, being overly sensitive can be seen as such. This is especially true when your sensitivity leads to "thin skin" and taking criticism personally. Sensitivity can be a flaw, but it can also be one of Pisces strongest suits as well. With strong sensitivity, Pisces is able to connect to people easily. They are mindful of other people's sensitivity, mindsets, and emotions. They are very empathetic and it is easy for them to put themselves in the shoes of another person. This makes them great at forming relationships and helping others get through emotional difficulties. They offer a great support system, making them some of the easiest to talk to and kindest people you will ever meet! Highly sensitive people also make great diplomats, as they are able to connect to people and bring about peace to any conflict.

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