What Each Zodiac Sign's Best And Worst Traits Are

It's 2018 folks, so a lot of zodiac predictions and horoscopes are naturally at the forefront of our minds. We wonder what the year is going to bring us. Will finally fall in love and find our prince charming? Will we land our dream job, not caring that we are working 60+ hours a week because that's how happy we are? Will we finally buy that plane ticket we've been researching for months? The sky is the limit this year-- and just like we want to hear the exciting things that might happen to us, we just as much do not want to hear the bad things.

So instead of hearing what could potentially go wrong, we have explained your best and your worst trait, according to astrology. This way, regardless of what happens this year, you can know exactly where to lay your confidence and exactly what aspects of life (and personality) to work on.

Below we outline each zodiac sign's best and worst trait, as well as your best and worst trait according to your overarching sign-- earth, air, water, and fire. This way you have two things to rock this year and two things to try to improve, so no matter what comes your way, you will be totally ready to take it on!

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24 Aries Good Trait: Tough, Courageous Chick

As an Aries, people see you as direct. You are more honest than a radio talk show host trying to get the juicy details from a celebrity. People think this is brutal, but what they are misinterpreting is your courage. You are strong and tough, not letting little and petty things getting you down. It slightly intimidates people, especially signs like a Pisces or a Cancer. They do not understand how you can be so strong all the time, because they feel everything through their heart. You do too, Aries. This is not to say that you are unemotional or hard in your heart; it just means you can take a lot from people and not let it get you down. It is an incredibly admirable trait-- and you should be proud of your tough chick vibes and courageous disposition.

23 Aries Bad Trait: Try To Be Understanding Once In A While

With that being said, even though you are not unemotional and you do care about others, the problem is that you are incredibly insensitive. When you're mad, it is worse; however, even in daily life, you say things so brutally honest to others that it can be incredibly offensive. Your bad trait is that you really don't have a sensitive or empathetic bone in your body, Aries. Your tough chick attitude is cool, but it makes you look at others as weak, presuming they shouldn't be acting so ridiculous and emotional over something so minuscule. But understand, Aries, in their minds it is important. Learn to be a little more understanding with the people around you. At least be a good listener if you won't be understanding.

22 Taurus Good Trait: Persistent Peach

Taurus! No one can get you down-- that is for two reasons. You are very down-to-earth anyway, being a pillar of advice and strength for many around you, even those you may not think. The other reason no one can get you down? You are incredibly persistent. In a professional setting, you don't give up, whether it is a really big project you want to head or a child that isn't understanding the mathematics you're teaching. In a personal sense, you won't give up on those you love, committing to them and their flaws, quirks, and personality traits like no other. Even in daily life, you take the time to put your attention into everything fully and 100%. Many other signs don't have this attention to detail-- and it is a trait that many admire.

21 Taurus Bad Trait: Temper Tantrums

Your persistence is pretty amazing, Taurus, but your bad trait can really wreck relationships if you aren't careful. Because of your persistence, you tend to never give up on things. This is great, but it also can easily make you stubborn in certain situations. When you aren't achieving what you'd like or seeing things turn out the way you expected them to, you tend to have a temper that you cannot control. Hopefully, it is only escalated in a verbal and emotional sense, but there are times it gets physical as well. This can ruin many things in your life if you aren't careful, Taurus. Try to walk away from an escalating situation or research some anger techniques to avoid altercations you really shouldn't be having.

20 Gemini Good Trait: Flexibility Is Your Forte

Gemini, as you know, you are the twin sign, so even if you technically are not a twin, you have a very balanced personality. You know how to have a good time and be social, but you also love a good night in by yourself with a book and a glass of wine (or not). You know how to maintain a professional disposition in the appropriate setting, but you can also have fun and let loose within those barriers. The best trait you have though, Gemini, is your incredible flexibility in any given situation. You don't let a lot get to you and you can roll things off your back. If an adventurous plan change, you don't get upset, because your expectations aren't too high-- and that isn't always a bad thing.

19 Gemini Bad Trait: Make A Decision Already

While you are flexible and fun and easygoing, Gemini, something you do not do well is making a decision. Signs like Pisces and Scorpio will make a decision based on their emotions, rarely regretting it, if ever. Signs like Virgo and Capricorn will make a practical and sensible decision-- the one that makes the most sense. But you, Gemini, you just can't make a decision easily. You make a pros and cons list, which usually helps the situation. However, there are times the choice is obvious and you still can't follow through with a choice. It's not the best trait, Gemini, and you need to work on improving that about yourself-- because you don't want to lose out on amazing opportunities because you couldn't follow through.

18 Cancer Good Trait: Sexy Spontaneity

It is no surprise to anyone that, as a Cancer, you are fun, flirty, incredibly social, and charismatic. There is virtually no one that dislikes a Cancer in a social setting-- because they know exactly how to have fun while still pleasing everyone around them. It's admirable and others often watch you in awe because it is so easy for you. Your best trait is your spontaneity because you are always up for an adventure or a change in social setting. Whether it is a party of 200 people or 2, you can still make sure everyone is having fun. On top of that, you are incredibly sexy and know how to use your body to your advantage. Every guy wants you and every girl wants to be you.

17 Cancer Bad Trait: Overemotional And Moody

Even though you are spontaneous, ultra sexy, and super fun, as a Cancer you tend to have incredibly dramatic mood swings in terrible situations. On the surface, yes, everyone loves you and your amazing charisma; however, deep down for many Cancers, it is just a cover-up for their deep-rooted insecurity. That's okay Cancer, you are who you are and we all have our insecurities, but yours tend to take over your mind at the wrong time, making you very overemotional and moody. You tend to take that out on others, too. This is something that, frankly, ruins your relationships. It also cripples your ability to form real and true relationships with others. It is really something you need to work on in every setting, as it can deeply affect your ability to move up professionally as well. Learn to walk away, take a step back, and look at the bigger picture, Cancer.

16 Leo Bad Trait: Egotistic And Stubborn

Leos are incredibly strong and brave. They haven't met a situation they don't want to control-- and therein lies the problem. Your bad trait, Leo, is that you are egotistical. You think the world revolves around you. Your confidence is something past confidence-- it is cockiness; it is an ego that is too big and too powerful. Because you think so highly of yourself, you also think your opinion is actually fact (it isn't, FYI). This causes significant problems in relationships that take any form-- boyfriends, best friends, parents, siblings, etc. You can't empathize; you can't understand anyone else's perspective. If you want to keep the friends you have and not ruin your close relationships, you need to realize that other people can have different opinions-- and it isn't the end of the world.

15 Leo Good Trait: Confidence Is Key

Despite your egotistical disposition and inherent need to control everything around you, you are incredibly strong, brave, and confident. Leo is actually the most confident sign in all the zodiac, right in front of Sagittarius and Gemini. You are confident in your ability to take control of a situation, organize big projects, make new friends, and to create a life that you love. Many look up to you because you carry yourself so well, always look put-together, and have a kind disposition, that is if no one questions or challenges you. You will be able to look back and really appreciate the life you created for yourself. Hopefully, you will be able to enjoy that with people you truly care about and people that care about you. Sometimes it's okay to let the little things go.

14 Virgo Good Trait: Reliable Friend

Kind and loving Virgo! You actually have many good traits, so it was hard to choose just one. But many of us in this world don't have a lot of good friends. Lucky for us-- you are one of the best. Yes, Virgo, your best trait is being a kind and loyal friend to those around you. It is actually very humbling to see how empathetic, understanding, loving, and kind you naturally are. Those that you are close with know they can always count on you and those that are merely acquaintances know they can talk to you about important and emotional things. People just tend to automatically trust your kind heart and it is one of the most admirable traits of any of the zodiacs.

13 Virgo Bad Trait: Judgmental Perfectionist

Okay, Virgo, so you are a good person with a kind and sensitive heart, as said before. People can rely on you and depend on your advice and shoulder to lean on. However, you are also analytical to a fault, incredibly rational, and so judgmental it is pretty offensive. Yes, you are a good friend, but you are also so judgmental of strangers, acquaintances, and people that are different in an emotional sense. Furthermore, you are a perfectionist, and while this doesn't affect others as much, it deeply affects you internally. It is not your fault that you aren't perfect because no one is. It is okay to be emotional and it is okay to make mistakes. Let things go and take pride in being human.

12 Libra Good Trait: Charismatic And Friendly

Libra, you are very easygoing when you want to be. You are fun, diplomatic, and friendly. You never want to have confrontation if you can avoid it because you see both sides and just want everyone to get along. In fact, your best trait is your open and kind friendliness and your social charisma. You can't have one without the other, in your case though. You are more social when you are feeling open and friendly, but if you get tested and offended, you become sarcastic and unemotional, so naturally, that socially open disposition disappears. But you shine when you are friendly and you make everyone around you feel like they matter, feel like they are heard, and feel like they are important to you.

11 Libra Bad Trait: Unreliable At Times

Libra, even though you are friendly, kind, and inviting to those around you, there are some bad traits that you have too. You can be unemotional and sarcastic if you feel threatened. You quickly become inconsiderate and nasty when you want to be. You know how to hurt those around you just as much as you know how to make them feel good. This can be trouble for your relationships because your switch can turn off at any time. It causes you to be unreliable for friends and family because they never know what is going to set you off and cause you to verbally and emotionally attack. Work on making sure you understand where people are coming from before you react. Act instead of react, Libra. It will make life better.

10 Sagittarius Good Trait: Big Heart, Smart Heart

Sagittarius, you are so fun and carefree. People admire that you are adventurous because a lot of the other zodiacs wish they could be just as much. But your best trait isn't your need for speed or carefree attitude, it is that you have an incredibly big and smart heart. You have a big heart because, like Virgo, you are a great friend to those around you, new acquaintances, and family members. You are social and charismatic, wanting to feel everyone comfortable and just as carefree as you are. You have a smart heart because you are intuitive and always curious, always willing to learn and grow to change for the better. It is a great quality, Sagittarius, so don't lose that shine that lights up everyone around you. You are special.

9 Sagittarius Bad Trait: Carefree Turns Into Careless

Yeah, even though you are always looked up to and light up everyone room you walk into, your carefree attitude can easily turn into carelessness. You get restless very quickly in many different forms of life. Professionally, you like to do a lot of different jobs and like to wear many different hats. Personally, you love to change things up and that is really hard for those you are close to because you are unpredictable. Internally, you are like a gypsy and need to live life as such. Change, in your mind, is not a bad thing, as many others think. You crave it and revel in it-- because you want to live life to the fullest. That is admirable, but you need to be careful that you don't lose the structure and routine that you still need. You also don't want to lose people that you care about. Warn them when you plan to change things up.

8 Scorpio Good Trait: Intuitive And Emotional

Scorpios are passionate, in every form of passion that there really is. They have raging passion, intimate passion, and emotional passion. This is a good thing though; you feel emotion to the fullest and love being in love! It's incredibly inspirational because your emotion also gives you a deep sense of intuitiveness. You know what people are feeling and you instantly know how to make them feel better. Your advice is great and your words matter to those people that are close to you. Your compassion is strong and people tend to flock to you for that reason. Continue to be the compassionate, emotional, and passionate person that you are! You have to be careful though, Scorpio because that emotion can easily turn into your bad trait...

7 Scorpio Bad Trait: Manipulative Jealousy

So even though that passion and emotion can be a good thing, Scorpio, it can easily turn into really bad obsession, manipulation, and jealousy. And "easily" is the operative word here. In an internal sense, you are not able to turn off the emotion at any time, so it becomes overwhelming for you. In a relationship, all of this emotion becomes jealousy. You have a hard time trusting people and that makes your emotion ten times worse. You start manipulating and playing games with those that you should care about and support because your emotion is just too much. Because your passion is so full, you tend to obsess instead of just love and lust after people. Working on this will prove to make your relationships more successful.

6 Capricorn Good Trait: Discipline Diva

Capricorn, you are so many great things that everyone looks up to. You have great control over every part of your life. You are sensible when making decisions. You are patient with everyone in your life, with everyday tasks, and in a professional setting, allowing you to move up high in the ranks. You are an introvert, but with your closest friends, you can still be social and fun. Your best trait is your discipline, though. You love stability and routine; it makes you on time, never late, never absent, and always present in your mind and your body. You are also down-to-earth which is quite admirable. However, because you crave routine so badly, it can also be your bad trait, if you let it be...

5 Capricorn Bad Trait: Pessimistic About Instability

Your bad trait, Capricorn, is your good trait easily turned into something bad, something you do not like. You are so used to a routine, your own schedule, and continuing to keep it all, that you tend to be really pessimistic and judgmental about anything that throws off your routine. This is a problem if you are friends with someone like a Sagittarius or a Cancer because they love to change up routine and throw adventure into the mix, even though you really don't like to. It's okay to have a routine and stick to it, Capricorn, but stop allowing it to prevent you from having fun and letting loose, even if sometimes. Life isn't always about stability and you need to make sure you live a life you are proud of!

4 Aquarius Good Trait: Loyal Lindas

Just like a Virgo or a Sagittarius, you are an incredibly good friend, Aquarius. Furthermore, it isn't just about your friendships, you are loyal in every part of your life. Family is number one for you and you are completely devoted to our time with them. You love supporting them, making them feel good, and watching them build a life they love. Friendships are equally important and you are still friends with those people you met in elementary school. Even in college, you met people that you will be friends with for life. You are also loyal professionally because you build those relationships that matter. The people in your professional realm want to keep you around. It's a great trait that people truly love about you.

3 Aquarius Bad Trait: Why Are You So Distant?

Your loyalty knows no bounds, Aquarius, and despite your incredible willfulness to succeed, a complete determination not to give up, persuasiveness to and with those around you, and social capabilities, you do have one thing that keeps you back from everyone. Aquarius, you already know what it is. It is your distant disposition in all parts of life. Despite your loyalty, you tend to remove yourself when you are feeling depressed or down. That's okay because everyone needs a break! But you are wasting precious time that you could spend making memories, laughing, smiling, and enjoying the little and big moments in life. If you take time for yourself periodically, it will be easier for you to not become so distant so suddenly with the people closest to you.

2 Pisces Good Trait: Openness Is Important

As a Pisces, you are emotional in all the right ways. You wear your heart on your sleeve. That is what everyone loves about you. You care about those around you and you trust them easily, making you one of the most open of the zodiacs. You are sensitive in your ways and that is beautiful because people see your passion, your emotion, and your strength all at once. Signs like Cancer and Scorpio will appreciate that, but signs like Leo and Aries will laugh at what they see as weakness. Understand that it is not weakness and it is not too much emotion, it is strength and bravery. Continue to be the open and loving person that you are, Pisces. You are better because of it.

1 Pisces Bad Trait: Sensitive Sally

Even though that sensitivity can be a good thing, it is your worst trait Pisces. Why? Because you sometimes let it take over your entire world, your whole mind. Something little could happen and because it affects you so much, your sensitivity turns it into this huge deal that many others don't understand. Most people would let it go, but you hold on to it and try to understand it. You analyze every inch of the situation and don't let it go until you find your own kind of peace. This can be debilitating at times Pisces and you let it ruin times that could otherwise be happy but are instead miserable and inescapable. Try to let the little things go, Pisces. You are better off that way, too.

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