What Each Zodiac Sign Seeks Validation From The Most

What is validation and what does it mean to a person? Validation is a fundamental aspect of being human. All of us want to feel like we are worthy and belong, and the way that we look for reassurance is through validation. Validation looks very different for very different people. One person may find that what validates them most is staying at home and being a home maker. Cooking, cleaning, and child rearing is what makes them feel most whole. Another person can be the total opposite, they get validation from being career oriented and chasing professional success. It looks different for different people! And even though the end point of feeling validated is the same for all of us, we all receive validation from different things. And thank goodness for that because it makes the world much more interesting!

We know that each zodiac sign has their own specific and defining traits as well as their own strengths and weaknesses. Your zodiac sign also dictates your preferences in life. All of this comes together to form what validates each sign. For example, we know that Pisces is one of the more emotional signs and a big part of being validated for them, is having those emotions acknowledged. For another sign like Sagittarius, they seek validation from something totally outside of themselves like adventure and learning a new language. Sometimes it can be easy for people to figure out what validates them in life and they can follow that passion, for others it is not so easy. If you are the latter, read ahead to see where you should be looking in your life for validation based on your sign!


16 Aries: Needs To Be The Best At Everything

Aries, you love to be challenged because you love the feeling you get when you successfully finish something. Especially when you are the best at it! You are very tenacious in everything you do and it is because of the sense of overall validation you get from achieving various goals and challenges in your life. While other people shy away from adversity and let anxiety get the best of them when it comes to confronting obstacles, that is never the case with you. This boldness and fearlessness makes you such a natural leader and you are usually the successful one out of your group of friends, at least professional speaking. Succeeding is just what makes you feel best, and it definitely doesn't hurt that success is your form of validation because it means Aries more often than not is able to live a very lavish lifestyle. Work hard, play hard!

15 Taurus: Has To Complete Every Goal They Set


One of the strongest traits that Taurus has is being stubborn. And while being stubborn sometimes has a negative connotation, for Taurus is really just means they have a steadfast determination and it never runs out until they complete whatever it is they have set out to finish. Taurus gets their validation from completing their goals. They don't have to be the first to finish, or the best of the group. They just have to finish. Slow and steady wins the race is basically the motto for this patient sign. Taurus will never leave a project half finished, because it would cause them way too much inner turmoil knowing that they started something without seeing it through to completion. That high that Taurus gets when they complete something that is important to them is like no other for them!

14 Gemini: Needs To Know That Everyone Is Aware Of Their Intellect

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Gemini's are the dreamers of the Zodiac. They like to nourish their souls and their mind with books, art, and music. Deep conversation is one of their favourite past times, this is what makes them feel whole. Validation is a way to get achieve self confidence and inner peace, and that why it is important to find out what it is exactly that validates you. If you are Gemini, you should be challenging yourself to learn something new as often as you can and surround yourself with people who teach you things and provide you with the intellectual fodder you need to feel your best. If you want to woo the Gemini in your life, educate yourself on interesting discussion topics and just provide them with a great and intellectual conversation.

13 Cancer: Seeks Validation From The People They Love


Cancer like their crab symbol is soft on the inside and hard on the outside. So while they can seem difficult and moody, they rely heavily on their loved ones to guide them and they can lash out when they feel like their emotional needs are not being met. And whilst Cancer looks for a lot from the people that are closet with them (yes they are pretty co-dependant) they also are very protective of these people and will do anything for them. Their life revolves around the people they love, so it makes sense that their best validation comes from them. Nothing will really matter to Cancer unless it is confirmed by someone they love. For example. Cancer can graduate from University and have the diploma in their hand but what will truly validate them and the years they spent studying for that degree is their parents and other important people telling them they are proud of them.

12 Leo: Attention From Other People Makes Them Feel Powerful

Leo is one of the best and most natural leaders in the zodiac. When they are surrounded by people who are listening to them and paying them attention, Leo is in the best spot for them. Their bold and outgoing nature basically makes it so that when Leo is not around people, they are like a plant without water. They need the attention and energy of other people around them almost constantly. And they are naturally very entertaining and charming so people are drawn to them. It's not like they have to work hard for the attention they seek from others. A lot of performers and politicians are Leo because of these character traits. Think about what validates people who choose these professions? Attention! So they might as well make money from it at the same time.

11 Virgo: Has To Follow The Rules And Tries Hard To Be Perfect


The Virgo's in your life probably include your class president in school, and probably most of your teachers. This is because Virgo's love rules and order. They thrive off of organization and making sure that everything is done the way that it is supposed to. Doesn't that remind you of some of your teachers growing up? As friends you can always count on Virgo to be prepared for almost anything and always read to help. Sometimes their perfectionism can make them difficult to be around, and it makes them a bit too hard on themselves because they have such high standards. When they aren't constantly meeting the standards of perfection, which no one can do, they obviously feel a lack of validation and fulfillment and it brings them down. Don't be so hard on yourself sweet Virgo! You are doing just fine.

10 Libra: Just Wants Balance In All Aspects Of Their Life

The scales that symbolize Libra are quite a literal interpretation of their personalities. They are always aiming to have a balance between their personal and professional lives, and balance within those lives as well. But this balance also extends to things beyond just making sure they spend enough time with friends as well as keeping work a priority. They have an intense feeling for fairness and their desire to see everyone treated the same way makes them easily popular with people. Who knew that most people want to be treated well? This also makes Libra very charming in general, they want to do the right thing and help people out in any way that they can. They are not the kind to every blow up on someone because they take such a rational approach to thinking things through.


9 Scorpio: Loves Power, It Makes Them Feel Strong And Worthy


Scorpio is one of the most powerful signs for a number of reasons. First, they seek out power and they have the qualities to attain it. They are very enticing to people because their mysterious, passionate, clever, and engaging. Scorpio can end up being a very jealous partner because of this because they do not want to share, they expect to be number 1 in their parters life and have all the power in the relationship. They can also be a difficult team member because they want be in charge and have a hard time not acting like the boss and acting like an equal member of the team. The strongest validation for Scorpio comes from power and they work hard to get it. There is a bit of a dark side to Scorpio which is kind of understandable when you understand one of their biggest motivators in life is to be powerful. It's like a super villain!

8 Sagittarius: Adventure And Learning Something New Keeps Them Happy

Sagittarius will never be happy if they try and stay in the same place all the time. They need to be out in the world, exploring a new country and making new friends. This is what makes Sagittarius happiest. When Sag is out on an adventure, even if its something as small as hiking in a park near their home they are in their element. A lot of people under Sagittarius sign are told they have ADD or ADHD and they can very well seem like they are always full of beans. This is only because they need the right kind of stimulation, and yes they do need a lot of stimulation both physical and mental but when they are in their element they are a lot more calm. If you are a Sagittarius and find yourself unhappy in your current life, ask yourself when the last time you pushed your boundaries was and tried something new? You may be pleasantly surprised by how you feel when you do it!

7 Capricorn: Hard Work & Professional Success Define Capricorn


The symbol for Capricorn is a mountain goat. Those adorable horned animals who scale mountains on their little hoofs to reach unbelievable heights, standing on the tiniest ledge. This is a great poster child for Capricorn. They work hard to be able to reach the top, even if the top seems almost impossible to reach. It can be hard to get Capricorn to ever take a break, something they could learn from their fellow Libra's from so they can balance their work life with their personal life a bit better. But is is very hard to tear a Capricorn away from their work, it is what defines them and what they live for. So while a lot of us just seem them as really intense workaholics, working hard is actually where they are happiest.

6 Aquarius: Helping Other People Is The Best Validation

Aquarius is the social justice warrior of the zodiac. They want to see everyone have access to the same opportunities and for everyone to be treated equally professionally, politically, legally, and personally. They are quick to create dissent if they feel like something is unjust and their charismatic nature means it is easy for them to garner support for their ideas and causes. Being in this kind of activist role is ideal of Aquarius. They get to create real change in the world and also educate people on things that really matter in the world. They create awareness about topics that others may never have heard of. Sometimes they can get a bit carried away with a cause and their ideas can range from brilliant to slightly crazy so it can be important for people are Aquarius to be able to pull them back down to earth when they get too ahead of themselves with saving it.

5 Pisces: Needs To Have Their Emotions Acknowledged

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Pisces is one of the most sensitive signs on the zodiac along with Cancer. Like Cancer, like people they care about are the most important thing in their lives. Because they are so emotional and sensitive, they rely on the people closet to them for security and comfort. Aka validation. While a lot of people can see this as a weak trait, always need to having a another person confirm and affirm you, it also means that Pisces is create at listening to other people and taking their thoughts and feeling into account. They are incredibly empathetic and compassionate which makes them ideal for professions such as nursing or social work. It's not such a bad thing to need the people you love in your life as badly as Pisces does, but it is always good to make sure you are ultimately able to stand on your own two feet because you never know what the future has in store.

4 Fire Signs: Trailblazers

The fire signs include Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo. You probably have already noticed a lot of the similarities this three signs share, one of the strongest being boldness. This boldness makes them leaders and also propels them to venture into situations that others have not before. As the most courageous signs in the Zodiac, their fearlessness is what makes them such natural trailblazers. Whether it be literally because they are on an adventure in the jungle, or doing something totally new in their profession these signs are no shrinking violets. They get their affirmation and validation from being on the front lines. For Aries it is because they want to be the best, for Leo it is because of attention it garners them and for Sagittarius as long as they are experiencing something new they are happy!

3 Water Signs: Intuitives


The water signs always listen to their gut! Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces make up the water signs. Does it surprise you to see Scorpio in the same category as Cancer and Pisces? Well it shouldn't, because Scorpio is just as emotional as the two other signs if not more. They just express it in a different way, and do not show how truly vulnerable they are. The water signs are very in tune with the people around them and this makes them great at reading people. For Pisces and Cancer, they usually use this gift to help people but for Scorpio they use it to manipulate people and because their so intuitive they are really good at it. Their good at reading people and a room.

2 Earth Signs: Pragmatists

Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo are our Earth signs. They are rational, steadfast, and patient. All very grounding qualities which is what defines the earth signs. Their virtues include a great worth ethic, determination, and practicality which is the secret to their success. They do not get emotional like some signs may and let that dictate their actions, nor do they let their egos get too big and lead the way. They strive to make the world a better place through patient hard work. They like to be prepared for anything because it gives them a sense of security and they are able to extend that sense of security to other people. If you want to get a job done well, look no further than an Earth sign.

1 Air Signs: Intellects


Last but not least, the final element Air represents Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra. These gentle souls sometimes keep their head in the could too much, thinking and dreaming various things. They are all idealists so of course they are always lost in their thoughts. They thrive off of meaningful conversation and also creating meaningful change in the world whether through social justice, activism, and even creating art. They are great at communicating with people (when they are paying attention to the conversation!) and they are truly motivated to make a positive change in the world because they have such a deep sense of right or wrong. They want to improve life for people in any way they can. For Gemini that is probably going to be through some kind of art, Aquarius will probably start an activist group, and Libra loves to volunteer.


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