What Each Sign's Stance Is On Cheating (Him & Her)

Like why do some people cheat more than others—is there a trigger that causes them to wander off the path more than others?

Cheating is never a cool thing to deal with, but let’s be honest, we have all pretty much run into it here or there with the not so right partner for us. Did you ever wonder what was the deal behind their cheating? Like why do some people cheat more than others—is there a trigger that causes them to wander off the path more than others? Did you ever wonder if their Zodiac sign had anything to do with it because hey, it might just be the thing that makes them go astray.

Some signs are a little more clueless than others when it comes to relationships and how to treat their partners, and it might just be written in their Zodiac code rather than something they just picked up on. It’s just like why some signs are more dedicated to their work or why other signs are more up to travel on a whim than other signs for example. We found out what each sign thinks about cheating and discussed it here for all to see. Is your partner more apt to cheat on you than someone else? Read on to find out if you are paired up with the right person and what sign is more likely to treat you right.

Male Zodiacs:

24 Aries Male: The “I Need More Excitement” Cheater

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An Aries male is very likely to cheat in his relationship because he is always on the go and he needs a relationship that will keep up. Staying in the same relationship will weigh him down in his eyes and that is no good for him. He has an ego that constantly needs attention and the only way he’s going to get that is by making his way through different partners.

Women that really want to pin down the Aries man have to keep up that wow factor, which is hard because it gets exhausting after a while. But an Aries has endless amounts of energy, so he’ll always be looking for those sparks. It’s hard to be with an Aries because downtime doesn’t seem to happen very often when you’re in a relationship with one of them.

23 Taurus Male: Not A Huge Cheater

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A Taurus guy isn’t a huge cheater, so once you commit to them, they are going to commit to you in return. Loyalty is one of Taurus’ guiding words and they don’t like being led astray just like they don’t like leading people astray either. However, if you are one to cheat on them, watch out because they will dig their heels into the ground and not let you back into their lives ever again.

A Taurus guy will always treat you right and keep you as his number one priority. He loves making you feel important and special, and he will never look at any other women despite what you might think. All they ask is that you treat them right in return and don’t crush their feelings because they are sensitive deep down.

22 Gemini Male: The Emotional Affair

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Oh Geminis, they can be so dramatic. It’s probably because they are the best communicators in the Zodiac, so they feel the need to spill out every emotion that they feel. When a Gemini cheats, it is more likely for emotional reasons rather than physical ones. Chances are they feel like they aren’t connecting with their partner and they need someone to talk to that understands them.

If you don’t want a Gemini to cheat, you have to keep them mentally stimulated by keeping the conversation going. Connecting with them on this level keeps them actively engaged in the relationship and will make it much less likely for them to stray. You don’t only have to talk with them either, you can send emails or even text messages with messages that hook them to keep them mentally connected too.

21 Cancer Male: The Ego-Boost Cheater

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As we all know, Cancers don’t have the most confidence in the entire world. They can stay holed up in their homes for days and be perfectly fine with it. They don’t need a lot of people in their life, but they do like having a significant other to pull them out of their funk when they need it. However, if their partner isn’t helping them in their time of need, they might start looking for someone else.

If a Cancer man isn’t getting what he needs out of his current partner, he will stray and find it from someone else. He needs someone that is going to be emotionally connected to him and will help him boost his ego when he needs it. If you aren’t doing it for him, you are going to be tossed aside.

20 Leo Male: The Center Of Attention Cheater

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Leos always need the spotlight, it’s just the way they are. They need all eyes on them at all times, including in their relationship. If their partner is shining the spotlight on them, they will find someone else because the world must revolve around them at all times. The best thing their partner can do is keep the energy flowing around the Leo male otherwise they will be left behind.

Leo men have very fragile egos, and if they aren’t fed regularly they don’t like it very much. In the beginning of a relationship, you’re much more likely to give a Leo the attention they crave, so that’s why they are much more likely to jump around and cheat because when that feeling wears off they aren’t so stoked about it.

19 Virgo Male: The Loving Cheater

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Virgo is a very serious sign and most times they are way too hard on themselves. That being said, if their partner is being too critical of them, they are much more likely to find someone that will accept them for who they are rather than putting them down all of the time. They become frustrated if their partner is too critical as they are already critical of themselves.

The best way to hang on to a Virgo is to let them know how much you care about them. Just show them how much you love them and don’t judge them too harshly because they are already judging themselves more than you will ever know. Don’t be too hard on them, a Virgo can sense if you are upset with them or if you aren’t happy with what they are doing.

18 Libra Male: Not In Line To Be A Cheater

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Libra are too concerned about keeping the peace to be going behind someone’s back, especially the person that they love the most. Libra men aren’t built to be cheaters as they are way too concerned with their relationship and maintaining the good vibes to be going down that path. A Libra man will do everything imaginable to keep the peace between his partner and himself and he isn’t looking to ruin that anytime soon. Heck, he put a lot of time into this relationship.

A Libra man would rather break up with his partner then find someone new rather than finding someone behind their back. Looks like this man is a pretty stand up guy and his partner should be pretty proud to be with him at the end of the day.

17 Scorpio Male: The Passionate Cheater

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Although a Scorpio is known for being incredibly loyal and not as likely to cheat, if they would it would be because of passion. They are a dark and mysterious sign that has a need for excitement, and if they aren’t getting it from their partner then they might need to find it elsewhere. Although, I will stress again that a Scorpio is not super likely to go seek this out because they are actually pretty stuck to their partners. Things need to get pretty bad for them to resort to this.

Scorpios do like things a little kinkier between the sheets, so one way to keep them from getting bored is to spice things up behind closed doors. Also, make sure to talk things out if things get stale, a Scorpio will listen to you.

16 Sagittarius Male: The “Need to Move Onto Something New” Cheater

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I’m just going to out and say it, a Sagittarius is the most likely of all the Zodiac signs to cheat. It has nothing to do with their partner either. In fact, they could have the best partner on the planet, but they will still most likely cheat on them, but they will just get bored with what they have and will need to move on to something else just because they are bored with the same old situation. They don’t like commitment, so it probably was hard enough to get them to settle down to begin with.

The only chance you have for a Sagittarius to stay loyal to you is if you have the same adventurous spirit that they have at all times, which is hard to keep up with.

15 Capricorn Male: Only Slightly Tempted To Cheat

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Capricorn man are pretty calm, cool, and collected, and to be quite honest make pretty loyal partners. The only problem is if they do decide to cheat, their cool demeanor makes it hard to pinpoint if they are actually doing it. For the most part, a Capricorn male will shy away from the temptation because they have a lot of other things on their mind, like their job, but they might seize the opportunity if it is the perfect one.

Capricorns are ones that demand respect and admiration, so that is half the battle right there. If you show them that, they are very likely to give that same respect back to their partner. The most likely scenario that they would cheat is if they aren’t feeling respected in their relationship.

14 Aquarius Male: The Unpredictable Cheater

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It’s really hard to pinpoint and Aquarius and an Aquarius male is no exception to that rule. An Aquarius man isn’t the most romantic sign in the Zodiac as they are often known as being detached and aloof from other people, but that doesn’t mean that they still don’t need to feel love from their partners. The problem is they get so tied up in their ideas and innovations that they often neglect their partners, which leads them to likely be the victims of cheating.

However, if their partner does not keep things fresh and unpredictable, they will also become unpredictable and start a relationship on the side. An Aquarian needs to keep things interesting or else they will just grow more aloof to what is going on around them.

13 Pisces Male: The Fantasy Lover Cheater


A Pisces man is known for having a vivid imagination and they would love nothing more than having one partner forever, but it’s not always in the cards. A Pisces’ pursuit for this magical love might just be their downfall when it comes to staying in a relationship because they are looking for that perfect person to settle down with, and guess what, this person just doesn’t exist.

After a while of being with someone, they will realize this person wasn’t the person they thought they were and they will freak out a little bit. The long term relationship they envisioned is the perfect picture they painted in their head and they will start looking for someone else. It doesn’t seem fair to anyone they date really, but that dreamy Pisces needs to find the perfect person.

Female Zodiacs:

12 Aries Female: The Adventurous Cheater


The Aries sign is full of adventure and the Aries female fits that mantra perfectly well as she’s seeking out a partner that also looks for adventure. If she doesn’t feel like she is challenged by a partner when it comes to adventure, she will look elsewhere. That is a fact. An Aries is always looking for something, they have a hard time sitting still and being happy with what they have—they need something more.

The best way to keep with an Aries is to take on the adventures she is wanting to go on rather than blowing them off, or she won’t be sticking by your side for very long. She gets bored easily and living a standard life isn’t for her. She needs something more and she won’t stop looking for that extra something special until she finds it in her partner.

11 Taurus Female: The “Only If You’re Not As Loyal As Me” Cheater

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A Taurus just isn’t one for cheating in general. Just like their male counterpart, a female Taurus won’t go out of her way to start a relationship on the side unless she really is prompted to do so. I’m talking she feels like her partner isn’t being loyal to her, she is looking for a way out so this is what she is resorting to. More than likely she will end the relationship then find something else though.

A Taurus is very loyal and therefore doesn’t like to hurt other people’s feelings when it comes to cheating. They know how hurt they would be if they were cheated on so they wouldn’t want to put someone else through that. A Taurus knows it would be a last ditch effort for them to cheat on their partner. Period.

10 Gemini Female: The Social Cheater

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A Gemini is the most social and communicative sign in the Zodiac so cheating comes easily to them as they have so much opportunity to do so. A Gemini woman sometimes doesn’t mean to draw in the attention that they do, but it happens from time to time and when it does, look out. A Gemini will pounce on it because it is their nature to so. They love the attention and will take advantage of it.

Here’s the thing, they are also smooth talkers, so they might be the ones that initiate the entire situation too, so don’t think they are the innocent ones in the situation either. A Gemini woman knows how captivating she is and she will snatch up an unsuspecting man if she’s into him even if she is tied down.

9 Cancer Female: Unlikely To Stray


Cancers don’t like to stray too far from what they know and that is especially true for a Cancer woman. She is obviously with her partner for a reason and she isn’t looking to break things off, especially not for a flighty relationship that might not go anywhere. She’s very wise about who she opens up to, and she chose her specific partner for a good reason, it will take her time to build up that trust with someone else again.

Once you are with a Cancer woman, you are pretty stuck with her unless she is so unhappy that she breaks it off with you. It’s saying a lot if a Cancer woman breaks up with you too, you really had to push her to her limit but she is very unlikely to cheat on you.

8 Leo Female: The Dramatic Cheater

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Oh Leo, you are just so full of drama. Everything you do is just so ego-centric and includes all eyes on you. A Leo woman will play the victim on this one and every guy will listen and believe her story because it will be so convincing. She will tell her story about how her partner is so horrible to her and will look for a man that will “treat her right,” but the thing is she won’t key into the fact that she is cheating in the meantime which isn’t cool to start with.

A Leo woman will jump ship the second things stop revolving around her and will think it’s okay because she has been so wronged. Watch out if you are dating a Leo woman because she definitely is not loyal in her relationships. Well, I guess she is loyal to herself.

7 Virgo Female: Cheats Because You’re Too Critical

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Virgos do not like when people are too critical of them. Just like their male counterpart, a female Virgo goes nuts when her partner is judging her too harshly but she’ll take it a step further. A Virgo female will actively seek out a different partner if she feels like she is getting picked on too much and she won’t feel bad about it in the least. She is hard on herself to begin with so her thought is she doesn’t need to put up with it–she deserves better than that.

The thing is, she’s a straight shooter and she’ll let her partner know that she is constantly unhappy with his nagging so he will likely know that she is straying in the relationship. Just don’t get on her too much and she will be pretty loyal to you.

6 Libra Female: Too Concerned With Her Relationship To Cheat


Libras are people pleasers and their relationships are no exception. A Libra woman is very unlikely to stray in her relationship because she’s too busy keeping her partner happy. Unfortunately, she is much more likely to get cheated on because she is just too darn nice to her partner—she’ll let them get away with pretty much anything just to keep the peace.

A Libra woman is always trying to show her partner off to people because she is so proud of who she is with, which is another reason why she would have a hard time cheating. You can’t show someone off that you shouldn’t be with. She would have so many conflicting feelings with this side relationship that it just wouldn’t work for her. You are far too nice Libra.

5 Scorpio Female: The Most Mysterious Cheater

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The Scorpio female is the most likely to get away with cheating because she is so good at being mysterious. It’s a blessing and a curse really because her partner really never knows what she is up to, but she could be pulling off the perfect crime behind his back. She knows all the best places and times to meet up without anyone suspecting a thing. She also has all of the perfect excuses to cover up her tracks too.

A Scorpio female like passion, so when the passion in her relationship starts to leave is when she is most likely to look for something else. Scorpios are the most passionate sign of the Zodiac so it only seems to make sense, right? Just watch out for this mysterious lady.

4 Sagittarius Female: The Flirtatious Cheater

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Those Sagittariuses and their flirtatious ways, they can never just keep it locked up. It’s just not in their nature to stick to one partner and a Sagittarius woman is no exception to that. They tempt men into their clutches especially when they are in a relationship because they are bored with what they have. Their friends are in shock with the amount of men they stack up on the side some times.

They also need someone that can keep up with them. It is very hard for a Sagittarius to commit to pretty much anyone because it’s not what they are all about in all honesty. It’s not like they want to hurt anyone’s feelings, they just look out for themselves and what they want out of a relationship.

3 Capricorn Female: Too Honorable To Cheat

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Capricorns are too honorable to lower themselves to cheating most of the time, but this is especially trust for Capricorn women in particular. They see cheating a lowering themselves personally and they never want to stoop to that level. They would much rather break up with their partner then move on rather than look for something else while they are still involved with their partner, it makes them feel like they are stepping out of their honorable circle.

It is very rare that a Capricorn will cheat just based on their own morals and values. It really takes a lot for them to go against what they believe in and they could be kind of stubborn when it comes to their values. Nothing is ever impossible, but I wouldn’t think too much about a Capricorn woman cheating.

2 Aquarius Female: The Interest-Seeking Cheater

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Aquarians need to be mentally stimulated, if they are not they move on pretty quickly. An Aquarian woman really needs someone that can keep up with her brain power or she will get bored and jump into someone else’s arms. Although she can be pretty aloof at times, it doesn’t mean that she isn’t interested in what you have to say. In fact, it is quite the opposite. She loves anything that makes her think, that might be why she’s so quiet at times—her wheels are turning.

She is not the most touchy-feely of all the Zodiac signs, but she does still need someone to validate her feelings and emotions regardless. She needs to be interested and intrigued by her partner or she is out like yesterday’s news.

1 Pisces Female: Searching For The Magical Moment Cheater

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A Pisces is always such a dreamer that they are always looking for these fantasy moments to pounce on, but they always seem to come up short because no one lives up to their expectation. A Pisces woman is always looking for the right moment to find the perfect person rather than the fantasy love. They believe the right moment leads to the person they are looking for. Kind of like their male counterpart.

Sadly, this way of thinking leads them into more trouble than anything because it usually comes at the wrong time—like when they are with a different partner. Because they see the signs for romance, they will still jump at the opportunity though, only to usually be let down in the long run and repeat the cycle.

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