What Drives You Crazy Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone has that thing in life they just can't stand - their greatest pet peeve. That one thing that makes you tick every time you encounter it. And for different people, it's different things that drive them crazy. Sure, we all hate getting stuck behind slow walkers or when the elevator is out of order, but some ticks are a little more personal. Maybe you really can't stand it when your boyfriend leaves the lights on when he walks out of a room. Or maybe it's your sister's constant gum chewing that is getting on your last nerve. We all have those things that just drive us bananas!

But the worst is when you encounter something so extremely unpleasant that you have to explode. Maybe you've never told your sister how much her gum chewing bothers you. So she snaps that next piece into her mouth and you absolutely lose it. You freak out yelling, "WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS CHEWING GUM?? Can't you lay off the gum for one freaking day? Don't your teeth hurt?" Meanwhile, your poor sister is bewildered and embarrassed cause she had no clue she was bugging you so much.

Pet peeves sneak up on us sometimes and it's hard to control our reaction. The best bet is to get in front of them. If you know what makes you tick, you'll know to avoid it or how to remedy the situation. Not sure what sort of thing would drive you crazy and make you explode? Don't worry, your horoscope knows. Read on to figure out exactly what your zodiac sign says you can't stand.


15 Aries - Being Ignored Drives You Nuts

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Aries, you love being the center of attention. You live for the spotlight. It's not so much that you're dramatic and need all eyes on you. You just know how to command a room. You're bold and people notice that about you. You need people to notice that about you. You have a strong personality, strong opinions, and strong presence. And you feel the need to prove that every time you walk into a room. So what is the only think you can't stand? Being ignored! You hate the idea of people ignoring you. If you were to walk into a party and not talk to anyone, it would kill you. If there are so many other strong personalities in there that you get overshadowed, that's your worst nightmare. The idea of not being heard or seen really crushes your soul. You're a smart lady who has spent time gaining knowledge and getting cultured. You want to be able to share yourself with the people around you. Being silenced and ignored is not an option.

14 Taurus - Can't Stand Being Misunderstood


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Unlike an Aries lady, Taurus, you totally don't mind if you walk into a room and no one takes notice. You're not really looking for the spotlight. You are looking for something so much deeper and more important. The most important thing for you is to be understand. Meaning the thing that drives you crazy is being misunderstood. If you comment on a Facebook post and people start responding who have totally missed your point, you are ready to claw some eyes out. Why don't people get me? The worst is when you're traveling in a new country and don't speak the language. You feel absolutely paralyzed when no one can understand you. And it's even worse if they're not able to do what you want. In fact, it messes you up so much that you're always sure to over-explain yourself and really get your point across. You won't leave on vacation until you've memorized the guidebook and at least 25 useful phrases. You work hard to be understood.

13 Gemini - Hate Being Talked Down To

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Gemini, you know you are the social butterfly of the group. You love hitting up a party on a Friday night, brunch the next morning with your girlfriends, dinner with your family, and a housewarming that night. While that social schedule might exhaust other members of the zodiac, you absolutely thrive on it. You live for those social interactions, hanging out with your friends and chatting them up. So what drives you crazy? If anyone tries to belittle you or cut you down. You can't stand that! You're not an arrogant person, so it's not likely that too many people out there will want to talk down to you. But every now and then, you meet someone who is malicious and just wants to make you feel bad. You have absolutely no time for that. Unfortunately for them, you've got lots of great friends on your side to back you up. Even if you feel low for a second, it won't be that way for long. Your friends will stand up for you and then get you smiling and laughing as soon as possible.

12 Cancer - Criticism Cuts You Deep


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Cancer, you are the sensitive soul of the zodiac. You are the mama of the signs and you totally wear your emotions on your sleeve. You have an open heart and are not scared to shed a tear. I'd be surprised to learn if you can make it through a movie without at least welling up a little bit. Even good commercials can get your tears flowing! So, it's only natural that the thing that absolutely crushes you is being criticized. You are sensitive and vulnerable. Any criticism cuts you like a knife. Those painful words sting you and you'll hold onto them forever. In fact, if you look back on your life, you might notice that a few harsh words totally changed your path. Did someone give you harsh words on a short story that caused you to indirectly give up your goal of being an author? Or did you get a negative response from an interview with Urban Outfitters so you swore off all retail jobs? Scary how powerful that criticism can be, right?

11 Cancer - Also Can't Stand Betrayals

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It makes sense that Cancer gals, some of the most emotional and nurturing in the zodiac, would value trust and loyalty. You are the best definition of a true friend. When you make a friend, you're friends for life. You would do anything for that person and would never do anything to hurt them. So it absolutely kills you if someone betrays you. You take betrayals so personally. If a "friend" shows their true colors and turns against you, you're cutting them out for good. You have such a big heart and it hurts you so much when someone takes advantage of that. If a work colleague who you eat lunch with everyday, takes credit for the project you've worked on for months and uses that to get a promotion over you, you will not be pleased. You'll see that as a personal betrayal, and not just a work colleague trying to advance her own career.

10 Leo - Second Choice Does Not Sit Well With You


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Leo, like your Aries sisters, you're not afraid of the spotlight. In fact, you love the spotlight. You are all about taking center stage in every part of your life. You like to be up front and with all eyes on you. You work hard to make sure that you are always the best choice for every role. So what drives you crazy? When someone passes you up and makes you the second choice. You can't imagine not being the obvious choice. Why wouldn't they pick you? You're the best! There's no way they found someone better. You feel this way in all aspects of your life. If you're up for a promotion at work, you're confident that your track record and all that you've done for the company means you have the promotion in the bag. But if they choose someone else, you'll be irate. Or if you're seeing a guy casually but he breaks things off to become exclusive with someone else, you just don't get it. Why is he passing up such a good thing?

9 Virgo - Recognition Is Key

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Virgo, you are an extremely hard worker in all aspects of your life. You know what it means to put in extra hours at the office, take work home, and skip lunch breaks to make sure a project gets done. In your home life, you'll go out of your way to make lunches for you and your partner, plan a great birthday party for your girlfriend, and take your grandma to her doctor's appointment. And all you ask for in return is a little gratitude! What drives you absolutely crazy is people who undervalue you. You need to be recognized for your good work. We're not saying that you do good deeds just to get the recognition - because you don't. But you do love getting that kudos, pat on the back or recognition. If you work super hard on a project at work, you want your boss to notice and thank you in the next meeting. If you make your partner's lunches for the week, he better remember to thank you for it. You just want the people in your life to value you and your hard work - ain't no shame in that!


8 Libra - Confrontation Is Your Worst Nightmare


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We get it, Libra. No one likes arguments and conflict. And to you, that's what confrontation is all about. You hate the idea of confrontation. Seriously, it makes you shudder! If a friend is mad at you, you would much rather avoid them for months and suffer through some passive aggressive group messages than get it all out in the open. You can't handle someone coming at you ready to tackle a situation and tell you what you did wrong. Especially if that person is angry. You do not respond well to anger. In fact, anger makes you shut down. If someone confronts you and the steam is coming out of their ears, you're going to shut down and not hear anything they say to you. It's not that you're ignoring them, you just don't know how to handle anger. You would much prefer someone just say a couple little things to you in passing, instead of blowing up on you all at once.

7 Libra - Rudeness Rubs You The Wrong Way

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Libra, just you like you hate confrontation, you also really hate rudeness. Of course, no one enjoys rudeness. No one likes to hear people saying mean comments or hang around with jerks. But it really irks you, Libra. And that's because you do everything in your power to keep your world in harmony and your life in balance. You are all about finding equilibrium and a rude person totally throws that off. When you encounter rudeness, you have to do everything in your power to restore that order. But sometimes, there's just so much rudeness all around you that you kind of wig out. Mood swings are not uncommon for a Libra who feels like she is losing her balance. Because basically, you're just a good person deep down. You're nice. And nice people don't like to deal with rudeness. Sorry the world sucks sometimes.

6 Scorpio - Hates Being The Butt Of The Joke


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Scorpio, you love to laugh - as long as the joke is not on you. You're all for telling jokes, laughing at funny situations, and even chuckling at others. But if the joke is about you? Not happening. You have a hard time keeping a sense of humor about yourself. If someone tries to tease you or poke fun at you, you automatically go from cheerful to chagrin. You only want to be laughed at if it's under your control - if you are making the jokes. But no one else is allowed to make jokes about you. And if they do, they better watch out. You are not one to shy away from revenge. You'll have no problem plotting a joke that makes them look bad or something worse. Getting on your bad side is not advised. But Scorpio can we just say, lighten up! It's okay to be able to laugh at yourself. And odds are, anyone who makes a joke about you is just doing it for fun not to be a jerk. Before you start in on your revenge scheme, make sure the person was actually being malicious and not just goofing around.

5 Sagittarius - Can't Stand Know-it-alls

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Sagittarius, your life is all about travel and adventure. You've been all over the world and have met all kinds of cool people. You've tried exotic foods, visited crazy sites, and participated in other cultures and traditions. You consider yourself quite worldly, experienced, and educated. So what drives you absolutely bananas? When someone talks down to you and thinks they are better than you. You can't stand that kind of attitude! It's absolutely against everything you stand for. You live a life where you are very open to new experiences and to learning new things. So if someone walks in like they know it all, you won't be able to handle it. You would much prefer someone get rid of their attitude and admit that they have a lot to learn. Sorry, Sag. Not everyone is as open to learning as you are. A lot of people think they know it all because they haven't experienced as much as you have. They don't realize just how much there is out there to know.

4 Capricorn - Lying Drives You Crazy


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Liar, liar, pants on a fire! That's a phrase that Capricorns absolutely believe in. They cannot stand liars! Now of course, no one likes being lied to. But no one hates it as much as a Capricorn. They don't want anything to do with lies. So save your excuses and your white lies; they won't work with a Capricorn. If your boss is a Capricorn, tread lightly. They are not going to buy any of your bull. Late for work because you stayed at the bar a little too late? Don't bother telling your boss you had a migraine or a doctor's appointment. They are going to see right through your lies. With a Capricorn, you are always better off telling the truth. Let's say your best friend is a Capricorn and you found out their guy was cheating on them. Do you tell them? Yes! A Capricorn always wants the truth, even if it going to hurt. Because if you lie and they find out you did, they'll never forget it. You'll be cut out of their lives for good.

3 Capricorn - So Over Laziness

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Capricorn, you know you are a workhorse. You totally know what it means to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Hard work doesn't scare you, which is a great thing. Your boss loves you, your family relies on you and your friends know how lucky they are to have you by their sides. You are disciplined and responsible. So what can't you stand? Laziness, of course! Lazy people drive you up the wall. You just can't understand their way of thinking when you are such a hard worker. As we've mentioned, Capricorns are also not ones to shy away from the truth. You're blunt. So if a lazy person is getting in your way or making your life harder, you're going to call them out on it. You just don't respect loafers or moochers. You roll your eyes at the people who complain about always being poor, yet refuse to get a job or move out from their parent's house. And those lazy people better hope they don't take advantage of your work ethic. If a lazy body ever tries to mooch off of you, they are in for a rude awakening. Hell hath no fury like a Capricorn exploited by a lazy SOB.

2 Aquarius - Hates Closed Minded People


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Aquarius, you're all about freeing your mind. You love being creative and thinking outside the box. You're always open to new ideas and nontraditional ways of doing something. So what drives you nuts? People who are closed minded and stuck inside their box. If you're talking to someone who refuses to rethink their views, you'll quickly find a new conversation to join. You don't believe things are just black and white - there is always space for grey. You always love to hear all sides to a story. You're the best person to brainstorm with because you know how to get people thinking in new directions. But if someone shuts all that down and refuses to open their mind, you're done. You can't work with that kind of toxic energy. It completely shuts you down. If someone isn't able to be open minded, then you're not able to be around them - not as a friend, a co-worker or in a relationship.

1 Pisces - Can't Stand Being Controlled

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Of course, no one wants to be controlled. But no one hates it more than a Pisces girl. Pisces, you are a creative and emotional soul. The idea of someone trying to pin you down drives you crazy. You can't even imagine being caged in and unable to express yourself. Like an Aquarius, you are a free spirit. You need space to be able to grow. It's not so much that you have to run around the world and roam free. You just need some space to be yourself. If you're a painter, you need space for your canvases and time to let your inner artist out. As an emotional person, you need to be able to express yourself and cry when the feeling takes you. So if you're around people who refuse to let you be yourself, you're out of there. A boyfriend who gets uncomfortable with emotions? Not for you! A workplace that doesn't let you be creative in your work? Hard pass! No one is going to control a Pisces!


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