What Does Your Astrological Sign Say About You When It Comes To The Bedroom

Every astrological sign has different personality characteristics, and each of those characteristics shapes how each sign deals with other people and relationships. Some signs are more naturally grounded and present, while other signs to be way more emotionally involved. There are pluses and minuses to each possible combination. All of the signs not only approach their relationships differently, but they approach their bedroom lives differently as well. Some are more likely to stick to the basics while others like to push the envelope on the regular. It does help to understand which you are and perhaps what matching qualities you should be looking for in a partner. Here are some things that your astrological sign says about you when it comes to the bedroom, and what sign you're likely to be if you do them!

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15 If You Love Getting Busy In Public...

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If you crave getting busy in public, you might be a Gemini. Geminis tend to be super flirty when they feel like it, even sometimes being flirty with people that they aren't all that interested in. They're in it for the fun and sometimes for the shock value, which is why Geminis are likely to want to do something "naughty" like getting it on in public somewhere. Geminis are also super creative and like to use the imagination so you might even be throwing some role play elements into that fun and spicy personal life. You like to live life like a fantasy, and as long as you have people to do it with why not. If you do decide to do it somewhere public just keep in mind that it's possible to get caught and the law does frown upon this. You're best off choosing somewhere remote that feels out in the open but without the passerby that could potentially be peering into your car.

14 If You Cry After...

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If you cry after getting physical, then you might be a water sign like a Cancer or Pisces. Scorpios are actually sensitive water signs as well but they tend to be a bit more secretive than more open water signs. Cancer is one sign that tends to ride the emotional wave regularly and this can mean experience both high and low emotions with regular frequency. By the way, it's totally normal to cry after you get busy and a lot of people experience that from the changes in their hormones after doing the deed. But when it's simply the act of getting busy that's bringing a tear to your eye it's most likely to be a water sign that feels that emotional release. Don't worry about it. Anyone serious won't mind and if it's a casual situation you can always pretend that your eye is watering for some reason. Unless, of course, you're crying for a negative reason in which case you should definitely get out of there.

13 If Your Fantasy Is A Party Of Three...

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If you've been wanting to do something a little out of the ordinary like having a physical experience with more than one partner or something, you could be an Aquarius. Aquarians can come across as less physical than other signs, but in the bedroom (or wherever else you might be doing it), you'll be up for getting creative. You don't rely on the emotional connection as much as some signs do, so while you're totally loyal in a committed relationship you're also willing to explore and sometimes that means exploring new people as well. Put it this way: you can separate the emotional part from the physical part so you're less likely to be concerned about the emotional aspect of inviting a third party in the bedroom. You can do your thing and then just move on. Other people don't always have it so cut and dry when it comes to their emotions.

12 If You're Always Up For Something New...

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If you're always up for something new in the bedroom you might be a Sagittarius. The Sagittarius folk love to be constantly stimulated with something new and exciting which can also be true in the bedroom. You're the one researching new positions to try out. You're also more likely to be cool with casual flings and enjoy the deed for the sake of just having a good time as opposed to always making things super serious. You tend to get bored with people who aren't very interesting and you'll move on without a lot of remorse since it's obvious that you got what you came for. Since you're so fun in the bedroom, people tend to like being with you. Often when you get bored and are ready to move on those people that you're leaving behind will not agree with the choice. That's just how it goes when you're in high demand.

11 If You're In It For The Conquest...

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If you go after the physical as a personal conquest then you might be an Aries. Aries are super competitive and like to prove that they're good at things, which sometimes might be bedroom-related. They can be impulsive so sometimes the decision to get down seems to come out of nowhere. Aries can also be a bit impatient so they want it when they want it and aren't necessarily going to be as open to the deed on someone else's schedule. The single Aries can be quite a bit of a flirt and enjoys the gaming aspect of dating even if they aren't actually sleeping with everyone that they're flirting with. They pick and choose as they go along based on the responses they get. The Aries that is in a relationship will also want it when they want it and can develop a very deep and fun physical relationship with their partner.

10 If You Wait For The Other Person To Make A Move...

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If you generally wait for someone else to make the first move, then you might be a Taurus. It's not that you don't enjoy getting busy or spending time with your people, but you're not always in the mood to be the one pursuing or putting in too much work to get it. You just prefer to know exactly what's happening and that's made quite obvious when it's someone else that is making the move on you. Once someone does make the first move however you tend to be very engaged and sensual with your physical energy. Being an earth sign you're quite grounded and present so you can easily put all of your physicality into the moment, while some other signs are more likely to get into their heads and bring the thoughts into the bedroom as well. You can shut out the rest of the day and feel extremely in the moment.

9 If You Think Love Is Super Sexy...

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If you think that connecting with love is one of the sexiest things that can happen in the bedroom, then you might be a Cancer. Cancers tend to be emotional creatures and they are more likely to connect with a select few instead of just looking for the whole physical pleasure aspect of bedroom fun. They like to have an emotional connection with people to feel like they're actually getting something out of a physical experience. Cancers just won't get close to tons of men at once, especially if they've given their heart to someone else. (Whether or not they're actually with that person.) Cancers tend to give a lot and love deeply so they want that in return, and anything that isn't deep and real just feels less important. Some Cancers would rather wait for the right people to come along with intensity than be casually dating all over the place.

8 If You Love Commitment...

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If you think that commitment is one of the sexiest things, then you might a Scorpio. Scorpios are a water sign like Cancer that also prefers to have a deep emotional bond than simply a physical one. But just because they need the emotion doesn't mean they don't place a lot of importance on the physical component. In fact, Scorpios love it and might even be interested in kinking things up a bit. Since Scorpios are into both the emotional aspect and being exploratory in the bedroom this can make for an intense connection. Scorpios are one sign that is prone to jealousy so it might be even more important for you than the average person that the person you're with is totally committed to you and only you. You like to feel like someone is all in. Sometimes you get a little carried away and try to make someone prove that they're committed to you which can start some fights. But a little makeup fun never hurt, either.

7 If You're Very Precise...

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If you approach the deed with a masterful precision, you might be a Taurus. Taureans are extremely focused and methodical, so when you're studied up on bedroom fun that means that you can be quite technically good at it. You don't love change so when you've found something that works you tend to do it over and over again until it stops working or something better comes along. You can be a little stubborn so if the person that you're with tries to switch things up without getting your approval you might revert back to trying to lead. But of course the deed involves two people (generally) so there's always room for a bit of compromise in any kind of relationship. Although since you're so good at the things that you do you might not get any signs that you should be switching things up at all. It's usually pretty obvious either way.

6 If You Like Bedroom Compliments...

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If you feel more comfortable and confident in the bedroom when you're getting lots of compliments about what's going on, then you might be a Leo. Leos love attention and they also love to have their egos stroked, both in and out of the bedroom. You love attention and you already consider yourself the head honcho, but you still like to be reminded of that fact regularly. Especially when you're putting forth any effort into doing a good job in the bedroom. Just keep in mind that there are two people in there and that you're doing a good job for the sake of your lover's pleasure, not just your own. But it is great to be in the habit of communicating in the bedroom since that's the fastest way to find out what works and what doesn't between two people. You tend to find out pretty quickly what they like and then repeat it for similar results.

5 If Conversation Turns You On...

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If good conversation turns you on more than any physical thing, then you might be a Libra. Libras really like to get to know the person that they're sleeping with. A Libra isn't as likely to fall into bed with someone based on looks alone, they want to know how the pillow talk is going to go as well. Libras love balance so it's important to them that someone creates or upholds balance within their life once they enter it. They don't want someone boring, but they also don't want a dramatic egomaniac either. One of the best ways to find out where someone stands on this scale is to have a good old conversation with them. Occasionally Libras put a little too much weight in what people present to them and can veer into the territory of the superficial, such as wanting to hear the right compliments in bed. But you want what you want.

4 If You Have Stamina For Days...

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If you have stamina for days, you might be a Capricorn. Capricorns might not come off as the most crazed sign when it comes t getting it on but when they're with someone that they want to be having a lot of it with, they're going to have a lot of it with them. Capricorns are going to be one of the signs most likely to be responsible about their bedroom life, whether that's always being mindful about birth control or being choosy about who they let into their bedroom to begin with. Capricorns love stability and routine because it helps them feel secure. They also happen to be generally confident as long as they aren't totally thrown out of their element. They're more likely to return to the standby positions than try to get creative with something new in the bedroom. They're also all about the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" motto.

3 If You Need To Be Careful About Mixing The Physical And The Emotional...

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If you feel like you need to be careful about mixing the physical and the emotional, then you might be a Virgo. Virgo's like to have a certain amount of order and control over their lives in general, and this is particularly true when it comes to the deed and dating. You might be super attracted to someone but if you start developing feelings and know that you shouldn't be together, then you'll have an easier time than most cutting off the physical relationship cold turkey. Being an earth sign you're pretty grounded and present but you're also more emotional and deep than you're always comfortable letting on about. You can come off as slightly guarded because sometimes you are actually guarding your heart. You're very careful about who you choose to be with even if you make the choice to be seeing multiple people at the same time.

2 If You Must Have Music On...

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If you feel like you must have music on during the deed, you might be a Pisces. Pisces tend to be very sensual and artistic, so the more you can make doing it emotional and creative, the better. For many of you, that means music since you find it easy to set the mood with some great music and can really sink into the vibe that way. Pisces like to connect deeply and make sure that they're lovers are really into them, so they're willing to put in the work to make things super sensual and delightful in the bedroom. You like any and all of your senses being stimulated, whether that's with a scent in the room, a breeze in the curtain, or some sweet words being whispered into your ear. You like having a multisensory experience to make it feel very present and in the moment. That way it's also easier to relive later when you feel like daydreaming out it.

1 If This Is Your Fave...

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If you love the straightforward position, you might be a Capricorn getting down to a business, or one of the water signs that like to connect face to face. Capricorns are so in the moment and straightforward about what they're doing in the bedroom that they don't need to throw in all kinds of crazy stuff to get down to business. It's not that you aren't willing to try new things, but you know what works and you don't like to be distracted. For this reason your best off with people that appreciate that direct response and not the ones who feel like they need something new and different every day to stay interested. Your directness can actually make a lot of people open up to you more quickly more than others when they need some time to feel comfortable, which can make you seem trustworthy with your personal life.

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