Which Celebrity You Should Bring Home For Thanksgiving Based On Astrology (His And Hers)

Thanksgiving is all about family, love, and gratitude. Or at least, that’s what it’s supposed to be about. It’s supposed to be all smiles and warmth. It’s supposed to be full bellies and general chit-chat. The biggest debate at the Thanksgiving table should be apple or pumpkin pie. The only thing we should be fighting over is the wishbone.

Sadly, not all Thanksgivings are quite so calm and quiet. Thanksgivings are basically family reunions and we all know that things can get pretty dramatic when family is all back under one roof. So how do we deal? Well, we try to show up late or we bring a date. And who better to escort you home for Thanksgiving than a famous Hollywood celeb? Seriously, no one is going to ask you about that promotion you didn’t get at work if you have Matt Damon on your arm. And no one would even notice you spilled gravy on your great-grandma’s lace tablecloth if your date, Alicia Keys, is telling everyone about her latest Grammy win. So breathe easy, put on your eating pants, and pick up your perfect celeb date for Turkey Day!



24 Aries Will Love Miley Cyrus' Fiery Personality


If you’re an Aries man, you have a lust for life and a fiery personality. We wouldn’t be surprised if some of those great Thanksgiving debates started with something you said. You’re a spitfire kind of guy. And you can’t say no to a great opportunity. Deep frying the turkey with lots of dangerous hot oil? Yeah, you’ll help out with that. So the perfect celeb for you to bring to Thanksgiving is Miley Cyrus. Okay, we know what you’re thinking; Miley is an odd choice at first glance. But she’s actually perfect. 2017 Miley is a lot tamer than her VMA performance from a few years back, so she’s not going to embarrass you. But she’s also not going to bore you. Like you, Miley loves life and can add some excitement to a boring dinner. If the conversation begins to stall and the mashed potatoes start to get cold, you can bet Miley will know how to change that.

23 Needy Taurus Will Bring Nina Dobrev


As a Taurus, you’re reliable and always there when someone needs you. It’s likely that your family trusts you to take care of one of the star dishes, like the turkey or the stuffing. They know they can count on you to get the job done. That's why you need someone like Nina Dobrev. Nina is a Capricorn, which means she’s going to be just as committed to the cause. Together, you two are perfect partners. She would totally understand how important it is to get the mashed potatoes mashed to the perfect consistency and she wouldn’t stop until they are perfect. You both value realism and prefer for things to be stable. You don’t care for the dramatics. You won’t get pulled into a conversation about who Aunt Betty didn’t invite to her birthday with Nina by your side. Nina also knows how to keep a secret, so if she happens to learn some deep family secrets, she’ll keep her lips sealed.

22 The Free Gemini And Natalie Dormer

Gemini, you are one lucky dude! You get to take the gorgeous Natalie Dormer, from Hunger Games and Game of Thrones fame, home for Thanksgiving dinner. And not only is Natalie beautiful and talented, but she’s a perfect date for you. Both you and Natalie really value your freedom. You both know that going home for Thanksgiving is just for fun and not a sign that you have to move in together, get married and have 2.5 kids right away. She’s not going to smother you. Natalie will be totally fine if you have to go pick up Cousin Arnie from the airport and leave her to chat with your mom. Natalie also likes to keep things exciting, so don’t be surprised if you come back from the airport to find her schooling your family in a hand of poker or switching out your boring brussel sprouts for a funky sushi roll.

21 Emotional Cancer And Shockingly Sympatheic Rihanna


As a Cancerian, you know you’re an emotional guy. You wear your heart on your sleeve and you’re prone to mood swings. When things get heated, you’ve been known to leave the Thanksgiving dinner table in order to let your feelings out in another room. That's why you need someone by your side who will hold your hand through all of this. Enter: Rihanna. From the outside, she’s Bad Gal Riri. But as a Pisces, Rihanna is actually really sympathetic to all of the emotions you’re going through. She might not shed any tears herself, but she will hand you a tissue and help to dry your tears. And based on her music, Rihanna can totally relate to your epic mood swings. Since you two are on the same wavelength, it’s likely you’ll connect right away. That deep and instant connection will be the perfect thing to get you through a tough Thanksgiving dinner.

20 Party People Leo Loves Jokester Rita Ora


As a Leo, you love being the life of the party. Thanksgiving never really starts until you show up. You walk in and all eyes are instantly on you. You’re giving the little ones piggyback rides, swooping into the kitchen with kisses for the aunts and hitting the living room with lots of jokes. So who better to have on your arm than a fellow jokester and social butterfly like Rita Ora? As a Sagittarius, Rita also loves to surround herself with lots of people. She likes to keep busy, so she’ll have no problem keeping up with you as you make the rounds entertaining all of your friends and family back home. Rita is a natural party animal, just like you. She’ll have no problem hitting the family dinner and then immediately going out on the town with your hometown friends. She’s the ideal Thanksgiving date for you, Leo.

19 Quick Witted Virgo And Kendall Jenner


You know how they say opposites attract? That’s totally the case for you, Virgo, and your celebrity match, Kendall Jenner. Kendall is a Scorpio, so she’ll be able to compliment you perfectly. You’re a quick wit and Kendall is able to hold a lot of knowledge and really think things through. You might not think one of the Kardashian sisters would be a brain, but Kendall is also a successful model and has avoided a lot of negative press, unlike some of her sisters. Kendall knows how to stay calm when she is surrounded by chaos. Do you think it’s easy for her to navigate all of the drama in her famous family? Absolutely not. So if she can handle that, she can definitely handle anything your family throws at her. Kendall is the perfect person to have by your side during a Thanksgiving that might get a bit out of hand.

18 Libra Should Bring The Sweet And Loyal Rosario Dawson


Libra, you are charming and known as a lover. It’s probably not unusual for you to bring home a girlfriend for Thanksgiving weekend. And that’s why we’re suggesting you bring home the lovely and talented Rosario Dawson. As a Taurus, Rosario is sweet and loyal. She’s a perfect match for all of that love stuff you’re always on about. She is the type of woman that you can bring home to make your grandma happy. And you know how you can sometimes be a little too wishy-washy and indecisive? Yeah, you won’t have that problem with Rosario. As well as being an actress, Rosario is a well-known activist. She knows how to stand up for what she believes in. So even on something simple, like whether she wants gravy or cranberry sauce, Rosario is going to have an opinion. You could learn a thing or two from her.


17 Scorpio Will Be Good With The Romantic Loving Selena Gomez


Scorpio, you probably don’t need us to tell you that you’re a man of great passion. You are intense and romantic. You’re the type who probably missed a few Thanksgiving dinners because you were off chasing someone you had just met in Spain. That's why your family would love it if you brought home someone sweet and caring, like Selena Gomez. Selena is a Cancer, so she’s going to be totally on board with your romantic side. She’ll love it if you pick her up with a bouquet of flowers and get the door for her. Cancerians are also very much homebodies. Selena is going to have no problem fitting in with your family and helping to prepare a home-cooked meal. And as long as you show that you care for her just as much as she cares for you, you two will be a perfect match. Enjoy your Thanksgiving date!

16 The Not So Serious Sagittarius And Angelina Jolie

Sagittarius, you are all about the adventure. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn you were celebrating Thanksgiving from a beach hut in Thailand or camper van in the middle of Australia. But if you do manage to make it home and need a date, may we suggest the lovely Ms. Angelina Jolie? Sure, Angie comes with a bit of baggage. She’s a little older than the other ladies on this list, she’s a mom and she’s just getting out of a marriage. But that’s what makes this pairing so perfect – neither of you is looking for anything serious. You don’t want to be tied down! You’ll spend all of Thanksgiving weekend swapping travel stories and bonding over your other shared interests. Angie also has a huge heart and would be able to put the focus of Thanksgiving back on being grateful.

15 Capricorn And Powerful Taraji P. Henson


Okay Capricorn, if you’re ready to get things done this Thanksgiving, you need a powerful and committed Virgo by your side. You need Taraji P Henson. Taraji is absolutely a bad-ass in Hollywood. She is stunning and she knows it. She knows how to get what she wants and she won’t apologize for it. If you need to go into Thanksgiving with your game face on, Taraji P Henson is your ideal date. Maybe you need to tell your parents you’ve quit your job or maybe you need to finally stop letting your brother outshine you. Just tell Taraji what the goal is and she’ll make sure you two accomplish it. Your star signs are totally in tune, so it’ll be no problem for you two to work together. She’s also no stranger to hard work and will happily coach you through any tough conversations. One part hot date and one part life coach. Could you ask for more?

14 Aquarius And The Carefree Kourtney Kardashian

As an Aquarius, you kind of like to live your life up in the clouds. You prefer to live in a world of imagination where you can be totally carefree, which is why you’re a great match for Kourtney Kardashian, an Aries who is also able to keep things light and carefree. Together, you two won’t have any drama. You’re both low maintenance individuals. Kourtney’s bold personality and Hollywood life will totally captivate you. It’s likely she’ll command the Thanksgiving table with her stories and adventures, but at the same time, she’s unconventional and unlike many other celebs. You’re drawn to that part of Kourtney. You might not totally be ready to be the next Mr. Kardashian, but you can totally appreciate Kourtney’s spirit and how she manages to stay close to the father of her children, despite not being together romantically.

13 Pisces And The Awesome Emma Stone


Pisces, you are one lucky dude! The stars are recommending you take Emma Stone home for Thanksgiving. How awesome is that? We all want to bring Emma home for Thanksgiving, so you better ask her before she gets too many other invites. Emma Stone is perfect for you because you need love and affection, and Emma is only too happy to give that to you. She’ll hold your hand under the dinner table and happily sit on your lap instead of the couch. As a Scorpio, Emma is also very devoted and protective. She’ll totally be on your team if any family drama is brought to the surface. And if things get ugly, Emma’s top priority will be you and making sure you’re okay. She’s loyal and will totally have your back from appetizers to dessert and beyond!


12 Aries The Ever So Popular Chris Hemsworth


Aries, let’s just admit it: You’re into the popular guy. You were never going to fall for the shy, quiet guy in the corner. It’s the man in the middle of it all who is getting your attention and winning your heart. So the stars think you should take Leo, Chris Hemsworth, home for the holidays. Like many Leos, Chris is loud, proud and strong. He’s the kind of guy where you feel his presence the moment he steps into the room. When you walk into the house with Chris, all eyes will immediately be on him. But don’t worry, Chris can share the spotlight. You two will be a couple of the weekend. You’re both happy to tell stories and crack jokes all night long. Plus, Chris will know how to make you feel special, without getting all lovey-dovey. He can save that stuff for his next movie – it does nothing for you, Aries.

11 Taurus And The Yummy Bradley Cooper


Taurus, you get to strut into Thanksgiving dinner with the oh so yummy Bradley Cooper on your arm. Lucky you! Both you and Mr. Cooper value security in your life. You’ll both do what you need to do to make the other person feel secure. So if you’re nervous about your new haircut and whether your mom will make a snide comment, Bradley will tell you how wonderful you look and make sure you don’t feel insecure about anything. You both crave stability and will do what you can to keep things as drama-free as possible over the Thanksgiving weekend. And even luckier for you – Capricorns like Bradley really value stuff. So you can bet that he’ll show up with a beautiful Thanksgiving gift for your family and an extra special gift for you. Bradley, we really like diamonds, in case you were wondering.

10 Gemini Would Love The Rebellious James Franco

Okay Gemini, you’re looking for a rebel. You might not be ready to admit it, but you’re totally digging a man who is a little bit outside of the box. You won’t be coming home for turkey with anyone straightlaced and boring. You like to be a little unpredictable! Only an Aries, like James Franco, is going to fit the bill. Like you, James loves excitement and has a zest for life. He wants to get out there and just live it. The two of you would probably show up late to dinner because you were too busy skiing on your local mountain or taking part in some other adventure. Your mind moves fast and you need someone like James who can keep up. Sure, your family may not be thrilled to see James Franco at their Thanksgiving table, but you don’t care. You’d much rather spend the long weekend with someone interesting, who wants to go out and have fun, than someone dull that the family approves of.

9 Cancer Wants To Be Taken Care Of By The Loving Channing Tatum


Cancer, you just want to be taken care of, right? And who better to do that than a caring and loving Taurus like Channing Tatum. We all know that Channing Tatum loves to look after his wife and daughter, but if they weren’t in the picture, why couldn’t he be taking care of you? As a Cancerian, you’re known to be a little bit needy and emotional. Not every guy can handle that, but Channing totally can. When you break down sobbing because your pumpkin pie burnt, Channing will know just how to console you. He’ll wipe your tears, clean up the burnt pie and drive to the store to buy a new one. Anything to put a smile on your face. Channing is more than happy to take care of you because your devotion, love, and humor are exactly what he’s looking for. This is a pairing that might go well beyond Thanksgiving dinner.

8 Leo And The Spontaneous Riz Ahmed


Leo, your Thanksgiving weekend is about to get a whole lot more fun. You bring the passion and Riz Ahmed, your Sagittarius match, brings the adventure. Heck, you might not even make it home for Thanksgiving. You two are spontaneous and while you’re waiting for your plane back home, you might see a plane jetting off for Switzerland or Jamaica and jump onto that one instead. You’re both game for anything, which is a dangerously fun combination. And if you do make it back home for family dinner, you can bet having Riz by your side will make the whole thing way more fun. He’ll have lots of adventurous stories to regale your family with. And he’ll find a way to make a fun time out of anything, even listening to your eight-year-old niece play the piano.

7 Virgo Needs Someone In Their Corner Like Benedict Cumberbatch


Virgo, you need someone in your corner this Thanksgiving weekend. You need a Cancer. You need Benedict Cumberbatch. As a Cancer, Benedict will be your personal cheerleader, support system, and emotional crutch. If you’re dealing with some stressful stuff this holiday weekend, you can totally rely on Benedict to have your back. He’ll pick you up when you feel down and make you feel loved and appreciated because that’s just the kind of guy he is! Benedict is loyal to a fault. Even if you’re in the wrong, he’ll back you up. Of course, Cancers are known to be a little moody, but you can deal with it. A mood swing or two is worth it for all of the affection and confidence Benedict will give you. Plus, you both share the same sense of humor and love for routine, so you’ll be on the same page all weekend long.

6 Libra And The Newly Single Chris Pratt


Yes, walking into Thanksgiving dinner with Chris Pratt would be pretty awesome. For starters, he’s beautiful. he’s also hilarious, and, as much as it broke our hearts, he’s newly single. But lucky for you, your bond with Chris goes well beyond looks. As a Gemini, Chris is a great match for you because you’re both air signs. You know exactly how to keep each other entertained. Chris has a big brain and the two of you will be able to stay up late thinking about the tough questions and digging into big topics. Plus, you’re the secret rebel of the zodiac. You’re totally the type to throw peas across the table at Chris while everyone has their eyes closed for the prayer. Chris will love that you want to have a little bit of fun. You two are totally in sync. In fact, you connect so well with your brains that it’s just a bonus that you also share good looks and talent.

5 Scorpio Needs The Creative Adam Levine


Scorpio, you’re kind of the wildcard of the zodiac. No one really knows what you’re going to do. During past Thanksgivings, you’ve probably shown up with a guy you met at the airport or your hair dyed pink. But the stars have found a star that should be a perfect fit for your Thanksgiving date: Adam Levine. As a Pisces, Adam is a creative soul. He’s deep and a bit of a dreamer. He’s also an old soul who is experienced, so all of your unpredictability won’t scare him off. If you show up in a gold sparkly mini dress for your traditional family dinner, Adam is going to roll with it. He has an ability to stay quiet, calm and hit you with that wisdom that you so desperately need. Plus, he’s beautiful to look at and so charming. You’ll be proud to walk in with him and even your grandma is going to blush if Adam looks in her direction.

4 Sagittarius Needs Someone As Fun As Ed Sheeran

As a Sagittarius, you’re good at making friends. In fact, you could take anyone home for Thanksgiving dinner and probably make it work. But if you want to bring home a date who is going to be a lot of fun for you, we suggest Ed Sheeran. As an Aquarius, Ed shares a lot of important traits with you. You’re both spontaneous, brave and free-spirited. If you want to live life on the edge, Ed is your guy. He may seem safe with his ginger hair and acoustic guitar, but we swear there is a wild child under there who is waiting to be released. You two might make an appearance at Thanksgiving dinner, but then you’re onto bigger and better things. You might hit up a concert and sneak into the VIP area. Or maybe you’re signing up for skydiving or hopping on a flight to an exotic locale.

3 Capricorn And The Very Yummy Idris Elba


Yum. Capricorn, you get to bring home Idris Elba for Thanksgiving and all we can say is YUM. But besides his dreamy good looks, there’s a lot of other reasons why Idris would be a great Thanksgiving date. You’re ambitious, worldly and value practicality. As a Virgo, Idris is the same and has a love for order and precision. Sure, it sounds kind of boring but it’s what makes you both so successful. If you two had to tackle a Thanksgiving dish or even host the whole meal, you could do it. You bring the drive and Idris brings the insight. You’d be a great team in the kitchen. He’d season the vegetables as you checked on the bird. And as hosts, you’d work together just as seamlessly. He’s answering the door as you’re uncorking the wine. By the end of the night, everyone will be calling you two a power couple.

2 Aquarius And Zac Efron Will Balance Each Other Out

Aquarius, you don’t want anything boring and you’ll never get bored with a Libra like Zac Efron by your side. Zac Efron is gorgeous, obviously, but he’s also charming, graceful, and sensual. You might not make it through Thanksgiving dinner because you’ll be so excited to take Zac upstairs and get to dessert if you know what we mean! But bedroom activities aside, you and Zac are still a great match. Zac is curious and a thinker, much like you. Plus, he understands that you don’t like to be smothered. You need your space and Zac will never crowd you. You’re a bit of a worrier and a second-guesser, but Zac’s clear insight could help to put your mind at ease. You two balance each other perfectly.

1 Pisces And The Fearless Ryan Gosling


Pisces, even though you’re sensitive, wise, and creative, you’re always falling for the bad boy. But that’s okay! Because a bad boy like Ryan Gosling is also strong, loyal, and passionate. He’s interesting and totally fascinates you. When you see Ryan Gosling on a red carpet or giving an interview, he gives off the vibe that he is all-powerful and has no fear. That sort of inner strength inspires you. If Ryan can get through all those hounding interviews, you can get through an interrogation by your Uncle Walt on your job prospects. Plus, you’ll have Ryan on your arm to guide you through it all. Let him lead the conversation and bring you back to reality. Sometimes you get stuck in your head so you need someone like Ryan to get you out of there and back to earth.


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