What Animal Are You When You're Jealous (Based On Your Sign)

Ah, jealousy, the green monster. Everyone hates feeling jealous, but it happens to the best of us, it’s just a fact of life, and we all need to learn how to deal with it. You might feel jealous about a friend getting into her dream school or landing a cool job. Or you might feel jealous of your sibling if you think that your parents are favoring them. And we’ve all felt jealous over a guy’s the worst!

Some of us are way better at dealing with jealousy than others. While some people are capable of simply taking a few deep breaths and calming down, not all of us are so mature when it comes to jealousy! We might freak out, we might want to throw a tantrum, or we might just break down and cry, and it’s all your zodiac sign’s fault! Here’s what animal you are when you’re jealous, based on astrology.


16 Earth Signs Are Usually Calm, But Watch Out

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Earth signs can be pretty funny when it comes to jealousy. They’re usually quite level headed, laid back, and focused on what really matters, so they do not get jealous as easily as the fire signs do. In fact, out of all the zodiac signs, earth signs are usually the least likely to experience jealousy. And when the green monster does strike, they are typically the best at dealing with it. So if your friend group is full of earth signs, you’re used to them being able to deal with these feelings in stride, which makes them super easy to be friends with! But on the rare occasion that an earth sign just can’t shake those jealous feelings, they can actually get quite vicious. They’re usually so calm that when something really gets under their skin, things can get ugly, fast. Here are the animals each earth sign resembles when they’re jealous!

15 You Should Watch Out For Taurus' Inner Bull


Ever heard that saying, “You mess with the bull, you get the horns?” Well, the zodiac sign Taurus is actually represented by the symbol of the bull, so if you have a Taurus in your life (or you’re a Taurus yourself!) you know exactly why this saying is so true. Here’s the thing: it takes a lot to get a Taurus upset, angry, or jealous in any way. They’re so focused on doing their own thing that they are basically experts when it comes to the golden rule of staying in your lane. But every once in a while, someone will experience an achievement that they haven’t quite reached yet, and it just sets something off inside them. That’s when that inner Taurus bull can come out and go into a rage. If you cross paths with a jealous Taurus, you do not want to get in the way of those horns!

14 Virgo Is Sneaky Like A Snake

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It seems like any time someone turns out to be a little shady these days, we jokingly refer to them as a “snake.” You’ve probably got an ex or a former best friend who you’ve called a snake before. Hey, we’ve all encountered a few of them. But aren’t Virgos supposed to be mature, kind, and low maintenance like the rest of the earth signs? Well, most of the time. That’s why they can seem like total snakes when they get jealous! Snakes are sneaky, you never see them slithering up to you in the grass before they strike. And you would never expect a Virgo to lash out in jealousy, until something goes down that really ticks them off. Then you’ve got to be careful, because you just never know when they’ll snap. If you’ve ever encountered a jealous Virgo, you know they’re just as bad as a snake in the grass.

13 Capricorn Is Just Like A Crow


You would think that Capricorn has nothing to be jealous of, since they work their hardest to always stay on top of the game. It seems like they’ve always been top of the class, always stick to their perfect schedule, always have motivation for anything they want to do, right? Um, unfortunately for Capricorn, wrong. That’s what they wish it was like! Now, Capricorns do work harder than any other sign in the zodiac, which usually does mean that they have very little to be jealous of. After all, if they’re such high achievers, why would they feel jealous of other people? Well, they have such high expectations for themselves that if they perceive anyone doing better than they are in life, jealousy can eat them alive. Like the crow, they’re super smart and love “shiny things” collecting accomplishments and rewards. And sometimes, they just want all the success in the world for themselves.

12 Air Signs Are Jealous Of Different People

Like earth signs, air signs are not super susceptible to jealousy. This is because they are pretty comfortable with simply marching to the beat of their own drum, so they don’t feel that intense pressure to compete with other people that some of us experience. They do not usually feel jealous of other people for their success, but they can certainly experience jealousy for other reasons. For example, air signs generally like to feel unique and different from other people. Therefore, if they notice someone else getting a ton of positive attention for being “different,” they may feel a bit jealous because hey, isn’t that supposed to be their thing? Yup, some air signs are quite similar to Leos in this respect but they won’t admit it! Deep down, they do like to be the center of attention, but when that doesn’t happen, that green monster of jealousy can rear its ugly head.

11 Gemini Has A Jealous Fire Like A Dragon


Out of all the air signs, Gemini may have the biggest problem with jealousy. Actually, they could compete with the fire signs when it comes to crazy levels of jealousy! When a Gemini gets jealous, it is not pretty. Here’s the thing about Geminis: they may have a rational side that tries to talk them through their extreme emotions, but that irrational side of theirs cannot be tamed. A jealous Gemini generally just goes straight for the scorched earth approach, and that is what makes them a dragon when they get jealous. They will take out their anger on anyone around them. If they’re upset and frustrated, they want everyone else to wallow in misery with them and feel just as bad. And if it’s jealousy related to a relationship, pack your bags and run, because no one is making it out alive, everyone involved will have to face Gemini’s wrath.

10 Libra Don't Be A Jellyfish

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Libra, you might be scratching your head right now, why would you act like a jellyfish when you’re jealous? We admit that it sounds a little silly, but hear us out on this one, because there’s definitely some truth to this comparison. Libra, you usually just chill and live your life. But every once in a while, someone comes along who you just cannot stand. Maybe they have something that you’ve always wanted. Maybe your professors just adore them while you’re struggling in your classes. Maybe it’s something as silly as having your dream wardrobe. Either way, you just can’t resist striking out at them at some point. So you ever so casually do something to annoy them, without really going out of your way to get revenge. Just like a jellyfish, you’ve drifted along to the next thing before they even realize that you’re responsible for whatever mishap just occurred.


9 Aquarius Is Out For Blood Like A Wolf

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Aquarius, you’re no stranger to jealousy. But usually you manage to stay above it by reminding yourself that you’re on your own path, and there is no reason to get upset over someone else’s success. But none of us are perfect. We all are forced to deal with jealousy every once in a while, and when it happens to you, it can really throw you off course. You often feel disappointed in yourself when you give in to jealousy, but you just can’t help it. Sometimes when someone has something that you really want, you just want to wallow in jealousy. Like the alpha wolf, you usually are perfectly content to walk your own path and carve your own trail, but every now and then, you get distracted by jealousy, and suddenly, you’re out for blood. And that’s exactly why no one can handle an Aquarius girl when she gets jealous.

8 Water Signs Jealousy Can Strike Hard

It should come as no surprise that water signs can have some serious struggles with jealousy. After all, Cancers, Scorpios, and Pisces are all super emotional. In fact, they’re the most emotional and sensitive signs in the zodiac. So when jealousy strikes, it strikes hard. They can barely cope. To make it worse, they tend to feel jealous pretty often. Why is that? Well, water signs are more likely than other signs to compare themselves to others. Cancer sees her friend in an awesome relationship and feels incredibly jealous because she is single. Scorpio sees her sister excelling at school and work and wonders why her own grades have been so bad lately. Pisces sees a coworker come up with a creative idea and get tons of praise and feels inadequate because they didn’t come up with it. Jealousy is such a common problem amongst water signs that they need to actively fight it.

7 Cancer Flips The Mama Bear Switch

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Cancer, your sign may be represented by the symbol of the crab, but when you get jealous, you actually resemble a totally different animal. Yes, you may be caring and sweet most of the time, and you have the reputation of being the nicest sign in the entire zodiac. So why do you get so furious when jealousy crops up in your life? Seriously, you can be a downright nightmare when you get jealous. It’s because you value your relationships with other people so highly that when you feel like someone is interfering, you’re practically inconsolable. For example, if a guy that you’re into starts dating another girl, forget about it. Cancer, you’re just a mama bear, your caring nature can flip right upside down when you get jealous, and you can actually turn into one of the most vicious signs in the zodiac. Who would’ve expected that from sweet little Cancer?

6 Scorpio Becomes Her True Scorpion

Scorpio, you’re probably not surprised to see that your sign turns into a total scorpion when you get jealous! It’s only natural that with a label like “Scorpio” you would resemble a scorpion when jealousy strikes you. Scorpios are very likely to experience jealousy over things that might just roll off another sign’s back. It’s very tough for them to deal with jealousy in a healthy way. Why do they turn into a scorpion when jealous? Their only goal is to cause as much damage to the object of their jealousy as possible. A Scorpio girl will be the one who eggs a dude’s house in the middle of the night. She’ll be the one that goes through a guy’s phone and messages every girl he’s ever talked to let them know that he’s with her now. To be honest, guys can be quite turned off by a Scorpio girl’s jealousy.

5 Pisces Is A Real Shark

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Pisces, you tend to feel jealous when you’ve been overlooked. You put so much time and effort into your creative pursuits that all you want is to be recognized for your talents. So when you do work up the courage to show off what you’ve done, and no one seems to appreciate it the way you think you deserve, your jealousy can eat you alive just like a shark can swallow up an innocent swimmer who ventures a little too far from shore. You don’t really take out your jealousy on other people, but it completely consumes your life when you do experience it. You’ll lock yourself in your room and cry because you feel like you’ll never be good enough. You’ll want to quit everything you thought you were good at just because someone beat you out once. A jealous Pisces really struggles to move on when someone inspires that envy in them.

4 Fire Signs Tend To Get Heated Fast

We’re just going to warn you right now: think twice before you make a fire sign jealous! Fire signs are notorious for having crazy tempers, and when they get jealous, things get heated, fast. If your Leo friend likes a guy and tells you so, don’t even breathe in his direction, or you will risk facing her wrath. If your Sagittarius friend usually seems super chill about everything but suddenly starts getting annoyed, you can bet she’s feeling pretty jealous of someone. And when your Aries friend gets in too deep with the green monster, you better back off, because there is no calming her down. It should come as no surprise that when a fire sign is jealous, the animals they resemble can all be quite scary. That’s because fire signs do not hold this emotion back. If they are jealous, everyone in the room will know about it!

3 Aries Goes On A Ram-page

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Aries is actually represented by the symbol of the ram, so it’s only fitting that when jealousy takes over, they will share a few traits with this animal. First of all, you would not want to cross paths with an angry ram. Have you seen those horns? When Aries gets jealous, they go right in for the kill. You’ll want to steer clear, and if you’re the target of their jealousy, we suggest that you leave town and change names. Think of the phrase “battering ram”: when a ram is angry, does it ever let up? No, it does not. It’s probably going to go on a rampage until whatever crossed its path is out of its way. Our word of advice? Do your best to avoid making an Aries girl jealous. You do not want to end up dealing with this battering ram, because she’ll be out to get you.

2 Leo Just Wants To Be King

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Aries may be represented by the ram, but Leo, another fire sign, is represented by a completely different animal: the lion. When a Leo feels jealous of someone, it’s usually because that person has achieved greater success than they have. So, what gets hurt in the process? Their pride. Leo is an extremely proud sign, and this is why their symbol is the lion! So, let’s say that a Leo’s pride is damaged, and they feel those jealous emotions bubbling up. Their first instinct will be to show off and try to put themselves back on top. Like a lion strutting around showing off its mane, a Leo will do their best to make a good impression on everyone around them, and often end up looking a bit arrogant in the process. And if that doesn’t work, well, whoever made them jealous is about to become prey, they’re king of the jungle.

1 Sagittarius Will Watch Like A Hawk

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We may think that Sagittarius wouldn’t be affected by jealousy the way that other fire signs would. But the truth is that we are all susceptible to jealousy. Even the most happy and carefree people among us have fallen victim to it at times. You may think that your Sagittarius friends can have a positive attitude towards everything, but the fact of the matter is, even they experience jealousy every once in a while! And when they do, they resemble the hawk, a majestic bird of prey that looks beautiful while soaring up in the sky, but pretty terrifying if it’s flying right at you. You definitely don’t want to mess with one of these birds. Yes, Sagittarius will sometimes be able to rise above their jealousy, but if something really gets to them, they might just freak out, seemingly out of nowhere. Better run away while you have the chance!


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