What A Woman: 20 Stunning Photos Of A Young Shania Twain

Country music was completely changed forever back in the 90s, and this is because several performers were able to break into the mainstream and sell millions of records to the masses. Though the genre had always had a large audience, it would be the boom of the 90s that really saw it reach another level, and the genre that was meant for country folks that liked things slow was now being listened to by everyone interested in the top songs in the nation. It was during this time that Shania Twain came along and changed the game for the rest of the women in the genre.

Before Taylor Swift and before Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain was carrying the torch for country music on the biggest stage in the world, and she is a huge reason why today’s modern crossover stars are able to have such great success.

Today, we want to look back at 20 amazing photos of a young Shania Twain!

20 Cover Girl

After becoming a huge star in the music industry, magazines could not get enough of Shania Twain, and it was common to see her face in the biggest publications in the world. Her beauty made her the perfect subject for photos, and her fame lent a hand in compelling stories for the journalists.

19 A True Country Girl

A country girl like Shania Twain knows all about being in the great outdoors, and some of the best photos that can be found of her are with a natural background and lighting. Sure, she can thrive anywhere, but a country girl in the outdoors is as good as it gets.

18 Rocking The Pink

Sometimes, style choices can flop in a major way, and while this particular look for Shania is not one of her best, she is still able to make it work and look amazing. Had any other country performer tried pulling this off, they would have been laughed off stage, and this is why Shania is a legend.

17 A True Vision

For women as beautiful and Shania Twain, keeping things simple in photos is usually the best way to go. Using natural beauty is the perfect way to get people’s attention, and given that she has it in spades, it would make sense that Shania has plenty of photos that are dialed back and rely on her looks.

16 Putting In Work

Even though she is a natural beauty, Shania Twain still likes to flex her modeling abilities while taking part in a photo shoot, and this snap here is of her flashing the perfect look for the camera. She was a beauty in her prime, and she has aged better than just about any other person in the business.

15 How About Them Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys are known for having the most famous cheerleaders in the NFL, and we can only imagine what would have happened if they managed to recruit Shania Twain for a whole season. NFL fans everywhere were Cowboys fans for a moment after seeing this picture when it debuted.

14 Quality Time With Madonna

Making it in the music business means getting the chance to rub elbows with the elite, and Shania Twain’s rise to prominence led her to this meeting with Madonna. Twain’s success in the 90s made her bigger than anyone on the planet, and even legends like Madonna were excited to meet her.

13 At Home On Stage

Performing for screaming fans is the dream of all musicians out there, and while humble beginnings keep this as a dream only, real success on the charts is what makes it a reality. Once Shania Twain made it to the top, she got the chance to do what she loves.

12 Billboard Music Strut

Music award shows could not get enough of Shania Twain when she first made it big, and this is because she was instrumental in opening up a mainstream door for other women in country music. Her crossover appeal made her a star that needed to be included in every event.

11 Stealing Hearts Everywhere

Even though Shania Twain had the voice and the songwriting ability to make it in the industry, one thing that certainly helped her get over with mainstream fans was her natural beauty. Few women in the business were able to hold a candle to Shania after she made it to the top.

10 All White Everything

Shania Twain made the most of her rise to fame by taking part in the luxuries of the rich and the famous. Having access to an endless wardrobe helped her stand out at every single event that she attended, and her new style, combined with her natural beauty, was a hit every single time.

9 In Her Prime

Looking back at it now, there is a reason why prime Shania Twain is considered one of the most gorgeous performers ever. She still looks incredible after all these years, but young Shania was prime Shania, and this is the era when people first fell head over heels for the singer.

8 The Early Days

Back before she became a huge star and took over the world, Shania Twain was just a country girl that wanted nothing more than to make it big. This snap is of the singer before the glitz and glamour of the business was hers for the taking, and even back then, she was beautiful.

7 Showing Love To The Hockey Fans

Sporting events love to lock down huge performers to help hype up the crowd and sell tickets, and from the looks of things here, Shania Twain was contacted by the NHL to get fans in the stands. If history is any indication, then Twain was able to pack the house and outshine the game itself.

6 All Eyes On Shania

Compared to some of the other looks that are on this list, this particular look by Shania is one of the more laid back ones, and even without all the bells and whistles, she is still as beautiful as any other woman in the room. From the looks of things here, she must have been the main attraction.

5 Stealing The Show

Certain colors truly stand out and pop on performers, and after looking at this photo, we can confidently say that Shania Twain looks amazing in red. She can make any color work for her, but the way she looks in red is just a step above the rest. This look is simple and perfect.

4 At The Grammys

New performers that rise to the top want nothing more than to take home the biggest awards of the year, and this photo here shows Shania double fisting Grammys back during her prime. Needless to say, taking home awards like this only helps boost album and ticket sales for the foreseeable future.

3 The Great Outdoors

Letting her hair blow in the wind was the perfect choice for this photo of Shania, and she looks genuinely happy to be away from the grind and outside enjoying some sunlight. Being a star comes with a lot of responsibilities, and we can only imagine that a day off has got to feel great.

2 Getting Comfortable

Many people dreamed of getting cozy and comfortable with Shania Twain back in the day, and photos like this only served to make them desire it even more. Shania was truly stunning in this photo here, and when it made its debut, her fans must have gone nuts for it.

1 Nice And Easy

Though she is known for many things, Shania Twain’s hair is often talked about by people that got to enjoy her music back in the day. In all of her photos, it manages to stand out and become a focal point, and we can guarantee that many women would have loved to have had this look.

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