We've All Been There: Top Gifts On Amazon, Because We Forgot Our Boyfriend's B-Day

It's hard even to try and imagine a world where online shopping doesn't exist. At this point, people can pretty much order anything and everything with a simple click of a button.

Websites like Amazon have opened up a whole new world of shopping where a person never has to leave their home but can still get everything that they need. They never have to trudge around town, going from shop to shop in search of the precisely perfect gift. People don't even have to put pants on when they shop! It's so genius.

The bonus to online shopping on sites like Amazon is that even if a person manages to forget to shop for their favorite guy or their number one gal's special day, they can probably hop on the computer or the phone and order something that will be at their doorstep in roughly one day.

For a lot of people, Amazon is the closest they will ever get obtaining a personal assistant. And people are so glad that they never have to live in a world where gift browsing cannot be done from their couches. With sites and services like Amazon, there is no excuse for not slaying every single birthday gift—and that include's the BF's nearly-forgotten big day!

So get shopping!

25 Inflatable Travel Pillow Hoodie

If your man is a bit of a recluse and also tends to travel a lot, then this is the perfect gift for him.

It's a travel pillow WITH a built-in hoodie so that he can block out light as well as any unwanted civilization.

Social butterflies are great, but not everyone wants to be on display all of the time. It's okay to shut the world out for a minute. Having to travel continually is exhausting, and you can't make the back and forth go away, but at least with this, you can make it all slightly more bearable for the person whom you love.

24 A Tumbler Set

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Because you really can't have a charmed life with a warm beer and a cold coffee right? Nothing spoils a party quicker than beverages that must be sipped at the wrong temperature. With a set of these tumblers, that problem shall never befall your love.

Yeti tumblers are all the rage these days. Show him that you care by purchasing a set of these drink perfecters. Better yet, pair them with a six pack and a package of his favorite coffee because shopping in theme takes the whole experience to the next level.

23 J.Crew Mercantile Clothing: Waffle Crewneck Sweater

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With this stylish and timeless sweater, he gets to be cozy and comfy, and you get to have a well-dressed man by your side. You do see how this is a win-win situation right? In my experience, J. Crew is almost always good for a win. Their goods are quality made, elegant, and straightforward.

No longer do you have to spend an entire day at the local mall rifling through piles of shirts searching for "the one."

Amazon carries our favorite brands, and we merely have to click the size and color and wait until the next day for our present to arrive. Look at all the time you now have to bake your guy a birthday cake.

22 An Instant Pot

If you buy it... he will cook. No one has time to create inspired, home-cooked meals at the end of the day anymore. Life is a constant rat race! Enter: The Mighty Instant Pot. This kitchen contraption can do it all and in no time flat. With this gadget, the two of you can enjoy lovely meals after work for a fraction of the restaurant price you would otherwise be paying. Nothing is better than watching our man whip up a fancy recipe.

The Instant Pot is pretty foolproof, so he probably won't flub it up and leave you hungry. Why don't you already have one of these?

21 A Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

Mattress Clarity

Nothing says "I love you baby" like giving the person in your life a good night's sleep. Sleep is an essential component of life. A lack thereof affects our mood, our brain power, and our general ability to function as a human being.

Without sleep can your guy truly be a Prince Charming? Probably not.

A cooling memory foam pillow will send him straight to slumberland so that he may wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. Maybe he will sleep so soundly that he will even wake up early and prepare you breakfast in bed?

20 Alexa Smart Speaker

The best part of this gift is, you'll get a break from him forever asking you millions of random questions. With Alexa, he can have all of his many quandaries answered almost immediately. Think of how much stronger your relationship is going to be once you no longer have to be annoyed at his asking you every fleeting thought that passes through his brain. This gift serves you both and is far cheaper than having to fork over money for marital therapy someday.

If he has to have another woman in his life, it might as well be the illustrious Alexa, right?

19 FlexFixx Massage Ball Therapy Set

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We love our gym rats, but let's be honest ladies; NO one out there precisely looks forward to rubbing down their man's gnarly feet at the end of the day. We aren't sure that feet rubbing is included in that whole unconditional love plan.

Take this chore off of your list, but still maintain your number one spot in his heart by getting him an object that will rub his tired feet for you.

The FlexFixx Massage Ball Therapy Set will leave his piggies feeling relaxed at the end of the day, and your hands will be freed up for a lot of extra hugs and snuggles. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

18 The Good Hurt Fuego Pack

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What can we say? Men love themselves some spicy sauce. Guys firmly believe that if you add a hearty portion of salsa to any dish, it will automatically elevate the food to epic levels of taste. DO guys have different taste buds than women? Maybe. We certainly do not share their views about obsessing over spicy sauce, but we do like to see our men happy, so get them something that they love for their special day. These sauces will upgrade all of their meals (according to them at least) plus they come with super cute packaging.

If you want to up your girlfriend game, cook him a nice steak to go with his sauce selection.

17 Anthony Blue Sea Kelp Body Scrub

Pair this with a new loofa or some warm slippers, and you will knock his socks off. This fancy little body scrub will be the best smelling thing in his self-care arsenal for sure.

It's gentle on the skin and aims to soothes, tone, and protect his beautiful bod.

The best part of it is, you can steal a little bit while you are rinsing off at his place. In no time he will learn to love and appreciate bath products as much as we do. The worst of days will always melt away with a warm bath, a good pair of slippers, and a couple of well-picked bath products.

16 Rapid Beard Beard Grooming Care Kit

Beards are very in right now, so if your man is sporting one, make sure he has the necessary goods to keep it looking its best. The Rapid Beard line is full of products that will soothe, moisturize and shape that facial hair in a way that men probably once thought was not possible. This kit comes with the balm, the oil, a daily use comb, trimmers, and a brush so that none of his beardy needs ever go unmet.

If this gift goes over well, you guys might have to start looking for a bigger apartment with a second bathroom. His beard duties could start infringing on your bathroom rights.

15 BBQ Wood Grilling Plank Gift Set

Not all grilling tools are created equally ladies, and if your man loves to fire up some meat on the barbie, then give him the best of the best. He is cooking, so in the end, you win with food.

Just imagine it: him whipping up delicious steaks and you sipping your chilly beverage in the afternoon sun.

It's almost too perfect. These Primal Planks are full of aroma and made for repeated use. Hooray for some good old bang for the buck! They are so pretty that they can even double up as serving platters, displaying his top-notch BBQ skills.

14 CozyPhones Sleep Headphones & Travel Bag

If you are on a budget, but still want to grab your man something useful and fun, snag these wearable headphones. They are comfy, fit snugly to the head and can be used just about anywhere. The best part? They are only twenty dollars! At such a low price you can probably manage to get a few more things for him and end up looking like the absolute best girlfriend in the world.

Get yourself a pair while you are at it. Now you will both sleep soundly, never waking to the sounds of each other's snoring again.

13 A Retro Game Console

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His inner eight-year-old will worship you. Every man in their thirties once owned a Nintendo or a Sega, and that old box of fun likely holds a very special place in his heart to this day.

Many game systems have probably come and gone, but there is never one quite like your first.

Bring back all the feels for your man with this. Throw in a few old school games and get ready to settle in for the next 48 hours. He won't be leaving the house for a while once he hooks this thing up.

12 The Hungover Cookbook

Forget the boyfriend, get this for yourself! In all honesty, this cute book is perfect for the guy who likes to party all day and wakes up starving by noon. Maybe throw it in a gift bag with a bottle of his favorite spirits and hope he cracks the thing open the next day while you try and sleep off your poor decisions.

This book is stuffed full of hangover-decreasing recipes, jokes, insights quizzes, and mind games. Hangovers are the worst thing in the world, but this little yellow book makes this just a tiny bit more tolerable.

11 Matador Mini Pocket Blanket

If your guy craves the open air and wild and rugged terrain of the outdoors, then consider giving him the Matador Mini Pocket Blanket.

You never know, he might get lost out in the wilderness someday, and this blanket could save his life.

He will have you to eternally thank. We don't personally grasp the whole appeal of this thing, but then again our idea of camping usually involves a hotel and someone else's pillows. We may never accompany him into the woods and hang out in his tent, but we can at least add to his collection of wilderness inspired tools.

10 Fred SOCIAL CLIMBERS Sloth Drink Markers


Whoa. First off, these drink markers are sloths, so this purchase is already an obvious win. Second, these drink assigning cuties come in all sorts of fun animals from kitty cats to squirrels, so no worries if sloths aren't his personal favorite (although if they are not then you might want to reconsider what kind of guy you are dating). We say collect them all.

They are like Shopkins for grown-ups! Throw him a birthday party to celebrate his special day and make sure that these little dudes cling to all of the guests' stemware. Dibs on the green one, guys.

9 Happy Socks Men's Combed Cotton Socks Gift Box

Remember when you were a kid and received socks as a birthday present or Christmas gift? Getting socks used to be the worst thing ever, but you're grown now, so socks are suddenly cool.

This particular brand of footwear is of high quality and full of fun prints that will help put a bit of pep in your guy's step come Monday mornings.

My, my how the times have changed my friends. We wish we could go back in time and tell our ten-year-old selves that someday birthday socks would be celebrated as would things like naps and boring weekends.

8 Ulgoo Travel Duffel Bag Canvas Bag

This gift is a sharp looking travel bag for under fifty bucks. Just make sure your boyfriend doesn't misinterpret this gift and think you want him to go away. Remind him that wherever he goes in the world, you hope that you'll get to be right there by his side. If he has to leave you often and make a living, send him out in style.

He will easily be able to pack his essentials in this sharp looking piece of luggage, and wherever he is in the world, he only has to look down at his bag to think of you.

7 K9 Sport Sack AIR

If he loves his pup enough to enjoy this gift, then he is a keeper. A doting doggie dad is going to make a fantastic husband and father someday, mark our words and tuck that factoid away for a rainy day ladies.

If you and your man share a love of obsession over your tiny furry friends, then this gift will have him smiling from ear to ear.

Dog lovers are so attractive, aren't they? This lightweight carrier will have him able to bring along your fur-babies wherever you guys go, and for seventy dollars, it's a pretty great deal.

6 Bacon And Bourbon Candle

This candle will send his soul swooning. Nothing says, "Let's celebrate your birthday with a little bit of romance like a candle." It's a great gift so long as your boyfriend lights it up at his place. Bacon is an excellent smell IF we get to eat it eventually, but the jury is still out on a bacon scented candle. Call us ladies crazy, but we prefer the sweet aromas of florals and oils.

This savory candle might even cost less than a slab of decent bacon if we are frank. But, this awesome Amazon find will only set you back fifteen dollars. Give it a shot and light it up on his big day.

5 Shoe Dog By Phil Night

Because we love our men brawny, but also brainy! Imagine it: you snuggled up with your favorite paperback and him with his nose buried deep in this read. Perfect for winter birthdays are we right? Men who love to read are attractive, but guys who go throwback and pick up an actual binding and paper book are smoking.

If your guy loves himself some books, make sure and get him something that will hold his attention.

This read is perfect for all kinds of guys from sports-loving lads to empire building dudes. You might just find yourself skimming it after he is done reading it, we hear that it is THAT good.

4 Levi's Men's Two-Pocket Puffer Hooded Jacket

If he doesn't already have a puffer coat in his collection, be the human in his life to buy him this and do him a solid. Puffer coats somehow became an absolute must have over the last decade, so make sure your guy has one in his closet. There are of course a million different brands to consider, but Levi is an old and trusted brand that he will undoubtedly recognize. Show me one guy over twenty who didn't own at least a few Levi brand pairs of jeans back in the day. He will thank you for this great gift when he is standing out in the cold in the middle of winter.

Puffer coats after stylish and warm as heck.

3 PhoneSoap 2.0

Why don't we all own this by now? This gadget looks like a tiny tanning bed for your smartphone, but it is so much more.

This contraption essentially zaps all of the gross bacteria that clings to your phone with powerful UV-C light.

It also charges while it cleans, thanks to a small hole in the back of the box. While it is charging and sanitizing, you are still able to hear it sound off, and it comes in a ton of different colors. If your love is constantly connected to his phone, making important calls, then do him a solid and get him this. At sixty dollars, this is a great buy.

2 Mr. Beer Premium Craft Beer Kit

There is a zero percent chance you will go wrong with this gift. Guys love crafts beer just about as much as they love spicy sauce. This edition helps them learn how to create and perfect their very own batch of beer. Not only do they get to drink it, but they can be a part of the entire beer making process.

Beer making is a hobby that even we think we can part-take in. Okay, so maybe we aren't precisely pumped at the whole making of the beer, but we will definitely help our men drink the final product!

1 WILIT Business Leather Desk Lamp

We do love a gadget that does several things all at the same time, and we think your boyfriend will love this too. Your guy is going to look so important with this thing sitting on his desk.

It not only seems cool and businesslike, but it tells time, the temperature, and has a calendar embedded in it.

It even contains an alarm clock just in case he has big birthday plans of catching a nap underneath his desk. The light component also has three different lighting modes to choose from. This thing is like the spaceship of all lamps, and we are confident that he needs this sitting in his office.

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